Swaragini 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar comes home and sees Swara burning the crackers. She apologizes to him for not coming to factory and tells that Ragini sent her to farmhouse to cheer up Laksh. Sanskar says it is okay. Swara says I am going to Banaras from 20-25 November to meet her music teacher. Sanskar asks her not to go and says he can’t live without her. He smiles looking at her. Swara’s dupatta stuck in the maula which she tied on his hand. Sanskar says even mauli don’t you to go alone, and offers to come with her. Swara turns down his offer and says she is going with Ragini as she has done mannat. Sanskar says so it is a sister’s trip. Swara apologizes to him. Sanskar says good night. Ragini hears them. Next day a courier man brings courier and looks at Ragini. Annapurna asks Ragini to take the

courier. Ragini feigns headache. Annapurna goes to take the courier. Courier guy gives Sanskar and Laksh’s parcel. Ragini goes to kitchen and informs Sujata that Sanskar’s parcel have come. Sujata goes to take the parcel. Swara comes to Baadi and meets her family. Dadi asks Sumi to bring sweets. Dadi takes Swara inside and says if everything is fine between you, Sanskar and Laksh. Swara says even you……Dadi asks her to come.

Sujata checks Sanskar’s parcel and thinks it might be surprise for me. She opens the envelope and finds house papers. She rushes to Annapurna. Annapurna keeps Laksh’s parcel in his room. Sujata comes to her and shows Swara has done black magic on my son, and says Sanskar has brought “SS” pendant, and says Sanskar has brought property on her name. She asks her to open Laksh’s parcel and opens it. She says there is two tickets to Manali, and sees hotel room booking receipt on Laksh and Swara’s room. She says honeymoon suite is booked on their names. They call their respective sons and ask to come home. Ragini says Swara you have done bad with me, and now you see…..

Swara tells Dadi that Sanskar and Laksh are her friends. Dadi says Sanskar have started loving you and Laksh’s eyes are saying that he loves you. Swara says Sanskar and me have been sleeping in different rooms and will be taking divorce soon. Dadi asks why you didn’t take divorce till now. Swara asks if she is hiding something. Dadi worries for her. Swara says you are thinking wrongly and asks her not to worry. Dadi hugs her and says I trust you. Swara asks why you are doubting? Annapurna shows the pendant to Laksh and asks why Sanskar is giving gift to Swara. She shows the pendant and house papers. Sujata shows the hotel receipt and says hotel is booked on their name. Sanskar says they are just good friends. Laksh takes Sanskar’s side, but Annapurna says nobody gives costly gifts to friends. Sanskar sees the ticket and checks the date that is from 20-25. Sujata says Swara is playing with both of you.

Laksh comes to Sanskar and asks why he is playing games. He says you said that Swara is your friend and buys costly gifts for her. Sanskar says shut up and shows the tickets asking him about his intention to spend time with Swara in hotel. Laksh asks him to stop nonsense. He says you said that you don’t love her, and then said you love her and asked her to return to you. He asks what you are planning when you don’t have any hope from her. He asks did you buy this house so that you can move with her there. He holds Sanskar’s hand angrily and asks why did you buy house so that to express love. Sanskar asks him to look at himself. He says you said you will be friends only and you will give chance to Ragini. He asks who books hotel for friends. Laksh says I didn’t book any hotel. Sanskar says I haven’t bought any house or gift for her. Ragini, Sujata and Annapurna come there.

Sujata says why you both are fighting for a clever girl. She says she spends time with Laksh in the morning and with you in the night. Sanskar shouts and says Laksh wants Swara in his life. He says Swara might not have known about it. Sanskar say when we didn’t buy house, gift and booked ticket, then who has done this. Laksh says you are lying? Sanskar thinks Laksh did this to get Swara. Annapurna asks them to stop fighting and says Swara will answer now. She says call Swara home.

Swara comes home. Everyone turn towards her. Swara looks at Ragini. Sanskar tells Swara that everyone have a misunderstanding about your trip. Sujata says there is no misunderstanding and says tickets are booked for Laksh and Swara for Manali. Annapurna says I had full trust on her, and when she said that they are good friends, I trusted her. Sujata says she is new age girl and everything happens in this age. She says our sons are stupid. Laksh asks Swara, what is happening? She asks why you are doing this? Annapurna asks him not to ask anything from Swara and says she is also Sanskar’s wife till now. Only he can question her. Sujata says she is planning to spend time with her brother in law and don’t know any patni dharm. Sanskar shouts please mom. Sujata asks Swara why don’t you leave my son, when you like Laksh. Swara is shocked. Annapurna asks her to answer.

She recalls Ragini’s lies that she has hidden truth about her memory loss. She recalls Sanskar saying he heard them laughing heavily. She hears Ragini asking her to go farmhouse and her planning. Laksh asks Swara not to ignore them and answer. Sujata says what she will answer? She don’t have any answer now, and says Ragini is ready to sacrificed everything for her sister. She says Ragini used to cry and says she loves Laksh even now, but have never came between them. Swara slaps Ragini hard. Everyone is shocked. Jai Kali Maa plays……Sujata asks have you gone mad? Swara says everything is done by her, and all your answers are with her. She says I would have understood that you are doing something wrong when Annapurna and Sujata came to asked me about my relationship with Laksh and Sanskar.

