Swaragini … ( 2 love birds : SWALAK ) Episode 2


The ep starts in gadodia mansion :

“maa ! im dying help me “ cried swara . “wht happened shona , im coming darling “ said sumi climbing the steps hurriedly with fear on her face .As she entered swara’s room she saw her sitting infront of her wardrobe looking at her dresses . “maa ! pl help me I cant figure out wht to wear plx help me …” “swara ! r u mad u scared me to death nd now ur saying tht help u in this silly matter .” “mom. Its not less then dying . I have party in 6 hrs and I haven’t decided wht to wear … when will I get ready and all .” sumi laughed and said “ go for anything dear u look pretty always .” “aww mom ur the best .” “I know no need to mention it.” Both of them laughed .

College party :

Swara entered the hall and diverted everyones attention to herself .. she was wearing a black strapless gown which was front open and showed her legs when she walked . she had put on a red lipstick and had made a messy bun .. she was looking hot . “swara ur looking awsum .” “I know dear , im always awsum …” and she winked her friend … just then laksh enterd the party .. he was also wearing black shirt and slim jeans with a grey coat .. and black loafers .. he was looking great as always … “swara did u guys preplanned ur dress code …” “ stop it man ! I hate him and plx never talk about him infront of me , it just spoils my mood .” swara and her frnds were looking around the hall .. they stopped by a kissing booth .(in this game two unknown people kiss eachother .. u never know who will u face ) “swara , Miss daring … I challenge u to give ur name in this booth .” “what r u craxy ! I have nevr kissed anyone , and wht do u think swara can kiss any randome guy .. huh .” “lol ! this says u don’t wanna accept my challenge .. u loose .” “swara never looses . I will take part . u just see ..” swara goes and gives her name as well as at the same time laksh also gives his name as a challenge from his frnds ..

So swra and lucky r waithing in the que , they cant see each other as there was a curtain between boys and girls so that they cannot see each other .. swara’s turn was fourth whike lucky was third .. time flew and it was luckys turn he sat on his place … the girl b4 swara withdrawed her name at the end moment as she got scared to face a guy .. so it was our swalak sitting on their places .. finally the curtain in the booth was removed and they could see eachother … “ YOU !” they said in unison … “WTF !” again In unison .. “urrgh !” said swra .. the instructor said “ u have one minute , don’t waste ur time fighting , common two popular people infront of eachother , and yeah the outsiders i.e. ur frnds can see u” . and he winked and left … they looked at their frnds who were telling them through their actions that we think u loose the challenge .. but they said through their eyes that I wont loose to their respective frnds .. and they looked at each other … they helplessly stood up to kiss ..

lucky held swra’s waist and brought her closer to him .. she closed her eyes and he cupped her face as their lips were coming closer their heart beat was going faster … finally they kissed each other .. swara placed her hands on his head playing with his hair and going more closer … lucky tightened his grip on her and they shared their first kiss with each other . they were kissing so passionately that their frnds had their hands over their mouths looking in astonishment …. Both of them forgot their enmity and were enjoying the golden moment …. Finally they break apart and were out of breath , they were still in each other arms , close to each other and breathing heavily , they looked into each others eyes and were just swallowing the fact that they just kissed …. Both of them then separated feeling more and more awkward as they got out of booth and facing their frnds … b4 reaching their frnds they looked at eachother and looked away immediately … swalak’s frnds were teasing them , but also appreciated them that they were truly daring to kiss their enemy …

Swara was feeling a bit shaken by the experience so she went out for a fresh air … laksh was also sitting outside in the garden lost in his thoughts … both of them were sitting opposite to each other so they didn’t saw each other … in the party hall their head miss announced that she is looking for the princw and princess of tonight ‘s party so be prepared she also said that she will announce the result at exact twelve … every person was exited about this but our laksh and swara were unware of it as they were outside lost in their thoughts ….. swalaks frnds called both of them and asked them that where were they … swalak in unison said “ im coming.” They recognized each other voice and turned … they were shocked to see each other but the remained silent and looked away …. They entered the party together …. ( not together but like first swra and then laksh with a difference of just 2 sec. ) .The teacher saw them coming together and praised their looks , she had found her princess and prince …

It was twelve and the teacher came to stage and said “ students I have found our best couple …” each of the student was curious to know the name of the lucky ones “ and its none other than …. Swara gadodia and laksh maheshwari .” every one was amaed to know the names … even swalak were surprised …. Then suddenly spotlights fell on them prominenting their surprised faces … theacher called them to stage and placed crown on their heads …. Music started and they were told to dance the teacher pushed them close to eachother …. They looked at each other and did a slow romantic dance on “main hoon hero tera ….” … they were looking at each other and thinking what impossible things destiny made them do in just few hours …. They were dancing quite well and the audience was admiring their chemistry that they r made for each other …. When they ended the hall echoed with clapping and hooting sounds …..

Precap : laksh to have some feeling for swara , ragsan entry …….

Guys do tell me how was it plx plx . should I continue ..

Credit to: nahal

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  1. Thank god for ragsan.mujhe laga tha Ki o apke ff me h hi nhi

    1. hahaha …. they were one of the main characters …

  2. Wowww ragsan entry awesome

    1. thanku hayathi for liking it … dont worry we will also have ragsan love story ….

  3. Soooooo good…..hey ragsan entry………ad swalak scenes were awesome………

  4. waiting for ragsan

    1. hold on to ur hearts and keep reading my ff … its a pleasure for me …. thnku all

  5. nahal it is amazing….plz update soon am waiting eagerly

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  7. Awesome ff swalak scene is really awesome waiting for ragsan entry plz update next part soon

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