Swaragini 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Laksh tells Swara that I did wrong with you. He apologizes for not trusting her. Swara says I forgive you. Laksh stops her and thanks her for forgiving him. Swara says it is okay. Laksh says I want to talk to you about something and promises that he will trust her. He says when you have forgiven me and everything is fine……..so….he holds her hand and asks can we start our relation again after my divorce with Ragini. Swara is shocked and takes back her hands. She turns and looks at Sanskar.

Durga Prasad tells Dadi and Shekhar that he think that Swara and Sanskar shall be given a chance to their marriage. Sujata says we are hurrying up and shall ask them. Dadi apologizes to Sumi for talking without hearing her. Sumi says Swara is your grand daughter, and I have no objection

to their relation. She says we shall talk to them once. Durga Prasad says this decision will be taken with their consent. Sujata says I will talk to Sanskar. Annapurna says I will talk to him as he talks to me openly. Sujata thinks everyone is after her to make bengalan her bahu.

Swara asks Sanskar, did you bring me here to make me listen this and that’s why gave me chocolate. Sanskar says I didn’t know that this will happen. Laksh tells Swara that he didn’t tell him to Sanskar. Swara says to Laksh that she didn’t need anything and says you are my sister’s husband always.

Laksh says my relation with Ragini was a betrayal. Swara says I didn’t come here to listen to nonsense, and says relation can’t break like that. She says relations meaning is different for her, and says I never thought of it. Laksh says I will meet you where you left me. Swara says I have moved on. Laksh says just because I married Ragini. Swara says the day when you stopped believing me and doubted on my truth, i went far from you. She says Ragini did wrong, but you gave her a chance to get successful. She says you thought that I had left you without thinking that I was eager to marry you. She says you had taken a wrong decision angrily and doing same again. She says it was your decision to marry Ragini, then why is he blaming Ragini. She says Ragini loves you very much and will always be, as her love is true. She says our love was weak and that’s why we got separated. She says we can’t be one now, and asks him to accept the truth.

Swara tells Sanskar that she will always be there for him, and asks him to call her whenever he needs her, but beyond that there will be no relation between us because of your today’s doing which has ended our friendship. Laksh says it is your decision and it is my decision not to bring Ragini in my life. He says just like you can’t accept us back, I will also not accept ragini and will wait for you all my life and you can’t even stop me. Ragini also hears everything. Swara stumbles……Sanskar holds her and says nothing can happen to you. Laksh leave her hand. Swara walks off from there. Laksh looks on. Ragini thinks about Laksh’s words that he will never accept her. Swara comes home thinking about Laksh and her conversation. Ragini follows her. Sanskar calls Swara, but she disconnects the call.

Ragini tells Swara that she heard their conversation and says I did wrong with you being your sister. I don’t know how can I get blinded in love, and asks her not to forgive her. Swara says it is not like that. Ragini says I will make everything fine. Dadi, Sumi, Shekhar come home. Dadi asks Swara to come inside and says she wants to talk to her. Sumi asks Ragini to come. Ragini asks how can you forgive me after whatever I have done to you. You shall punish me for my doings. Sumi says it was your childishness, and says it is parents’ duty to bring their children on right path. Ragini hugs Sumi. Laksh apologizes to Sanskar as Swara got angry with him. Sanskar says why did you tell her that you want her back in your life. Laksh asks what wrong did I say? He asks will you let your love go from your life. Sanskar recalls proposing Swara. Laksh asks did you really love Swara. Sanskar looks on.

Laksh tells Sanskar that he knows that Swara loves him even now, and they are meant to be together. Dadi tells Swara that her relation with Sanskar is strong. Annapurna asks Sanskar to give a chance to his marriage.

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    • Honey

      What sanskar said no for Laksh’s question about his (sanskar) love for swara… Why he should sacrifice… Sanskar don’t do that as Laksh don’t deserve swara not only that but also you love swara more than Laksh..

      • Archies

        i think its coz he doesn’t understand that Swara is also in love with him and like Ragini he wants to make amends….. But really that guy (Laksh) can’t see how much his brother loves his wife!!!!!!! Seriously!!!! Selfish ********** (fill it as you please i can’t find words for him)

        I used to like Laksh but now ……… x(

  1. tia

    I am tired of this drama,i request the director ,writers or either production people please offically decline the lead pairs of swaragini in any popular website or announc e it in sbs etc,atleast i will sleep peacefuly,i am daily confused about pairing after watching the episode,sometimes i feel it is swasan sometimes swalak,please do not confuse us and if it is swasan please do not show swalak scenes,i need swasan scenes more it is not fair there were many swalak scenes ,only few swasan scenes.i will stop watching the serial if they seperate swasan.