Swara says I hate you Ragini and feel ashamed to call you sister. She slaps her again and asks her to get out. Later Ragini is held captive and cries asking Swara why she is doing this with her.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. anu

    i hope director would narrate smething. again falling in raginis trap is director stupid narration. der should be some commensense

  2. Honey

    This is the episode I was waiting for a long time… Very very very nice episode.. But one thing I’m not clear about.. Swara told that all things happened because of Ragini but will AP and sujatha believe swara??!! Do anyone know about that please tell me??!!

  3. Ridz

    Hey swasan and swalak fans. I want to say something about today’s episode. Earlier we blamed sanskaar for separating swalak. Lakshya was made to doubt swara so he was not wrong. But today both had equal doubt on swara.. Both were in similar situation. And once again LAKSHYA doubted swara nd kept questioning her… But SANSKAAR trusted her still and did not believe anything nd did not let his mom talk wrongly about her. So no matter wat lakshya doesn’t deserve swara nd t should be and will be swasan…

  4. XOXO

    Thank God I’ ve stopped watching this show! What has it turned to? After so many incidents still people believe Ragini

  5. rosy

    Omg can you guys stop the stupid fan-fiction seriously its annoying and shit whoever wtote it please post it on another page not in here

    • I second u! They think they kno how to write but in real they jus want to show off they all write crap only whether its swasan or swalak…… itz total shit…… and they will make ff on swasan but will name as swaragini love blooms again swaragini this n that but when v will open it v will find only swasan acha likha toh likha but crap likhne ki kya zaroorat hai… if one writes others want to write it at any cost!!idiot ppl itz damm irritating

    • XOXO

      Instead of commenting on how stupid they are why dont you use filter? people take out time to write them least you can do is to not criticize

    • Saba

      Aisha and rosy! Instead of doing criticise, you should read once ff, when i was new here, i also got confused about it and find ff as rubbish thing. But once i started reading it, i thought its much better than original track! If you dont wanna read then please click on the green tab”written episodes only” you’ll get only Swaragini’s original episode!! Thanks for criticise us!

  6. jhanvi

    Yeah Ridz well said dear…..Nd ya we r saying this that laksh’s love is immature BT still sm ppl thinks that his love is d true love.. Nt San’s……. Actually today it’s proved…..!!!!!!

  7. Hi guys,
    I read the update but I’m going to watch swaragini now. I feel keep killing that crap psyco ragini. Good she gets slaps by swara, Infact swara should strangle her instead.

  8. Neha

    Wao superb yaar missed today but surely watch it tomorrow I am dieing to see ragini getting slaps from swara and yeah those dumb sasus but seriously they were forced to behave like this but one thing good is that now I hope swara surely understand sanskar’s love and trust for her

  9. Ahana

    Today only sanskar trusted swara … So sanskar only deserve swara
    Laksh who once called her characterless now also doing same mistake by doubting her…

  10. leku

    Ap and sijatha ji again fall in trap of Ragini..how come u ppl believe Ragini words….such a cheap hearted role pls make her positive at least after this drama

  11. un

    i m not fan of swasan and swalak….
    bt after watching today’s epi….
    sanskar is best for swara(swara is not best for him)
    itna sab ho gaya par sanskar ne swara ko ek sawal tak nahi puchha….naahi uska bharosa swara par se kam huwa….
    laksh ka dawa he ki wo aaj bhi swara se pyar karta hai par aaj bhi usne swara se puchha ki wo aisa q kar rahi hai aur use jawab dene honge….
    matlb same situation hai laksh aur sanksar k liye par sanskar ka bharosa hai swara par laksh ko nahi hai….
    matlb swalak alag huye uski wajah sanskar nahi hain uski wajah yeh hain ki unke rishte me bharosa nahi tha nahi aaj hai….isiliye sanskar ko swara ka pyar milana chahiye
    so sanskar rocks…..

    • Neha

      Yeah un totally agreed with u relations are based on trust if there is trust someday love will genuinely happen but if dere is no trust how much you love someone it will always be incomplete no matter what u do

  12. yup once again it’s clear tat laksh didn’t deserve swara by not trusting her but our sans made it yup?….. this is called truuuu love ?… ayyo swara ippo aathu realize pannu ma… waiting for tat day wen swara falls for sans ?

