Swaragini 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 1st July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Durga Prasad tells Annapurna that he don’t care about his community and says he has a belief that Swara will change herself for their home, just like her, Parineeta etc. Annapurna says so you think she will change. Durga Prasad says you have to change too. Ragini makes Swara get ready like her, and she (Ragini) dresses up as Swara. Swaragini music plays………………Swara is surprised at Ragini’s behavior. She says am I looking strange, as I never wear Indian. Ragini says it is appearing as if we have changed our place. She says I am your friend too, and thought to become Swara. Swara says you are perfect. Ragini says if I was perfect then I would have marry. Swara looks on. Ragini says may be my destiny changes with my appearance.

Sanskar tells Sujata that they can’t be happy.

Laksh comes. Sujata signs Sanskar and he starts acting. Sujata tells Laksh is marrying Swara and not Ragini. Sanskar asks what is marriage? Laksh explains that it is a promise to be together always. Laksh says he is very happy and hugs him. Sanskar says from today your problems will start. My love incomplete because of you, and your love will be incomplete too because of me and Ragini.

Ragini calls Sumi and shows changed look of Swara. She says I am Ragini and she is Swara. Sumi smiles and says why it is needed. Swara says it is Ragini’s idea. Ragini asks her to talk with her eyes down as marwadi bahu. She asks Sumi to take their photo. Sumi tells that Ragini is very much happy with her marriage. Ragini says it is her advantage and that she will get all her parents’ love. She says Swara will work in her inlaws’ home and she will get pampered by her parents. Sumi takes their photo. Dadi comes and sees Ragini and Swara’s change attire. She asks what is this? Ragini says she is training Swara to be like marwadi bahu. Dadi says you shall not do this. Ragini says I changed my look, so that you don’t miss Swara once she gets married. Sumi takes off evil eye from them. Ragini asks her to leave her modern culture and bengali avatar here itself. Dadi says she has to pack her bags and goes inside.

Ragini tells Dadi that she will do the packing. Dadi says she will do. She says she hates it, and blames Sumi. Ragini says Maa didn’t do anything. I have changed my attire with my wish. She says I am your upbringing, irrespective of my clothes. She says Durga Prasad accepted Swara, although he hates bengali people as Swara has good values. Ragini promises that she will not forget her values. Swara tells Dida, that her family is going to talk about their alliance with Durga Prasad. She asks Dida to bless her, and asks Sumi to get her married after Dida gets well. Sumi tells that Dida told her first about her love. Swara takes Dida’s blessings.

All the arrangements are done at Durga Prasad’s home. Sujata says don’t know how many times Laksh will get engaged. Shekhar and his family come there. Durga Prasad welcomes them, and asks about Dadi and Dada. Shekhar tells that they have gone to attend relative’s wedding. Sujata greets them and says it seems you will fix the marriage this time. Sumi asks about Annapurna. Ragini pays the money to the car driver. Laksh thinks she is Swara, and tells Utara told him that she will not come. He asks why you are not saying anything and holds her hand. Moh Moh Ki Dhage plays……….Ragini smiles and feels his touch. Laksh says he didn’t do anything and their family is fixing the marriage. He turns her. Ragini makes the flowers fall on her face and laughs madly. Laksh is stunned to see her changed look resembling Swara.

Sanskar tells that he will get engage too and asks Sujata to call Kavita. Sujata tells Kavita is dead and someone had killed her. Sanskar tells Durga Prasad has killed her. Later on Swara sees Police arresting someone.

Update Credit to: MA


    • ?pradishma?

      NO sara he is really hospitalized….. and so they r not showing manik they r jus using his face from old hospital scene and u were really hospitalized i mean y and how

  1. ?pradishma?

    SaRa I told sru also about our plan and she is with us….. I will tell u her dp on fb

    • ?pradishma?

      M really sry sara I going to watch kyy on YouTube ….sry I don’t have much time to be online tmrw scl na so just before going to bed wanted to see kyy…… bye tc

  2. Bani

    hi freds… tum log sb upne bare mai hi comment kiya… koi bhi is serial ke bare mai koi comment nehi kiya…. yese dekh kar nahi lagta hai ki swaragini ki site hai…
    start comment about swaragini..

