swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 3)

So the story starts with sanlak conversation .

Laksh : bhai our whole world change in these 20 years .

Sanskar nodes sadly and says: from that day when nikhil and mansi got arrested . Our lives become happy again . We clicked our family photos .

We all are living a happy life swara gives birth to a baby girl and a boy they were twins .

We didn’t gave them name yet .

Then ragini gave birth to a baby girl . Our family was very happy on that day we were waiting to meet the baby in hospital but…….(a tear drop fall from his eyes)

###### Flashback #######

All maheswari family was waiting to meet the baby but suddenly they heard gun firing sounds … Blasts were going on everywhere .

All doctors and patients were running here and there .

Some terrorist attacked to that hospital .

Swara was near ragini . They also heard that firing sounds . Suddenly sanskar and laksh came injured.
Sanskar says run fast we have to run ….

Sanskar was running having both his twins in his arms .

Ragini was so weak to run swara and ragini were running having hand in hand .

Laksh had the baby in his arms .

When they turned they found all their family died .

But they can’t stop because of their babies .

one bullet released and shoot ragini .

Ragini fall down then next shoots swra . All terrorist ran from their .

Sanlak stop running and goes near swaragini . They were crying badly seeing them babies also start crying . Swaragini were lying on the floor . They took their babies in their embrace .

Swara: san..sk..ar what will ..we name our babies ?.

San: you said na if a girl will born ragini will name her.

Ragini: sw..ara we.. will name your daughter “swara”

San:but it is her mother name .

Swara : so what sans..kar. i am dying . You can name her swa..ra . And you call her shoru with love .

San: nothing will happen to you . Don’t say like this .

Swara: we will name our son sparsh.

Ragini : and my daugh..ter’s name?

Swara: without ragini swara is incomplete . We will name her ragini .

Andcall her ginu .

Ragini : i love you laksh .
Laksh: ragini….

Swara : love you sanskar

Both swaragini together: our daughters will start a new story . They are the next swaragini .

These are the last words of them .

Sanlak were crying badly

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  1. Yashu24

    Hope now you have no confusion ,?

  2. Yashu24

    Now suggest me to whom I will make sparsh

  3. Yashu24

    Thanks a?

  4. Right now only read ff it is nice , but i have a doubt when you take swara’s daugther swara as hellyshah then y cant you take ragini’s daugther ragini as teja because most of viewers of swaragini love teja only not kanchi.
    You have taken just like that or any specific reason behind that or you like kanchi or you dont like teja.
    If you take teja as current ragini most of readers will like it, iam saying from ff readers and teja lovers point of view.
    Hence final decision is yours and sorry if i have hurt you.
    And all the best for your ff.

  5. Ranveer from ek veera serial as sparsh

  6. Hi iam a silent reader hope u like my choice sorry if i said wrong

  7. Srusti

    It was amazing well i don’t have any idea about who suits sparsh u can make it on ur own mickey

  8. Yashu24

    a. Don’t you think that if it will look strange that swara’s daughter look like swara and ragini’s daughter is like ragini

  9. Yashu24

    It’s nothing like I like kanchi I have a special reason to choose her . I love teju will give her a rockin entry . Just. Wait and read?

  10. Yashu24

    Perfect choice devi I will make him as sparsh if i don’t get any otger suggestions . And thank u sruti and devi ?

  11. Yashu24

    And tell me one more thing whom should i keep in the opposite of ginu and shoru here ginu is teju

  12. Yashu24

    Please tell me fast

  13. Mickey are you sure teju is there right?????Because swaragini suits only to heltej because your plot is so nice …So I wish to see teju it’s just my wish yaar sry if I hurt anyone

  14. For teju it’s Parth samthan and for Helly it’s Gautam Rode because I love them

  15. nice superb

  16. IQRA222


  17. Yashu24

    Thanks guys

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