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The Episode starts with Shekhar telling Sumi to make Ragini understand not to talk about Swara again and also to make her understand that she shall not inform Swara about their home shifting decision. He goes. Sumi tells Ragini that she is proud of her. She says I am proud of my both daughters. She says Swara is fulfilling her duty as bahu and you are doing duty of a good daughter. She asks her not to worry and says this time will pass. Annapurna is sad. Swara tells Annapurna that her mum used to say that time is not always same, and asks her not to be upset as all the problems will end with time and a new start will begin. Annapurna says you remember your mum’s all sayings, but Laksh forgot my upbringing. She cries. Laksh says I don’t know why they are behaving badly with you. Kavya says she can’t

adjust with them and says she haven’t done anything with them. Laksh asks her not to worry and assures his support.

Swara tells Annapurna that Laksh got blinded in Kavya’s love and will think us wrong. Annapurna says what shall I do? I can’t see him ruined infront of my eyes. She says I want my old Laksh back. Swara hugs her and says we will bring Laksh back. Ragini tells the buyers that this house is inauspicious, and says she can’t be happy in the house. Kalyan ji says what you are saying? Ragini says my mum died in this house after slipping from the stairs, my dada ji’s face was blacken and was barred from the society, I tried to take my life twice. She asks the buyers not to buy this house. Shekhar calls Ragini inside and asks why you are insulting us. Sumi says they are trying to stop the sale. She says she can’t go leaving this house, as many memories are attached with the Baadi and home. Kalyan ji says this house is good. Shekhar asks the buyers, if they have decided. Buyer says they haven’t decided and leaves. Kalyan ji says they have changed decision after Ragini told them stories, and says anyways he will try. Shekhar sees Swara coming to Baadi and gets angry looking at her.

Sujata tells Annapurna that black cat (Kavya) is in her room and I didn’t see her. They come out holding the puja thaali and see Kavya doing exercises with her personal trainer. They are shocked. Servant and gardener look at her. Sujata says she will ruin our respect. Annapurna sees the instructor touching her. She asks Gardener to do his work. Laksh comes home. Kavya introduces him to the trainer, and asks for a good morning kiss. Annapurna closes her eyes. Sujata asks don’t you both have any shame? Kavya asks Laksh to go and says she will come after doing her work out. Sujata tells Laksh that she will talk to him.

Swara says Baba, I was missing you. Shekhar goes inside without talking to her. Swara goes inside. Shekhar asks Ragini what Swara is doing here. He says he will not forgive her. Sumi sees Swara and hugs her. Ragini also hugs her. Swara asks about the buyers, and asks if he is selling the house. Shekhar asks Ragini and Sumi, why Swara have come home. Swara enters the house and says that Ragini didn’t call me here. I know Kalyan ji, he is Baadi’s broker. He says I won’t let this house sold. Shekhar says you don’t have any right to say or interfere in our matter, and says my daughter was about to die. Swara says your daughter is my sister too. Shekhar says she is my daughter only, and your step sister. Everyone is shocked. Sumi asks what you are saying? Shekhar says he said right. He asks her to handle her home and not to interfere in his house. Sumi says she is a child and asks him not to hurt her. Shekhar says this house is mine and I can do anything. Dadi sees her and says Swara…..

Laksh tells Kavya was doing exercise as she needs to be fit being a celebrity. Sujata says bahus looks good inside the house. Annapurna says everyone was staring at her, and she was doing it intentionally. Kavya comes inside and asks if they are discussing about her work out till now. She asks him to bring her inhaler and protein shake. Laksh asks what happened and goes to room. Sujata asks her to sit and calls her nautanki. She asks her to do good yoga to get rid of Asthma. She asks do you have any shame or not? Kavya asks shall I do yoga in saree and pallu. Uttara asks her not to talk to her mum badly. Kavya says she is talking generally. Laksh brings inhaler and protein shake and scolds Uttara. Kavya says she was doing work out outside home, as the family might have objection with her work out. She shows the protein shake and says it is pure non veg. She says she don’t want to look like them and will continue her work out. She goes. Annapurna says she has a very long tongue. Sujata gets irked and says she called me fat.

Dadi asks what is happening here? What she is doing here? Shekhar says you was about to come after 2 days. Ragini says I called Dadi here. Dadi asks Swara not to interfere in their house matters, as she has left the house with her own will. Swara says but Dadi……Dadi holds her hand and asks her to leave. She asks her not to interfere and closes the door on her face. Ragini and Sumi try to stop her. Dadi says it is my house, and I will do what I think is right. Swara cries. Ragini sees her from the window. Swara asks her not to lose strength and says we are sisters and will always be. She wipes her tears and says nobody can separate Swaragini. Swaragini plays…………Ragini nods her head. Swara starts walking, just then she gets call from Sujata and goes. Ragini looks on.

