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Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that he don’t care about his community and says he has a belief that Swara will change herself for their home, just like her, Parineeta etc. Annapurna says so you think she will change. Durga Prasad says you have to change too. Ragini makes Swara get ready like her, and she (Ragini) dresses up as Swara. Swaragini music plays………………Swara is surprised at Ragini’s behavior. She says am I looking strange, as I never wear Indian. Ragini says it is appearing as if we have changed our place. She says I am your friend too, and thought to become Swara. Swara says you are perfect. Ragini says if I was perfect then I would have marry. Swara looks on. Ragini says may be my destiny changes with my appearance.

Sanskar tells Sujata that they can’t be happy.

Laksh comes. Sujata signs Sanskar and he starts acting. Sujata tells Laksh is marrying Swara and not Ragini. Sanskar asks what is marriage? Laksh explains that it is a promise to be together always. Laksh says he is very happy and hugs him. Sanskar says from today your problems will start. My love incomplete because of you, and your love will be incomplete too because of me and Ragini.

Ragini calls Sumi and shows changed look of Swara. She says I am Ragini and she is Swara. Sumi smiles and says why it is needed. Swara says it is Ragini’s idea. Ragini asks her to talk with her eyes down as marwadi bahu. She asks Sumi to take their photo. Sumi tells that Ragini is very much happy with her marriage. Ragini says it is her advantage and that she will get all her parents’ love. She says Swara will work in her inlaws’ home and she will get pampered by her parents. Sumi takes their photo. Dadi comes and sees Ragini and Swara’s change attire. She asks what is this? Ragini says she is training Swara to be like marwadi bahu. Dadi says you shall not do this. Ragini says I changed my look, so that you don’t miss Swara once she gets married. Sumi takes off evil eye from them. Ragini asks her to leave her modern culture and bengali avatar here itself. Dadi says she has to pack her bags and goes inside.

Ragini tells Dadi that she will do the packing. Dadi says she will do. She says she hates it, and blames Sumi. Ragini says Maa didn’t do anything. I have changed my attire with my wish. She says I am your upbringing, irrespective of my clothes. She says Durga Prasad accepted Swara, although he hates bengali people as Swara has good values. Ragini promises that she will not forget her values. Swara tells Dida, that her family is going to talk about their alliance with Durga Prasad. She asks Dida to bless her, and asks Sumi to get her married after Dida gets well. Sumi tells that Dida told her first about her love. Swara takes Dida’s blessings.

All the arrangements are done at Durga Prasad’s home. Sujata says don’t know how many times Laksh will get engaged. Shekhar and his family come there. Durga Prasad welcomes them, and asks about Dadi and Dada. Shekhar tells that they have gone to attend relative’s wedding. Sujata greets them and says it seems you will fix the marriage this time. Sumi asks about Annapurna. Ragini pays the money to the car driver. Laksh thinks she is Swara, and tells Utara told him that she will not come. He asks why you are not saying anything and holds her hand. Moh Moh Ki Dhage plays……….Ragini smiles and feels his touch. Laksh says he didn’t do anything and their family is fixing the marriage. He turns her. Ragini makes the flowers fall on her face and laughs madly. Laksh is stunned to see her changed look resembling Swara.

Sanskar tells that he will get engage too and asks Sujata to call Kavita. Sujata tells Kavita is dead and someone had killed her. Sanskar tells Durga Prasad has killed her. Later on Swara sees Police arresting someone.

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