swaragini-2 (ff) (Part 11)

The episode starts with swara’s smiling face

Ginu: diiii look. You are fully drenched in rain . And who was he? How he knows you?????

Shoru: I don’t know ginuuuu . Why are you questioning so much…

Ginu : ok let’s go home
Swara nodes but something strikes in her mind

Shoru: wait wait wait …… Were is chicku..

Then sparsh came running towards them

Sparsh: hey!!! How was tge concert

Shoru: nice… But where were you by the way???

Ginu: ya bhai it means you didn’t attend our concert ?

Sparsh: wooo….. Actually…. I went to my friend’s home he called me. He is not feeling well . Soooo…

Shoru: really

Sparsh: ya diiiii

Ginu: buttt

Sparsh : di why are you fully drenchedin water

Shoru: I danced in rain?
Ginu: yaa bhai ,. Di dance with someone who knows diii ?

Sparsh: ohhh really how was he..

Shoru: shut up guys ….. I don’t know him. Now let’s go home

All leaves for mm .

Another.side two boys step down from a car in front of a big mansion ‘ purohit manshion’

Raj: bhaiiii it’s feel nice after coming back home…

Other boy smiles

A women came out( reena kapoor) : raj – sidharth… .(yes raj’s bhai is sid)

Raj and sid took her blessings
Devika: god bless you my children

All smiles

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  1. Nice episode…..it was awesome ???keep on writing..???

  2. n wish me luck my exams r coming soon…i need that..

  3. Waiting for ragini scenes

  4. Yashu24

    Thanks Ishika and All the best for your exams . You also wish me all the best my exams are also going on

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    Lovely dearI will give ragini scene soon?

  6. It was too good dear

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    Thanks moly dear ??

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    Thanks Inu dear

  10. Asra

    superbbb dear….

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    Thanks a and asra

  12. Awesome dear, but too short, who’s playing sid

  13. Srusti

    superbbbbbb dear….

  14. Yashu24

    Thanks rehna, read all parts please , well Ravi dubey is playing as sid?

  15. Yashu24

    Thanks srusti?

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