Laksh asks Swara why she is interfering in others’ matter and asks if she is a reporter to know everything, and warns her to keep away from them. Swara says your wife is misbehaving with my family which I will not tolerate. Laksh says this is my family too. Kavya asks what happened. Laksh says Swara, the CID came to talk to me. Swara asks Laksh if he can’t understand. Laksh asks her to handled her home and says your own dad have thrown you out of the house. Sanskar asks what nonsense you are talking about? Laksh takes them outside, and says why Swara is after Kavya. Sanskar says Durga Prasad gave his propery to Ragini to save you and Annapurna got a heart attack. Laksh says this is all happening because of them and asks them to leave, as he wants to spend some time with his wife. Swara is shocked at his behavior. Laksh goes inside his room and closes the door.

Swara tells Sanskar that Laksh doesn’t want to hear anything against her, and says what magic did she do? Sanskar says it is love magic. Swara says will you tolerate if I do this? Sanskar says you will never do this and will scold me if I misbehave with anyone. Swara sends him to talk to Adarsh. Kavya sends Laksh downstairs. Laksh asks her to sleep after dinner. Kavya says I am fine. Laksh goes. Kavya closes the door and takes out the kerosene oil spray. She sprays the kerosene oil in the room, at all the corners. Sujata and others get busy in serving food. Sujata says she had kept lauban/coal there and asks where is it?

Kavya keeps the lauban(burning coal) near the window and says two works are to be done. She goes downstairs, steals Sujata’s phone and starts going. Laksh calls her. Kavya says I will be back in 2 mins and goes. She keeps phone in her room and comes back. She then call on Sujata’s number through landline. Sujata hears the ring tone and looks for her phone. She gets up saying she will bring her phone. She says ring tone is coming from there, and takes phone from laksh’s room. Kavya tells Laksh that she will get water, goes near Sujata and intentionally throws her phone down breaking it. Sujata scolds her. Kavya says sorry. Laksh says it is not broken. Kavya says it is okay, mistake is mine. She gives her phone back. The curtains catches fire. Swara tells Durga Prasad that she made his favorite dal and she has taken recipe from Ragini. Laksh says I don’t want to eat this dal and gets up. Swara looks on.

Kavya goes to her room, lights her pallu with fire and shouts calling Laksh. She acts to faint and falls down. Everyone rushes towards the room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. This Kavya!!!! I hate her!! Laksh is totally blinded by Kavya’s acting of love. And Sekhar and Dadi. How can they do this with Swara?? Vry upset with the new plot. Missed SwaSan today. 🙁

  2. full crab s going on

  3. what happeing?????????????????????????????????????????

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you….happy birthday to you….happy birthday dear swaragini…..happy birthday to you

    swaragini started on 2 march 2015 nd today is 2 march 2016

  5. i hate this kavya a lot such a dramebaaz

  6. When u thought it couldn’t get any worse. I mean really who writes this shit. Even a retard wouldn’t go from one shit relationship to another. They could have got him a decent wife. And I dont mean going back to ragini either.

  7. Today Swaragini Completed its One Year

  8. wowwww shekar ur such a good father i dnt beleive this……muje esa lagtha hai ki shekar ne aaj tak swara ko apni beti nahi mana poore dil se……..

  9. Nonsense eipisode missing meri ashiqi tum se hi ?

  10. Hate these episodes…need swasan scenes.. Its was nice bfor their mrg i guess..Now wer is our prince charming nd princess.. It all get spoiled.. Is this d way sanskar promised to look after his princess.. Too bad CVS… Need some moments of swasan..
    If u people only concentrate in ur saas bahu bakwaas drama then sure trp gonna fall..
    Waiting for Swasan ?

  11. Just watching all this non scene for teju.. This Feel like burning tat Kavya Aunty alive.. Wen they r gonna end her track.. Feeling irritated to see her and this Laksh has gone mad in tat aunty fake love..

  12. this evil kavya…..what happt to lakshya

  13. Are wahh Is dadi and shekar will help their own Ragini in her evil doings but not swara …..
    and shekar ji what u r doing when Ragini wants to kill his maa and sister and even she wants to proove that swara is characterless and thrown out the house by taking divorce In a cunning way and humilates Annapurna and laksh family. tab aap margay kyaaa
    Itni di logic bi nahi he is writers ko

  14. i think laksh iz not mad in his love….
    but he iz in some kind of pressure…may be kavya is blackmailing him……cz d way he is insulting his mom iz worst dan anything. .
    n old laksh was not like dat….laksh always used to love his mom…

  15. Kavya’s acting is so bad…Ragini’s acting was better in negative roles.Hahahaha…loved it when Laksh called Swara a CID and reporter.

