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The Episode starts with Ragini telling Parineeta that family members will decide her punishment. Parineeta begs infront of her and gives Swara’s promise. She gets up and says Swara united me and Adarsh and asked me to give a chance to him. Ragini turns and says exactly. She says Swara had united you both and you have taken away her life from her. Parineeta says I accept that I have done a big mistake and says if you tell everything about me, then my relation will break. I never wanted to hurt anyone, and infact this is my life’s biggest mistake. I never wanted Swara’s death. She says you also did mistakes, lied, troubled everyone and married with betrayal. She says we all had forgiven you, and Swara also forgave you. She says when you got forgiveness, why can’t you forgive me. Ragini says you can’t

understand me, whatever I did, but I didn’t kill anyone, but you have killed my sister and taken her away from me. Parineeta acts and sits down on her feet begging not to tell truth to anyone. Ragini agrees to keep silent for Swara’s sake and says Adarsh will blame herself if he comes to know the truth. She says I will never forgive you, as you have snatched my sister from me. If you try to do this again, I will ruin your life and will snatch your everything. I will never forgive you. Ragini goes. Parineeta wipes her tears and thinks I can’t keep silent. I have to do something to Ragini as she might ruin my future, which is not good for me.

At Sahil’s house, Servant makes Swara sit. Swara says I want to call my mum and go to my house, Kolkata. Servant asks her to sit and bring tea. He says he will bring paratha. Sanskar drinks tea and recalls his moments with Swara…………Hasi Bangaye plays………………..He takes suit from cupboard and gets her jhumka which was fallen on floor. Sahil gives jhumka to Swara and says it was fallen in the corridor. Servant brings paratha. Swara talks in bengali. Sahil asks are you bengali? Swara nods. She says whose clothes is this, which I am wearing? She says I want to call home, as my mum and family must be worried. Just then he gets his mum’s call, and she says she is going directly to office as music foundation people are coming to fix the deal. Sahil is about to tell her about Swara, but she says she will meet him in office. Servant brings key chain of cars and asks him to pick the car keys. Sahil asks Swara to rest and says once she is fine, he will drop her home. Servant asks Swara to sit and goes to market.

Laksh asks Sanskar if he is all set. He says I will call Mrs. Sen Gupta and asks about the meeting. Sanskar says I will call. He calls on Sahil’s landline phone. Swara hears the bell and goes near the phone, she picks it and says hello. Sanskar says phone is busy. Swara actually picks Sahil’s mum call and says she is Swara. Mrs. Sengupta asks Driver to take a U turn and take her home.

Ragini gives medicine to Utara and asks her to eat. She gets Inspector’s call and tells that they have to open the case, and have pasted posters of Swara all over the city and thinking to publish news on TV and newspaper. Utara feels guity. Ragini says Swara is alive and will return soon. We shall pray that she is safe where ever she is. She hugs Utara and asks Swara to return home as nobody is happy without her.

Swara thinks Sahil forgot his phone at home, and thinks to keep it in his room. She goes to his room and sees musical instruments. She says you are Sahil….and smiles seeing guitar. She keeps his phone, plays guitar and sings song. Hasi bangaye plays………………it goes recorded in Sahil’s phone. Sanskar thinks about Swara and thinks about her words that they will be together always…..

Mrs. Sen gupta comes there and sees Swara singing song. Swara is shocked. Mrs. Sen gupta asks if you are Sahil’s fan. Swara says no. Mrs. Sengupta asks Swara to leave the house and asks how dare she to enter home. She throws her out of house and closes the door. Swara is shocked and tensed. Sahil comes home and asks Servant about his phone. Mrs. Sen gupta comes and tells him that she found a girl in his music room who was playing guitar, and argued with her. She handover his phone in his hands. Sahil sees the video which was recorded accidently. Mrs. Sen gupta says she is desperate girl, may be she is your fan. Sahil says no, and says she is Swara and tells about saving her life and the happenings there after. Sahil asks did Kesuda tell you? Mrs. Sen gupta says no. Sahil says I will go and bring her. Swara thinks to take taxi to home, and will give money after reaching there. Laksh and Sanskar are on the same road, and see Swara as she was crossing the road. Laksh stops his car. Sanskar is shocked.

Sanskar runs out of car and keeps hand on Swara’s shoulder. Swara turns. Sanskar is speechless.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. now sanskaar will be happy his swara is alivee but swara will be scared as she misunderstood him

  2. I love this swasan track…..nice episode…

  3. i cant control my laugh…ragini dailogue…i didnt kill any one…ha ha..what rubbish…she try to kill swara twice…kidnapped mom…and etc..etc..dont bring any comedy like this…this is the best joke ever…i dont understand her…some time she told…swara alive…and swara dead…any way…i hate that blo*dy ragini…she seperated swalak…she is selfish..she didnt respect anyone feeling..only her love and her wish…atlast..she get what she wanted…negetivity won in this serial

    1. I understand your hatred of Ragini..but don’t use such words for Ragini..i do agree with one thing u said….negativity did win here…and her dialogues…better not to talk about it..