  3. Ria

    Mujhse hi aaj mujhko milade…… Dekhoon aadaton mein tu hai ki nahi har saas se puch ke batade…..dil ke faslon mein tu hai ki nahi main aas paas tere aur mere paas tu hai ki nahi…….

  4. Ahanz

    Sanskar & his mom believe that DP killed kabita…. but I thik DP is not a killar….. after known this sanskar will turn into positive…….

  5. varshini

    no dr how can I forget u?how r [email protected]

  6. shabbu

    Oh ragini!!! U r really irritating now!! Poor swara!! When she will find out abt her sister’s motive!!!

  7. Anaya

    Honestly girls this is a public forum. Every day you girls continuously talk about absolute nonsense. First educate yourselves on how to properly type in English and then learn about whatsapp, facebook messenger, viber, gmail chat, and other chat apps, because honestly this is getting annoying. This forum exists for this specific drama not for you to socialize, take your stupidity somewhere else please.

    • Anaya

      Sweetheart sorry to say but your English is horrible. I doubt you are educated from the way you post comments. Also you girls are getting annoying. People tried to tell you girls nicely to stop, but your immature childish selves would not stop. Lastly it’s that not dat and we not V. You’ll fail every class here in America with your grammar.

  8. Ammu

    Tellyupdates can’t u ever control anything here.we are complaining you to stop this headache

  9. prabha

    nice one, and u tellyupdates…i too agree with anaya,ahana and ammu…do somethng so that there wont be any tortures again and we readers feel well

  10. annah(anu)

    @ahana, ammu ……plzz yarrrrr stop complaining about us!!! Wat problem do u have if v chat here.????.? On all pages ppl chat, n v will also chat here. Got that??? N yes tellyupdates will only stop us wen v are doing sumthing wrong………..so juz stop it now!!!

    N yes, v learn in good English medium school which has a high standard!! U r no one to stop us OK??? Our parents have given us admission in all of d best schools!!!! So stop ur unwanted opinion here

  11. annah(anu)


  12. annah(anu)

    U all cud have told us politely also……but u always start by saying sumthing that hurts us ……yesterday even prabha did this…….its OK, if u r getting troubled by us…….u cud have told us politely….directly u came n juz told that……..leave donn wanna say ….

    • annah(anu)

      @ prabha, don’t u think that if u wud have told us politely then that fyt wud not have taken place………….

  13. Ammu

    Tellyupdates we are strictly objecting to these people here. Now we are complaining against these girls . Yesterday also when someone complained, immediately they used words like shameless,senseless,shut up all..
    Day before yesterday when someone called “myself” complained,they started same words. Also using words like ‘torn clothes, beggars all”.whoever read comments can find that, they will say all as fakers, cheap all.

    Now I am not fighting, just saying what words they use.

    Today we decided,we all let u know how they use words.

    Now tellyupdates, it’s complaint against them. Even yesterday Sara and any we’re polite to prabha and she to said OK.but pradishma started scolding praba and later Sara joined. Only after that prabha abused.

    So tellyupdates source of problem is pradishma and for her info we people are 20+ years and she being 8th standard scolding unnecessarily.

    Now u have to take complaint and stop her here, it’s our beloved request and till then will conplaint to u.we hope u all be have justified also they have habit of saying all as fake and on supporting others, will say we are friends.clean this page tellyupdates.

  14. prabha

    i am also with ammu and others in complaining..
    they always interrupt and when we comment t to tellyupdates immediate to say we are hurting..also yesterday i was not one who started ,anyone can read and understand..who used words like cheap, shut up,senseless all…so later i have to abuse..
    Even as ammu said,annah understands but others dont…
    even yesterday when somone commneted as “serial is boring”..pradishma is replying to their comment as “then dont watch”..
    tellyupdates what is happenng…
    cant we say we like ragn or swara or laksh or sanskar..
    when people say to ragn character that u will get someone better than laksh,immediate reply there to with harsh words..
    Tellyupdates.. we want u to teach them what to do here..
    stll now we not abused but if again they use harsh words, its u who is to keep dignty of tis site..
    we are not 8th and 9th students,we are adult and cant tolerate..