  13. bhuvi

    Good swara… Ragini deserves more slap..sanskar … U r a perfect guy for swara… So sweet… He believes her more than himself… N i hate ap n sujatha ?? Y shud swara prove her innocence always?? Juz because she is modern.. Rubbish… Its ridiculous they easily believes ragini’s lies after doing so many sins… But they dont believe swara after doing so many sacrifice… What a family… Swara n sanskar Juz get out this family…live your life happy…

  14. Saba

    Awesome episodes!!!!! Puri tarha dil khush kar diya aj k episode ne!! Ragini deserves one slap from Sanlak also! I hope ap and sajju believes on swara!! Waiting for next episode

    • ash

      Why not? If writer want to unite swasan , all stupid dialogues, arguments and every negative scenes will giiven to luksh. If they want to unite swalak then all negative ones are goes to sanskar. So Every dialogue is reversible to boil swalak and swasan fans blood. If the laksh dialogue goes to sanskar then your question is what?

  15. bhuvi

    This world is always like this.. They need so many proofs to prove truth… But not for lies… Ppl easily believes lies but hard believe truth….

  16. bhuvi

    Sanskar… Do supportn trust swara always… Don’t leave her at any cost… You guys areadept for each other…swasan…

  17. chella

    I wish the person who did rangrasiya written updates shud do swaragini written update also.. he/she usee to write even minute details and each nd evry dialogue. Tis writter just giving overall stry. As i don’t know hindi much i alwaya understand by written updates. Bt tis writter missing too many diags, scenes.. hate.. i wish rangrasiya written updater to do swaragini written updates

  18. nik

    Hi Shuva , Leku n Ridz. I totly agree with u Leku n Ridz though swara always hrts sanskars feelings ,he always test n supports hr. N Shuva I m also egr to watch the episode rags gtng nice slaps. I MST say gud job swara. N plz ab se thoda demag se km lena.

    • Hi nik,
      I didn’t watch swaragini yet but I read the update. I’m happy that swara finally realised that ragini hasn’t changed. Swara also slapped that psyco, good. And that sujata what is her problem she is still doubting swara and she is also believeing that psyco. after what ragini did she still believes her, how wiered.

  19. Well she deserved that slap. Watching swaragini after a loong time and I’m really happy t=with today’s episode. Hope that they kick that Ragini out of the house soon.

  20. Lee

    Accoring to everyone laksh n swara booked the ticket n hotel for manali that to a honeymoon sweet to sanskaar ne use ques karna chahiye but usne ek word ni kaha n wo kahata hai ki swara dekho tumhri trip ko leker sabko misunderstanding hui hai……….. N jb sujju were badmouthing about swara to sans was like maa plZzzz stop it……its prove ki wo duniya edhar ki udhar ho jaye but wo usko trust karna nai chodega…. . ..
    N dusri taraf laksh navab ( according ro everyone ) sans ne apani wife ko sirf ek bunglow n locket diya( jo ki wo kr sakta hai jo ki as a hubby uska right hai) to usme navab sahab itna bhadak gaye… Yaha tk collar pakad liya. ab kaga gaya trust janab laksh (bevkuufff pschyco punk )kahika………
    Still itna dhakka khane ke baad bhi ni kr sakta trust………….
    N hamari swara madam ab tobelieve karo ki chaahe kuch bhi hogaye koi trust kare ya na kare…sans hamesha karega…….
    Jb laksh ne collar pakada sans ka i was like abhi ussse slap karu ( kyu swara pe trust ni hai)ek locket ke liye to itna phir san tum ek kam karo killl him….
    But we all know ki tum aissa ni karoge -wo laksha ka kanm hai..nnnnnn isskiye bhi kyuki tum swara ko trust karate ho……..n.nnn

    guyzzz bomb wala epi mon day ko hoga kya.???????……..
    Luv u sans …..
    Swasan rockssssss….

    • Neha

      Seriously Lee laksh was getting on my nerves after reading the updates how can he question a husband regarding his wife that why is he giving gifts to his wife
      Its high time guys swara should now accept sanskar as his beloved hubby ab toh apni aankhen kholo swara madam

    • Saba

      Thousands of like of your comment! I don’t know about bomb blast incident, I’m also eagerly waiting for it!!

  21. ishveer

    Well done swara….l am waiting for this episode….swara today ur decision is correct…that slap was amazing, wonderful, marvelous….this slap is continue on Monday too.lam eagerly waiting for Monday epi…laksh again doubt on swara,he never love heronly sanskar is trust and believe her…sanskar’s love is truth not laksh.

  22. Gowri

    How dare u swara slap in ragini wht type of girl u first u love laksh and at present u love sanskar but ragini first love in laksh she still love him but u chiiiii u r not a girl… I am always agree with only ragini and this serial based on only for swara or based on also ragini and then they only based on swara change the title to swara or writer change the ragini character then will change swara character is negative… I m always seapor only ragini… I hate the girl she is not a girl swara is always lying to ragini

    • g

      you know the meaining of love….swara not loving sanskar…sanskar love swara…and he trust her….ture love never can never see pain of his/her love..but Ragini……she made laksy cut his hand…for her love she seprated other..what what she not didi….now also she want spoil her own sister life…that to that extent..she booked tickets on swara and laksh….is she is correct i you’re openion…fro thata you’re answer how dare to slap ragini…like that charater one slap is not enough…..how much swara supporetd ragini..hwo much she trusted her……how can you saw…swara is not charterless girl…ragini is characterless girl….i am not fan swara but as a chracter….just see whome you r supporting….

