Swaragini 20th June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Swara getting angry seeing Kissan playing bhajan on the recorder rather than singing. He apologizes and says he has tried to impress her. Swara says I can’t let you make joke of music and refuses to teach her music and also refuses to take part in IGT with him. Kissan says then I can’t fulfill my promise made to mum. Swara says you have already broken your promise and asks him to leave Baadi also. Kissan apologizes and says he will not do mistake again. Swara asks him to leave. Kissan asks for a second chance. Laksh asks Swara to give him a second chance and asks why you are behaving strictly with him. Sahil thinks why Laksh is supporting Kissan. Swara asks Kissan to leave. Kissan and Laksh look at each other sadly. Kissan leaves. Sahil and Maya say that they will leave.

Dadi says we will leave too. Parineeta says I will bring prasad. She sees Utara bringing prasad thaali and recalls adding poison in one of the laddoo. She asks Utara to give laddoo plate to her.

Utara says she will give and serves everyone shocking Parineeta. Everyone takes ladoos. Adarsh takes that poisoned laddoo. Parineeta makes him other laddoo with her hand before he could eat the poison laddoo, and says she made it for him. Adarsh smiles. Parineeta takes poison laddoo from his hands, goes near Ragini and says we shall make up again. She asks her to eat prasad. Ragini says I will eat later. Parineeta asks her to have it. Annapurna asks Ragini to eat it. Ragini eats it. Parineeta thinks this baby can’t come to this world now.

Later in night, Laksh asks Ragini about Swara. Ragini says Swara went to Baadi to get her stuff. Laksh says we can tell Swara about fake pregnancy. Ragini says no, and feels vomiting sensation because of poison effect. She vomits. Laksh shouts Ragini..and calls Doctor. Swara comes home and sees Kissan sleeping outside her house, and gets touched. Swara massages his hand and asks him to wake up. Swara apologizes and asks servant to help her take him inside. Doctor checks Ragini and says she is fine. Parineeta is shocked and then says it is good. Sujata asks if there is danger to baby. Doctor says Ragini and baby are both fine, and writes the prescription. Parineeta thinks how this is possible? that nurse said that Ragini’s baby will die. Ragini looks at Parineeta. Swara cares for Kissan as he has high fever.

Kissan apologizes even in sleep. Swara asks him to calm down. She says I am not angry with you, just be fine soon. She recalls Ragini asking her to stay with her in Maheshwari house. She thinks she can’t leave Kissan also. She messages Ragini that she can’t come today as Kissan is unwell. Kissan gets up. Swara scolds him for getting drenched in rain. Sahil peeps in the room. Kissan apologizes to Swara. Swara forgives him. Sahil thinks their friendship is getting strong and thinks to do something. Swara asks Kissan to have medicine and says she is going to Ragini’s house. Kissan gets up from bed and removes his wig. Sahil peeps in his room and is shocked to see Sanskar in Kissan’s look. He thinks my doubt is right, Sanskar is actually Kissan.

Inspector comes to Maheshwari house and tells that they came to arrest Swara for Sanskar’s murder. Sujata bursts her anger on Swara. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Jiya

    What the hell!!!???
    Scary precap

  2. week spoiler:
    ep 345: when swara find out that kisan was play-acting during the bhajans at the puja, she gets furious and asks kisan to leave. meanwhile parineeta manages to give the ragini abortion pills.
    ep 346: sahil comes to know that kisan is actually sanskar. will swara be the next to know?
    ep 347: sahil tells the whole family that kisan is actually sanskar. later swara leaves for the badi to have sahil prove his theory.
    ep 348: both ragini and parineeta come to know each other’s secret. which gives rise to a massive clash between them.
    ep 349: sahil plans to get ride of sanskar so that swara can be with him,. meanwhile, someone’s body is burnt.

  3. geting irked with pari drama if she is in rags plays and some body does to her same what will she do.. she cant become maa then hw can she kill by showing this cvs are not doing good.. hate cvs by showing this crap.. i think cv’s didnt geting hw to built possessive lover all creap things are showing hating sahil character more and pari also hating… please sahil ka drama end karo and turn pari positive she good in that and dont want shomi -ve why she becomes -ve? and swara ko jaldi memory wapas lao.. i didnt why people cvs are ending kisan track by showing reveals the truth before swara get her memory.. then whats the need of kisan entry in show he came disguise as to revive her memory befor that hw can he expose… hate cv’s please show some logic and end sahil track..

