swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 21)

Hey, friends there are just 4-5 parts left for this ff. Please read and comment me to encourage me . Please

So the story starts Sid calling shoru for asking there opinion. Actually Sid took swara’s number for this purpose.

Sid:- hello swara.
Swara:- hi Sid, actually I was about to call you.
Sid:- yeah speak..
Swara- papa agreed for sneha and sparsh’s marriage.

Sid:- wawooo swara and actually I also called you to inform that mumma Papa also agreed.

Swara:- wawooo that’s nice Sid . Ok
Sid:- ok bye

Swara:- wait wait… Sid can me and sparsh can meet you and sneha in the park in which we met.

To give some time to sparsh and sneha.

Sid:- ummm…ok I am free tomorrow . Yes we can . Ok come there at 5 p.m

Swara:- ok bye.
Sid -bye.

Swara cut the call and went to sparsh’s room for telling the whole conversation to him and also to tell sanlak about the agreement of sneha’s badi ma and bade Papa.

Ginu is standing in balcony . Thenshe received. A call.

Ginu:- yes hello .
Opp:- hey ragini I am Raj.
Ginu:- ohhh Raj hello.
Raj:- ragini my mom dad agreed for sneha and sparsh’s marriage.

Ginu:- your mom dad , do you have any relation with sneha.

Raj:- yaa ragini I am his brother , she is my cousin sister.

Ginu:- that’s great.

Raj:- Ragini can you please help me..
Ginu:- yeah sure , how can I help you .

Raj:-actually I have to talk with you and sanskar uncle.
Ginu:- why
Raj:- about swara . Please can u both come in coffee shop . To talk me .

Ginu:- I have to ask bade Papa about it then I will tell you .

Raj:- ok bye..
Ginu:- byee

Ginu cut the call and went to sanskar’s room to talk him.

In sanskar’s room. He was sitting on bed with a happy face.

Ginu:- bade papa..

Sanskar looked towards her.
San:- yes come ginu.
Ginu:-bade papa Sneha’s family agrred for Bhai’s marriage .

San:- hummm I know that.
Ginu:- how you come to know?
San:- shoru told me,she talked with sneha’s brother.

Ginu(in mind):- sneha’s bro means Raj…

San:- how you come to know ginu.
Ginu:- Raj told me.
San:- Raj….how he knows this.
Ginu:- he is sneha’s brother, you said na di talked with sneha’s bro.

San:- ohh Raj is sneha’s brother that’s good. Now I am sure that sneha is a nice girl. She is the niece of sameer purohit.

Ginu:- so her brother…. Did sidharth called swara.

San:- yes,sidharth called her.

Ginu smiled a lil hearing his name.

Ginu:- bade Papa Raj want to meet us he wants to talk about di with you. Can you come at coffee shop at 4:30 p.m please

San:- nooo ginu,I can’t reach there at 4:30 but I can nearly 5 p.m . Is it ok.

Ginu:- ok

Ginu went to her room and called raj and informed him.


Precap:- ragraj and swasid meeting some quality time
And Raj’s talk with sanskar

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