    Take this as my complant aganst them

  15. Gayathri

    Tellyupdates, i am reader of ur site and i too backup anaya,ahana, ammu and prabha…
    The fghting tendency of the girls here and harsh words are irritating and so i want to file complaint against pradishma,annah,sara.I want you to make this site without interruption.
    I am here after reading all commnets and got to know fight initiators..Take my complaint against three, better if u make them leave.Thank you tellyupdates.

  16. Gayathri

    Hi ammu and prabha..really felt bad for what u people went through, but truly happy how u stood against them..Just a request, if they use harsh words like shut up/cheap/shameless/senseless/beggars/parents all, u people dont get pushed up to use slangs..
    From now if they interrupt, directly point out to tellyupdates and dont reply them..
    directly take it to @tellyupdates and we can notify them.
    i am at work, have nice day ammu,prabha,anaya,ahana

    • ?pradishma?

      What’s ur problem don’t u have any shame…. without any reason u r doing this like any pr*stitute

    • ?pradishma?

      And they didn’t did any brave work do u even know what they did no na then y r u putting ur wicked nose in…. prabha and ammu used fake names to trouble us…. and do v used slangs as they did….. do ur stupid melo drama somewhere else…..

  17. Ria

    Now talking about the seriel……..i think swara will sacrifice her love for ragini and then i think ragini will understand that laksh doesnot love her and he loves swara……laksh is stuck between the two……lets see what happens

  18. Ammu

    Thanks gayathri..thanks prabha for ur support.

    @ria… hmm, same here.. doesn’t want swara to sacrifice like typical serials. Waiting for what happens next

  19. Jeevan Yeh Suro Se Sajati
    Rishtey Yeh Suro Se Banati
    Bajti Hai Toh Pyar Ki Dhun
    Ek Dhup Chanchal Hai Ek Chandani
    Phir Bhi Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye Bani
    Dilo Mein Hai Pyar Bhara
    Suro Se Saji Hai Swara
    Rago Se Rachi Hai Ragini

    Swaragini Swaragini
    Swaragini Swaragini
    Swaragini Swaragini

  20. This ragini……… I do not understand why is she in a mad race of love that she can betray her own sis???? shame……… If laksh comes to know about this he will hate rags more…………i just hope that story goes this way…………. Swara comes to know the truth of rags and she tells laksh, laksh starts hating ragini more and he says swara that u luk more pretty in indian wear and i always wanted u to wear suit……… I want to see ragini’s face in this scene……..lets hope and wish that rags understand the value of a loving sis????

  21. Ammu

    I too wish swara and laksh unite.
    Maybe now let swara act to sacrifice laksh and once ragini knows of swara’s goodness, I wish ragini changes her goodness and unite swara and laksh.
    Sanskar please change, wishing to see u positive similar to your character as dani in Saraswatichandra.

  22. Sivam

    Hi frends,
    @tellyupdates, just happen to read comments and whole heartedly support ammu,anaya,ahana,prabha and gayathri…
    If u want u can consider my support to them as complaint against interrupters,.
    Gayathri ji, truly hatz off for ur matured way of handlng problems and to ammu,prabha,ahana and anaya,wish happens as expected..

      • Sivam

        Hi ammu, its okay but an advice, dont take it wrong.
        Kindly dont get provoked because of their harsh words to use slangs..As gayathri ji said, dont reply and do notify it to tellyupdates.
        we all are with u in making this page readable.. 🙂

  23. ?pradishma?

    U ppl don’t have any work or what and who r u to make this pg readable…. u r not the admin ok ammu and her Protestants….. and ammu me and my frnds knows that what u are….

      • Olive

        Not likely.. It’s very boring here.. Everyone has something to do.. I am sitting still.. It’s too bad..

        You know. I started some creative crafts stuff..

      • ?pradishma?

        Don’t worry u will surely be happy when u will stay there for some for time and u will explore what ppl do over there…… and its GOOD that u r doing craft work it will keep u busy and u will be expert in it…..

