swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 4)

Hello everyone ,! I got your comments

The flashback ends . Both have teary eyes remembering their past.

Sanskar: we lost our whole family that day but get our ginu . I love her as her mother,,?

Laksh:yes bhai shoru is also my daughter .
Sanskar:. Do you remember lucky when they were small . Shoru filled your name in mother’s name and ginu filled my name??

Sanskar : ginu is like her swara mossi bubbly , naughty. Love to play guitar.

Laksh: and shoru is like ragini shy, traditional and plays sitar.

Sanskar:. Oh I forgot to tell you our hero sparsh is coming back from London .

Laksh : thats nice ,we will not feel alone as both girls are at picnic.

Sanskar nodes with a smile.

Precap: ginu birthday party and sparsh arrival

Please comment and tell me am I writing good or not .

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  1. AngelTara

    The episode is quite good❤❤
    But tooooo short..

  2. its nice but please tejaswi dear. u introduced kanchi right. i am ok with it too but if it is tejaswi i will be ver very happy. who is sparsh’s role

  3. awesome

  4. Episode is nice
    If you planning to make teja has rocking entry and if she have any hero for her in this ff means lakshlalwani or parthsamrath as her hero its just a suggestion not compulsary choice is yours. Sorry if you dont like it.
    Some where iam thinking you are planning her opposit to sparsh. I might be wrong also.
    This is your ff final decision yours.
    And sorry once again if i have hurted in my previous comment or in this comment

  5. Yashu24

    No dear you are getting confused sparsh is shoru and ginu’s brother . I told you na that shoru and sparsh are twins

    1. But ginu not teja na ginu is kanchi know as you said. So how come teja cant be pair to sparsh, so how come teja become sparsh sister . if teja is there in ff.

  6. Hey Mickey I leave my suggestion in previous part please take look…

  7. Yashu24

    Thanks a ,a and angeltara and

  8. Yashu24

    Yes folly brave i saw that thanks

  9. Yashu24

    AahanaReddy read my previous parts then you will be cleared .

  10. Yashu24

    AahanaReddy read my previous parts then you will be cleared about the story well i told that he is shoru and ginu’s bro

  11. nice superb

  12. IQRA222


  13. Yashu24

    Thank you my dear friends

  14. Simi

    Good one

  15. Yashu24

    Thanks simi dear?

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