Swaragini 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Sahil coming to Swara and says music will give you strength. He says I brought CD’s for you. Swara gets happy. Sahil says they are rare bengali CD’s. Swara asks then why you are giving it to me. Sahil says just because I know that you will keep it safely. Sumi tells Shekhar that Sahil called and asked can he come? I said yes and asks him to come. Sanskar talks to Ragini and says he wants to see or hear Swara once. Ragini says okay. Swara tells Sumi that Sahil wants to use her music academy. Sahil jokes with her. Ragini goes near Swara. Dadi asks where is Swara? Ragini holds the phone so that Sanskar can see Swara. Sanskar sees Swara and Sahil laughing. He is surprised. Swara goes with Sahil. Ragini asks Shekhar, where did Swara go? Shekhar says music academy. Ragini asks Sumi,

why did you send her with Sahil. Sumi says she needs people whom she trust. Ragini says okay.

Annapurna tells that pandit ji will come and do havan. Parineeta asks what is the use of havan, and says Swara is the one who brought Rajat here, and now blaming Sanskar for her condition. She says Swara is responsible for Sanskar’s condition then why shall we do havan for her. Durga Prasad asks Parineeta to stop it, says Swara is unwell now and will get her memory back soon. He asks her not to increase Swara’s pain. Sujata asks Parineeta not to blame Swara and starts blaiming Parineeta. Annapurna asks Parineeta not to tell this to Sanskar, as he is broken already and is standing with much strength now. Sujata asks where is he? Laksh says he said that he is missing Swara. Annapurna says he might have went to Baadi. Sujata says if Swara gets attack again then….Parineeta thinks it is good and Swara will be away from her way.

Swara and Sahil come to the music academy. The girls there ask for Sahil’s autograph and wish to marry him. Sahil says I go to graveyard daily and talk to dead people. The girls get scared and goes. Swara laughs hearing his joke. Sanskar looks at Swara from far….and is happy. Sumi is boiling water in kitchen. Dadi asks what you are doing? Sumi says I am making kheer for her. Dadi says why you are acting when you don’t care about your daughter. She says you sent your married daughter with a stranger. Sumi says Sahil had saved her life. Dadi asks her to tell all truths to Swara and tell her that she is bringing her sibling in the world. She says you have to take care of Swara, but you will make her care for you.

Ragini comes home. Laksh asks you are here? He asks about Swara. Ragini says Swara is fine. Laksh asks her to be in Baadi and stay with Swara. Ragini thanks him for understanding and says something is bothering her. Laksh makes her sit and asks her to tell……….Parineeta hears them. Ragini says Maa is pregnant, and says I wanted to tell you, but don’t know how to tell you. She tells that Dadi is not happy with her pregnancy….Laksh says it is a good news, and congrats her happily with a hug. Ragini worries about society. Laksh says I don’t care about society. He says I will go and make Dadi understand and convince her. Ragini thanks him. Laksh says I will go and tell Papa that I am going to Sargam foundation.

Parineeta thinks to take advantage of the situation and thinks she will make an issue….Swara and Sahil come to the car. She says Sahil, the rockstar and shouts Sahil…Sahil. Sahil asks are you mad? Swara says I am fan of your singing and nature. Sahil gets glad. Swara sees someone keeping an eye on her and sees Sanskar standing. She recalls Sanskar shooting her and asks him not to come near her.

Swara shouts and calls Sahil. Sahil hits on Sanskar’s head without seeing him and then apologizes. Sanskar signs him to take Swara from there as she gets scared. Sahil sits in car and sees Swara hugging him scared. Sanskar gets up and looks on.

Sujata tells Sumi that your age is suited to become nani and not mum. Sumi decides to get abortion. Sahil promises Sanskar that he will bring Swara back in his life. Swara happens to see her marriage photo frame and is shocked to see Sanskar’s pic as her husband.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Good epi!! Laksh and ragini scenes are good and thnx for the super fast update mam!!!

  2. i loved dp and sujju he scold pari.. and take swara side.. want sujju and ap., dp comes to know about pari khand what will happen to her.. so its nt doubt pari join hands with sahil.. hope sanskar ye baat sun liya ho… hating pari daily stop her nautanki… and shomi wants swara with sahil.. hate it… tdy i hate shomi… and pari.. dadi about child is nt good but abt swara sending out with sahil as he is paraya.. hw can she send i liked it….. hate tdy episode swara-sahil scene also nt good.. pari happy when laksh said sansku gng to meet swara as she hates him and all.. please for god sake stop pari drama…

    1. and where is swasan cosmic connection before episodes they showed and nw in this episode they didnt showed as his presence… i dont like tdy episode too much drama … full dragging..

  3. and tmrw badi drama… full of bakwas.. ek hi precap kitne din dekna hai.. where is new promo why its nt out till nw…. no swaragini promos.. all serials promote promos but swaragini nt at all…

  4. Thanks hasanji for fast update I have decided not see the serail until swasan r united n only read the updates

  5. wt d hell is ds cvs making so much useless nonsense stuff i hope they dnt make swara fall for sahil if it will happen dn it will be d worst story ever

  6. Need to say swara and sahil too making a good pair.. Anuj is doing a good job.. SARA looking cute..

  7. This paineeta is such a b*t*h. Hate her soooo much

  8. Thanks for raglak scenes i love them soo much

  9. Hate today’s epi,how dare that Mogli hit sanskar! !!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt very bad for sanskar, being injured on his head he thought swara’s condition;truly he loves her !!!!!!but iam really felt very bad how these directors n writers are misguiding the society by showing such unbelievable track; how can they show a guy is getting attracted to a married woman?such a bullshit! !!!!!!!!!!!!being a swasan fan I am very annoyed with the current track ,I just can’t see sanskar without swara n swara without sanskar ;please writers don’t make attract swara towards sahil ,make her attract towards only music ;I just can’t see swara n sahil together,it irritates me ;sorry if anyone is here a sahil fan im not against the actor ,iam against the character sahil.