  24. Olive

    That’s so sweet of you buddy.. Let’s see… If I master it.. I’ll definitely send some for you too..

      • ?pradishma?

        Be happy buddy…. u will take sometime to adjust m sure u will enjoy there….. I was also upset when I shifted to Mumbai last year but when I started exploring the city I felt happy….. u will also enjoy there jus give urself time

  25. Olive

    I wish buddy… I’m still nervous about the idea. Of changing school but its decided now.. I wish everything goes well

    • ?pradishma?

      M 110% sure that u will rock it…. and will soon will tell us that u love there…… and don’t be nervous cuz olivia browns can never be nervous u are always positive…. tc and sleep now….and come here to chat wid us…. gud night buddy…. ?

  26. Ragini is simply georgeous..I want ragini and laksh unite I don’t thing ragini doing anything wrong bcoz ragini truely love laksh..swara only come btwn ragini and laksh now she is ready to accept laksh he doesn’t care about ragini feelings

    • Sana

      Have u lost it like ragini…. ragini’s love was one sided,is one sided and will be one sided…. and if ragini truly loves laksh then she wud have be happy seeing him happy… and swara is not cmg between them ragini is cmg between them and ragini and laksh will never ever unite don’t u kno that…. and ragini is jus a selfish sister…. look at swara she is ready to sacrifice her love her happiness for the sake of her evil sis and ragini shamelessly is seducing laksh….laksh will never fall for her…… he loves swara only…..

  27. Hi people, sorry to awl who I n others hurted, sorry v won’t do it again, but yr its allowed to chat, v will chat but don’t fight, v r also humans v understand how it feels when sum1 says like dis, sorry especially prabha n other one I don’t remember whoever was it forgive me, v won’t hurt u n I also cursed u prabha, I dint mean it, I hurt u m saying sorry I mean it, its up to u now.

  28. U all people like ananya support people like this, do u know ananya she complaint against us when v were defending ourselves, yes I used that words, with the girl aditi too, what about wen she called me beggar n pig? V r not toys u cant hurt us understand!

  29. Gayathri

    I would like to make this a strict complaint against that dirty pradishma here.
    Are you reading comments here tellyupdates.
    I am married indian working woman and am really angry on this dirty eighth standard girl’s so called comment about me.
    She is commenting saying “Do u have any shame ,doing like pr*stitute”
    I request you tellyupdates to read all comments and see how this girl is commenting.Even others are decent and this girl (ashamed of her being girl) is typing like this in public domain.
    This is public forum and all from young to old people are here and she talk slangs overall…i am marred woman and this eighth studying girl is calling me slangs..i want you to immediately remove her comment and throw her out of this page.

    Others who are her friends ,teach her what is good than supporting.u all would have read comments and check her. Now it shows her nature and tellyupdates give her such a reply that she never repeats this interrupting and dirty slangs again.

    I plead u to do this

    • pradishma

      Oh really then complain…… I am not scared of a aunty…. and who r u to point on my character of me being a girl….. now i wud love to say that….. god to bless u with a baby girl who will do cheap things…..

  30. Ammu

    How dare pradishma call gayathri such words. Does she think all here are studying in 8th,9th. We can’t tolerate such nuisance here and what she know of me,now her usage of words knows she initiates fight.
    Tellyupdates, we are complaining against pradishma. Throw her away from this site

  31. annah(anu)

    @ammu, prabha n awl d ppl who r disturbed coz of Us………I regret for my mistake. I m sorry for wat I did yesterday………..but I wanna ask sumthing……..

    Y can’t we chat here?? Its OK, as u all said, I will not use bad words, but wat bout d fake ppl who cum here n abuse us only coz we chat?????

    Plz do answer me……n once again apologize…… Sorry for hurting u…
    Especially prabha…

    • annah(anu)

      @ ammu, I request u to take back ur comment for prads…..plz I appologize on her behalf. Please ammu n gayathri………I beg u

      • Sana

        She can’t do anything anu…… u don’t kno but I and sruthi also complaied but tu team didn’t helped for what all happened with us…. our id was used to use slangs then also and these ppl are making such a issue…. so aggressive

  32. annah(anu)

    Please ammu,gayathri aunty, n prabha……I m sorry for my behaviour…. N beg for ur forgiveness?