  2. What is this crap…what are the writers up to n swara why do u always argue did sans all the time.
    N laksh is he trying to blackmail her by saying that he won’t accept ragini
    First he nvr trusted her n now he says that swara is just angry we both r meant to be together
    If swasan don’t unite trps will drop

  3. sneha

    That’s very mean of swara
    She used sanskaar n now when her work is done she threw him
    N wow laksh is wrong sanskaar is wrong but ragini is innocent…..very nice….swara is just mean everyone is wrong but not ragini ….y just bcoz she is her sister
    Swara doesn’t deserve sanskaar

    • rajina

      I totally agree with you. . I was about to comment the same thing.. swara easily forgives evil ragini but always rude to sanskaar.. swara’s character is the most confusing in the serial

      • Archies

        because she loves him and instead of stopping his brother he stood their silently…. she said today that i thought you would understand me after all these time to Sanskar, she was upset that he helped his brother to make such a stupid statement…moreover she expresses all her feeling to him whether its anger, sadness or happiness…. he is her punching bag cos he takes it all without complain….

      • ?Jennifer?

        I agree but
        Don’t worry deariesss…
        Soon SwaSan will be 2gather
        And swara will also fall for sanskaar.. .
        Swara will never go back to laksh
        C cleared the reason 2dae very clearly …
        And I agree with swara wen c said
        He let ragini to come between them …..DAT laksh is always confused and takes every decision in anger…..I just hate him
        He is damnnn selfish….

        Love U varun kapoor….??doing get job as sanskaar…

  4. AS

    i had a feeling that today swara bcoz she want sanskar to take a stand. unknowingly she is falling for him and sanskar to hold their relationship.

  5. kirti

    Khushi , laksh ki lyf koi b barbad nhi kr rha kyunki usne apni lyf aone gusse mein liye galat faisle se ki hai
    Moreovr ulta usne swasan n rags ki lyf bahut dhumdham se kharaab ki hai or ab soch rha hai ki sab logon ne milkr uski lyf kharaab ki hai
    Aaj toh usne besharmi ki b hadd kardi

  6. Ridz

    Guys I have a thought. I m getting a feeling that ragini has changed and probably she wants to make things right for swara so she is faking memory loss?? Don’t you think it ll be really nice if something like tat happens??

  7. tia

    swasan we want u n tia why did u chose the same name u could have added something lse to it as nw one cant differentiate which tia is commenting easily

  8. jhanvi

    Very nice epi….Good answers to laksh swara… That scene was nice….

    Again SwaSan fight…!!!! BT nice it’s OK…..

  9. AS

    what does sujata want? a good hearted bahu who might not know her culture but respects it or someone who knows her culTure but is not good hearted or even if she is good hearted it does not matter to her whether her son is unhappy or not.

  10. tia

    No one is spoiling laksh’s life khushi,we just want swasan togather,i do not know why these directors play with audience first they made swalak anyway i did like them then they made swasan because of which i started watching the serial,now what do they want?when all accepting swasan and raglak and show has become more popular with swasan and raglak pairing.please only swasan

  11. R

    Swara ur really mean
    U will nvr understand sanskaar
    Today she said that San and lak are fighting till yesterday Bt to day they are supporting each other
    But she is also supporting ragini today right till yesterday she is also enemy like dat
    Swara before scolding sanskar think abt u twice
    U don’t understand him
    I feel sanskaars love as the purest one than laksh
    swara should repent for sanskar

  12. Reeta

    Even I started seeing Swaragini to c Swasan only but they are dragging too much…start showing more swasan scenes if it is Swasan…hope it is so

  13. Meera

    Oh Sanskar..we swasan fans r sad u should have told Laksh that u love Swara…nw promo shows Laksh getting hope..bt elders have become sensible…bt to c swasan scenes we will have to wait more as Helly s down with dengue fever…get well soon our dear Swara

  14. Mithu

    Writers,nw that you have hinted that it is going to be swasan ,we swasan fans have hope but please show some good scenes of Swasan…cos f them u r getting good trp…