  16. Happy birthday my dear swaragini,swara u look very beautiful in sari , I know , sanskar is married man but both of u 2gether looking very nice couple and made fr each other. Best Luck for incoming episode of swaragini i wish swara will get loving life partner in her real life like sanskar.

  17. hey guys… how are yo all?? hmmm… I missed today’s episode.. anyway it wasnt worth to watch.. I guess fullepisode consistd of
    annoying shekhar , irritating kaviya , over reacting ap n sujatha, crying baby Swara , idiotic Laksh… shekhar bein partial to his daughters…he never loved , concerned, trusted Swara… next lucky… am really feeling pity for him…he never change at all.. before he danced by ragini’s word n fought with Swasan.. again he is repeating it listening kaviya ‘s emotional word n hurting his family… such an emotional fool… want dida back to badi.. I really miss her so much… plz bring her soon… Swara n ragini needs her now…

  18. How stupid is this shekhar, what’s wrong with him,he is saying swara as step sister of ragini,but the fact z he is behaving as the step father of swara,he z torturing swara just for the sake that she supported sanskar family bcoz of whom ragini committed suicide then y he forgot that it was sanskar who saved swara n supported her wen everyone is against her.how could Shekhar forget that its ragini who tried to kill swara 2tyms n it was ragini,bcoz of she all these r happening,,eat some badham everyday shekhar, so that u remember wat ragini did

    1. Lol
      Yeah you’re right ?

  19. I really feel that they should not pair Laksh and Ragini anymore, if he couldn’t recognize her love for him, he doesn’t deserve her. They should get a new guy for Ragini who respects and and encourages her to move forward and be independent, who will make her realize that she’s capable of much more that what she thinks and i want Laksh to suffer for his stupidity

    I have nothing agianst the actors just stating my opinion on the characters

  20. right glzs i guess thoda to sense banna chahiye na seriol me previouly kya hua hai wo sab bhool jaate ho and kuch b episode banate ho which actually doesnt make any sense…wt u suppoed to do is make laksh understand that kavya is doing something wrong even by watching viedo he is simply ignoring it which doesnt make any sense….ek sensible episode to hona chahiye na………apart from this kavya is coming down in last episode and no one has seen her only laksh did he called her on table than she said that she will come again she comes down…..OMG messed everything and doesnt make any sense….ka ho kya raha hai yahan….aur swara to bilkul b effective nahi lag rahi hai….aur ussey saari thodi aur achhi do yaar plz
    hair style change karo….outfit chng karo..

  21. Really BORING

  22. and ASAP make laksh understand that something is fishy from kavyas side and remind him that swara never lie coz once upon a tine he used to love her a lot and also used to trust her and all of a sudden he forgot her again nonsense hence remind laksh abt swara that she is a nice gal as far as he knows and cant do something wrong of she has a doubt abt kavya than something might be fishy make laksh realise this let him investigate this by himself….and get the TRP!!


  24. Swaragini charcters are promoting sony channel show lol
    Parvarish s2 , Cid , Reporters
    anna purna and sujata : Parvarish lol lakshya : Cid Reporter lol
    kavya i s too much but she is dumb kavya please learn from ankita n aditya(parvarish s2 ) evil plotting couple lol aditya -ankita are 1000 steps ahead of kavya lol
    mini kavya and mini lakshya : aditya and ankita lol
    mini swara and mini sanskar : jassi -nishant khanna ( parvarish s2 )
    mini ragini : ria and dolly
    mini adarsh : rajesh jogi monty lol
    mini uttara : meenu

  25. Happy birthday swaragini
    Wish this serial telecasts for many many years more

  26. What happened to this shekhar ?how can he behave with swara like that?unbelievable! !!!!

  27. plz plz plz we want swasan and laksh ragini as a couple and swaragini as a sisters if not i m going to stop this sshow nd i will come thre 2 kill u all plz don t make me angry and that kavya i just hate her and i will throw of h4

  28. i hate Shekar. why he is punishing Swara for Lakh’s mistake. nw Swaragini the sisters bond come back. i am really happy for that but for Ragini very poor. Laksh doesn’t deserve Ragini i hate him very much . plz make some new entry for Ragini and Laksh must be realising his mistake. in this serial always give important to Swara. i also like Swara but for Ragini she is also important

  29. Arey yaar sanky k pass toh khud k goons bhi hain na toh vo unhe kyun ni kehta k us aunty kavya ko kidnap krke usse secrdtly maarde aur swasan ek saath milker yeh show krde k uss aunty ka accident hua hai
    Dis is juz my idea wich m sure wont happen in d show
    Ya i stopd watching d show coz of d irritatng trck n also dat aunty K but still readng coz of swasan(VaHe)

  30. I really loved the way laksh hate swara because she deserves this

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