  33. Sivam

    Its too much now and a small girl calling adult by names.Already she interrupts each and every comment. Even for my comment asking as if i am admin to make page readable..Leave it.
    But how come she call someone pr*stitute.A small girl calling a married woman shameless.
    This is public site and u should understand all type of people will be here. school going,college going,married ,unmarried all and their so called friends supporting blindly.what is that she calls all fake..what does she think of herself.
    Not tellyupdates ,i am complaining against pradishma,we dont want her to make this site dirty

  34. Gayathri

    Dear annah and sara, no need of sorry .
    I think you people are also school going.
    But you both can also see sort of messages she said.calling shameless and using word pr*stitute at this age is truly arrogant.I am not angry on u too, but pradishma used slangs badly.She initiate fights, i do remember reading that when yesterday anna asked prabha not to fight with pradishma when she called prabha fool,and she accepted and even prabha repled u both, but then she was contnuing badly like shameless,u go are i will abuse badly all.so we are saying to behave and she badly abused me.
    U both take care.
    Thanks sivam for your support.hope tellyupdates throws pradishma from this forum

    • annah(anu)

      @gayathri aunty….. Thanx for understanding me. Plz do forgive Pradishma….. I apologize on her behalf……plz gayathri aunty……..I beg u…..

  35. Gayathri

    Friends should support each other as well as point out faults and scold to get them in right way. The type of friends we have define our nature too.
    Sara u are also bit combustible.see how u replied sivam. use more polite words.but i am not angry on u both.

  36. Gayathri

    Kids are loved only when they behave and talk like kids. i too have daughter studying 6th and i can never think of her abusing a married woman like this.
    Hope you get how i would have felt when this so called kid called me shameless.understand.
    Tellyupdates, stop her from coming here

    • V r asking for forgiveness from hr side, plz forgive hr aunty, Icomplained to t u team two times abt fakers, they aren’t helping me, what can I do, I was hurt becoz of fakers

  37. ?pradishma?

    Aunty now I am talking politely and the reason behind this behaviour is above u…. due to fakers I had to be harsh and I had to use slangs on other so that once the fakers will not dare to use my name…. and id I kno I shouldn’t have used that word…. but mistake was of prabha and ammu also…. they used fake names u can see on yesterdays pg and I apologize for my behaviour but they should also apologize… m

  38. Gayathri

    we know fake persons,so we dont reply them just like ignoring the person here.but it doent mean all without account are fake.many are here without gravatar account too.we do identify fake peole and names, but when some new name comes , dont be judgemental that they are fake..maybe they just come to comment here,just like praba and ammu are without gravatar and they just sad their thought and u people call them shameless/senseless/cheapos/beggars.
    Do think what if they are twice ur age.
    Ok take care annah and sara, u are also like my daughters.and tellyupdates remove her comment and wish u stop her

  39. pradishma

    AnU sara gayatri i am real she is fake…. I am ur bff don’t talk to her…… she is a b*t*h and also aunty….

  40. Ammu

    Really sorry for u gayathri. Tellyupdates we are still complaining and will keep complaining, u can read all comments from yesterday and see who Said bad. If we felt it’s irritating how cn she say us fake bad all. Even now she is saying me and prabha are fake. Do remove her from this page

  41. Gayathri

    what fake names..if they are not havng profile how do u think they are fake..if two person have same name ,how can u call them impersonators..read all comments from yesterday.just lke i felt they too wanted ste to be peaceful and immediately u are calling them fake,fool all… read all comments and only then i complained to tellyupdates. I am not willing to message again,just would brng t to tellyupdates notice.

  42. annah(anu)

    @ faker wid violet dp, shut up now or I will be d worst for u!!

