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Laksh asks Ragini to come and they go inside. Ragini sees him injured and says she will apply ointment. Swara sees Sanskar’s hand bleeding and ties the cloth on his hand. Sanskar asks her not to be filmy. Ragini is nursing Laksh’s wounds. He tells that he will apply ointment. Just then he sees Swara watching him and asks Ragini to apply medicine on his wound. Sanskar comes and keeps hand on her shoulder. Laksh gets hurt and closes the door. He takes the cotton from her hand, saying he will apply ointment. Dida tells Sumi that they have to prepare for Janmasthami festival. Sumi says what about the happenings in our life. She says you would have stopped Swara from taking this step. Dida says she has seen Swara losing so much, and needs to expose Ragini. Sumi says nothing is important to her than

Swara. Dida says you are very lucky as Swara risked her life for your happiness. Sumi says we have lived our life, but Swara’s life have not started till now. She decides to talk to Shekhar.

Dida tells Shekhar had insulted you and will never believe you. Sumi says because he is still Swara’s dad. She says you got married to me to a man, whom I never love. She says I can’t see my daughter’s life ruined and have to do this. She thinks about Shekhar’s warning and calls him asking him to come. Sanskar applies ointment on his wounds with much difficulty. Swara takes ointment from his hand and applies on his wound. Sanskar says he don’t want to fight, but,…..Swara says why did you fight? Sanskar says he couldn’t hear anything against her. Swara tells Laksh would react like this and it is natural for him. She says we have to be normal. Sanskar says I tried to make him understand, but he didn’t listen. Swara asks him to focus on their mission. Sanskar apologizes. She tells that Sumi got to know about their fake marriage truth.

Sanskar is shocked. Swara says Dida took her from here, else she would have told our truth to everyone. She says everyone will take time to forgive you. Sanskar says will you kill me today? Swara says it is all your mistake? She goes closer to him while scolding and then realizes. She sits down tensedly. Sanskar tells I know we have taken a big step and you are in stress. I will go and talk to Sumi aunty. I will request her not to reveal about our truth to anyone. He tells Laksh is going to do a big mistake in his room, will you not stop him? Swara says I don’t care how Laksh treats his wife, all I want is to unite my parents. Ragini gets Dadi’s call informing her that Sumi went to meet Shekhar. Dadi tells don’t know what they are cooking? Ragini asks her to be careful, and says she will talk to her later. She looks at Laksh, while he is sitting on sofa.

Shekhar is shocked to know that Swara has done fake marriage. He asks her to come and says we will stop her. Sumi says only we can make our daughters life well. Shekhar asks what do you mean? Sumi says Swara did this acting to unite us, and Ragini’s life will be happy also. She asks can’t we unite for our daughters and future. She asks him to agree for Ragini, if not for Swara, and give a chance to their relation. Shekhar looks on.

Ragini goes near Laksh and touches him. Laksh gets up and recalls declaring that he will give wifey rights to her. Ragini gets closer to him. Laksh closes his eyes to kiss her and recalls Sanskar keeping his hand on Swara’s shoulder. He moves from there. Ragini holds his hand and asks him to look at her for once. She says if you goes from this room now, then I will never be able to take this relation forward (it is yet to be seen if Yash falls in her trap).

Sumi asks Shekhar to agree for Ragini’s sake. Dadi thinks she can’t let this happen and will break them. Annapurna asks Swara and Ragini to do the aarti during Janmasthami puja. Shekhar brings Sumi to Maheshwari house, asking her to reveal Swara’s truth.

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  1. I love u swara & sanskar; u both r vry good

  2. is ragini mentally I’ll!??!i hate the way c tries to get closer to laksh,..
    Anyway I really don’t care watever they do huh …
    I just love swasan scenes… Hope they fall in love soon. ..

  3. Oh how cute swasan…. Love it. I really feel like falling for sanskar… <3 <3 <3 🙂 And that Laksh not at all deserve swara..

  4. Wat is dis yaar…….dat idiotic ragini duing everything and swara hurting all the tym hurt…see still nw wot was d use of swasans risk…everything favours oly tu ragini….so wot about swaras life…?ragini loved laksh and gets married him and njoying happily but swara??dis is too bad tu watch in dis way so pls let laksh knw all d secrets behind his marriage soon…………

  5. Actually for ragini..
    love means to get closer to laksh…c don’t care whether he is Happy or not c just want to get laksh anyhow..

  6. kya prblm he ragini ki dadi ki jab dekho swara aur uske ma,dida k piche padi hoti he bina sach jane ye sab ghatiya harkat kar rahi he,plz ragini ka sach jaldi lao story complicated hoti ja rahi he aur swasan scene so cute lov them guyz

  7. Laksh ji why are u stoping continue ji u hate swara na so u will continue u r romance with your wife and trust u r wife more then your love so no one will blame u including swara also HATE U LAKSH 🙁

  8. they are dragging the serial like others .

