swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 6)

Hello everyone

Story starts when swaragini reach to tent .

Shoru: ginu papa called you , call him and talk.
Ginu:ok di
Ginu was trying to call but there’s network problem .

Ginu: di here is network problem I am going out maybe I’ll find network .

Shoru: ok

Ginu was wandering here and there to search network.
She reached to the cliff in search of net

Ginu: ohh yes here is network

Sanskar and lucky: happy birthday ginu

Ginu: thank u bade Papa and papa .

Sanskar: what’s goings-on , chiku told me about their surprise .

Ginu: yeah bade Papa,. They gave mea nice surprise .

(While talking she was going back )

Shoru also came there to search ginu .

Ginu was moving back andback and suddenly she slipped and falk fro m the cliff .

Ginu : ahhhhhhhh
Sanskar and laksh from phone:ragini……what happens hello. ..

Shoru saw all this she ran towards her : ragini…..

Some students came there .

One boy ( ravi dubey ) went down the hill from another way . And found a girl whose face was damaged fully . He carry her went up .

Shoru find her as ginu as she was wearing the same dress .

They took her to hospital .

Precap : swaragini back to mm and all got shock

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  1. AahanaReddy

    i guess plastic surgery will be done to ginu and she becomes tejaswi. am i right? and ha episode is nice

  2. Shrilatha

    Finally teju I guess

  3. Anu

    awesomeeee dr

  4. Yashu24

    AahanaReddy?u guessed right . Thanks to all

  5. Nice twist and all the very best to your exams

  6. It is teju?

  7. tëìtō kUn

    Finally ginu will be teja….
    Thank You soo much…

  8. Yashu24

    Thanks nikky ,tëìtō kun ,moly and a

    1. Welcome

  9. ShivanyaSharma

    amazing so now i think by mistake ginu will be replaced by some other girl who is playing teja and she is wearing same clothes as ginu by the i m terrible in thinking so don’t mind

  10. Yashu24

    No shivanya dear she is ginu only

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