    Look gayathri aunty……. That stupid faker is using Pradishma’s name

  43. annah(anu)

    No gayathri aunty……..that one is fake…..v have proof also………

    See aunty, Pradishma has a dp….u agree na??? N d one widout dp……OK, let us consider that she is real for a moment……… But y is she telling us that she is our bff wen we don’t know her only……n aunty….plz read d above comments of that faker….she abused u

    • pradishma

      I am real anu….. don’t u remember me… ok I will never talk to u you r not my frnd anymore and also u sara

  44. prabha

    Please consider this complaint against pradishma..
    she said i called her character so abused, u can read comments and she started calling harsh words.these people fight in many page and i too join gayathri and ammu to send pradishma out of this site.we will keep notifying you always unless u make her not to interrupt and gayathri ji,please dont mind.trust tellyupdates, they will read our request.wish good things happen

  45. Jk

    Guyz at fst me too got angry by seeing their personal chat bt then i saw their swt bondings 🙂 but nw that pradishma as a small girl she is using harsh wrds i dnt like tat… Pls guys cntrl her

  46. Gayathri

    Thank you prabha for your support. wish tellyupdates take proper acton against pradishma and stop her from this site.
    @ annah, yeah know its fake and so i am negelecting comment.
    Thanks Jk,i too just wish their friends control her.

  47. Ammu

    We will support u. Actually morning u guided us not to abuse even if she use harsh words and even I felt how can we control when she use harsh words. But really proud by the way u are handling this issue by decently bringing to notice of tellyupdates.
    Tellyupdates do remove her from here. U can take this as complaint against pradishma.

    • ?pradishma?

      I kno u have some problem with me and do complain cuz I have already comolained…. be aggressive….. this will prove the fault of urs also….. I accepted my mistake u should also

  48. Jk

    Guys i am nt telling u 2 go away frm tis bt be here nd enjoy wit ur frnds bt respect others too nd dont use harsh words

    • ?pradishma?

      I kno but u words were saying clearly that u want me to go…… so ur wish is fulfilled… and also of gayatri ammu…. prabha….

  49. shabbu

    Gayathri Aunty I agree with u that pradishma was little rude tat day but I can’t deny tat she helps others too.. I’m not her Frnd but I know a little bit abt her!! So many ppl on this site have hurted her alot so that is the reason she is rude with the one who is commenting against her.. U don’t know wat have happened in pages of ss.. So many of them have used slangs against her . in order to protect her she have got such a behaviour.. I agree with u tat she is a teenager n is using such words but wat abt prabha.. She used so many n many bad words in Tamil.. Dint u read it!! These girls don’t know Tamil ,tats y they dint cared abt it.. Pls look at tat comments too.. Prabha used really bad words.. Don’t think tat I’m siding pradishma, I’m just saying tat fault is at both sides..

    U can’t clap with one hand.. Noise comes when both hands are used..

    Sorry guys if I hurt someone.. My intention is not to support anyone but to bring the truth out.. Pls ignore my comment in case I hurt u!! Sorry gayathri Aunty she should have not talked with u like tat.. I apologise on her behalf .. N prabha excuse her by thinking her as ur sis.. N I guess u too should apologise n solve this matter here itself..

    N prabha n pradishma sorry guys if I have hurted u..

    Pls ignore my comment if I hurt u!! Sorry once again…

  50. Sivam

    OMG, this girl is truly aggressive.even for apologizing how strong words, her usage of words “i wont come on thjs pg only..if such people r there them what should i do”…tellyupdates ‘such people’ means, what type of people.The other comment is much polite “Once I apologzed na then whats ur problem……” Neither her words nor her replies/response is like small girl..too agressive..I whole heartedly support gayathri,ammu,prabha and others to complain against pradishma.As someone said above,i too felt they are having nice bond, but pradishma’s words..omg…tellyupdates,
    I accept gayathri ji’s comment sara is also aggressive…Ammu alone is not after her..we who see this want tellyupdates to teach people to talk politely.

