swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 15)

The episode Starts with sswaragini entering college .

Ginu:- di if raj talk with you then don’t fight with him . I am going to canteen.

Swara:- okk , come sooner classes will start in sometime.
Ginu nodes and leave .

Ginu’s pov

I saw Raj’s car outside the college I have to talk to him but if I told this to di then she would never allow me.

Ginu’s pov end.

Ginu:- oh this is Raj’s car

She knocked the window glass of the car.
Ginu:- Raj . …

Then the car’s door got open

Ginu:- you …..am sorry I thought that this is..
Sid:- ya you thought right it’s Raj’s car. I am his brother sidarth.
Ginu:- ohhhh . Where is RAJ ?
SID:- He didn’t came today. If you have some important work than tell me . I will tell him.
Ginu:- actually I have to talk him about shoru di.

Sid:- shoru is your sister.
Ginu; ya
Sid:- please come with me I also want to talk about her ..

They went to canteen

Sid: actually miss, my bro was your di’s classmate, not only classmate they were best friends. Ohh yaa you may know him as you both studied in same class right.

Ginu:- yaa …ya. I know that he is that rajveer purohit Devika Mam’s son But I need confirmation .

Sid smiled a little

Sid: he missed shoru very much . We shifted to Delhi at our dadu’s home after my dadi’s death.
Then Raj went to London as our dad wished so.

Sid:- You can’t believe, Raj cried very much after coming home. He just wanted to make shoru happy . He have all information about shoru and there was not a single day when he didn’t talked about shoru.

Ginu was shocked

Ginu:- he wants di’s forgiveness and friendship again , right?

Sid:- yes.

Ginu:- okk.. I will help you.

Sid:- really??
Ginu:-yes Baba really

Sid smiled widely and hugged ginu in excitement.
Ginu was shocked

Sid after realising his action:- am sorry , wo actually I became very happy . I love my bro very much..

Ginu with a fake smile:- it’s ok

Sid(while forwarding his hand):- friends??
Ginu was surprised
Sid was about to take his hand back
But ginu gave her hand and they did handshake

Ginu:- friends for our mission

Both smiled

Precap:- our swasan and raglak scenes

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I will give swasan and raglak scenes as for their lover’s wishes

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