Swaragini 1st November 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sujata liking the arrangements and says it must be done by Ragini. Nikhil comes and says it is done by Swara at the last moment as the designed are asked to change. Sanskar asks where is Swara? Nikhil says why to tell you. He then says she is coming. Ragini and Swara come to Maheshwari house and recall their moments with their respective husband. They both get teary eyes. Swara tells Ragini that she know what she is going through. Ragini tells that I have left home six months back, and you came with me. She says some relations got bitter, but some are still same. She says we will keep our feet on this door with the same trust which we have when we came here for first time. She says we will go with smile on our face. Swara says everything will be good this time, except

her relation with Sanskar. Ragini says everything will be good..

Swara recalls Sanskar asking her never to enter home again if she steps out once. They enter the house together. Everyone looks at them. Swara and Ragini look at the house. They are about to touch Durga Prasad’s feet. Just then Sanskar says they have come. They see Gayatri and her family coming there and greets them. She asks about Chirag? Gayatri says his flight is late, he will come soon. Sujata asks them to come. Gayatri asks where is your elder bahu…Parineeta. Annapurna says Parineeta went to her mayka and will return soon. Gayatri says it is wrong, she skipped Uttara’s function and went to her mayka. She looks at the arrangements and says wedding planners have decorated the house well. Swara tells Ragini that she will be back. Ragini goes to see food arrangements. Swara gives songs CD to DJ and asks waiter not to give any sweets to Durga Prasad. She collides with Nikhil and asks him to see outside decoration. Nikhil says okay boss. Swara smiles. Sanskar gets jealous hearing them and comes to Swara.

He says what I told you, that you will be here as a wedding planner and don’t try to have any relation with anyone. Swara says she was just trying to take Bade Papa’s blessings. Sanskar says his name is Durga Prasad and asks her not to forget that she is here as wedding planner. Swara says I don’t need to give you any explanation, asks him not to interfere and asks him to let her do for what she has come, also asks him not to show anger thinking him as his wife. Sanskar holds her closer against the wall. Swara asks him to leave her hand. She reminds him that today is his sister’s engagement and she is just wedding planner. She says if anyone sees us here like this, then…Nikhil comes there and sees them together.

Ragini checks the food arrangements. She collides with butterfly tattoo woman and says sorry. She tries to stop the woman. Nikhil says I don’t want to come inbetween. Sanskar says you are between us. Sanskar talks rudely with Swara. He thanks Nikhil for accepting his problem and pain. He says Swara is your childhood friend and love naa, asks him to propose her and says he will get them married. Nikhil says today is your sister’s engagement, else I would have given you a good answer. Swara tries to go. Sanskar holds her hand. Gayatri comes and calls sanskar. She sees him holding Swara’s hand and looks on.

Swara asks Ragini to go with Nikhil to the hospital with Laksh’s photo. In the hospital, Doctor informs Ragini that the person was in the hospital since 6 months and died 3 days ago, and that they have done his last rites. Ragini is shocked and teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Fairy

    Ahhhhhh!!!!noooo ……cvs i”ll reallly kill u if nythng haappen to laksh…yaar y u all r gvng soooo much pain to my raGini???i jst cnt see her lyk dis..oh god plzzzz brng laksh back pllzzzz!!!!! *cryng cryng n cryng……

    1. Fairy

      Is dis gonna happen nxt in swaragini????

      If rumours are to be believed Namish will be back in Swaragini in a new avatar.

      Lakshya will be shown dead and the actor will enter as a new character Abhimanyu, who would be Lakshya’s doppelganger.

      However, it is not yet clear, whether Lakshya would be actually dead or is hiding his real identity or wl loose his memory!!!!

      1. Jazzy

        Even I have read solo hopefully the track will be interesting but the CVS ruin everything
        …..and I feel this time also they will make it boring as always

      2. Fairy

        Yaaar seriously…..maine to kuch hope he karna chor diya h!!!bt still wish for an interestng comeback of laksh n good story btweeen raglak!!!!?? now letsss seee wt cvs wl gve us ???? *fingers crossed.!!!