    1. Don’t compare sahil to mogli
      Even mowgli is far better than that chua (rat)

  10. O god ye drama kab khatam hoga i hate this track its to booring

  11. That blo*dy sahil !!!! Hate you ….. Idiot he can he hit sanskar .. And swara idiot too na shouting sssaaa… Sahillll hhe… Help….. Stupid
    And by the way luvd raglak scenes

  12. Someone provide sanskar good and different suits.. Always in blue and pink, the same one.. And must say, swara innocent look me aur v khub lagti hai.. She is really too cute.. I was hoping for swalak.. But here it is sara… Atpeast swsan is better than them.. Alsothought sahil’s character to be +ve… But what to say.. The name of the show must be changed to “DRAGGING THE SHOW”

  13. sudharshna udhayakumar

    How dare that idiot uncle sahil hit sanky baby still cares for swara…….I m in damn mood seeing today’s epi

  14. I hate Sharmishta today,I think she is inclined with her clan today. How she can send Swara with an unknown guy. Nonsense.
    Raglak was so cute in today’s episode.
    Poor Sanskar he was bowing his hands after being hurted too. Once Swara will definitely pay for it. I just hate Swara now.Look how she teased Saahil today…….she is shouting Saahil,Saahil,Saahil how disgusting. Charecterless ladki

  15. Oh really nice to see raglak together again.poor sanskar how much he should fight for his love,first for kavita,now swara.Always hurting sanskär.In yesterday episode he was bleeding and sahil left him on the road,he even didn’t tried to convince swara that he is also a human.definitely he will take it as advantage. I hate pari she want to hurt ragini and swara.

  16. Nice raglak scenes.after raglak I like sanskar character. How much pain he should bear.he did a lot to swara,he left his first love,he went against to his family to help swara,sahil such a mad he left him on the road .he try to convince swara as he also a human.he will take it as advantage. I hope this ml drama and pari drama will end soon.

  17. I feel that we are exaggerating fiction it’s not real they all are characters bashing someone personally presents us as a loon moreover sumi is trusting saahil becoz he saved swara and swara befriended him if he was a wrong person he wouldn’t have saved swara he took her home took care of her and destresses her so he is good as a friend which is his destiny coz all swasan fans know they can’t be separated so enjoy track keep watching swaragini and increasing trps

  18. raglak r cute.thanku writers for tz.

  19. I want the scenes like sanskar fakely romance with another girl to make swara jealous then she will understand the pain of sanskar

  20. sahil don’t feel overr……………. when swara with you .swara be with her husband aka sanskar only . don’t do overacting that much stupid sahil .

  21. I don’t how I going to tolerate Pari drama.
    cute raglak …want more…
    swara is getting my nerves….

  22. Deepika Karunanidhi

    Wow. Ragini and Laksh scene’s are super!!!! Awesome!!!!. Soon Swara and Sanskar should join together. Actually Sanskar must make Swara jealous and make her with the love the past moments.

  23. The current track is really boring & please make swara & sanskaar to be reunited fast

  24. Can anyone pls tell me tat bgm is of which film and song.. D one which played when sanskar hid and saw swaraswara..pls if anyone knows tell me

  25. Awesome raglak scenes

  26. Shona/Laado/Hitler

    I completely agree with you vaidehi but we are fans na.. That’s why can’t see our swasan like this. I really loved my previous comment and really wishes it to come true (to kill paril). I really liked today’s raglak scenes, a treat for raglak fans. And I think it was really surprising lucky is also supportin his ragini and maababa. Plzz don’t take it wrong I red somewhere that maheshwaris are not with them. Don’t know that others are not supporting. I requests all of you if you know the name of a ff wrier who wrotes ( don’t know that it is completed or not) swasan ff JUST SAY I LOVE YOU (split personality- like that), than plzzzzzz tell me plzzzzzz or give me any chapter’s link of this ff plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz beg ypu all plzzzz tell me if you know.

  27. Sad for the my cutest sanskar 🙁 Hopefully the CVs give a good treat to watch for swasan fans

  28. ty sooo much for update Hassan, you are my hero <3, since i'm lost in Hindi language, and because of you, i know what they said, what the story in Swaragini.
    so far, i love and enjoy swaragini. I love the way Durga Prasad trust Swara, i love the way Anandpura love swara and forgive ragini's mistake, i love the way sanskar start to loves swara and swara loves sanskar (built among trust, pain, problem) , i love the way laksh start loves ragini (move on from swara to ragini by falling in love to 3rd person, kavya, more logic for me in considering what ragini's done).
    just 1 thing, why ragini always give SAD face..? while did a crime, as villain, when she shocking or pretend to be shocking,…what i got just SAD FACE, is this good acting or flop ?since as body language's viewer i ever didn't get the point from her flat expression, just my 2cent opinion, no offense for tejaswi fans.

  29. for this episode, i’m dissapointed to laksh. he should give more love (miss) expression when ragini come to their room, i think it would be more romantic.
    and when swara got cough, it is more exciting to watch if swara cough, drink water and then raised her head as sanskar habit, and wondering why she did that.

  30. I want swara make love with sahil

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