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The Episode starts with Swara looking at mauli ring on her finger and recalls Sanskar making her wear it. She gets Sanskar’s call. He asks if she is upset about today’s incident. Swara jokes that she is upset that she is no more single. Sanskar says oh….Swara says she is happy with their engagement and says she will go on a shopping with Mum. Sanskar says he has already talked to Maa, and asks if she has blue dress. Swara asks why? Sanskar asks her to go and buy blue dress. Swara says no shop will be open. Sanskar asks her to come out of house from back door. Swara says what you are doing? She says there is no shop there also. She comes out and sees him standing at door. She is surprised. They continue talking on phone. Sanskar asks if your prince have come? Swara says may be his messenger have

come. Sanskar gives her gift.

Swara opens the box and finds blue color dress. Sanskar asks if she liked it. Swara says it is very beautiful, and asks why did you bring it. I would have wear any dress. Sanskar says I want to make every moment special. Swara asks why do you love me so much? Sanskar says he wants to love her very much and want people to remember them always. HE asks her to get ready at 8 am. She asks him to give message to her prince and kisses on his cheek. Sanskar says I will give message to your prince. He leaves. Urvashi happens to see them and is unhappy. Sanskar calls swara and says good night. He says I like your message. Swara kisses on his phone and says I love this mad fellow.

Next day, Sanskar and Swara are in the car……Huyi Huyi Main Shayerana Huyi…..plays while she looks at him. They spend some romantic moments. Sanskar takes her somwhere and says it is picnic for my princess. He says it is love before marriage, and you have to do all this after marriage. He serves her glasss of juice. They drink it. Sanskar asks her to get up and come with him. Swara asks what happened? Sanskar says I felt bad about one thing yesterday. Swara says you couldn’t give me good ring than this Mauli. You have proved that our relation is strong and nobody can separate us. She hugs him.

Sanskar says this time is very beautiful and hopes it stops there itself. He asks her to come. Swara asks something special. Sanskar says not special. He breaks the baloon. Swara sees ring. Sanskar says I got that same ring made for you. He makes her wear the ring and says you got engaged to me twice, forever. Now one can separate us, I love you. Swara says I love you too. He forwards his hand to hug her. Swara runs to hug him. Someone throw CD between them. Swara says kids are playing there, may be they have thrown it. Sanskar says kids are playing. Someone have thrown it intentionally. Urvashi is seen there. Sanskar looks at her while she hides.

Sanskar asks Swara if she has seen that woman? Swara says there was no one there. She says we shall celebrate our engagement with sandwiches. She says we shall have picnic and leave. She takes sandwiches out of box. They eat it. Swara asks Sanskar not to tell anyone. Sanskar says you couldn’t have get hurt. He throws the plate. Swara asks him to forget it and finish the sandwich. She recalls Urvashi and Ragini’s words. She says if that woman was Urvashi Maasi. Sanskar asks why do you think that it is Urvashi. Swara recalls her conversation with Sumi. She shares that she has doubt on Ragini and Urvashi. She asks him to do a favor. Sanskar asks what?

Later they meet Ragini. Ragini says you doubt on me that I brought that bat and made that ring missing. Swara says yes. Ragini says what means to me is my family and husband and not you. She says it is your karma as you have snatched someone’s first love. Sanskar tries to remind her about her doings. Swara says you have betrayed us so much that we can’t trust on you. Sanskar says I will drop you home.

Later Swara comes home. Shekhar gets Durga Prasad’s call. He says we have to go and match the kundlis. Urvashi says if their kundli’s doesn’t match then. Shekhar says their jodi is made by God and their kundli’s will match. Urvashi says we will get to know tomorrow. Sumi gives Swara’s kundli to Shekhar. Urvashi eyes it evilly. Swara sees her staring kundli. Later she talks to Sanskar and says may be Ragini haven’t done this, but Urvashi can do this. Sanskar says Urvashi isn’t happy with their relation. Swara apologizes to him and says she can’t think good and is mad. Sanskar asks her not to say anything wrong about her. Swara says I love you so much. Sanskar says I will give dakshina to Pandit ji and preponed our wedding. Swara says you are big mad than me. Sanskar says yes, I am……..

