swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 8)

The episode starts with swara’s shocked face

Ginu : di let’s. Go home

Swara nodes

After some time they leave

At mm

Sanskar: lucky everything will be fine . Shoru said theycan reach here at any time.

Sparsh : chachu please don’t make sad face when my ginu come .

Sanskar: yes lucky ,. She is our ginu from heart . No matter how her face is . Now smile .

Laksh smile. A little.

Then they heard car horn and goes there .

Swara steps down the car then ginu .

Ginu turned to there side all became shocked seeing her .

Laksh : ragini….

Swara: chachu she is our ginu..

Sanskar: ginu… You..

Ginu: yes papa I am your ginu I replaced my face with maa’s .

Lucky hug her.

Lucky : doll..

Ginu: papa now you’ll not miss ma na . As now I am also looking like ma as shoru di look like mossi .

Lucky nodes .

Sparsh: Oh ho no rona dhona now tell me who is coming with me to music concert .

Nobody uttered a single word .

Sparsh:ok I will go alone (he was walking)

Then he found someone is twisting his both. Ear


When he turned both swaragini were twisting his ears.
Ginu:who is going alone .
Sparsh:no one
Swara: but I heard that someone is going alone .

Sparsh:no di I am not going alone I am going with two beauties with my swaragini .

All smiles .

Sanskar: you all go I and lucky have some office work .

Sparsh: okk papa

After some time sparsh is shown talking with someone on phone .

Sparsh : plan successful I will meet you there .

Swara hear all this ..

Swara: sparsh ….which plan

Sparsh: wo to make ginu happy … Yes..

Swara smiles and says come fast we are getting late .
Shoru leaves

Sparsh : uf…… God you saved me ..

Then he leaves

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