  9. ye ragini kitni buri he apni khusi k lie apni parents ko alag kardia aur unko milana to dur k bat unhe yad v nahi karti ,hate u so much ragini in core of my heart,plz swara be strong & dont worry u’ll win coz always truth win over lie at end so keep it up

  10. I just love swara n sanskar..

  11. I thought swara came to that house to reveal ragini’s truth but why is it that swara keeps on loosing and ragini keep on winning,so where is the high voltage drama the directors talked about,what kind of drama is this?when it comes to committing evil the directors have that in abundance but when it comes to doing something good the directors seem to have no clue about that.the society is so corrupt that people enjoy evil more that good.very pathetic.

  12. Ooowh???? Swasan ……… They are so cute together
    I can’t wait when they fall in love sooooo cute???

  13. Swara shd nt create more problms in ragini’s lyf n laksh shud btr accept ragini happily even shekhar and sumi shud unite

    1. Wat about swara

    2. rags attempted to kill swara..nd dats a crime….such psycho is dangerous to society..rags may try to kill sum1 else if she feels sum1 is trying to take lucky she may try to kill dat sum1 too…in dat case shd dat sum1 even forgive her???…swara is her only her sister doesnt mean dat a crime shd b forgiven

    3. I guess u will support rvils side… Bt sorry to say evil does not win…. Ragini has to fall oneday…

  14. .its just a serial .dnt feel any thing above that its just waste of ur valuable time by discussing rediculous serials

  15. Superb scenes of sawasan……..

  16. Love u so much sawasan.

  17. swara and sanskar look great together..
    wat a beautiful couple! :-*

  18. Let ragini win bcoz vo jithna jeethegi uthni hi badi uski haar hogi kyunke aakhir me swara ho jeethegi.. . Love you shona

  19. I think they r trying to make swasan relationship to become real.. sanskar will stop or help swara to stay back.. He may announce that he wants to marry swara officially. Or else he will show any proofs…

  20. Maya Bint Uthman

    Swara has done nothing so far to really prove ragini was behind the conspiracy. If she is waiting for ragini to make a mistake, then lets just say she is in for a long wait. And im nat gonna wait with her. ??

  21. And ragini she is disgusting.. All the time either she cries or tensed… not able to look at her irritating and cunning face at all… Y writers r taking revenge on us by showing this kind of stuff. Uffff fed up with ragini’s character.. pls solve this soon and show some lovable moments Btw the new pairs… U r spoiling them to the core…

  22. oh how i hate dat shekher…sumi u are unneccessary trying to tl him dat for both girls it wud b better to b together…bt shekhar doesnt have dat courage to do dat…however he wud favour rags only nd not swara..he only blamed sumi of doin partiality bt he himself hav is n wl do dat…..

  23. rags hav sum shame u r so desperate to consummate ur marriage….however love SWARA ND SANSKAR SOOOO MUUCCHH THEY JST ARE LOOKING SO GOOD TOGETHER…….awaiting their romantic scenes

  24. Nice episode.

  25. it is happening bad with laksh

  26. I don’t get d connection. How does swara marrying Sanskar have anytin to do wit her parents coming back 2gether. Toh her priority for now, shld b to expose ragini. #confused#

    1. True buh it gets swara closer to ragini which ragini cannot bare

  27. Y is shona loosing all the tym????????
    N that despo pshyco!! Gosh!! Wat d hell year!!! Ragini is realllyyyyyyyyyyyyyg suchhh a!!! I juz can’t tell…….! My hatred for her is increasing day by day…..!
    Wen I saw her face in d epi today……I felt lyk vomiting!! N I didn’t even watch d complete epi after that…….,……!!!!
    Specially the ragini n laksh scene! Its really horrible n unbearable for me to watch this!!!
    n shekhar!! U will never learn wat is known as “trust in love”!

    1. Yeah Anu even i skiped the last part. I just wanted to shove Ragini’s stupid & cunning face somewhere when I saw her wearing that red colour saree. She is that much desperate!!!!!! Shona should win. She shouldn’t suffer like that.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. kiya purohit

    shekhar is so mean………..
    hw can he do this………..
    swara is also his daughter………………

  29. Ragini is such a big creep… She does not even contain a little shame… Chi shuch a brat…. LOVE U SWARA ND SANSKAR….. nd HELL WITH blo*dy RAGINI…

  30. Initially ragini nd sanskar wer in d same side na!! Wat abt nw?? Why sanskar started to hate ragini?? And hw did sanskars truth of faking hs mental condition got revealed??
    Pls anyone ans dis briefly pla..
    i left watching dis serial since i ws busy in exms!! And nw i am in real confusion of wat hpnd hr in my absence..