      think you’re self…hear all r supporting swara…but you….r comment bad comment like this….the way you thinking is wronge….never support..wronge chracter………

      • ch

        G you should understand that there are swara’s fans as well as Ragini’s fans. i know most of them are swara’s fans because ragini is negative since a long time. but there are some fans who still like ragini.so you should undertand that how strong ragini is because still some people love ragini no matter how bad she is. We love Ragini from the bottom of our heart because for what she was in the beginning. So it’s still remaining as the same. you think if your favourite character in a drama who you like sooo much, if he/she turn into negative later what will you do? will you hate her also? nahi naa? you will also scold the directors and writers of the story who made your favourite character negative, isn’t it? so are we. we also hate the directors and writers who made our lovely ragini an evil.

    • ch

      i agree with you Gowri, the story is now based on swara. they better change the serial name as Swara or something. if the story’s name is swaragini they should give equal importance to swara and Ragini.they always make her negative. they are dragging the story like this because the trp is also good. But they should understand that there are swara’s fans as well as ragini’s fans. They hurt Ragini’s fans so much. I also liked Ragini till the beginning and it’s still remaining as same; no matter how bad she is now. Swara is good but I don’t like her. I always support ragini and now I don’t watch the serial and I will start watching the serial when Ragini will become positive again.

  23. rosy

    Everytym sujata badmouthed swara sanskar didnt even waste a sec to protest…this is calld TRUST…..
    Sanskar even took swara side by telling dat wat laksh promisd swara in farm house….however our cry baby laksh realy wanted an answer from swara abt her n sanky’s relatn n pointed out dat she shdnt ignore meaning he again believed dat swara is at fault…..

  24. Ks

    Swaragni ff writers pl wrote tpk
    thahaan ff in tpk page plzzzzzzzz
    here was lot ff this is too much yarsss

  25. chellalal

    Because swara before itself said about the trip plan so only he is saying that misunderstand about ur trip…laksh dont know nothing he is asking wht happened only…must not think that he is not beleving….sanskar also doubted swara whn he talked to her mother……any how swasan means the trp wil low only…most of swalak fans stoped watching this. Seial…they cheated swalak fans……be happy swasan fan..and watch ur serial…….this week trp is 9..because of swasan and same kind of ragini drama….last week swalak.friendship trp is no 5…….any how witout swalak no swaragini..
    .swasan fans can change..in any situation v wont change swalak fand……v always love laksh only and forever also…

  26. Kiara

    Iss show me sab pagal hai
    Niw this show is becoming really annoying
    Swara:- usse divorce ki padhi hai and vo itni blindly ragini ko kaise trust kar sakti thi thodha dimag lagati toh yehh naubat aati hi nahi

    Sanskar :- bhai tu itna sacrifice kyu kar raha hai learn keeping your point strongly even if its against swara

    Laksh :- vo khud hi confuse hai apni zindagi me abhi tak bechara yahi ni jaan paya ki vo trust karta hai swara ko ya nahi nautanki hai pura

    Ragini:- yehh toh seriously pagal ho gayi hai isse plzzz koi mental hospital bheho har cheez ke liye swara ko blame karti hai
    Kal ko iska kajal bhi kharab hojayega toh swara ko blame karegi psycho si pure time rote rahegi swara tumne aisa kiya swara tumne vaisa kiya

    She deserves to be slapped

    And the whole maheshwari family bhai how can you trust ragini pata nahi kya tumhe uski asliyat phir kyu kar rahe ho

    So here is the conclusion swara should go open a music school sanskar should find a better girl who actually loves her and who doesn’t use him like swara does and ragini ko mental hospital bhej doon along with laksh and the rest of the maheshwari family

    Ps:- mujhe swara bhi kuch khas pasand nahi hai she always use laksh man kiya dost bana liya man kiya shadi kar li man kiya dosti thodh di man kiya divorce le liya man kiya vapas agyi sath and ab vapas divorce chahiye ab pagal si ko

    Sanskar should use his brain he deserves someone much much better than swara and laksh and ragini should get lost

  27. harshvardhan

    they are making lakshay character like this be oz they want to convince people that swasan is best. but in all these situations they made a joke of love. first swara and lakshay loved each other. then ragini came and married to lakshay by lies and betrayal. lakshay never gave her wify rights becoz he only loved swara. on the other hand sanskar who started all this game of separation of swalak, in the middle he realized and came to help swara. and after knowing the fact that swara is love and lover of his little brother ,he started love her. and ridiculous thing is ppl wants that swara also love sanskar and accept him. assume lakshay love was fake but then what about swara’s love ? but yeah aajkal love ka meaning hi yahi hai.one betrayed, love another so easily in just 3-4 weeks. if they show season, I don’t know about others but in my perspective it will be totally funny and ridiculous.

