Swaragini … ( 2 love birds : SWALAK ) Episode 3


The ep begins in maheshwari mansion :

Laksh entered his house quietly and directly went towards his room , so that no one could know about his absence ..as laksh was about to open the door of his room .. “lucky ! again late ..” said a voice from behind , laksh turned behind and saw his brother sanskar (he was wearing a sweat shirt and trouser , with a file in his hand ) “oh bhai! Its u I got scared for a moment that maa caught me .” “laksh didn’t u told maa that u will be back b4 twelve , then y u came so late its 2 o clock … I will tell maa about it .. I don’t knw y I alwys take ur side ..” “because u r my brother and u love me a lot .. plx bhai don’t tell maa I beg u … plx plx .” and he made a cute puppy face to convince sanskar . “ k k lucky stop this drama …”

laksh huged him and went to the room … sanskar followed him inside and closed the door … lucky went to change his suit and sanskar sat on bed reviewing the file in his hand … laksh came out frm the washroom and sat on the bed lost in his thoughts about the party and strange incidents with swara …. Sanskar saw him lost somewhere and asked “lucky how was the party .. how many gfs did u made ..” lucky: “ none ..” sanskar got surprised and laughed and said : “ lucky r u ok .. I think u have a fever .. I will call maa ..” “BHAI ! stop it im ok !” sanskar realized that lucky was lost somewhere else so he asked : “ who is that girl u r thinking about .” “swara ..” lucky realized wht he said and corrected : “ I mean no one .. im feeling sleepy bye ..” “oooo… lucky loves some one finally .” teased sanky .. “love duh .. love and lucky r two opposite things .. they cant be one ..” “lol! Whtever u say u love her … wht was her name .. swara yeah … lucky luvs swara lucky luvs swara …” “bhai stop it I hate her we both r the worst enemies ever she will never be mine …. And if I confess that I love her she will never love me so there is no swara and laksh love story .” “lucky every girl has a heart and when u win this heart the girl whosoever she is whether ur enemy or ur frnd she is urs … u just have to prove ur self ..” laksh thought about sankys words and turned to other side of bed …. Sanky closed the lights and went to his room ..

Gadodia mansion :

Swara is in her room thinking about the incidents she couldn’t understand wht happened at the party .. y do always laksh is with him … y do they can never separate … In someway or other they are always together …she wasn’t sleepy and so went to her balcony thinking about the party …. She felt like sharing her experience to someone so she went to the room next to her and knocked … a sweet girl came out … it was ragini she was wearing a shalwar suit … “swara wht r u doing here right now … r u ok .” swra without saying anything came inside the room and locked the door … she went and sat on raginis bed .. ragini came and sat beside her … “ shona ! wht happened tell me u look tense …” swara first hesitated but then narrated everything that happened at the party … ragini remained silent while listening and swara was done she laughed … swara got angry on her and said how can she be happy with it ..

ragini : “ shona darling … y r u tensed it isn’t a big issue ..” “but ragini y does it always has to be laksh cant it be someone else .. I hate him so much .. but he is always with me .” ragini : “ laksh maheshwari right … ur music partner ..” swara : ‘ see he is my music partner also .. y cant it be any other person ..” rag : “ swra ur so silly , stop racing ur mind on this silly thought … by the way u both look cute together … I saw u guys playing at the concert and even in the play …” swara : ‘ plx ragini we cant be together we r 2 diferent personalities …” “yeah yeah I know .. swara never falls for anyone , but boys fall for her … I know this line from many years … but one day when u will fall in love u will definitely realize about love ..” “ragini I came to talk to u , so tht u could help me out , but u pushed me into more confusion …” said swara in a sad tone … she stood up and left for her room ..

Its morning , at the college :

Swara entered the college pretty nd gorgeous as always she didn’t made any eye contact with her friends or anyone … she just went directly to the libraray as this was the only place which was free of people , maybe no onne in her college was interested in books … she went to a nearby book shelf and was looking at the collection of books … though she was very modern and naughty person she loved books …. She was looking for a book that suddenly mistakenly one of the book fell from the shelf … she picked it up … the moment she was about to keep the book on place she saw lucky sitting on a table busy reading a book she wondered if a guy like him can have relation with books … she stared him through the shelf .. but then she realized about her situation and looked away .. she picked a book and went to sit on the table …. She was reading book suddenly her eyes fell on laksh who was staring at her , but turned away when she looked at him …

Laksh to himself … ‘ r u craxy lucky y r u looking at her just mind ur own business …. She doesn’t mean anything to u … but lucky how can I ignore her .. she is so pretty and though she is hard frm outside but u know tht she is very soft and kindhearted from inside ….’ Lucky just stared at her and smiled ..
Swara saw him smiling and felt awkward … she couldn’t control herself infront of him anymore .. b4 standing up she looked at luck he wasn’t there … she stood up and crashed with sum 1 she fell but a strong body held her in his arms .. when she looked at he person he was laksh … he was looking deep into her eyes finding a single reason for not to love her …. They both had an eye lock their eyes were starring deep into each other …… ( bg music playing o re piya …) …. THE end

Precap : laksh and swaras frndshp

Credit to: nahal

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