      1. iam said true..only swalak fan have loss…u dont understand thier feelings…and ragini……she is doing so much…

      2. Excuse me?I won’t understand swalak fan’s feeling being a swalak fan?Now i’m a swasan fan…but i hate raglak only because for me Laksh goes with Swara only…..i can’t support negativity…and Raglak…their relation is based on dhoka…

  4. i am nt taking about tejaswi here,, about ragini… by giving this dialouges nobody will like ragini in tdy episode.. with pari she told her sis dead.. and with nanad she said sis alive… give one dialougue till nw only sanky believe swara alive nt ragini also.. and when she gave missing poster with sanskar.. only sanskar gave.. what dialouges you giving to her..
    what??? ragini didnt try to kill anyone?? writer ji aap kya hame bewakoof samajte hai kya? she showed swara from bridge and try to kill her in farmhouse.. , when she malkin she send goons to harm swasan and she did dhoke se swasan divorce and main thing she said sanskar try to molsten her.. is this not ragini did… hw can she say that “hamne kisi ki jaan nahi liye” is nt ragini… hw she frget her deeds.. and hw writer gave her this dialouges his writer have memory loss or ragini ml… she tells her sis dead next she is alive… sorry to say its really pissed off with ragini tdy.. not tejaswi.. im saying about rags dialouges..

    1. exactly…mee to think writter suffer from memmory loss

  5. Today’s ragini dialogues are funny, I am not able to understand what she is believing either swara is dead or alive.Moreover saying she never try to kill anyone is utter nonsense, when swara came back she was scared to hell because her sister is not dead and she will tell the truth. When laksh did an act of dieing she herself didn’t deny the fact her intention of killing swara, infact she accepted the fact. We know she changed now, but please don’t keep these kind of dialogues, if you can’t give her proper importance just learn from ff’s in this site based solely on ragini. But don’t make her substitute of swara or giving nonsense dialogues. Raglak are also leads along swasan give them good storyline not this ragini n pari drama, if not atleast give us proper raglak scenes.

  6. Really I too felt t same writers gve our ragini proper dialogues…. Itz stupid being ragini ‘s fans I too cant accept those dialogues….concentrate on raglak along wit swasan…make ragini sensible…

  7. yaar eagerly waiting for the union

  8. please dont bring swalak bcoz he loves her but doesnt believe her but sanskar did so many mistakes but he didnt want to kill her after realising his mistake he save her try to unite her with lak and also always with her.laksh and ragini are selfish once laksh rejects her and after knowing the truth he wants sanskars wife shamelessly he try to get her back. If he truly loves her then he try to get her but he loves kavya . Anyway with raginis mistake only swara got a lovable husband so its good title swaragini with ragini only swara enters into maheswari family. Yesterday episode we cant accept raginis words but their is difference b/w ragini &parineetha ragini try to kill swara to get her love but parineetha did to spoil swaras name but she also try ruined uttaras life whole families happiness .Now not only ragini but the whole marwadi family wants that bengali girl.

  9. Why always swara not ragini…??swara always suffer pain from her lover but rubbish ragini always living happily…in most of the serial lovers are joining but in swaragini lovers-swalak-didn’t joined..pls writers reunite swalak…am also laughed on ragini’s dialogue…

    1. mee to want swalak back…everythng done by ragini…and she live with him happily…i like swasan..but i watched this only for swalak..they make great pair…i think the old…charming cute lucky lost now…now he is like a dumb..and the swalak..tym thier cute fight and…cute moments…i really miss it…love u swalak…always ur my fvrt

  10. Waiting for monday ep

  11. Kim Ha Ra( 김 하라)

    Deffinelty weirded out by today episode. I’m a quiet fan but I had to say something about this b;’:,”* episode. What were those lines ragini said? The writters are trying to continue dragging this show but its going beyond absurdity. I GLADLY RECOMEND FEW COUNSELING FOR THE WRITERS AND DIRECTOR. Let’s get back to the real world shall we?
    Please NO MORE DRAGGING. Let Swara’s memories come back , clear the misunderstanding be cleared up and bring swansak together.
    LONG TV SHOWS DO NOT NECESSARILY MEAN GREAT SHOWS. Sick of seeing that evil always wins kn the indian shows and this one makes no exception. Sad, verry sad. Brings Indian culture to an weird point where drags it so low. It’s nt only about today episode but I mean overal drama. Keep fighting for your live swasan. Ragini character needs alot of review and corect the huge mistakes that have been made. I think everyone that watches/ reads updates sees how ragini character got so low and unthought. THANK YOU FOR THE FAST UPDATES HASAN.

    1. Kim Ha Ra( 김 하라)

      Sorry for misspeling. I meant: Let the misunderstandings be cleared up.* (kn-In)*– correct*.

      1. In which channel

  12. Swaragini is going to be dubbed in Tamil as gangs yamuna.

    1. In which channel?

  13. In which channel???????

  14. hey how come swara remembers her name and family but not sanskar???

    1. I agree with you

  15. How can be rangini have any right to bad mouth to parinitha .parinitha only became a part of conspiracy to humiliate swara she didn’t think to harm her only want to spoil her good image but the things rangini did till today how can be compare with that she even tries to kill her twice even though she is her sis.am not telling pari is right but telling that rangini has no right even though now she is changed

    1. Ya u r right thasliasi

  16. Waiting for love triangle…. btw swara sanskaar and sahil … it will be dun to watch this ….
    But after all I want swasan back ….

    1. I mean fun

  17. Guys !!
    Whom do u like more swara or ragini??

    1. ha ha tricky question….for me…i choose swara over ragini and swara. but i choose tejaswi over helly when it comes to beauty and acting….

      1. Agree wid u

    2. Ragini

  18. Swara always for me coz she’s a shining star.

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