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Ragini gains consciousness. Swara cries happily. Dadi asks are you fine? Durga Prasad holds Laksh and is concerned. Ragini calls maa…… Sumi sits at her bed side and says they were scared. Doctor says she is normal now, and says someone’s prayers might have worked. Swara recalls Laksh’s doing the penance. Dadi tells Ragini that Laksh loves Swara. Ragini drops her hand. Swara is in tears. Swaragini plays…………Swara says I will light the lamp infront of God and goes. She sees Annapurna standing and asks about Ragini. Swara says she is fine now. Annapurna says she don’t want to trouble them and is leaving. Swara informs her that Laksh is whipping himself in the Durga Temple. Annapurna is shocked.

Annapurna calls Adarsh and tells about Laksh. Adarsh says he will come. Sanskar and Sujata

say, lets see the drama. Adarsh opens the door and sees Durga Prasad bringing Laksh home. Durga Prasad calls Annapurna. Sujata says she went outside, just then Annapurna comes and says he was repenting for his mistake. Doctor comes and checks Laksh. Doctor tells that Ragini is fine and asks everyone to go home. Dadi says she will stay with Ragini. Shekhar says no. Dadi says she will stay with her. Sumi says okay. Dadi eyes Swara. Sumi, Shekhar,and Dada ji leave from there. Swara looks at her and asks her to take care.

Doctor tells that he gave him injection and he will be alright. Adarsh goes to drop him. Sanskar calls bad man to Durga Prasad and asks him to go. Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that this home is breaking in my absence. He asks why you couldn’t fulfill the responsibility. Why Laksh was punishing himself. Sujata says it is all Laksh’s mistake. He was repenting for his lie and sins. Utara asks what are you saying. Annapurna asks her to let it be. She asks Utara to bring haldi lep and asks Parineeta to bring tea for Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad reminds Sujata that Laksh lied to Ragini for her son Sanskar. He says this engagement was happening because of you stubborness.

Ram comes and asks about Laksh. Sujata says she didn’t force and wanted to give name to relation. She says she didn’t know that Laksh doesn’t know Ragini. She says Ragini belongs to our community, but the girl Laksh loves doesn’t belong to our community. Ram asks her to keep quiet. Sujata tells Durga Prasad that Laksh loves Shekhar’s illegitimate daughter. Durga Prasad is shocked and asks what is the bad joke. Sujata asks him to get it confirmed with Laksh.

Durga Prasad asks Annapurna if this is right? Annapurna stays silent. Sanskar says Laksh is a liar and loves Swara instead of my friend. Sujata says she has one question. She asks will you punish your son, like you punished my son. She takes Sanskar inside. Durga Prasad looks on shockingly.

Sumi asks everyone to freshen up and says she will make food. Dada ji asks Shekhar to bring milk for him. Sumi tells Shekhar that Dadi won’t eat food if she makes it. Shekhar says he will make dal chawal. Sanskar calls Swara and says Laksh is dying and asks her to come. Sujata says don’t call her. They smirk. Ragini says she wants to call Shekhar and informs that she had milk. Dadi says she wants to talk about Swara. Swara reaches Laksh’s home. Sanskar is waiting for Swara and drags her inside the house. Dadi instigates Ragini against Sumi and Swara. She blames Shekhar and Sumi’s marriage for all the happenings. She says you would have been living happily at Laksh’s house as his wife. Everything is happening because of Swara. She says both mother and daughter are responsible for your condition. You are alone, else Laksh would have been here. She says if any sister treats her sister this way. She says Swara is your big enemy. Ragini looks on as she is trapped by her conspiracy.

Durga Prasad says Laksh is gaining consciousness and says he will announce his decision soon. Sanskar brings Swara inside. Laksh gains consciousness. Durga Prasad asks Laksh, do you and Swara love each other. Everyone looks on.

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  1. Just passing.smh for them hmmmMm

  2. Ok-ok epi!!! Hate dadi how can she do this! And how can ragini beleive her?

  3. How can dadi fall so low
    I agree wid durga prasad cuz of sanskaar he did all this

    1. Hii prads

    2. Hii! Nm… Time pass…

  4. Hope swara will not against lucky decision incase if he said yes

  5. °••[suchi]••°

    nt nyc epi waitng fr gud one

    1. He will say she doesn’t love him but I love her deeply

      1. Yeah I also think he will say like that. But the million dollar question is what will Durga Prasad do. And that evil dadi!!!! It seems like she stayed in the hospital not to take care of Ragini but to instigate her against Swara and sumi.

  6. i hope swara will tel thatl she loves laksh

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