swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 9)


So the episode starts with swaragini and sparsh going to the concert .

Sparsh : so here we are ..
Swara: wawooo chiku but I forgot to ask you the main thing ,. Whose concert is this ?

Ginu:ohh yaa nice question .

Sparsh: Surprise.. … This is the concert of those whom I know from childhood .

Swaragini: What who is that singer whom you know from childhood .

Sparsh smiles

Sparsh take them inside from back door.

Shoru: why you took us here from back door , don’t you have pass ?

Sparsh smiles .

Ginu: why are you smiling so much today

Sparsh: come with me

Both follw him

Sparsh: so here are these two singers . I told you about them

Sparsh winks

Swaragini shocks , sparsh rocks

Manager: yes sir Hello swara mam , hello ragini mam .

Swaragini: hello

Manager: so are you ready?

Swara: am sorry we are not singing .

Manager: what… Mam don’t say like this . Mam all people came now . Mam please agree .

Swara: okk okkk me will sing

Manager: thanks mam
(He leaves)

Swara: what is this sparsh

Ragini: yes bhai we are not prepared .

Sparsh: that’s your problem not mine. And I know that you both are very nice singers . You don’t need any preparation .
(He leaves without listening a single word)

After some time the concert starts it was in a open field .

Swaragini comes on stage all cheer them


Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tu yun jaan meri
Jaan meri…
Jaan meri…


Mere dil ne chun liayaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saha
Jeena mera… hoye
Khun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera
Main karoon intezaar tera
Tu dil tu yun jaan meri

Jaan meri…
Jaan meri…
( Sparsh silently went from there with a girl)


Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee

Ve changa naio keeta beeba
Ve changa naio keeta beeba
Dil mera thod ke
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachhtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jood ke

Suddenly rain starts all went from there under a porch.

Precap: swara’s rain dance

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