  28. nik

    At least we should wch the show till they show swasan moments at 9:30pm , coz u all know that trp increases only when viewers wch the fresh episode nt the repeated ones , otherwise fr less trp swasan will b blamed n they can b rejected as a lead pair. So at least we should try fr swasan. N I think that writers hv till now not md it clr whether swara lvs sanskar or not coz they r also testing that which pair is getting better trp n after that they will Mk it clr.

  29. sonu

    Aaj ke episode ke baad i m sure about 1 thing…it’s SWASAN ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ <3 <3
    Loved swasan scene in the beginning. N today Laksh himself proved that he doesnt deserve swara. He doubted her AGAIN! Does he even love her? If yes, then y he never ever trust her? Y?
    N today Swara actually glared at him wen he asked her to answer his question…Please swara realize Sanskaar's love already…..

    • Kiara

      I am glad you liked my comment atleast someone agrees with me and plzz tell me yehh bomb blast vala kya scene hai

  30. nik

    Its high tm now they should mk swara realize hr lv n unite swasan, N apart from that they hv to end ragini drama n bring new twist .

  31. U r8 i hate ragini and laksh sanskar is gud pls keep them till the end like that they r married god ties their nt pls hekp swara to expose ragini kethna bakar hi ragini marna bahathar hi guys

  32. Saba

    I think instead of spoiling her reputation to stayed in Maheshwari’s house, she should get divorce from sanskar!! Bhar main dale Sanlak Ki dosti, move on swara!! Go and get your life and career! Then there’s no swasan, no swalak, no swaragini and no jhagra!! No swara swara! I’m not fan of swara, I even like ragini and offcourse love swasan. But as a girl I don’t think so that a girl(no matter she’s modern or traditional) don’t give any chance to any other person to spoil her reputation. But Swara I think so, she’s also involve in spoiling her reputation. If she wants sanskar, carry their marriage, if laksh then confirm it and if she wants her own career then she must leave Maheshwari’s house and move on!! Swara is allowing people to point out her character. Dont be so good dear specially with worst person

  33. praveena kartha

    how could you say that trp is. down .because this weeks trp will come only on saturday.and it is not published yet then how could you come to know that this week trp is down

  34. Maha

    I want even more slap to ragini Gud wrk swara nw she realize ragini has not changed swasan rockzzzzz. Pls some more romantic moments to swasan pair

  35. jhanvi

    Hi guys ..
    ..how r u all ?????

    So happy today…. Awsm epi……..today San rokzzzz yar Nd he proved that he knows d meaning of love , trust, Nd relation…today he ddnt ask a single que. To swara nd blvd her nt that Ragini Nd tickets… Nd ofcrse he also proved that no one can make u against ur love if u ddnt allow them.. Today same situation for both sanlak.. BT San trusted swara nd blvd her nd scolded sujata for badmouthing against swara..

    Nd what laksh did, ??? Again same mistake fr nt trusting swara ..how can he still doubt on swara he knows everything that Ragini is lying Ap blvd Ragini coz she ddnt know Ragini is lying BT laksh knows that …how can he ask swara to give d answers.. Nd I can’t understand y he nvr control his anger if he doubted to any one he always lose his temper Nd starts abusing them …first swara nw sans…..

    Anyway I m happy today again I feel that my decision was correct to chose sans over laksh…..!!!!!

  36. jhanvi

    I read smone is saying that writers r doing this coz they want to cnvnc ppl that swasan is best Nd that’s y they r spoiling laksh’s character.. Actually dear there is no need to do this coz ppl also wants swasan ( many ppl )……. Nd yeah after raglak mrg Nd swasan mrg swara is nt.a lover of laksh BT she is WIFE of sans so nothing is wrong to love ur WIFE….Nd yeah u r saying that ridiculous ppl wants swara to accept sans BT actually I wonder how can ppl ask a girl to accept d one who trusted d fack video Nd marry her sis. Nd after she came back Nd said she is nt wrong he didn blv her nd badmouth …Nd after so many times swara tried to cnvnc him…Nd after getting so many chances he blvd swara is wrong , insulted her in front of everyone Nd called her characterless, he nvr blvd swara BT when he went to d hospital Nd staff told him , he blvd them ..oh god he didnt blv swara BT hospital staff ( d outsider)….. Don’t u think this is ridiculous…????? Nd now he nows everything so y he doubted swara nd asked her to answer them..actually sans shld ask her coz he is her hubby..BT he ddnt ask in fact he asked her mom to stop abusing her…
    I agree that may be they r spoiling laksh cha race BT it’s nt bout sans lucky Ragini or swara ……I m nt namish or varuns fan..I always appreciate d character it’s only bout love trust Nd relation Nd d right or wrong way ……

    Nd yeah u r saying that ppl r ridiculous coz they want swara to accept sans…. So what bout those who wants swara to accept a guy Nd give him a second chance ( though he lost so many chances ) like lucky…don’t u know d meaning of SELF RESPECT… May be my thoughts r weak bout love BT my thoughts r strong bout SELF RESPECT.. Nd how it matters fr a girl… No girl will accept him who has a self respect..at least nt me…

    • jhanvi

      Nd yeah I forgot one thing…., u said that what bout swara’s love… So yeah her love is true Nd right BT actually d person is wrong… That’s y it’s better to move on…Nd if u know we can drive a vehicle ( bicycle ) only when it’s both wheel works together Nd both r same strong Nd if one is weak ,, nd another is strong, one is slow Nd another is strong …can u drive correctly .???? No Na same in relation, if both r strong only then relation will work ……so nothing is to say bout swara’s love dear…..