  51. Guys jst chill nd bear out ur heart nd whever i see swaragini update dr is always arguements plzz dnt fight bcz it is nt gd fo ur health:-):-) 🙂

  52. ;-) ;-) ;-)

    Hello gayathri.. n sivam…. who r u to tell abt the comments. I am also a silent reader of swaragini… but whom u r supporting ammu n prabha r very bad … they used such a bad words in tamil. I know tamil….. see yesterday and day before yesterday comments… i am not asking u to support others but dont take the side of that bad girls… everyday some people comes n abuse.. this is routine….i dont know who u r.. but i want u to be good in sake of humanity

  53. Gayathri

    dear shabbu… thanks for ur reply and i am late to reply because i was reading comments from yesterday..agree prabha abused, she even accepted that she abused…but dear just i wud point out clearly what happended from first and sorry tellyupdates i am repeatng some discussion happend there.

    shabbu , first they had fght wth aditi, prabah as we sad today she told telltupdates to stop fght and what the said i wll type ,u read and find who is at fault …

    They were fghtng wth aditi and this is frst comment of prabha..

    PRABHA — “tellyupdates..are u there,cant u read how comments are coming from constant commenters here.if u want to keep readers,first remove the three from here,atleast let them learn ways..terrible readng here..dont sideline them.do consider we all people and remove them”

    SARA — v were defendng ourselves n for ur kind info dat aditi started abusng,u can check our comments.

    PRADISHMA — v dont give a damn what u bashers think..if u have so much problem then don’t come to comments secton ot don’t come to tu only…no wll mnd if u go from here and who r u to tell us that v should learn this tme its warning next time will abuse better be in ur limits.

    SARA —- hahahahahahaa anu :p

    ANNAH — Hmmmm

    ANNAH — @prabha, sorry but its allowed to chat here!! not only here ppl chat on all pages..

    ANNAH — N v r not abusing that u r telling to get us out!!! v chat here regularly

    SARA —kuch pta hota nhi bolnay chale atey han log to

    PRADISHMA — correct yaar..bin buklaye baarati

    All this where for prabha saying about themmdid u see how sarcastic were message from pradishma,that she herself says i will abuse better be in limts..and sara saying without knowng comng here..

    then see what prabha replied..u can read there also..just for u here

    PRABHA —- ok annah and sara,just felt uneasy about slangs…thanks for replyng

    ANNAH —- thanx prabha…for understandng us,…grateful to u..

    PRADISHMA….Really …uff people like u don’t know whole reason and they come here bashng as if its their private propert…god pls give these knd of people some sense..

    see when prabha politely sad sara and annah that she felt uneasy, see how pradishma repled…

    PRABHA —- sara, not all here coming without knowng,mnd your language…its public forum..not ur prvate property

    i replied,then why saying people coming here without knowing..we doesnt comment,it does not means we are not reading here..we too visit daily and see whats happening..

    PRADISHMA — mind u tone it shows what knid of women us are..be in ur limits..dont tell us what to do u fool..

    did u get she harshly saying what kind of women u are,,she said prabha fool…

    after that also u can read, how they badly made fun..sara and pradishma and so prabha scolded…

    just as what happen to me…
    we are always reading here and not commentng..but they start harsh comments immediately..

    Tellyupdates its for u too..i took time to type all comments here,so that again no people abuse others as what happened to me

    @shabbu hope u got ///

    not just that see, even now she said sivam as menatlly sick..tellyupdates, gve this dirty girl the proper action for her mental sickness

    • sruthi

      This is ok gayathri…but see how see used abusing words in tamil. If u know tamil read…then see i only translated in english wat they said to swara in tamil.. bcoz some of them dunno tamil… then why this ammu started abusing me… i only said idiots to them.. and i accept it i said.. but how can they say these words to me…they can say straightly to me …. but ammu used such a bad words… see

  54. Gayathri

    for anyone who say prabha used slangs n tamil, can see what happend above and then support ..
    @tellyupdates…take action against these girl..its request of us

  55. Gayatri aunty I accept my mistake n of anu n prads too, u read it or not I have apologized to prabha ammu n third person. I don’t remember, Pradishma is apologizing n u r being unfair to her, people cum here they use pradishma’s name as u can c the person wid voilet pic used her name, they hurt her n go, y at DAT tym u dint came n complained abt DAT fakers? Y?

