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Sujata says what you will do now? Swara says it is enough of cat and mouse game. She says I will tell my truth to everyone. Sanskar says Swara’s dad will hate her more. Swara says Ragini’s truth will be hidden for forever. Sujata says she will help them and asks about Sumi. Sanskar tells she is in washroom. Sujata goes. Sanskar says I didn’t tell mum as she might get worried. Swara says I read in your eyes. Swara says it is enough of cat and mouse game. She says I will walk on the right way to bring the truth. She asks where is Laksh? The goons brings Laksh near the river and gives his car keys, tells that his car is there. Laksh sees Swara standing near the river. Annapurna asks Ragini to bring Swara, to apply mehendi on her hand. Ragini tells Swara took Maa to see the doctor. Annapurna says

okay. Ragini asks Sanskar to call back Swara and says she can’t find Maa. She says you might be excited to get married to her. Sujata asks Sanskar if Swara has eloped and says it was good. Sanskar asks her to leave him alone and says he has to keep eye on Ragini.

Laksh asks Swara, what is her new planning? Swara says I know you don’t trust me. She says I want you to find the truth, I will not take anyone’s name. I will tell you a story today, and it is on you to trust or not. Swara tells this is the place which has ruined everything. She says I have walked half way and you have to walk on the other way. She tells Sanskar and I have got you kidnapped, but when things went out of our hands, I came here. She shows the temple and tells she went there to do the puja. She says Pandit ji gave me flowers to put in river, so I came here, prayed for our happy life. She says I loved you very much, you was my first love, but may be we were not destined to be together. She says I didn’t want to fall in the river, but was drowned. She says this river got my body to a seashore, but made my heart hard as of stone. She tells some fisherwomen rescued her and took to hospital. She says I didn’t elope, and wanted to marry you. Laksh looks on.

Swara says I know you don’t believe me, but don’t think I am trying to get you back. I know you are married to Ragini now and for me, marriage is a sacred thing which I don’t want to break. Laksh asks why you are doing this? Swara says I am not blaming or accusing anybody. She says I just want to say that something happened with me, so that’s why I couldn’t reach on time. She says I didn’t name anyone and hopes he believes her. She asks him to find half truth and unite her parents. She says I will wait for you in the morning, and asks him to find the truth. She says when you find truth, then my parents will unite and I will leave from your life. She says you and Ragini can live happily. She says if you don’t come, then I will tell my marriage truth with Sanskar to everyone. She asks him to look in her eyes and says you still feel that I am lying.

Ragini is going towards the room and Sanskar is following her. Ragini turns and Sanskar hides. Ragini opens the room and gets in. Sanskar too enters and lights the room. He says your game is over and asks where is Sumi? Ragini asks did you get Sumi? Sanskar asks where is Sumi? Ragini tells Sumi is safe, and reminds him that she is her mum also. She says I can’t think of harming her and asks Swara to accept the truth. Sanskar gets angry. Ragini asks him to press her neck and warns to do drama to trap him. She asks him not to think of raising hand on her and Laksh else it won’t be bad. Sanskar says if anything happens to Sumi, then……..Ragini says why you don’t understand? Sanskar says I am with truth. Ragini says I am trying to get my husband’s love, and leaves. Sanskar looks on angry.

Swara tells Laksh that she will wait for him in the morning and hopes he comes to her. She turns to go and prays to God to help Laksh find the truth. Laksh shouts and tells he will not believe her, even if God tells him. He says you don’t want to marry me, and then saying it was an accident. He says I will not come tomorrow. You can sit for marriage tomorrow. He says I hate you Swara and falls in river, just like Swara fell. Swara realizes that he has fallen and cries.

Ragini tells Swara that she talked to Annapurna and agreed her for bengali bridal attire. Swara tells Sanskar that Ragini threatened to kill Sumi, if she refused to marry him. Sanskar asks her to tell the truth to Durga Prasad and tells Laksh will not come. Swara hopes Laksh comes back and stops her wedding. They take the pheras with the hope of Laksh’s return.

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  1. sanju

    tomorrow mehandi scene and after that next week marriage happened laksh comes to know the truth and comes to stop swasan marriage but it late… this precap is about next week…….

  2. Anu

    Laksh k saath wohi ho rha h jo swara k saath hua tha

    Laksh aur swara ki.shaddi k din ragni ne swara ko apna sach btaya tha aur aaj swara ne laksh ko apna sach btaya

    earlier swara fell in water and now laksh fell in water

    Phele swara laksh ko sach btane gyi aur ab laksh swasan Ki marriage rokne gya

    Phele swara ko shock lga laksh aur ragini Ko married dekh kar aur ab laksh ko shock lgega swasan Ko married dekh kar

    Same event r happening

  3. anu

    are ekbar swarake sath positive karo its hesitating nd not intresting. Agar raginike sath isa dhikaotha majaa nahi hai ekbar inko haradho otherwise its not intrested

  4. appy

    why too much draging this?? just hate this. i will not going to c this show anymore. swara & laksh 2 main lead bt they did not get their 1st love. ths is ridiculous…

  5. Todays episode was ok but i cant figure out hw laksh will believe swara by falling in the river .if they both r at the same place then swara wont help him or wat.k
    Kuch bhi nahi aa rahi hein meri samjh mein ho kya raha hein is serial mein.