      Look I really don’t want to hurt any of swalak or laksh’s fans BT I can’t ignore his deeds. His deeds r too big to forget…

      Nd really very sorry if I hurt anyone…. I m nt varun or namish fan….I m only saying d truth what I feel………

      • Neha

        Absolutely correct jhanvi I totally agree to the fact that for love we just can’t ignore our self esteem swara’s love may be true but its better to move on than loving a person who always doubts you and your character

      • jhanvi

        Yeah actually I wonder that still ppl want swara to accept lucky Nd calling us ridiculous….they r calling sans ridiculous coz he loves swara his brother’s love ( actually now she is nt anyone’s lover Nd she also don’t want laksh back, she herself told this…)….so what bout lucky who loves his BHABHI , Nd kissed her.., brother’s wife… Isn’t it ridiculous.??????

      • Sam

        absolutely agree wid u jahnvi.. ur each and every word was correct.. if in any relation there is a love bt absence of trust then d relation cn nt serviv longer.. which happened wid swalak.. n on d other side if 2 ppl dont love each other bt they trust 2nd one more then thmself then love will automatically grow day by day n become the heavenly couple..which will happen wid swasan.. n yar any girl who have self respect can not accept the person who have ditched her once and didn’t believe her.. thanks jahnvi for writing your comments and trying to wake up the swalak fans.. swasan rocks ??

  37. Lasya

    Totally crappp!! I loved the concept of this show earlier that is swaragini uniting their parents but the story line has completely changed now… It is really giving a wrong message to the society saying that if a girl is ragini being so traditional then no guy is ready to marry her and accept. Even they will steep low to get their low but if you are like swara being modern then you will a queue behind you… I have mentioned about old ragini.
    The writers don’t have any respect to the relations so they are making such a story. Whatever has happened has happened, now swasan and raglak are pairs and marriage is a divine relationship.this swara doesn’t know the value of it and so she wants to divorce sanskar for the reason that she doesn’t want to be in a relation with him. How foolish. On the other side laksh wants swara back in his life forgetting the fact that she is his bhabi..once they were true lovers I too agree but this not correct..if writers make fun of relations like this then I am sure that one day Uttara will marry either laksh or sanskar or adarsh saying everything is fair in love and war
    Sorry guys I became emotional watching episodes of April and may..

  38. jhanvi

    Before some days I read that some ppl said that we want swasan Nd we r supporting sans coz sans (varun ) is good looking Nd we r supporting sans coz we r varun’s fans.. So guys we r nt supporting varun BT sans…. Nd we r nt supporting varun or sans coz he is good looking we r supporting sans, d character… Nd today it’s proved y r v supporting him Nd y laksh dsnt dsrv swara…..

    I m again saying I m nt saying this to hurt anyone…. So pls ignore my cmnts if u dnt lyk…!!!!!! It’s a request ………

  39. Sandy

    I used to like the concept of the story which involved swaragini uniting their parents but now it has become crapp totally crap. This serial is giving a wrong message to the society. If a girl who is like ragini being too traditional and innocent then no guy is ready to marry and accept her. She can even fall low to get her love back but if you are like swara being so modern then everyone forms a queue behind her..
    I this the writers of this show doesn’t care about relationships and so they are making this crap.. Marriage is a divine relationship.Jo hagaya so hogaya. Ab swasan and raglak pairs hai. This swara doesn’t value the relation that is the reason she wants to get divorced from sanskar because she doesn’t want to be with him. Ragini fall low such that she wants to prove that sanskar has tried to something bad which actually any girl can’t do and then laksh who wanted swara back in his life forgetting the fact that she is his bhabi..mein bhi maanti hu ki woh true lovers thy but now it cannot happen cause she is his brothers wife
    I don’t what writers have in their mind and if they are going to continue to make fun of relations like then I am sure that one day Uttara will marry either laksh or sanskar or adarsh saying EVERYTHING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR
    Sorry guys I become emotional after watching the episodes telecasted in April and may

  40. Ranim

    I m totaly canfuse what’s going on in this serial like ragini writers have also some mental problam ragini mak hil life of swara sanskar and creat again and again misunderstanding betwen swara and laksh like this writer’s write this non sence 4 making their serial super and 4 increas trps which is wrong and mak fun of all holy and dear relations i realy should want to khow if writers have same satuation in their own life then what they do? They do that which they show in their drama or do somthing other