  15. swara

    laksh is so shameless tat he wants to get married to his bhabhiji I ve never seen such a shameless person lyk him tat too wen sanskar askd him y did he spk lyk dis to swara laksh gave such a shameless ansr tat wat wrong did he ask n he is such a shameless tat he is asking sanskar whether he luvs swara r wat even though he knows swasan is married n he is such a selfish tat swara didn’t accept him so he will nt accept ragini let he go to hell he don’t even deserve ragini

  16. Rachna

    Read about Ragini suicide drama. Woh ladki nahi sudhregi. To get sympathy of family members she’ll do suicide drama and act as partial memory loss. She’ll remember only till her marriage. This is non sense. Again repeat Ragini dramas.

  17. ash

    Everybody is like swara. They accept raglak. Because they dont want seperate swasan. Whatever ragini do evilly, they forget and forgive like swara. At any cost they want swasan ever. Wow what a serial. Thankyou to win evil over goodness.

  18. Thats how they get us glued to the show Tia…nahi toh it would be as simple as swalak gettin married and then….thats it…
    And right now..this sujata female is really acting stupid ha…on one hand she says she doesnt hate swara bt she doesn’t even wanna accept her as her bahu!!!

  19. xoxo

    Ragini lease turn evil I’m missing you.. Actually I’m missing cute swasan scenes which were possible only because of you so turn evil n start swasan romance.. directors please don’t play with viewers emotions.. Also change your dialogue writer cause swara first says relations are not a joke yet she forgot she is married now she song with her sister have made joke of marriage.. N please keep ragini evil cause after she turns good we all know kavita will enter n we don’t want her to separate swaaan

  20. ash

    Love is not a liquid to trasfer from one container to other. It is possible for sanskar to transfer his love from kavitha to swara. Because kavitha is nomore. But Swara loves laksh deeply. He still lives. Forget laksh is not possible immediately. She can live with sanskar but love ? My opinion is no way.

  21. ishu

    Swara such a drama queen….she thought she is right always…now adays i hate her…she always hurt sanskar even he always do for good only…what she want?????i really fed up this girl….she always insult sanskar and says he betryal her…
    Swara says she is not interested for laksh…so y she accept sanskar’s love…she says moveon her life…y
    should chance to sanskar’love even he is very good and very carring for her….today sanskar-swara-laksh……i really irrtating that so much…y the
    2bros around that swara…plz stop this nonsense ya…bez she is not respect the love…she only thing she do that only right atherwise its all wrong everyone…she is such a egostic character…i hate her

  22. SNEHA

    I think that ragini will do memory loss drama to unite laksh & swara. today she said that she will correct everything. she will do drama so that laksh & swara will live in maheshwari house & swara forgive laksh. now she knows that laksh will never accept her.

    • Ridz

      Exactly. Tat s wat m trying to say. Ragini s faking memory loss to bring change in swara s life. I don care if t s wth sanskaar or lakshya. But m very sure this time ragini s drama s for swara s benefit. She has changed. I don understand y pppl r fighting for swasan nd swalak.

  23. matendo pharida

    swaraluckshy e best couple. Sans started this and dragged Ragini into evil i wish swara cd never fall in love w him bse he started it. so he had to put things right by helping swara. Swara go back to luckshy please. Love is stronger than hate

    • SNEHA

      You are right. Sanskar started all this & now if he is helping swara then what is great thing about it. He is only correcting his mistakes. Laksh not trusted swara but he never stopped to love her. swalak made for each other

      • Archies

        would you prefer to be with a guy who loves and trust you or a guy who loves you but never trust you and will blame you for all the wrong decisions he took??? thats the question infront of Swara

      • Kat

        Totally!!!! For Sanskaar this is a win win situation. Becoz for him this is a “mission accomplished” coz from the beginning his intention was to separate Swara from Laksh. But after turning positive he also gets the girl. So, no matter he is good or bad it is a big success for him!!!

