swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 5)

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So here is the next part

Next morning , ginu was sleeping peacefully in her tent as they came for college trip .

Then two persons came there and first person whispered in next ear: lift her and come where I told you .

The person nodes and lifted her and place her in a car drove off .

It is 8 a.m and ginu is sleeping peacefully then her sleep got disturb by the sun rays . She wake up and look here and there and found herself on a bed in the middle of a pool.

The pool was decorated with lamps on which happy birthday was written. She smiles seeing and and at the next moment became shock by thinking how she came here .

She get up from the bed and when she place her feet on the pavement which was in the middle ofthe pool. Happy birthday song played and flowers shower on her she was amazed to see that .

She was standing there with amazed but happy face .
Then someone screamed in her ear “happy birthday “she turned and found sparsh ( ranveer from veer ki ardas veera) and shoru .

Ginu : ohh my god di -bhai you guys are too much . Well thank you .

Sparsh : my doll how was our surprise .

Ginu: superb well when you came from London.

Sparsh:today at 4 am and at 5am we both kidnapped you

Shoru: i instruct him to kidnap you write chikoo

Sparsh: yup di

(Swara is elder than sparsh as she born 10 min before)

Ginu: I have the world’s best di and bhai ( she hugged them)

But suddenly she get teary eyes
Shoru:what happen ginu

Ginu: today is that day when our family died 20 years ago .

Sparsh: no doll don’t cry today is your birthday if you will cry then our family will be not happy .

Smile please

Ginu smiles a little .

Shoru : no let’s go to our tents and chiku you go home will meet you after two days

They went to tents and sparsh leave for mm.

Precap: boom

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