  41. ash

    Honestly told , writer never expect swasan % like this. If his real story is different (unite swalak) now its impossible. Because of swasan audience. So he want to change his real story or screenplay. Now he dont want to unite swalak. So he gave some nonsense scenes or dialogues to luksh to satisfy swasan fans. Because every gap between swalak gives closer scenes to swasan. Their more fans will enjoy and give more marks. Then 80% goes to 90,92,99. That one % any ways like swalak. They know, the writer give all bad images to laksh to create sanskar is very good hero and erase past criminal incidents (who cares). Who knows,writer can unite raglak without changing the ragini character(evil). Swasan fans happily accecpt that too with long breath. If the writer wants to satisfy their audience, he will change laksh character as evil to match with ragini. Whatever happens, just don’t care. Want swasan. Yes , very very sad. True love always defeat anyways. Writer please come to 1% not to 99%. Today you go with majority. But later, if you want to end this serial come to this side.

  42. s

    again today laksh pointed out on her… he asking her to explain him.. what the hell… if he truly loves her he trusted her but not.. and he is suspecting sanskaar not ragini… how he forget ragini as her memory back and all….
    guys one morething all family dont no that her memory is back only swasan and laksh knows… so sujju told that she is not well and she is doing its clear that they dont no about memory back and thinking still she regain her memory back..so they blaming swara and trusting ragini.. but when they come to know that she gained her memory what they will do?? again they apolizes her??
    if at all utara kidnaps her because she come to know ragini want to kill sanskaar when family comes to know about ragini ‘s plan is this what the people will do?
    i hope swara reveals them that she got her memory back… but dont know about that.. happy ki sanskaar trusted her and he helps her to findout ragini…. as per swara said family to she will findout ragini…

  43. anu

    as per spoilers sanskaar asks for divorce but swara refuses to give divorce to him…
    ragini plot bomb in sanskaar car during diwali… uttara comes to know about it and kidnaps ragini.. ragini kidnapped utara is suspected….
    most probably car blast will happend according to spoilers… but accrdig to segmnt they are not showing blast sequence they are showing kidnapping sequence and all blame goes on swara……..
    is bomb blast happens or not?

    • Neha

      I am also waiting for the episode when sanskar will ask for divorce and swara will say no I hope its not a fake news and is going to happen in the show itself very soon bcoz enough of testing is done who is true lover and who is not so SWASAN ROCK THE TV SCREEN WITH YOUR CHEMISTRY

  44. aathira

    Lakshinu oru chance kodukkinnia ennathayirunnu prashnam…BT ippo oru chance koduthappo enthanu laksh cheythath…again questioned swara..,…veendum characterless aayi swaraye chithreekarivhu…laksh swaraye arhikunnilla…..sanskar aanu swaraye athmarthamayi snehikunnath….

  45. aathira

    The prob till nw was BT swara not giving a second chance to swara……in other side she gave sanskar a second chance……BT nw wat happened…wen sanskar got a second chance he changed positively…BT wen laksh was given a second chance he still did d same mistake…… Hw can anyone trust him nw……he is not trustworthy…. Sanskar deserves swara….

  46. jhanvi

    Yeah dear sans was wrong Nd bad in past Nd his deeds were bad…..BT actually laksh was good Na then y he did wrong …????? Sans did bad coz he was villain in past BT laksh was hero Na so y he did bad…????

    Sans did bad by separating them BT laksh did VERY bad by allowing him…..Nd sans did bad coz he was bad…., BT laksh was good Na then y he did bad….???????

    • Hi jhanvi,
      I read all your comments and you’re absolutely right, I agree with you. Some swalak fans thinks that us swasan fans wants swasan because of varun kapoor’s good looks. I am a swasan fan and it’s not because of I’m a fan of varun kapoor or his looks. I used to like swalak but the day when
      laksh believed that psyco ragini blindly and married her, this is when I started to hate laksh especially when he insulted swara and called her characterless. And now he again doubt’s swara, he tells her to answer the question. He still has trust issues and in my point of view he doesn’t deserves swara.

  47. nsb

    sanskar deserves swara..swara pls stop settling your sisters life..cant digest now..think abt sanskars feelings or leave the house n go pls..ragini has crossed all limits n needs to be taught a big lesson by father in law..or let both couples go ahead in their marriage n life..

  48. Taani

    hum jo bhi kahey kisi ko koi pharak nahi padega…..the show will continue as per the writers wish…….psycho ragini…..uspar bharosa karne wali usey bhi badi psycho familiy….aur swara pagal jisey sanskar ka aachayi dikhayi nahi deti….aur lakshya raginike part 2………sanskar is the only perfect one who brings justice to his character….sujata is living in some 1980s that she will not accept a bengali girl……pagalpan ke bhi ek hadh hota hai yaar…….