Ragini sings bhajan and comes to room holding the aarti. She calls Laksh and asks where is he? She pulls the blanket and gets some papers. She wonders what is this? She says Laksh has signed on Insurance papers, then what is this. Laksh comes and takes the papers. It falls on floor. Ragini asks what is this? Laksh gets tensed.

Sanskar and Swara fly the kite happily together. A woman tells that it is danger around them. Later thread/manja surrounds Swara’s neck and face suffocating her, and a lady is seen holding the thread roll.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. tq dears I saw now only

  2. swarasansker best Jodi on telivesion now… and soooo much spl also…u know what knw bady can use chapper but swaswn use kiya director n producers… really great…? fist time on television..swasan song was awesome men and coreygrphy really good …San white dress n swa red gown.. my favorite Jodi, I love them.both manlity wide and good understanding they both unconditional love to each other really really love it n enjoying… engiment ka dress pink looking very very cool both but second time use kiya dress bhata acha lagara swara Orange n swn lite green.. looking dam cute love u guys… Jeep rocking guys.. love u laksh…

  3. Uff same precap hw many days they will repeat

  4. the secret girl is kavita

  5. i really wish swasan and raglak forever….
    and also i wish swaragini shld join togthr to find who is the one behind all this…

  6. I think its kavi or mausi …
    Mausi for sure becz she thinks swara snatching ragini happiness ..
    It can’t be laksh he never kill swara nor harm her

  7. super episode loved it very much
    full of swasan

    swasan forever

  8. It’s kavitha for sure…. because no one wants to kill her… There is no need for anyone to kill her except kavitha… above all swara don’t have brain to spot the culprit at very first instance… We experienced sooo much of her stupidity…. If she doubts urvasi then definitely she is not the only one… also in the show they don’t want to show anyone as a good person except swara… so they will make kavitha as psycho now

  9. Intersing.waiting for next episode

  10. Loved swasan scenes I wish Laksh turn positive I also like raglak a lot and this urvashi is so annoying

  11. swaragini: sanskar tobe skeptical of kavita for swara’s sufferings.
    viewers are desperately looking forward to their favorite couple swara and sanskar are getting married, but there seem to many hurdles in the same color’s show swaragini.
    swasan are having the most romantic time and both are spending good amount of time with each other.
    ragini’s maasi is against swasan wedding and kavita too will be seen returning as villan for swasan.
    in the upcoming episodes sanskar will take swara for movie where swara will joke about going away from sanskar.
    he will get angry , will hold swara close and will ask her not to repeat those words.
    on the way to return sanskar will find a flower bunch in car,similar to the oneshe used to gift kavita.
    sanskar’s mind will become skeptical against kavita and he will connect bad omen things to kavita.
    let’s see if sanskar gets any proof against kavita.

  12. Koi sirf swasan scene upload karo yutube pe….ragini,urvashi drama chodke and also avoid raglak scene..hate that jodi….discusting

  13. O wow wat an epi it was n ya luvd deir convo regardng deir own madness n d picnic scene also
    Haaaye it was so romantic one even

  14. Please upload the full episode on you tube

  15. I think tat new woman is hired by lakshya. It might be lakshya s plan…. but all bad happening in house be it photos or anything else. Tat s urvashi maasi. She s doing naatak.

  16. Swara saves Ragini from committing suicide in Swaragini
    colors , Spoiler , Swaragini
    The upcoming episode will show that Swara and Sanskar are together and confesses their love for each other. But some bad omens occur doing their engagement and are sad about it. While Ragini and Lakshya are back again and are happy to be together.

    But Lakshya was just pretending to love Ragini to get his property back. Lakshya gets property back and betrays Ragini, Ragini is shattered knowing that. Ragini is upset that Lakshya just used her and doesn’t loves her. Ragini got heart broken and attempts to commit suicide.

    But Swara sees Ragini and stops her from doing suicide. Swara supports Ragini and the two sister’s are back again. Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes

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