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The Episode starts with Ragini giving strength to Laksh that everything will be fine. All the ladies give their jewellery to Sanskar and asks him to get the money immediately by mortgaging it. Sanskar asks Laksh to take care of everyone. Laksh asks him to go safely.. Sanskar brings money and deposits at the reception. He asks him to get Durga Prasad’s operation. Durga Prasad is taken to OT. Management guy asks them to deposit 5 more Lakhs and then only we can keep him in ICU. Sanskar says okay. Shekhar comes to hospital. He gets Sumi’s call and tells that Sanskar need more money. Sumi says we can sell our ancestral ring. Shekhar asks her to talk to Maa. Sumi says okay. Doctor comes out of OT and says Durga Prasad is out of danger. He says we have to keep him in ICU for one more day as operation

was major. Annapurna and Sujata get happy. Annapurna hugs Laksh and cries. Ragini tells Swara that they need another 5 lakhs rupees. Sumi asks Dadi to give her ring, and says it is given to me by my mum. Dadi says whatever you brought in as dowry is mine now. She asks her to go. Sumi is sad. Dadi smirks. Sumi calls Swara.

Ragini and Swara couldn’t believe that Dadi kept Sumi’s ring given by Dida. Ragini says but don’t sell that ring. Sumi says I thought to mortgaged it. Swara says okay and says she will bring that ring. Sumi says it is in locker and key is with Dadi. Ragini says she will not give us keys. Swara says I have a plan. Ram tells Sujata that he will sell the land which he brought and Adarsh doesn’t know about it. Sujata says that place is far, I won’t let you go alone. Shekhar says I will go with Ram Prasad ji. Ram nods. Dadi gets bad smell and comes of house. She finds fish outside her house and shouts badly. Neighbor laughs. Dadi says whoever have kept this, made me impure and goes to take back. Sumi tells Swara that it is wrong. Swara says we have no other way. Ragini and Swara come home, see keys on bed. Ragini asks Swara to use big key. Swara opens locker. They see Dadi coming out and hides behind the bed. Dadi goes out of room. Swara opens locker again and gets the ring. Ragini tells Swara that Dadi is coming back. They hide behind the bed. Dadi comes to take her phone and wonders where are the keys. She thinks I had kept it with phone, and finds keys on table. She goes out of room. Swara and Ragini stand up and look at the ring.

Durga Prasad gains consciousness. Laksh says Papa and hugs Sanskar happily. Doctor checks him and says he is fine now. It is just that we have to take care of his medicines and food. Sujata congratulates Annapurna. Doctor tells them that the money which they deposited is finished and asks them to get money soon. He gives 1 hour time. Laksh says he has talked to his friend and will deposit the money. Swara and Ragini come to the jeweller and asks him to check ring and give money. Jeweller checks ring. Swara says we are in a hurry. Jeweller says I will come now, and calls someone asking to come. Jeweller returns back to seat. Police comes there. Jeweller says it is stolen ring and asks Police to arrest them. Ragini and Swara tell that it is their nani’s ring. Constable identify them as Gadodia, and says they stay in Baadi. Inspector says we have to go there and enquire.

Dadi tells Inspector that it was her ring which was stolen by Swara. She blames Swara for provoking Ragini against her. Inspector arrests Swara. In the hospital, Parineeta offers to give money and asks Annapurna and Durga Prasad to come with her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. kill those vamps make adarsh positive his mind is being poisoned by that pari

  2. Bharathi

    How cruel this dadi is!! She made swara arrested. Stupid lady chi? chudail

  3. WTH is this daadi upto. Anyway loved swasan cute hug.

  4. Iamsofianeak

    trp of swaragini plz

    1. 1.7 13th place ashok samrat 1.6

  5. Dadi is always playing evil role…ragini was also with swara but for dadi she is always lado!! Guys i watched some old episode of swaragini just to see the sweet parineeta and i was really happy ………..but now everything has changed. I dont know y writers are making the family evil!!

  6. Mica

    ty H.Hasan mam for update..
    swara!!!!!, are you stealing ?? omg, it’s so bad ….
    is it matter whether aadarsh knowing about the land or not ? huh, what kind of paper DP ever sign for him.. ckckck
    still illogical, but at least, nice try CVS…

    1. No she had not stealer the ring belonged to her nani (mom of mom) but her dadi(mom of father)has it even though she doesnt own so swara n ragini were taking their thing from parvati but it looked like they were stealing her ring

  7. Wtf is this man this serial is getting worse day by day

  8. OMG, this is the FUNNIEST show on the TV now-a-days; even better than Sasural Simar Ka, etc. etc.

  9. Hello. Pls can I have direct contact with suwara. Her real contact pls

  10. This is getting so illogical… How can u steal all the property from ur dad and treat him in an ill way and still not get arrested? And the doctors are demanding the money on the spot, srsly you can just put it on a waiver and pay all of it later just treat the patient!

  11. Sanji

    hahaha lol…..guys it seems stupies bt its the harsh reality of our socity….

  12. Oh God Dadi!!!!!? She’s a Dragon!!!!!? Poor Swara. ? SanRagLak plzz save my Shona.?

  13. Mica

    the first part was missing on this update…
    this episodes was starting by Swara consoled sanskar who in nerves state about getting money. Swara handed her jewelry to Sanskar, Sanskar look on, but swara convinced him to take it. sanskar put swara hand in his chest with teary eyes, hug her and kissed her head…
    AAWWW……. sooooo sweeett….
    even Raglak in hugging state too, broke the hug and Ragini take off all of her jewelry, made laksh teary eyes too..
    whatever the problem, it’s kinda i found out the oasis

  14. Aasthu

    I wish the writer would finish this drama and let everyone live in peace………..it seems the he is obsessed with creating problem for others………….I want this drama to end soon and give swasan, raglak and the whole family happiness………

  15. Sofia

    Is there any limit to this boorriiinnnngggggg tracks being repeated over and over again?????

  16. Guys I need your help plzzz…..i know you all don’t know me…bt guys I am big fan of swasan.. Guys if anyone of u reading nehas fanfriction in fb plz send me link…i lost it plz….plz….guys….i had save the link bt due resert of my phone I lost it…plzzzzz..guys

    1. Mica

      it’s under the name SwaSan FF/OS, wish you find it, good luck

  17. the swasan and raglak scenes were amazing

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