  6. Reeta

    Finally Swasan is getting married,m a swasan fan,waiting to c more of swasan scenes…don’t separate them writers pls,trp rise s jus cos f Varun n Helly track…

  7. Todays episode was ok but i cant figure out hw laksh will believe swara by falling in the river .if they both r at the same place then swara wont help him or wat.k
    Kuch bhi nahi aa rahi hein meri samjh mein ho kya raha hein is serial mein. Anyways i want swasan to get married they both r cute couple together swara will fall for sanskar within ni time.but wen will be ragini xposed is the big qn

  8. R

    May b laksh will knw the cmplete truth dt ragini trapped swara
    hpy fr swasan Bt raginis truth has to be revealed
    And she should suffer

  9. ds serial made fun of every feelings,emotions& relations i totally fed of,in ds serial,dialouges are great bt doings are very low plz sanskar dont marry swara u deserve best partner dn her plz c alwz talk as a great 1 bt c also dont respect others feeling

  10. Archies

    the only best pat was when Swara said i can read your eyes…… has anyone noticed she said she loved him and all her feelings for Laksh in past tense…. marriage will happen next week maybe the whole next week will be about it….

  11. ruby

    wat hel is goin on this serial. same ghisa pita kahani . bakawas. I won’t watch next episode of swaragini

  12. R

    I think after drowning he will come to the same seashore where swara came and rescued by same people nd got to knw the truth dt swara is nt lying
    And then may be he remembers everything Wt swatlra told him and analyses everything
    Like dat I hope he would cone to knw the truth abt ragini
    Hope so

  13. diya

    Kill that ragini.. Giving same reaction for everything.. Stupid girl.. Or please expose her truth soon..

  14. Dapz

    hey yr…. I guess sumi ko kuch toh hoga bcoz she hs been showcasing dis week vry ill n weak….. n I guesss den ragani’s father would hate her…
    den mzza aaega asli toh… I hate d ragani’s father tooo… koi itna bhi blind ni hota…..

  15. Kat

    I think he will get to know that Swara is innocent but not the whole truth. Only the part Swara told him. I think that’s why he thinks to ajust to Ragini as he couldn’t stop Swasan shaadi. Any ways, feeling sad for Swalak!!!!! Y can’t anyone give some tight slaps ro that b*t*h Ragini!!!!!!! When I see her I feel so ddisgusted!! No one should ever get a sister like her. Not even an enemy!!!!!!?????

  16. Nw d sjow s gettng on 2 ma nerves…Dunno whn dey r going 2 show sum good romantic momentyz of swasan…
    Newayz finally dey r getting married…

  17. rosy

    Want to see SWASAN TOGETHER…LOVE THEM…bt its true dat swara doesnt respect sanskar’s efforts n nw-a-days she is only keeping a pure proffessional relation wid sanskar… Sanskar continue to love swara uncondition without any expection as true love realy doesnt expects anythng it jst gives without hoping 4 returns and gradually swara wl undrstand dat how much sanskar loves her dat he wl let her live her own life n let her decide how she wana deal with her lyf n never force 4 nethng dat is against her WILL….

  18. ammu karithik

    hi frnds….☺ today episode very nice… becoz finally swara telling truth before wedding day happen….laksh ko sach batane jarurate hey abhi… he can think even now swara is innocent. but he can’t reach swasan marriage time Shadi ki badh ajaige….oh to bad news…I think swara abhe be laksh ko payr karte…. swara laksh ka Jodi good n swasan Jodi good…Jo hogaya so hogaya laksh ka Shadi ragini ki sat huva… swara ka sansker to huva… loveis past matter ,marriage eto life long ka matter so plz writters Dnt change it…its better for relations I think.

  19. Swasan fan

    Dats true Ammu,marriage s not fun,Again Swasan should not be separated,RaginI character s negative bt Tejasvi is also a good actress,after she gets her due punishment should start Ragya…bt Swasan s d best

  20. Simzain

    Didn’t swara realised dat lakhsh fell into d river coz he screamed so loud n evn d splash sound cme so loud n swara ws not evn very0 far away???n if she realised den hw cn she go like diz widout evn luking bck n letting him get drown n den die or is she so sure dat d fisherwomn wil help him also as if der duty is to safe lives of others…m confused on diz swaraz past luv has no humanity left also btwn dem now?

  21. meher

    I don’t think laksh will come to know about raginis truth…..
    He will feel swara is innocent
    But seeing swasan he will think swara is lying becoz she married sanskaar

  22. Shreya

    I just love swara and sanskar, they both look so cute together……. Plz don’t separate them. Swara plz respect sanskar feeling and love him. 😉

  23. Swasan fan

    Come what may,writers,it should be Swasan till the end,don’t make fun of the ‘filling the maang’ n the ‘marriage’,Swasan forever n ever

  24. Matendo pharida

    swara pretending dat no love is left for Lackshy. Its not so easy to forget you first love just like dat. I know swara still loves lackshy. And also marrying sm one u dont love is e worst thing in life. So swara and sanskar can very be a gd couple.

