swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 14)

The episode starts with Raj sitting on the floor and crying. Sid was comsoling him .

Raj:- Bhai I don’t want to hurt her…… I was just trying to make her happy.

Sid:- shhhhhhhh it’s okkk Raj everything will be fine. Don’t cry.

Raj:- How bhai ,. She forgot our friendship and now today . There is no chance bhai.
Sid:- Raj ,. Raj stop crying ok ok … I will help you in getting her forgiveness and friendship .

Raj:- really bhai

Raj hugged him and said: you are the best bhai in the world.

Sid smiled
Sid:- ok now get up and sleep now
Raj nodes and went to his room

Sid’s pov

My Raj is very innocent. Shoru and Raj studied in same class when they were very small but after dadi’s death we shifted to dadu’s home in Delhi . There also he missed shoru.Then he went to London for further studies as it was dad’s wish .

He always talked about shoru. Ya he never told her real name to me but I don’t know how but Raj have all information about her in these years.

That rainy day also he immediately identified shoru and asked me to stop the car .

When they were dancing I only saw her from back , I didn’t saw her face as they were surrounded by many people.

And…… I saw … A angel like beautiful girl standing under the porch .

I was continuously staring her ..I felt that I know her .. I felt a connection with her

My thoughts got disturbed by her sweet voice

She was calling shoru as di . Maybe she is her sister .

Today also I collided with her but I reacted as I saw her first time.

Ohh my god what I am thinking ??

I have to solve my bro’s problem.

Sid smiled widely and slept .

In mm

Shoru:- what that boy think himself ?? Huhhhh
Ginu:-diii leave him,now sleep
Shoru:- he said that I also know him , buttt I don’t know him

Ginu:- diiiiii
Shoru:- yaa I am coming

Both slept to their sides
But ginu was not sleeping

Ginu’s pov
Raj…..Raj purohit . Who is he
Yes Raj
Ohhh my god, oh my god raj
Diiiiii how can you forgot Raj

He was your bestie at school .
I have to talk with him , he he is your Raj diiii
Then it’s awesome

Ginu smiled and slept kissing swara’s forehead.

Precap:- ginu and sid’s meeting.

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