    • Ridz

      Hey Laura Hi. Where r u and Minnie. U guys must be heart broken. I know u wanted swalak . but dude they killed his character. Given his lack of trust can’t expect swalak. There was a time wen no matter how hard ragini tried lakshya trusted swara blindly but now they hv changed him . I was neutral but given the developments swasan s better.

  49. nik

    Guys if utara will b accused by swara fr kdnpng rag , would any one blv hr. N sanskar , to whom he will support , his sis or wife. N I doubt if this hppns it will create rift bt swara n sanskar.

  50. kirti

    Hi nik shuva n kiara yaar i totally agree wid 3 of u
    Atleadst ab toh swara ko realise ho gya na k ye rags puri tarah dhitth hai or aaj toh swasan ne mera dil hi jeet liya sans ka trust n swara ke slaps. it was amazng
    N one more thng
    SWASAN rocks
    SWASAN forever n ever

  51. nik

    Hi kirti , I think swara will not easily realize hr feelings fr sanskar , when another girl will enter in sanskars life then she will gt jealous n realize hr lv fr sanskar.

  52. acchu

    swara has shock of becoming mahan everytime,so she hided abt ragini.
    bt what i feel is dat ki ragini is far better dan swara atleast in her intentions.
    cz swara is playing wid both sanskaar & laksh.
    she can tell rit away to laksh dat she dont give a damn to him
    like she asking laksh to give a chance to ragini whom he doesnt like at all,she also can give chnce to sanskar.. but she didnt n she will not..cz for her givng bhashans r easy n when it comes to her she makes her own rules,,,,,,,,,,,
    chi i hate swara to d core.
    try to learn frm ragini to stay wid one word.

    am not at all supporting ragini..but i dnt like d attitude vch swara carries.

  53. Unite swasan. I am amazed to see sanskar. I mean he didn’t asked a que to swara. He fully trust her and laksh aGain doubting swara which is very bad. His love is not true cuz true love makes wid trust. He really don’t deserve swara as life partner. So Plz writers unite swasan plzzzzzzzzzzz. They r made for each other.

  54. Hi
    Kirti, nik, neha and everyone.
    How are you? I just can’t wait till Monday to come because I’m really looking forward to see swara slapping that psyco ragini.

  55. Shelly

    Cmmon ppl move on n let Swara also move on. How cud u all b so childish??? Its fiction. Be with charactrs only. In every serial writer changes d plot n here its d same just learn to ACCEPTTTTT…. Really. I mean if person wants to b gud (Sanskar) u wont let him be n if one is degrading day by day (Laksh) u dont even care. How cud u ask or even wish fr Swalak reunion. Swara is Laksh’s Bhabi now. Laksh can no more claim to love her. He can’t even trust her.
    Agreed with u Jhanvi.

  56. Mithu

    Now the story is proceeding in Swasan track but if swasan fans who are the majority stop watching then the writers who are already showing stupid twists and kidnapping may misunderstand falling trp’s reason as Swasan.So as somebody commented above, all Swasan fans should keep watching until our Swasan is united.So swasan fans though it may sound silly we should simply keep that channel on at 9.30,whether we watch or not.

  57. Mithu

    Aisha and Rosy,please use the green coloured filter for written update,ff will survive until it has readers,many ff writers are talented,writers should buy copy right and create scenes what they have written.Much better than the serial.

  58. khusbu

    I hate swara. Why is she trying to be so mahaan yaa! Same ghisi-piti mahaan bannewali story line. Which is not possible in real life at all.

  59. teenu

    margee alrdy done in hevan… if any one mary any girl den der is no qstion abt dey relatn.. dey have to love and dey hav to do role models to evry familyy.. dere is no devorc and remarring.. iam not intrsted dat… in dat ishveer family also did like dat only… how much tym dey did divorce drama… its too much for us…

  60. Swaragini-jodein rishton ke sur!so funny na.. Plss change the name, it doesn’t suits to the story!everyone agrees na?????nd well name gives importance to both but in story only swara gets all importance!

  61. niharika(neha)

    Today I saw the epi and I am amazed by sanskar character guys like when everyone was blaming each other or swara he was thinking that who is behind all this and by seeing I can say that ragini was quite upset by sanskar reactions and she became nervous also when sanskar said ki agar ye ghar aur pendant usne nahi kharida ye tickets laksh book nahi kiya to ye sab kisne kiya unlike laksh who has the ability of only blaming others I feel like what type of person he is he really doesn’t has any humour but yeah today also sanskar made me to say
    SANSKAR ROCKX( just for him)

  62. I watched swaragini today and you know what? I felt like killing that annoying sujata. She was believing that crap psyco ragini, how could she side with that psyco after what she did. And how can sujata forgot that swara saved sanskar from that ragini. And laksh what can I say about him, he says that he loves swara then why is he questioning her and wants answers. That guy has trust issues and he doesn’t deserves swara. He doesn’t deserves anyone. It was good to see sanskar was supporting swara while that annoying sujata was going on and on about swara. And finally swara realised that psyco ragini hasn’t changed yet.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.