  25. MeH

    Am a SwaSan fan so I lykd it wen swara said “tum mera pehla pyaar THE laksh”….look she used past tense for him…..that means our sanskaar have a chanc….

  26. ?minnie?

    I hope SWALAK will happen soon n m sure bout it…. and after all first love is first love it can’t be over ever…… so at end shona will go to laksh only n swalak will happen ???laksh will repent then atlast SWALAK will be together as per our dekand

  27. mysterious

    ragini should b punished for her deeds n suffer …swasan always laksh should also suffer bcz if he can’t give a chance to swara his love even he doesn’t deserve a chance..

    • ?minnie?

      Sry but he deserves a chance completely cuz he gave her chances many times but circumstances made him like this and v all know Swalak love each other deeply

  28. dhane

    Fade up this swaragini,Why the ppl in this episode are hiding the truth of ragaini ,the bullshit nonsense.
    I guess the ending will be like this..
    Swora and here mum and dida have big hearts ,they wil sure forgive ragini.And lastly ragini and lakhs,Swora and sanskar will be married and live happily.




  29. AN

    wow !!! just waiting for today’s epi ! just want swasan to get together ! laksh is so stupid… if he still loves her why can’t he just accept it ! i mean he admitted that he still luv’s her but is not ready to trust her ! and sanskar truly luv’s her … swara plz understand him !!!

  30. AN

    one more thing …. swara didn’t realize that laksh fell into the water ???? he screamed so loud enough for her to hear ! she goes away crying too … i’m confused ! did she do it purposely ?

  31. Guest

    No no. She cried because he said he doesn’t trust her. Yeah she din realise I guess. I knw its stupid to not hear him scream. But Cause next she waits for him to cm nd stop the wedding. If she knew he has fallen in the river hw can he stop the wedding. He ll be hospitalised r8. Plus makers hv tried to bring in drama more. Like hw swara fell in river so reached late lakshya also fell nd reached late. Probably they r not destined to be together.

  32. Guest

    But oly thing I din lik about this is I don think ragini ll be punished. T might be more lik swara is innocent so pppl ll accept her but no one vil doubt ragini… If tat happens I ll never watch this serial. Common she shud be punished. Lakshya shud disown her.

    • Wow Archie, thanks for the link. Good that ragini’s mum slapped her, I’m so happy. Why would swara support that psyco ragini??

  33. Swasan fan

    We want Swasan to be together, pls don’t make Swara go bk,it will take some time to forget Laksh bt start some cute consideration for Sanskar and tho a routine and negativity, hurt Sanskar mildly u will realise that Swara has consideration for him

  34. ?minnie?

    U kno what anu, kat…. v are true swalakholics…!! M sure everyone here was once upon a time swalak fan but not true one cuz if they were true fans they would have supported them and should have forgive him… cuz he’s also a human and v only do mistakes……. all i wanna say is SWALAK rocks including their true fans example: anu, kat and me
    P’s: bashers stay away

  35. i think laksh would finally trust swara and realize his mistake of not trusting her … swara and sanskar would marry and swara would slowly realize his love for her !!! hope this to happen 😀
    but…… smtimes ragini’s truth would not be revealed and every one would trust her 🙁
    and pllllllllzzzzz no luv triangles pllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let laksh be ragini’s and ragini’s only !!! and swasan be together !!! 😉 hoping for this to happen !!! *excluding the ragini’s truth not being revealed part * i want ragini’s truth to be revealed asap !!!!!!!

    • Hey I also jus love swasan yaar really I want swara n sanskaar to get married n have some romantic moments yaar !!! Bcos sanskaar is more worth it 4 me!! So I m wid u dear !!!

      Pls brg rags truth infrnt asap !!! Writers yaar pls put some life !!!

  36. Lol.!! I had completely lost touch with this serial and I read the updates today. Seems like the writers are not in a mood to write, so all they are doing right now is replacing the names in the same situation 😀 same place, same story bas roles exchanged.
    Writers, get a life.!

    • ?minnie?

      Yes v mind and Its completely our choice…!!!!!its short form which v teenagers use unlike of some oldies who use full words …it our life our choice…. and thanks rashi MAM FOR ENLIGHTING US…. M GRATEFULL TO U RASHI MAMMMMM!!!!

  37. Wow Archie, thanks for the link. Good that ragini’s mum slapped her, I’m so happy. Why would swara support that psyco ragini??

  38. Lucky

    Minnie will you please be in your limits….if it is your wish to say something then realize that it is theirs wish to say it.. I just wanted to explain about one’s emotions..

  39. Lavania

    No one want to b blame. Why swara keeps protecting her sister??This is becoming boring .
    If it was true love swara would fight to get back her man.

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