swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 20)

Hey, friends this is true that I am disappointed with very less comments but some people asked me to continue this ff so I am continuing it.

So next morning sparsh along with laksh and shoru went to that girls home.

A lady welcomed them.
Lady:- namaste,
Swara ,laksh :- namaste.

Sparsh:- hello,aunty wooo..sneha.

Lady:- you all please come in. Sneha is in her room.

Wait I call her.

Then that lady saw a boy coming downstairs.

Lady:- sidd, please call sneha.

Listening Sid’s name swara looked there and found sid standing there.

Shoru:- you here…
Sid:- ya this is my home . But you here…

Laksh:- swara do you know him.
Swa:- ya chachu he is the one who helped us during ginu’s accident.

Sid:- butt you here.

Swa:- wo actually we came here to see sneha , I mean. My bro sparsh loves her.

Sid(looking towards sparsh):- ohh you like my sis.

Sw:- is she your sister?
Sid:- ya,she is my cousin sister
(Pointing towards that lady ) she is my aunt Mrs kamini purohit.

Sparsh:- ya,bhai I love your sister .

Kamini:- sidharth , first bring sneha.

Sparsh nodes and leaved..

Kamini:- laksh ji, sparsh already told me that he loves sneha and I also know him sneha and sparsh know each other when they were in London.

Laksh:- sparsh , you love her from London and you are telling us now.

Sp:- chachu,but before telling you I want to be sure that I love her.

Then sid came down with sneha.

Sneha were wearing a blue jacket and jeans .

Swara(slowly whispered):- chachu, she is beautiful but we don’t know about her.

Lak:- swara,we came here only to know about her.

Sneha:- namaste.
Swalak:- namaste

Sneha then looked towards sparsh and smiled.

Lak:- so, like sparsh you also studied in London.

Sneha:- yes,me my bhai and sparsh were in same class.

Swa:- your bhai means sidharth .

Sne:- noo my another brother.

Swara:- ok and here also you study in sparsh’s college right. I saw you one day in his college.

Sneha:- yes,we study in same college but my bhai study in another college.

Lak: kamini ji were are another members of house.

Kam:- actually, didi and bhai sahab and their younger son I mean Sid’s brother went to papaji’s home Delhi.

Lak:- ok and were is sneha’s father.

Kamini:- laksh ji…sneha’s father is not in this world . He..died when sneha was in 7 th .

Lak:- am sorry..kamini ji..

Kamini:- It’s ok… Actually he passed in an accident.

Lak:- oh sorry again… Well we like sneha, she is an open minded girl.

Swa:- ya Aunty she came as she is , no formalities .

Sparsh and sneha smiled looking eo.

Lak:- From my side I like sneha but I have to talk about this to bhai.

Sid:- I also liked sparsh .

Kamini:- yes, I will also tell you about our decision after talking with didi and bhai sahab.

Lak:- ok , now we have to go.
Come swara.

Swara sparsh and laksh leaved.

Sid hugged sneha.

In mm

Swaspalak reached home.

Rag:- see bade Papa , they came.
San:- where you all went without informing us.

Laksh told all thing to sanskar.

Sanskar(in angry tone):- sparshhh so you will do thissss I didn’t thought it.

Sw:- papa… She is a nice girl.

San:- enough shoruuuu

He went near sparsh
Sparsh closed his eyes due to fear.

But for all’s shock sanskar hugged sparsh

San:- chickuuu, why didn’t you told me.
Spa:- I thought you will not accept.

San;-I am your dad sparsh. I am happy in your happiness and lucky and shoru also found that girl good . I am agree sparsh.

Sparsh hugged him:- thank you papa.


In purohit mansion.

Raj,devika and sameer came back home kamini told everything to them. All agreed.

Raj’s pov

Swara I know that sparsh is your bro. We were in Same call in our college in London.

We came back because of dadu’s bad health.
Sparsh also came back following us.

Swara now be ready to become my friend

Raj smiled

(Raj don’t know that swara knows about him)


Precap:- swasid and ragraj friendship .

Raj’s feeling towards swara

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