    • Ridz

      It doesn’t matter who the lead pair is. M really bored of ppl msgng the same thing everyday. Please swasan
      . please swalak etc etc.. Does t matter. Guys please go wth the flow. Swara rejected lakshya cause he did not trust her as much as a guy she wants to get married to would. And she doesn’t love sanskaar as yet cause she became frnds wth him for a reason nd importantly she never forgot the fact the fact tat sanskaar was the reason for all the dramas in the frst place …

  24. ishu

    Oh…plz writters…..announiced the lead pair of swaragini…its very irritating…i knw its a trick of to increase the show rating…..bt this fans are fed up about the jodi confussion…..so plz…decler the pair with each other…its really somuch irritating for fans…
    ayyo…..intha swara ku yaru pa pair sikkirama solunga…..daily ovoru news yesterday sanskar tody laksh….finally yaru pa swaraku jodi?????????atha solita suspense mudinjirum atleast swasan fans avavthu nimathia irupanga

  25. anu

    What does swara thinks of herself?she can do anything,she can do a fake marriage,she can leave her husband then thts nt a joke of relations but if laksh wants to break his marriage & make a new relation then tht is a joke of relations.according to swara madam if ragini tried to kill anybody its k she is nt at fault if some1 is guilty then its laksh.waw swara!ur sister’s one sided love is true love & if sanskar loves u one sidedly then its a sin.right?only swara & her sister r greatest they r nt doing anything wrong but if sm1 else does the same thing they r a sinner.& vo bhaicharewala dialogue it made me feel like really she is the main lead of the shw?she seems like a vamp.& when both sanskar & laksh holded swara it was disguisting.i changed the channel for one min bcoz i couldnt bear wht i was seeing.2 brothers holding a girl.it was seriously crap.

    • nick

      Yeah… I’m agree with you. Sometimes Swara is too much, and it feels like ‘Ragini is better than her.’ Anyway, poor Sanskar. In this show he is the only one, who love like a human. [Sharmisht… too] Don’t want to talk about other horrible peoples.

  26. nick

    can anyone please take Laksh to the Murusi island… If you can please take along Ragini with him. Or else this dtama never get over with these boring dragging things…

  27. anu

    I cant belive the way swara behaved with sanskar.he has done so much for her.&she is like tumne mujhe dhoka diya hai sanskar..oh come on he didnt force u to love him.& why cant u see he made u meet laksh keeping his feelings aside.u r just selfish swara.tumhara maksad pura hua to sanskarse dosti tod dali.aur tum logo ko bolti ho ki mere liye rishte majak nhi he.

  28. SNEHA

    I don’t understand if swara hates sanskar then why she wears mangalsutra & sindoor. this serial is creating chemical locha in brains of its viewers.

  29. Why make much ado out of swara n laks! Swara has already told him he didn’t trust her as his love was not strong enough for her, n she has moved on,! So now it should be swara n sanskar as marriage is not a joke that you can change partners as n when you wish! Stop giving wrong msg to public.

  30. MeH

    I am Hating laksh unconditionally…he is soo mean…I used to love him once…and swara y is she blaming sanskaar…usne kaha use nahi pata tha vo stupid laksh aisi batein karengi…by this memory loss of ragini plss dnt seperate swasan….I luv them..not only me but most of us…..really really luv SwaSan. …

  31. I totally agree with you mercy… even if sanskar was in laksh place he would have done same thing. …he only separated swalak n he should reunite them …I started seeing this serial from first episode n I’m really missing swalak scenes. ..

  32. Pls unite laksh and swara….there was no mistake of laksh ..becoz of rags his mind diverted …………..pls unite swalak pls …I m requesting it pls writer..I can’t see laksh in pain…sometimes swara behave as a god….she forgive rags.
    And now 4 rags she will remain with sanskar…wat the writer r showing u can’t understand…,

  33. I think the writers are trying to hint us B’coz swara looked at sanskar very shockingly when laksh proposed her….n dp also said that swara said she doesn’t love sanskar earlier but now she might have started falling for sans n she doesn’t know that..? M I right

  34. Plzzzz unite Swalaksh. Yes , Laksh insulted Swara but it was his pain . Sanskar would have done the same if he was at Laksh’s place then there !! Bcs circumstances were like that . Ohh come on Laksh is a normal human being he didn’t have any sixth sense to understand Swara didn’t run from their marriage but Ragini pushed her into river…..at the end it was his idea na which brought Ragini’s truth in front of everyone. I like Sanskar too but Swalaksh is best. Plzzzz unite them . I think makers of Swaragini r confused themselves about pairs . Huge support for both Swalaksh nd Swasan jodi. Ahhhhh Tejaswi you r beautiful……nd excellent acting .