      3. Jazzy

        Hehehheeh this happens everything I hope something else but ho kuch air hi jata ha and I m soooo curious to see his entry but now I have observed they give 5 min role to swara and then next 5 to ragini or maybe I feel solo happy to see ragini that I feel its long

  2. what a bad joke was that
    they killed laksh!!!!!!!really are the cvs out of their mind to think we will believe it
    swasan tashan was awesome


    bip… bip… bip….biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WHAT THE!!!!!
    All the episode is on high voltage (like they say in spoilers)… i kept high, high, high and HOP heart attack!!!
    *being positive… hindi show… poeple return from death everyday!*
    So… just reading not watching yet (subtitled version will ne be available before 4 hours)… but God!! Sanskar’s jealousy, closeness, rudeness… ufff
    but then, the precap…
    waiting for the next episodes (and for Swaras’ dance )

  4. Pooja26

    woah woah woah !!!!!!!!!!! :0 :0
    dis can:t happen in precap

  5. Jasmine shaikh

    Omg omg what is going on
    I was crying when I saw the precap
    Why have the writers seperated swasan &raglak dont know what they have to prove but it should be like they have done the last ryt of someone else

  6. What’s happening? Laksh.
    . Pls make him alive and unite swasan pls

  7. Rabia0032

    I hate you guys seriously you are ruining sanskar Charakter…what is this han we love sanskar and yes we wont some tashan between swasan but by destroying sanskar Charakter no never I just that they way you are making him Bad…plzzzz stop making him soo bad????I love swasan plzzz stop destroying sanskar or swara

  8. What the hell ????? Wt s ur problem sujatha ?????? U idiot i hate u…. u dont wanna give credits to swara huh ???? N sanskar y the hell u r troubling swara ??? U r hurting her too much….
    Oh god wt s tat precap ??? Laksh dead ? But yeah he ll be coming in a new avatar…. arre swasan dont fight like this…..

  9. a very happy news for all… namish is back… he is not quiting the show… he will be soon make a comeback as abhimanyu….
    I m not clear will that abhimanyu is laksh or laksh’s duplicate… but he is back… there r chances that laksh lost his memory in the accident….

  10. I don’t believe that laksh is dead..he may have lost his memory… n will come as abhimanyu…

  11. I m totally confused with nikil’s character!!!can anyone pls help me.…..lucky will be back in his new avatar.I think he loses memory n I heard he will be introduced as abhimanyu laksh’s lookalike

    1. Silent_writer

      Nikhil is temperary character dear he came opposite to swara as per i seen articles n to support ragini n about uttars wedding then it will b broken cuz they are not good people n yeah i heard that too laksh will died n come back as abhimanyu if it happens then surely kill them

  12. Is nikil new character introduced for ragini.smwhere i also heard that he will marry uttara????!!wat abt manoj chandila??

    1. no dear laksh will be back as abhimanyu… may be he had lost memory….

  13. waw today episode was great..Sanskaar hitting Swara to the wall was my dream wishing to continue it…Sanskar is so like a wounded lion doesnt want help yet he is bleeding and doesnt want to say he is not able to be jungle king….so wounded so anger at high level even words and ideas are not combined he wants to hold Swara and yet he wants to himiliates her and he is jalous…doesnt want to be in his place he is so wounded and lost
    Sanskar and Swara are the perfect combination whenever Swara is notaround Sanskar seems lost doesnt know what he wants everything is blurry to him
    High intensity scene today I like two thumbs up
    Precap is blurry too cz laksh is shooting already and he will be back with another name..
    Mica dear i was in the hospital i had a car accident but now i am fine that is why i wasnt around.
    Dear Hasan thanks for the fast update

    1. Mica

      oh goosshhh.. get well soon and fast recovery dear…*hug
      uugghhhh.. that why i love SWASAN….

