swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 7)

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So the episode starts with sanskar and laksh they were confused and afraid and continuously thinking what would happen to ginu.

Here swara was afraid and ragini is unconscious.

The boy( ravi dubey) took them to hospital.

Doctor admitted ragini.
Doctor: mam we need to do plastic surgery
Her face is completely damaged.

Swara was shocked listening to this.

Doctor: mam please deposit the amount and fill some formalities , so we can start surgery.

Swara nodes sadly.

After some time swara was filling some formalities then someone tapped her shoulder she turned and found the boy who took them to hospital.

Person: miss please have this coffee .

Swara : no thanks well thank you mr…

Person : sidharth purohit

Swara: thanks sidhart you helped me so much you found my sister first going down the cliff and then you are here .

Sid: it’s okk miss… Everything will be fine soon ..

Swara : swara maheswari ..

Sid: nice name
( Then he received a phone call).

Opposite side: hey bhai where are you.
Sid: ya I am coming

He cut the call.

Sid: swara I have to leave my brother called he is waiting for me on airport.

Swara: yes sure . (Smiles a little)

Sid leaves.

After some hours .

Doctor: mam our surgery is complete you can see her after a week .

Swara: ok doc can i meet her.

Doctor: yes sure

Swara goes to that room and found ginu lying on the bed . Her face was covered. With bandages.

Swara: ginu doll why always this happens with you. Whole life you blame yourself that on your birth our whole family died and now ( she started crying miserably )

Then she received a. Call from sanskar

Sanskar: shoru ,. Is ginu fine

Swara: papa ( while crying narrates whole incident)

Sanskar : what…..
Before he completes his words laksh snatch the phone from his hands.

Laksh : shoru we are coming there ..

Swara: no chachu ginu is in shock after that incident please try to understand . She needs some time to settle after all she loses her face her .

Laksh : but shoru..

Swara: chachu please

Laksh : ok fine ,. Take care of yourself and hers.

Swara cuts the call.
After a week

Doctor : miss swara now you can see miss ragini .

Doctor remove the bangages

Swara was shocked: ragini mossi ……

Ginu: swara di I am ginu

Swara : you ..

Ginu : I replaced my face with maa’s face . I always thought that you look like swara mossi I also want to look like maa

Swara was shocked

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