swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 12)

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So the story starts in mm

Swaragini were sleeping peacefully . Sanlak were caressing their heads lovingly.

Sanskar:- look na lucky how sweet our princesses are looking while sleeping.

Laksh:- ya bhai soon they will also leave us alone. They will go to their Prince’s house .

Sanskar and laksh were thinking something deeply .

#####Sanskar thinking####

###### Flashback #####

Swasan room

Swara(which is dead) :- sanskar I want ice cream…… Wake up naaa please .

Sanskar while sleeping :-you just ate one bowl naa

Swra:-but it was butter skoch . Now I want chocolate flavour . Please na sanskar

Sanskar:- ok let’s come , your twins na I am sure one will like butterscotch and other like chocolate . Look it is 2 a.m

Swara:- Let’s see how much you love me and your children It will be proved if you will find a open ice cream parlour at 2 a.m that you love us .

Sankar lifts her and kissed her on cheeks . :- I love you so much . And you need proof. When our babies will born na I will not give them to you I myself will take care of them.

Swara smiles:- let’s see

####Flashback ends####

Sanskar in mind:- swara I was not serious I was just joking
And you went away giving your children to me . Swara I can’t take care of them as you would do.

####Laksh’s thinking ######


Laksh:- ragini , raginiiiiii ,. Raginiii

Ragini:- aree laksh speak naaa …


Ragini:- what happened now . Speak….

Laksh:- Ragini you are going to….

Ragini:- where I am going…

Laksh:-. Ohhh hooo first listen

You are going to become mother….

Ragini was happy excited surprised and what not ..

Ragini:- are you saying truth

Laksh:- yaaa raguuu …

Ragini kiss laksh in excitement

Laksh smiles .
Laksh in mind:- raguu why you left me alone don’t you know how much I love you. Your daughter want your love but me and bhai tried our best to give her a mother love . But can’t love her like you .

Precap:- shoru and ginu’s childhood moments

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    i didn’t read u r ff from starting yar.. reading today.. but what i understood is swara and ragu dead after giving birth to two girls. so, shona is swa daughter and ginu is rag daughter.. am i right..? i will follow ur stry from today. it’s really interesting…keep it up..

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    Thank you so much dear Astra . Ya you are right shoru is swara daughter and ginu is ragini’s daughter but start reading it from starting then you will like it

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