    2. Divya shankar

      Ur analysis is nice pls tc k

    3. MAHIRA

      Good and fast recovery inshallah 🙂

    4. i too loved that scene… just want to pause that n watch it…n take care dear…get well soon…

  14. First of all I hate CVS for showing sane Precap from one week…They are just showing it for TRP…
    What are doing Sanskar…You don’t have any other work rather than hurting my Shona…Remember if you will hurt her again then I will give a punch on your face…*laughing face* Don’t take it seriously Sanskar’s fans…I m just joking…I loved that moment when Swara jumped on Sanskar and kisses on his cheeks. OMG..That was an Awww moment for me…*blushing face* ROFL….
    My Ragu is so understanding. I loved when she supported her Sister….I know she will surely do something to unite my Swasan..
    Precap us damn scary….My lucky died.. Seriously if this happens so then surely I will not watch this so. .Poor Ragu….This moment is going to be very tough for her…The person is died for whom she has done this many things…She even tries to kill sister…I can’t see my Swaragini broken…Please CVS unite my Swasan and Raglak soon….Pleasssssseeee..

  15. Sofia

    God knows what they are gonna do with Laksh…??Hope he is safe and sound.Please cvs don’t kill him?My Ragini has already gone through a lot..
    Bless Swaragini cast ?for giving so much pain to both the sisters.
    Anyways todays SwaSan tashan was hella
    nice?.Nowadays the episodes are worth watching…hope they keep like this instead of bringing boring family drama

    1. Sammykapoor

      laksh come back with new identity as abhimanyu …may be he got memory lss or he is look alike of laksh….then new raglak story starts

  16. Anshika

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo laksh dead i will die
    Why did that happen can i cry ? pls bring back laksh
    Or i will stop watching this stupid dumba** serial
    Its ******* bad first no raglak scene and now this stupid thing why are the CVS so mindless and what the hell is this
    No laksh no serial
    No swaragini
    No swara no ragini
    Why swara is getting 4 lovers and ragini zero
    Are you guys out of the mind and why the hell is this stupid dumb and nonsense partiallity
    Just starting to hate this *trying to blow our mind* show

    1. Mica

      Why swara is getting 4 lovers and ragini zero <—— well Anzhika, your statement tempting me to comment..
      being loved by many boyz/girlz is not a competition dear, even it's not a thing to be proud of….believe me, for Ragini herself it beyond enough to be loved by her love only (Laksh) or for girlsz/boys, it is beyond enough for them/us to be loved by our loved one..rite ?
      from this serial,we got lessons that be loved by many people made them suffer..
      1. Laksh, when the sisters fall in love to him, what he got ? jealousy, broken heart, tears, anger, lost his love.
      2. Swara, when Laksh behind her, she forced to divorce from her husband, her beloved almost killed when Sahil want her, and Nikhil here just a best friend, and about Sanskar, he is the man which she want to give her love only.
      3. Sanskar, when Kavita behind him, what he got ? his loved one almost no more and jailed, almost separate from his love..pain and sorrow only..

      another lessons, face it's not all granted to make someone fall in love..
      -Laksh may found Ragini is nice person, but he thought that her character wasn't suit for him.
      -Sanskar, being her crime partner, may found that she is not good girl (even a bad boy want a good girl to be a life partner)
      but then look, when Ragini become good, selfless person, Laksh begged her to get her love, rite ? ….
      so, this is my bak bak… 😀 😀

      1. I agree with u mica..

  17. I think that they have killed Lash and now nikl will marry ragani

    1. nope… that will not happen…

  18. Silent_writer

    What the how can dr say it yrrrr i m gonna kill cvs truelyyy sach main first sanskar reaction towards swara n scnd this drama gosshhhhhhhh what they wany surely he will not die or they make him re birth n name raksh etc etc Uff y r they ruining the showwww plzzz make them understandss yr

    1. Silent_writer

      Clap clap laksh coming back in abhimanyu attire thats totally awsmeee first no raglak proper scenes scnd make him die n bring another look alike thats totally fab dnt knw who give this mind less ideas to cvss ?

