Swaragini 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Parineeta to keep quiet. Parineeta says I am amazed, nobody is telling anything to Swara. Ragini asks Swara what happened? She says that bangles were not stolen? Right. Swara says she wanted to tell about it to Sanskar, but he was not listening to her. Durga Prasad asks what is the matter. Swara tells them that when she was returning from Simar’s house….and tells everything, how she gave bangles to goons so that she could save Chandramani. Sanskar asks Swara, why didn’t you tell me before. Swara says you didn’t listen to me. Sanskar says I told you that I was coming there to pick you, but you asked me to return. Swara says she had to do Simar’s work and she thought he will get upset.

Later Swara hugs Ragini and cries. Ragini tells Swara that Sanskar

might have got upset with her seeing bangles not in her hand. Laksh asks Sanskar to apologize to Swara. Sujata also asks him to apologize. Sanskar goes. Annapurna calls Parineeta. Sujata says what did you think that we will get angry at Swara when you instigates us. Annapurna says let it be and asks Parineeta to show some maturity and not to provoke them against any family member. Parineeta feels nobody cares for her and think Swara and Ragini as perfect bahu.

Sanskar comes to Swara’s room and asks her to listen to him once. Ragini opens the door and says Swara don’t want to talk to you right now. Sanskar asks Ragini to let him talk to Swara. Ragini goes. Sanskar says I know it is my fault, but I was really unaware of the truth. Swara asks him to leave and closes the door. She says she want to be alone for sometime. Sanskar stands outside the room and apologizes.

Laksh tells Ragini that Swara should forgive Sanskar. Ragini gets angry and tells him that Sanskar did a mistake and slapped her sister. She says he didn’t listen to her and slapped her. She gets angry at him. Laksh says okay, it is my mistake. Ragini says we have to end their fight. Laksh and Ragini come there. Ragini says I will help Sanskar now. Sanskar asks what I shall do? Laksh and Ragini sign each other smilingly. Later Swara dresses up well and wears jewellery and make up. Agar Tum Saath Ho plays…………………Utara asks Parineeta to give 25000 Rs for Coaching class fees. Parineeta says okay and gives money. Utara thanks her and says you are the best bhabhi in the world. She says I love you. Swara hears her and gets doubtful. She tells Utara that she needs to talk to her, but she says she needs to go and goes.

Laksh talks to Sanskar over phone. Ragini asks Swara to forgive Sanskar. Swara says I am upset as Sanskar over reacted without listening to me. She says he should have listened to me. Laksh tells Sanskar about Ragini and Swara’s conversation. Sanskar asks him to give call to Swara. Laksh gives call to Swara. Swara asks if you both are helping us to patch up. Swara takes call. Sanskar says did you miss me when you didn’t find me in room. Swara says no. Sanskar says ok, then it will be good if I leave from here. Just then they hear Sanskar having an accident and shouts.

Ragini asks Laksh if he knows where is Sanskar? Laksh asks them to come. Swara reaches the place and enquires with a shop keeper about accident victim. He says victim was taken to hospital. Just then Swara looks at Sanskar and runs to hug him. Tu Mere Pass song plays…………….Laksh and Ragini looks on happily. Swara hugs him cryingly. Sanskar says I am fine. Swara beats him. Laksh says they are again fighting. Ragini says it is a way of showing love and asks him to come. She says I love you. Laksh says I love you too. They leave. Sanskar tells her that he was desperate to talk to her. Swara hugs him.

Sanskar brings diamond bangles for Swara. He holds her hand romantically and sets up a romantic ambience.

Update Credit to: H Hasan



    wow what a quick.update just now i watch the episode came here n open telly updates i found it.otherwise episode was superb.cant wait for tomorrow.

  2. swas

    Wow….awesome episode…full swans and raglak….waiting for next episode…oh god so much excitement..

    • Sam KK Shukla

      Where is raglak scene swas ?? Okay anyways that small funny scene of raglak is good and cut 🙂
      BTW swasan also cute 🙂 🙂

  3. krishnai

    wow really superb… raglak scene was fantastic……….. swaragini scene amzing………. swasan scene cute………..

  4. anu

    in accident plan sanky also with raglak? is he also in accident plan? sanlak conversation super.. meri target and shooter.. raglak nice.. cute swasan scenes.. love and sad anger guilt all. helly nailed in tdy episode… agar thum satth ho bd.. sanky asked u miss me wen i was not in room. and she said no he says ok then accident hug. all are good. over all super episode…

  5. rubber

    what a disgusting show is this. really very bad please show something important for social
    or else stop this stupid meaningless serial..

  6. RagLak.ian

    So so so happy to c raglak.. BT I guess it’s gonna get bac tmrw.. Where they show only swasans night.. x(

  7. RagLak.ian

    Guys wt say shudnt d makers get something like laksh wants ragini to tell him I love u.. BT ragini shows nakhra.. N demands fr something special.. N only then will she confess her love

  8. neel

    Sujata s the best. Cvs plz don’t turn her negative. Last episode wn she said to patineeta tu pm kyun nahi ban jati desh ka bhala ho jaye… ghar ks baad mein dekhenge main sambhal loongi… I loved it. I saw the repeat telecast just for her. .n today also she was awesome.