    1. The story till now

      The story revolves around the lives of two families living in Kolkata, one being a Marwari family and other being a Bengali family. Swara is a modern, open minded, enthusiastic and an emotional girl who belongs to the Bengali family. On the other hand, Ragini is a shy, reserved and a traditional girl who hails from the Marwari family. Although neighbours, both the families are long term foes. One day Swara meets a modern, yet bad mannered young boy, Lakshya, who hails from the rich Maheshwari family who was supposed to be Ragini’s fiance. They become enemies the day they meet. Swara soon learns that Shekhar, Ragini’s father, is also her father, but because of certain circumstances were separated. Swaragini take oath that they would do anything to reunite their family.

      Later, Lakshya joins them too, in reuniting Shekhar and Sharmistha and all the three succeed. Lakshya then falls in love with Swara without knowing it (also Ragini loves Laksh deeply). Sanskaar then returns, he had been away from his family for five long years. But his intentions are evil, though he acts abnormal, but he wants to destroy the Maheshwari family. Lakshya reveals the truth to Swara and Sharmistha that he loves Swara unconditonally. Later Swara also fall in love with Lakshya.

      It is revealed that Ragini and Sanskaar are together in their evil plans who want to separate Swara and Lakshya. Soon, Deeda(Shobha Bose) gets to know about Ragini’s evil truth but falls from the stairs and enters coma. Then the marriage celebrations of Lakshya and Swara begin in which Ragini creates troubles with the help of Sanskaar and Sujata. Meanwhile, Sanskaar feels guilty and sorry for Swara. Ragini, each and every time, tried to develop hatred for Swara in Lakshya’s heart, but failed each time because of Lakshya’s unconditional love and trust on Swara. Later, Swara learns that Sanskaar is not abnormal and is plotting against Maheshwari family.

      Swara makes Sanskaar realise his mistake and forgives him on the basis that he mends his ways. Sanskaar tries to make Ragini realise her mistake. She pretends to realise. But on the wedding day Ragini tries to kill Swara by drowning her in river. Eventually Ragini’s plotting succeeds and she got married to Lakshya. Sharmistha and Shekhar decide to stay separate from each other. But Swara is saved and tries to expose Ragini with the help of Sanskaar and both do drama of getting married. But Swara doesn’t want Laksh back in her life .She does so to reunite her parents. Ragini is planning and plotting against Swara and Sanskaar to secure her position in the Gadodia’s mansion and especially to win Lakshya’s heart by trying to prove that Swara and Sanskaar are faking their marriage.Ragini always seems insecure about losing Lakshya and Ragini’s mission seems only to unite her parents. This brings intense situations between the family members who don’t accept Swara,especially Sanskaar’s mom.The brothers,Lakshya and Sanskaar, questions each other’s wives morals.

  31. please do not drag this serial tooo. its getting boar day by day…. do the writer n director too watches their serial?????/

    1. Mojisola Bamtefa

      Laksh is a weakling. He hasn’t even done one atom of investigation before completly condemning Swara especially as Swara has always questioned or rather checked on the other side of a coin to see if it is original. Didn’t Laksh learn anything from Swara? He deserves his illeterate wife who uses her uncouthed method to grab attention. Swara Laksh does not deserve you. You are way too classy for that criminal of a sister you have been burdened with.

  32. Ragini is very horrible in the today’s episode she always hurts swara n she is lyk witch un the serial plz release the truth of Ragini soon

  33. ragini wants to comsummate hr mrg asap coz once dats dun laksh cnt move bck evn aftr knwng hr truth…shez v sharp bahit aage ka sochti hai wo achanak se par nikal aaye hai na uske to dur tak udhna chahti hai per jitna udegi utna giregi bahut jald…may b she wants to concieve also asap…
    swasan ws sooo cute tday…i thnk sanskar has alrdy fln fr swara n wil realise once she is out of d house wil mis her n want hr bck…he wil say dida or sumi dat he rly wants to marry swara but wil swara accept his proposal???…may b she wil to unite her parents…

  34. Laksh is really going to regret when knowing the truth…shameless Ragini…and luv Swasan pair….they luk great…if the fall in luv together…tats the biggest punishment for Laksh which he deserves!!

  35. I like sanskar sooo much…. in saraswati Chandra also I like him more than the lead role saras…..

  36. sanskaar’s Jodi with swara is also very awesome…. I’m really very sad that the writers made ragini a villain…. she is also a main character… show’s name is swaragini …. so there shud be unity b/w them….. ragini also looks very beautiful but the writer made her a vamp… and ragini is not suiting in this bad character….

  37. y is ragini doing all dis better to accept her truth

  38. They are stretching the serial unnecessary. They can show the real face of ragini soon which can give intersecting path to the series. I really dont understand hmsha yeah kyu dikte h jo galt krta h wai jeet jata h aur sai krne wala harta h life mai. They can give right msg to their audience by showing what is correct in life aur jo sai hota h us k sath god hota h naki ki galt krne wale k sath god hota h. Jis way mai yeah they show isay lgta h ki galt krne wale he life mai sab hasil kr skte h.. I hate it .. I think they should show the real face of ragini now its getting extreme.

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