swaragini-2 (ff) (promo)

Hello i am new . Love swaragini so thought to write a ff on it . Here is my first ff . Please read it

Swaragini are shown with sanlak keeping their hand in hand . Saying this is a start of new story .

Two girls ware shown singing a melodious prayer in front of lord Krishna picture.

Just then sanskar came wearing black suit and specs and says shoru.. then one girl turn and it is swara . She goes near sanskar and says good morning
. He said good morning dear.

Then laksh also wearing specs came and says ginu where is my prasad then the girl turn and it is ragini ( playing kanchi singh) she goes near him and says this is your prasad .

Both swaragini smiles .

I will send next part very soon . If you like it then thanks
? And if not then i will not write another one .

Well thanks for reading it

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  1. No tejaswiiiii then I won’t read it IAM sorry….All the very best….

  2. Srusti

    Nice dear u can continue it but a small request to u make teju as ragini as per in serial bcoz there r so many fans r there for teju they imagine only teju in ragini role opposite namish so make teju as ragini only sorry dear if my words hurt u it was my opinion for what raglak fans think about their raglak pair

  3. nice..continue soon..

  4. Yashu24

    Am sorry if it is not interesting . Am sending the next part kindly read it . Am if it is all not good then it’s ok.

  5. Yashu24

    Also not *

  6. Sindhura

    Ginu is kanchi
    Where is teju

  7. Yashu24

    Heyy I have tejaswi in my ff

    Please read next parts

  8. My tenure should be ragini…. Waiting for her in ff plzzzz don’t make her guest role..Is she opposite to nami…If not IAM crying..Sry if I hurt you

  9. Thanapriya selvakumar

    Pls make ragini as teju??

  10. Yashu24

    Read my next part to find out . And thanks for comments?

  11. IQRA222

    awesome and pls make ragini charcter played by teju

  12. Yashu24

    IQRA222 you will understand it if you read all parts? well thanks dear ?

  13. Anu

    amazingg!! nd i loved that kanchi singh is playing raguu role! continue! will all 6 epi soon!

  14. A.xx

    nice xx

  15. Good one

  16. Yashu24

    Thanks tani and A.xx and anu

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