  9. Dhrashti

    Today episode was balanced …….old lucky is back…
    i liked how swara explained the actual reason ….[helly looked so cute here ……] & sanskar ‘s response & care for her ..superb.I liked how swara didn’t allow sanskar in room ? &then Agar tum sath hooooo…I think all swasan fan may remember old episode …..best .I liked it how much swara missed sanskar !!!!!& sanlak conversation ……….perfect ?

    & then accident scene …… Helly nailed that scene ………she’s really amazing here ….she ‘s best specially in emotional scene ……..I liked swara’s concern & care for sanskar & when swara saw sanskar ..,she run & hugged him ….I liked this scene so much…………even raglak were best.

    today’s episode was best ……..

  10. todays epi was superb…lvd it totally…nd ma cute helly nailed it today…swasan scenea r adorable nd cute raglak scenes overall tdys epi ws amazing…waitng for tmrrw epi…pls dnt edit swasan scenes in dis time….i m so happy aftr watchng todays epi…his guilt her anger her care his desperatn to talk with her d hug overall dey just nailed it today nd raglak also….so happy ki tum saat ho sng is back….omg omg omg i cant blv dis hppns in swaragini…pls dnt brng any dramas after givng such an wndrful scenes…..nd one more thng swara ws angry with san nd she badly miss hin den why she wore such a hot sari tdy???is she alrdy knws abt d date??? bt my cute princess lookng damn cute nd beatiful in dat hot red sarii….man khush kar diya sr waalom ne aaj hope ki dey wont spoil it….waitng for tmmrws epi….love u swasan..u r d best

  11. Angel

    Awesome epi..Swasan raglak all r fab today..first time I lyk luxji..?today raglak scene ws soooo cute n helly superb acting..soo natural..swaras concern for sanky touched my heart.. Amazing both of dem..
    Omg precap..Romantic asanskari Swasan????these Guyz r beyond perfect.. Superbbbb Helly-Varun??

  12. Hi guys What’s up how are you all?? So you guys watched today’s epi. I didn’t watched it yet but read the update. By reading the update it seems like today’s epi was epic. Can’t wait till to watch today’s epi tomorrow. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

    • Angel

      Heyy Hii anjum..how r u dear??..Truly Swasan scenes was awesome..helly is fab actress yr she is so natural..wen swara ws explaining d Bangle wala incident soo cute..n her anger plus attitude..loved it..?
      You know poll conducted on Facebook..for
      Best actress on colors.. In dat poll Helly Won…n really wo best actress award deserve krti h..love u helly.. N Swasan too???

      • Hi there angel I’m fine thanks. What about you?? I still didn’t watched the epi yet but I will. I’m just waiting for it to come on colors tv. Wow so cute helly won the poll as best actress, I’m so happy for her. And yeah she does deserves it. Anyways I will comment later after watching swaragini. I just can’t wait till to watch it.

  13. i came here 2 help u jen. At 9:00 am ,11:30 am ,1:30 pm, 3:30 pm…. U can choose any of this slot 2 see the repeat of swaragini. bye have u a nice day.

  14. Honest opinion

    Loveddddd this epi!! Hope they keep positive things like this! Raglak, swasan, & swaragini need to stay united!!!!! Love love love it!!!!

  15. Shree

    Simply loved today’s episode.. Swasan scenes were just awesome.. Waiting for tmrws episode.. Only for Swasan…

  16. Anakha

    Episode was superb…loved it…today there was raglak scenes,swasan scenes,swaragini scenes, sanlak scenes and ragsanlak scenes…a balanced episode…


    Again full high drama for sawara and sanskar…. this is too much…. why always they both need this much high drama… and ragini also knows the truth of uttra, why only sawara ask to her, make ragini ask?? Atleast show will justify the same Sawaragini..
    Change show name to sawara…

    From today onwards i am quiting this show.. as writers will always make sawara impt… i like her but this is to much….

  18. liz

    Can somebody please give a written update of phone convo BTW sanlak.. I didn’t understand deir dialoges.. 🙁

  19. anu

    super sanlak conversation rather than swaragini… literally laughing while watching sanlak scene…..

  20. Writer today’s episode shud b so hot….. gV full episode of swasan romance! Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  21. Friend

    My God lovely episode…I was in top of the world seeing swasan patch up…last and sanskar conversation was soo cute….and raglak the last scene was awesome…..kind blowing waiting for today’s epi…

  22. RagLak.ian

    Hey guys.. I jst dead tht sharmishta is actually pregnant wid shekars baby.. N dadi is very unhappy abt d happening n is goinna try to kill d baby n shomi.. N I guess this twist wud b a treat fr all d swalak fans cuz.. Uttaras bf dosent like swaragini.. N is going to push swara off a cliff.. N swara wud suffer frm memory loss.. So am assuming (I might b wrong) tht swara wid go to d time where she liked laksh..

  23. Hi guys, Wow just watched the epi now and it was epic. Loved Swasan and raglak today. Loved swara’s acting, she nailed it. Swaragini looked beautiful, swara looked hot in red saree. Loved sanlak scene too. Wow at the end Swasan scene was epic, swara saw sanskar and she run towards him and hugged him it was epic guys. I was over the moon and happy. Sanskar is looking even more hot these days without clean shave. At the end I also liked raglak’s nok joks too, their scene was funny.

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