  4. Nice episode

  5. ragini looking good with her new hair style .i realy love raglak seens even if it for few seconds also
    i wounder y cvs cant show happy moments in the show as i know swaras ml track is going on so they cant show swasan lovely seens but they can show atleast some good raglak seens it was just my pov
    and that paris drama ireks me yaaaar offfffffff………
    waiting…….. .waiting for raglak seens…. love them so much……*^_^*

  6. Illogical i stopped watching this untill there come a proper raglak track most of taglakians decided it 25% raglak scenes only

  7. CVS r hell bent to destroy this serial
    where r those cosmic connection
    gd that m not watching it

  8. Well I’m new here.I like both swasan and raglak.now coming to the episode it was a good episode.one interesting thing is that the writer has made each and every character of the show villain except swara.(shomi is going to be a villain). Isn’t it funny.

  9. Think about it guys.

  10. Nice episode.

  11. Yes,u are right drizzle.but surely there should some strong reason for sumi otherwise it will also become bad

  12. i think cvs is showing swaras character in some -ve shade now to make others mahaan…today i loved swasan(kisswa) Scenes

  13. Super episode…
    Kissan swara scenes r super..
    Raglak scenes are also super….

  14. sanskar get exposed, leaving swara shattered in swaragini!!
    will swara be able to handle one more betrayal?
    the much awaited revealation track of sanskar urf kisan is finally here! sahil , who has been making several attempts to expose kisan’s real identity will finally succeed in his nefarious plan.
    color’s popular show swaragini is just getting more intresting with every passing episode! the much awaited moment when swara finally comes across the truth behind kisan and sanskar’s identity is finally here. this time kisan would not be able to camouflage his real identity and will get exposed infront of swara.
    so how will kisan get exposed?
    sahil, who has been making numerous attempt to spoil saskar’s game , will play his triumph card. he will reveal kisan’s identity on the main day i.e, the competition day. swara and kisan will be performing on the stage of india’s got talent. amid which, kisan’s wig will come out. this is exactly how sahil would have planned things to crap out. he would have purposely loosen the wig elastic before the performance, just to created rift on the stage.
    swara will be left heartbroken on learning sanskar truth. she will feel betrayed and ask sanskar to stay away from her.however, sanskar would forcefully lift swara and take her inside his car.
    will sanskar be able to prove his innocence?. will swara be able to understand sanskar’s intention? keep reading the space for more updates.

  15. my 2cent opinion:
    once swara got amnesia, she remember everything from premarriage only, and just person stay in her mind from her marriage, the one and only Mr Sanskar Maheswari, in hatred. i though writer will bring love-hate issue between swasan once more, as pertagline”either you love me or hate me, i’m on your mind “.so, swara will always thinking bout sanskar even in hatred mode on. it’s should be a big favor for sanskar, to gain swara’ love.
    remember when swara staring countinously to sanskar if they stand in a same room, in suspicious, couriousity and creepy feeling toward him, my goosh..it’s just awesome.
    i prefer to watch sanskar kinda play hide and seek to swara, pay attentions/ ignorance, love/hate game and let sahil/pariineeta’s evil plan become a cupid..

  16. but instead of this hate/love game, the writer bring this kissan thingy which is too much for me 1. for swara, kissan is stranger, it will ruin swara value as married woman.
    2.kissan entry will more ruin sanskar’s character on swara’s, once it’s exposed.
    or maybe it’s swara ‘s plan to expose sahil ‘s motive blaaahhh lol

    1. Hi.. I think the writers wanted to show the rab ne bana di jodi type of track…so technically…even if swara falls for kissan…swara when gets her memories back will realize how much sansku loves her and she will realize she cant choose a stranger over her husband..like in the movie anushka chooses the nerdy hubby…she will reject kissan…and phir competition mein she will realize ki sansku and kissan and one and the same…and we would get a swasan HEA…i really was looking forward to this track…but agar abhi kissan reveal ho gaya toh sab goes in pani….


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