  35. Ridz

    Can we stop fighting on lead pair please. I think the serial is really smooth. We jus hv to be patient. Don’t u think ragini s faking memory loss so tat she can change wat mistake she had done. She has changed.

    And wat swara told lakshya was hundred percent correct. He has abused her a lot in past. Any grl wth self respect vil not want a guy lik tat. And y shud she say yes to sanskaar. He was the one who started all this. She might hv forgiven both of them but she has not forgotten wat they hv done.

    And if swalak has to happen lakshya has to prove himself right. Lik hw swara proved she was not wrong.
    Nd if swasan has to happen he has to wait till swara completely forgets lakshya nd starts thinking of him tat way. Don’t u think t makes sense.. Patience.

  36. Ridz

    Both lakshya nd sanskaar are getting chance to correct their mistake. Ragini should get to. The whole purpose of serial s tat… Swara vil always love her sister. No matter wat.

  37. sarah

    love has meaning when there is trust between the couple. swalak has no trust between them. it would be unfair if it is swalak. swasan would be great couple. they will definitely love each other as they have trust between them. ragini and laksh will make a good couple because even when ragini was wrong, laksh trusted her so badly…..ofcourse, whatever she has done was wrong and deserves a punishment. swara should fall for sanskaar….sanskaar was the one who always stood for swara, accepted his mistakes and is again trying to sacrifice swara for her happiness……i feel that love should blossom between the two as soon as possilble.

  38. I agree with you… swara shud accept sanskaar as soon as possible his love is true n trust is strong… He will definitely be proved better than luky

  39. The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that both Swara and Ragini dance in Bengali way in Durga pooja.
    Both dance very well but Swara loses her balance but Lakshya holds her in his arms.
    Both Swara and Lakshya share an eyelock which makes both Sanskaar and Ragini tensed.

  40. sanskar is also help to ragini to break laksh and swara marriage then swara do not feel gilty. ur love is true. So we request u please do divorce to sanskar to start new life with laksh

  41. dia

    If swara has really moved on has she says she should give her marriage a chance….den all her big dialogue of definition of relationship will b proved rite

  42. ash

    What is trust? Trust always starts from heart not from eyes. Before marriage laksh and swara lived in different house. Duo sans and rags stayed with them . Laksh have no way to understand what would happend. His eyes told swara is wrong but heart told she never do like this. He accept his heart. He completely believes swara till sangeeth incident. But now sans, swara rag all in one house. Sanskar see swara all time. No villain is outside. So no special believe is need to swara. He just walk with her. That’s all. Laksh believes from heart. Sanskar believes from eyes. He no need his heart s work. Love .. I dont want to analyse between them. But trust laksh is better than sanskar.

  43. Uniting swalak n separating swasan will only mean insulting relations….
    So it should be SWASAN…sanskaar’s trust is very strong n swara also expresses her feelings to sanskaar more comfortably instead of laksh

  44. Oh come on guys, it’s just a drama. Why are some of you getting upset on swara the way she is behaving towards sanskar. Don’t get upset soon swara will understand sanskar and she will accept his love. But for now sit and watch the show and enjoy.

    • Ridz

      Exactly.. No one discusses about wat might happen next who s good Wats nice. All ppl say s we want swalak we want swasan. Swara s rude swara s tat this lakshya s tat this etc etc… It s as simple as swara needs time to forget wat happnd. Lakshya din trust her and sanskaar s the main reason for these problem. So for her to be wth anyone she needs time. Plus ragini might be faking memory loss for good reason

  45. R

    I like swasan pair
    Love u Varun and his cute face
    Thus show got gd trp s bcz of swasan
    Bcz many ppl started watching this show after swasan including me
    Hope sanskar should be happy

  46. layba

    laksh always support swara,after sangeet incident.so,swara has no right to say something like that.and if laksh can’t trust swara then he also not believe on ragini’s drama. otherwise he can take a forward step with ragini. If swara forgive his father then why not laksh.Every one have right to get a chance

    • TheBeaut

      Swara did forgive laksh.. She just does not want to get back together with him.. How could she any way? See laksh may have been like “how can swara do this!?” And all that.. But dont forget the numerous times he believed in raghini over swara.. He chose to believe raghini AND accused swara several times infront of everyone.. accused her for being so “giri huwi” and all that.. Hearing such accusations from ur love and not trusting them is the most painful thing.. So the pain will still be there for a long period of time, no matter what.. It was only at last when he finally got suspicious with raghini’s act and decided to give swara a “chance” to prove that raghini had been lying..