      1. Malika

        Really laksh will come back in another attire… Is this news true.???? Nooo please never make nikhil marry to ragini. Only raglak…….. Absolutely correct fizoo…. Don’t know how many twist and turn there is in this serial…..????…… Wooow swasan scene was fabulous yr…… Can’t see ragini in pain…..!!!! Please make laksh entry soon…… I’m sure really eager to see himmm. Had missed him a lot……!!!!…can anyone tell me if this news is true or not….. If laksh will come in new attire…… Thank s a lot hansan…

      2. Silent_writer

        Di its true ?

  19. Hy plz u mention sometin about swaragini subtitles being lukin for it so long no luck plz share d link please

    1. MAHIRA

      it’s on lodynet.com, in some hours they update everyday

  20. Divya shankar

    No laksh pls bring laksh soon waiting for him swasan scenes r so cute day by day I. M liking nikil due to him v can c more swasan scene please end sagai soon..from one week showing same segment..even dress also today at last change

  21. iammmmm to happy as nami is back but really my poor ragu i cant see her in pain today my princess looking dam gorgeous green suits her a lot and ya today flashback scene of raglak was awesome

  22. guddi kaswan

    omg whats going on. lacky will come back soon but not as lucky.
    what happened to this story yrr

  23. guddi kaswan

    please first do somthing for unite to swasan
    i can’t see more sapprate them

  24. MAHIRA

    after watching….
    SANSKAR MAHESHWARI!!! why are you fans blaming him? if Swara doesn’t see all that badtaamiz behavior as what it is , real huge pure possessive love, so she has to put glasses (oh God… she’s very intelligent with everyone, but with Sanskar… heart (hormones) must burn all her good neurones)
    i just loved the confrontation, when after asking her again and again to behave as just a wedding planner, she replies that as she’s wedding planner he can’t put his nerves on her like a wife… and pang, the husband is back, angry, jealous and possessive…
    becareful tiny sweety canadian boy, Sanskar can kill close persons to him when Swara is involve (ragini, kavita, laksh)… so you should take some steps back when you want to talk to him about her.
    by the way, if Laksh is amnesic, he’ll be the 4th … sanskar’s fake madness/amnesy, ragini’s true/false amnesy, swara’s amnesy…
    the woman with butterfly tattoo has the same aspect of Kavia… !?!?

    1. Mica

      Mahiraaaaaaaaa… hahahhah..
      We can’t deny the fact that on other case and other people, Swara drove by her mind and brain only..but for Sanskar, it mixed by heart also…. 😀 😀
      actually they drove by their own mind, we can’t forget how sanskar called her as ex-wife in front of Gayatri when he even didn’t realize that Swara there, guilty and low confidence about her place in Sanskar’s heart happened… and we can’t forget that her hope about their relationship flew away already (when she said that her relation with Sanskar turn to bitter and wrong, in front of gate)

      1. MAHIRA

        It’s true, but she said to her mother to not worry because when laksh will be back she will return he me. Somewhere she knows that whatever happened till now she is able to bring her. Sanskar back in her life… But then this is before the coming bad news about laksh

    2. Mica

      about what she said to somi, it happened before Sanskar arrived to doubt her love, after that, she told Ragini that their relation is ruined already…

  25. Kakali


    give us more scenes like today…Sanskar pinning Swara to wall… it’s kinda dream come true..
    CVs waa!! taking almond rit…
    i knew it.. haaa!!

    Lucky come back naa!! missing u very badly..it’s been many days i have seen.. n it’s been decades i have watched Swaragini..
    dear without u,, ur Ragini n d show Swaragini is incomplete…sacchhii!!!
    *fainting on Namish

    thnk u .H.Hasan mam… ;-*

  26. Mica

    H.Hasan mam… thank you soo much dear for fast update..
    literally laughing to watch Nikhil handed the box to Sanskar, he even didn’t realize that there is volcano in orange attire that ready to erupt anytime to him 😀 😀 goosh Nikhiiill!

