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Dida asks Swara to get ready as a Marwadi bride. Swara is wearing saree. Dadi comes and helps her get ready. She warns her not to mess up with Ragini’s life, and hopes whatever Sanskar told is truth. Dida comes and asks Dadi what she is doing with her grand daughter. Dadi leaves. Dida hugs Swara. Dadi comes to Shekhar and tells him to make Durga Prasad understand. Ragini tells Shekhar that she has a doubt that Swara and Sanskar are not married and are just acting to fulfill their plan. Shekhar and Dadi looks on shockingly.

Sumi makes the arrangements for Swara’s bidaai. Sujata thinks the dish is fish. Sumi tells that it is just a sweet, and they are sending it with Swara. Sujata looks on. Ragini tells that it is not just that Swara eloped from home as she didn’t want to marry Laksh, but

she didn’t want to marry. She says she might have realized her mistake and want to snatch Laksh from me. She might be feeling as if she lost him. Shekhar says what about Sanskar? Ragini says Sanskar wants to take revenge from Durga Prasad. Sujata and Ram do some ritual with Sanskar and Swara.

Dadi tells Ragini that she is with her in this fight. Ragini says she will not accept defeat and will fight with them. She says she won’t let them win. Sumi asks the servant to keep the stuff in the car. Sanskar asks Sujata to come, as it is getting late. Sujata says she has no other way out. Swara hugs Dida and asks her to call her whenever needed. Sumi asks Swara to wait and goes to bring something. Shekhar comes and tells Swara that he didn’t expect this from her.

He says I was proud of you and wanted Ragini to be like you, but you have broken my dreams and everything. I don’t know how can anyone change completely. Sumi comes and says Swara has not changed, but it is your perception which has changed. You don’t want to see truth. Sumi asks Swara to come as her sasural people are waiting. Swara hugs her and promises to unite her with Shekhar after exposing Ragini.

Dadi gives money to Pandit ji and asks him to read mantras loudly. Dida also asks lady to play shank loudly. Ragini and Laksh leave with their family. Sumi wishes all the best to Swara and asks her to take care. She asks Sanskar to take care of her Shona. Sanskar promises never to leave Swara and says I will always be with her. Dida jokes to make them laugh. Sanskar and Swara take their blessings. Sumi and Dida goes inside. Sanskar asks what happened? Is she angry? Swara says it is a ritual. Sanskar helps Swara takes out the garland and says this marriage is fake, but we are doing this with a good intention. Swara thanks him. Sanskar thanks her for giving him a chance to rectify his mistake. Sujata asks them to come.

Once they reach home, Sanskar asks Sujata to do their grah pravesh. Durga Prasad tells that Sanskar is right and asks Sujata to make arrangements for Swara’s grah pravesh. Sujata puts the kalash and do their aarti angrily. She asks her to kick the kalash and enter home by stepping in the red water. She says barbadi has come in my house. Durga Prasad shouts Sujata and asks them to enter. Swara enters home with Sanskar. They take God’s blessings. Swara takes Durga Prasad’s blessings. He blesses her and hopes she walks on the right path. Annapurna asks her not to do any drama in her family. Ram and Sujata seem to be angry with her. Swara gets cold reaction from everyone. Ragini and Swara stare each other.

Ragini asks Swara to leave from home before she exposes her fake marriage truth. She tells you can’t snatch Laksh from me. Swara asks Ragini to talk with respect being her sanskari Devrani. In the night, Ragini keeps her mobile camera on in Swara and Sanskar’s room.

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  4. Latest update on this show is

    Ragini asks Swara can she break her marriage by this fake relation. Swara tells her that she has come to unite her parents and taken the help of this lie to bring out Ragini’s true face. They both challenge each other. The sisters have a unique musical singing competition in their Mu Dikhai rasam. The lovely sisters have became enemies now. They can do anything to fail each other. They are having Mu dikhai rasam and still there got a new war between them. It is not hidden that Ragini did this to get her love, but Swara did this marriage to unite her parents. This mu dikhai rasam is part of Swara’s efforts and she intentionally loses. Swara plays the guitar while Ragini plays the Veena. Ragini wins and gets glad. This is just the start of their fight and many things will happen in future.

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