      • Archies

        spot on!!!! And how can he ask her something like that she is still Sanskar – his bhai’s wife…. told her she was always characterless, dhokebas and he himself told Swara that marring Ragini was his decision…. now he is turning to Ragini… forcing her, blackmailing her to accept him…. maybe this will make Swara see Sanskar’s unconditional love… forgiving is okay but starting where they left of after so uch of mental harassment…. the guy doesn’t have brains…. can’t see how uch his brother is in love and what does he expect Sanskar to say ??? yes bhai i love my wife after the stunt he just pulled….. Laksh looked like he would cry if Sanskar said yes….. hope Sanskar doesn’t follow Swara’s mahantha path…… they both said i’ll always be with you when you need me still the guy can’t understand…… God help him!!!!

  47. Im from tamil nadu ..we all stop watching swaragini cos of luksh and swara wer apart…as a sign of love oly luksh and swara shoud reunit ……nor sanskar and swara…if d seriol goes favouer fo sanskar and swara.den d serial ll b stop watching in tamil nadu

    • RMJ

      U know what Gayathri,I’m from Kerala.We Keralites started watching Swaragini when sanskar made his entry & the actual drama began.9out of 10 want swasan and the remaining one part needs swalak.you be the mathematician.If swara unites with lakshya most of Kerala will stop Watching Swaragini.(Kerala is the most densely populated State in South India)

  48. Shwetha

    It would be good if they show some more combination scenes of swasan..cos..nw that they r giving the feel that swasan is the couple ,we swasan fans wana c more swasan moments

  49. It’s not about forgiving, it’s about trust. Laksh didn’t trust or believed swara and went ahead and married that psyco ragini. And yes she did forgave him, it’s just that she can’t be with a person who doesn’t trust her. Any ways there won’t be any swalak but I’m dam sure that there will be swasan and I can’t wait till that day to come.

  50. Then I should stop Watching Swaragini. I started to watch Swaragini when Laksh nd Swara’s cute little fights started. Everybody has favourites…mine is Swalaksh..only seriel I watch is Swaragini!! I should find out smthing else @ 9:30 😀 😛

  51. Papri

    lakshya didn’t trust swara properly….if he did then there should not had any doubt…so swara is saying right…..and i love SWASAN ….plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz unite them……:'(

  52. ash

    I am also from tamilnadu.i started this serial from very 1st episode. Why trust is different from north and south.southside they like swalak. North side they like swasan. I dont know why?

  53. Sorry to disappoint you all swalak fans but there won’t be any swalak. I just have the gut feeling that it will be swasan and I’m looking forward till that day to come

  54. Every1 want swalak or swasan but nobdy wnts raglak or ragsan….ragini is also a heroine of d shw….i wish she shud get a guy hu ill love more than any1…nd dat guy shud b more hansme dan laksh n sanskaar..

    • Yes I can’t wait till that day to come when that psyco ragini turns possitive and be with Laksh as raglak. Then we as swasan fan can enjoy watching swasan.

    • Ramya

      Hai I think swara will give a chance for her marriage only bcz of ragini and laksh
      Nt for sanskaar
      After that she realizes him Bt that will take a long time

  55. rs

    Me too from tamilnadu I too watch this serial from the beginning but I love swarasan couple bcoz there is only trust

  56. sonu

    If it’s about trust then I ‘ll ask swalak fans how can u say laksh trusted swara? He accused her, insulted their love, their relation, humiliated her, n always chose ragini over her. Swara forgave him, that in itself is a wonder. N laksh just wants to get her, but isn’t bothered about her happiness. He is not even respecting her choice of not going forward with their relation. N lastly in the last few episodes laksh is shown to b a truly spoiled b selfish brat, just like ragini. Ragini n laksh just suit each. He doesn’t deserve swara.
    I liked swaragini more after seeing swara’s decision in this episode. She was shown to b a normal girl n not some Mahan insaan. N her reaction was like any girl who in that situation would react.
    N truly speaking I feel sorry for sanskaar, he looked like he wanted to cry since last episode 🙁

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