swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 19)

Sorry for late .

So the story starts with swara sitting in park lost in Raj’s thought. There meeting , their childhood friendship,swara’s anger on him.

The chain of swara’s thought broke when someone tapped his shoulder.
Swara see upside .

Person:- hey….hello swara…
(Guess the person)

Shoru:- hey..hello you here..
Person:- ya I live here in Kolkata.
Shoru:- that’s nice.
Person smiled.

Shoru:- you helped me very much that day siddd(friends always raj won’t come to irritate swara?)

Sid:- it’s ok, well how is your sis now?
Swara:- she is fine, her plastic surgery got successful.

Sid:- good.

Swara received a call

Swara:- sid my chachu is calling I have to go ..
Sid:- ok , hope to meet you again.
Swara:- ya You also live here.

Then she leave

In mm

Shoru:- what happened chachu
Laksh:- wo actually…sparsh.
Shoru:- what happened to him.
Laksh:- he is fineee
Shoru:- so then

Laksh:- actually,he wanted us,I mean he wanted you and me to meet a girl.

Shoru:- whyyyyy

Laksh:- what whyyyy, he loves her.

Shoru:- whatttt

Laksh:- ohhh my goddd ‘what’ ‘why’ . He is afraid to say this to bhai . He wanted us to meet her and if we like her then he wanted us to convince bhai.

Shoru:- ok we will go tomorrow.


In purohit mansion a girl entered on bike.
Wearing a helmet and jeans and black jacket.

She went inside and said:- hello…. Everyone….

All members how we’re taking their supper stand up.

Raj ran towards her and kissed her.

………….To be continued………………

Sorry for short story I will send next part tomorrow .

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