    Aaaaawww Sanskar!!! you are so cute with your jealousy *pull his cheek..
    once your lady love came, you put your gaze to her only, no matter what the situation, even when you announced that your guests arrived, your glance on her still…

    Swara kinda an obedient cute student that got scolding from her professor when she slightly bend down her gaze to hear Sanskar’s taunt..aaaww another cute creature..
    but then her words..gooosh, she ignite the fire when asked her jealousy husband to stop threatened her as his wife (she is right, actually the one who can’t see Swara as wedding planner is Sanskar himself, not Swara :D, good reply dear). but you hurt him to the core, for a jealousy husband, it’s mean that you don’t want become his wife anymore 😀 😀

    pinned on wall…. oh God, it’s dream come true..i wonder since ages when this scene will be happen…aaww ty CVS, ….. their intense eyelock, swara blabbering, Sanskar kept mum but his gaze on her face and on her lips only..goosshhh, they kinda want romance than fight 😀 :D..
    and Nikhiiilll.. how could you!!!!!!*beat him…huh! you spoil everything, but your answer soo cool, dud! you remind me Neil for Chasni in MMZ…
    Ragini, good luck dear!
    i love DP…..

  27. I really didn’t understand, once the girl with tattoo has escaped, and again came to engagement directly. And also I felt that she showed her hand intentionally. What work for her in the engagement? I think it is a plan of some one. It may be pari/laksh/nikhil.any ways laksh (namish)will be back definitely. But don’t know he’s real laksh r fake.
    Poor swara. Mistakes has done by both equally. They both have to solve their problems by talkings only not by fightings.
    This nikhil unintentionally creating problems for swasan.
    Shekar doesn’t like nikhil so for ragini nikhil tries to convince shekar.after getting all in a proper way. Laksh will be back.
    I think this much lengthy track will not be given to my ragini.but I want this
    Missing raglak very badly?

    1. Sammykapoor

      laksh come back with new identity as abhimanyu …may be he got memory lss or he is look alike of laksh….then new raglak story starts

  28. Arey anyhow laksh is missing.why r u spoiling swasan relation.sanskar is turning to villain character.plz reunite swasan.plz plz
    In Uttara engagement create a sence like chirag stab swara for revealing his truth.then sanskar will take swara to hospital and they will reunite.

  29. Aasthu

    what the hell is this???????? y are they showing the same precap for so many days ????? there is a difference only in the words……….cv’s y are you ruining every character?? Sujata was over acting…………..omg Sanskar-Nikhil convo was superb!!!!! Nikhil infusing jealousy in Sanskar was a sight to see………………noooooooooooooo Laksh can’t be dead……………

    Mica I loved your words about having n number of lovers………..and thank you for clearing my doubt………………..

  30. Plz swasan or raglak ko reunite kijiye or laksh ko bhi waapas se laiye without laksh ragini is very alone so plz

  31. Hey guys I think nikhil will start to love ragini by seeing how much she love laksh and waiting for them till now and then laksh(namish) comes in new style or avtar it’s just my think but I love raglak soooo much

  32. I think this happened :

    Lakshya and Abhimanyu were brought into the same hospital at the same time. But only Abhimanyu had died and they did Abhimanyu last rites, not lakshya. Meanwhile lakshya is suffering from memory loss and doesn’t remember his name and people start to call him Abhimanyu because they are look alike, so he thinks he is Abhimanyu. The doctors think Ragini is talking about Abhimanyu so they tell her that he is dead.

    If its not correct then i only know one thing : that they cannot kill lakshya just lyk that

  33. I m vry disappointed wth on going track. woh sanskar jo swara par ankhen band krke trst karta tha aur uske liye apni jaan bhi de skta tha woh aise react kar rha hai ye nrml hai.

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