swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 2)

Hello. Eveyone .

I saw that many of you are not reading it as I don’t have teju in it but i have her . For knowing more . Read my ff?

Story starts ……

Sanskar and laksh are shown in the car going to office . Laksh starts music .

The song tere bin nhi lage jiya plays .

Listening it both of them have teary eyes .

Then sanskar smiles a little and wipe his tears and off the the song player .

Then says : lucky 20 years passed ,to that black day of our life . I miss swara very much .

Laksh :. I also miss ragini alot . Tomorrow is ginu’s birthday and that horrible day of our life .

Sanskar: yes tomorrow is ginu’s birthday .

He laugh while saying : lucky in these 20 years i became shoru’s papa and ginu’s ma ?

Laksh : yes bhai i also became ginu papa and shoru’s mumma .

Ok read it .thanks to all

Precap : 20 years before story

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  1. Yashu24

    And a request to all , I don’t need fake praise if you really like this . Then give comments . You can say truth so I get to know where you don’t like this

  2. Devihaa

    Its so mysterious…
    Pls make the chappy a bit long….

  3. Akshata

    its actually interesting concept, why do i feel swaragini’s are no more or missing from the past 20 years. update soon, pls write little longer story.

  4. Nice..plz make it a bit longer..tc..

  5. Yashu24

    Ok thanks . I will write the next one long,?

  6. Jazzy


  7. Please,give long epiii

  8. ShivanyaSharma

    dear i m just little bit confused aren’t shoru and ginu are swara ragini? i m totally confused! But it seems to be interesting! And please dear keep the next part a bit longer! And one more thing your ff is full of mystery

    1. Anu

      shoru nd ginu r swasan nd raglak daughter ! this is what i feel after reading! dont mind if its wrong!

  9. unknown person

    Superbb. I want to know the mystery…..

  10. Yashu24

    Now you can read the next part i send it

  11. Jannatul.Nayma09


  12. its to short next part soon

  13. nice amazing surperb mind blowing its a request to all raglak ff os ss ts writer plzz write more give more raglak raglak and plz who is already ready keep writing don’t leave in middle plzzz at least reach 100 episode bcoz many swasan ff have reach more than 50 but none raglak ff reach plzzz now days raglak ff are very less plzz try to write more ff plzzz and thanks to all those who write with so much effort plzz its raglak aka temish fan request

  14. IQRA222


  15. Yashu24

    Thanks to all??

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