  56. Ammu

    @tellyupdates… thank u gayathri ji for taking time to show who initiated fight..
    Even now they are calling sivam mentally sick..
    I am complaining against these girls. Take proper action on these

  57. Sivam

    @tellyupdates, me mentally sick..oh no..because all came to know how fghter people u are, i think u peole got probs..tellyupdatestake strict action..i too back up people to take action aganst these aggressve girls

  58. sruthi

    Kkk sara.. but dont take tension.. this is routine here. I too fed up to fight with them…

  59. sruthi

    I ll also fight… but sumtime pradi ll not come… ll m fine sara…

    send me a hi msg in fb @sara

  60. sruthi

    I think i know this riya ( lavender or grey symbol) do u know me. U r in nauc right ? I came once there

  61. sruthi

    Ok sara. I got the msg… hi pradi u r back … guys how u use emoji.. i too want that

  62. sruthi

    Pradi dont think wrong that i said” praid ll not cum.”. its means u said to me na that u will not cum for sumtime.. i m saying to ria…

    And pradi see fb

  63. ?pradishma?

    Athu my sweet sis this song is for u of ur most favourite PARUD from rangrasiya pls come back…..

    Main Matti Ka Putla Hoon
    Tune Phoonki Jan
    Mera Mujhme Sab Tera Hai
    Tu Meri Pehchaan
    Tu Rag Rag Main Bahe Mere Man Basiya
    Rang Rasiya Tere Rang Main
    Rang Rang Gai Rang Gai Main Rang Rasiyaa
    Rang Gai Main
    Inka Saath Hai Jaise Mati Sang Kumhaar
    Maati Ban Jave Hai Murat
    Lage Iska Haath
    Chap Tilak Dono Ki Hove
    Jab Hove Ye Saath
    Dil Ki Dhadkan Sooni Sooni
    Sansain Bhi Adhori
    Adha Adha Mile Jo Hove
    Kamiyaa Saari Poori
    Rahe Kyu Rootha Rootha , Tu Man Basiya
    Rang Rasiya Rang Jave
    Rang Range Sapno Main,Rang Rasiya
    Rang Rasiyaa
    Rang Ja Rang Rasiya Re
    Rang Rasiyaa..Rang Rasiyaa..Raang Rasiya
    Ishq Ka Khel Naseebon Ka Hai
    Jane Kya Likha Hai
    Na Koi Paadh Paye Isko

  64. Sherliya

    She want 2 see my pic dr.i have seen her.many of my frnds saw me but not athu,who wanted it 1st. 🙁

    • ?pradishma?

      Don’t be sad liya….she is ur pakka wale athu….u r first for her on tu everyone knows she will come here with lots of happiness she jus needs some time…. v kno what happened right….. she is very sensitive…. she will soon be back and say ’my liya kutty where r u’

  65. Sherliya

    Hope so [email protected]

  66. Sherliya

    Oh so swt of u prads but dont say like that.she ll ask where r u prads,anu nd liya kutty? 🙂 v three r equal.

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes sry….. but really missing her yaar… she was my first ever sis on tu she only helped me in making gravatar and when some people were accusing that anu putted anuraj pic so I putted deveel pic she defended me….. and i guess she was anu’s also first sis and urs toh….. sabse first

  67. Sherliya

    🙂 i dont know who is my first sis.my 1st frnd was sree/dhanya of kyy.my 1st sisy are uncountable(nauc)..BUT MY 1ST BESTIEE ON TU IS OUR ATHU.

  68. annah(anu)

    Yess yarrr missing her very much…..btw prads, u n athu both were my first besties on tu….remember?? I asked for ur frndship n u said yes…..then athu too asked me…..

  69. ?Pradishma?

    ANu sara….. I thought that whenever any basher will come v should do something which will not be rude especially me cuz I can’t control any basher….. should v reply to them as #be calm spread love….. or u guys suggest

    • shabbu

      Sorry to interfere pradishma!!

      But thanks alot!! With this love n care u will get more n more frnds yaarr !! N my hearty request to as a elder sister is tat pls ignore the fakers yaar!! Tats the best way to insult them!! Hope u understand!

      N sorry if my words hurt u!!

      • ?Pradishma?

        No yaar sister’s words never hurt and u said this for my good only na….. and yesterday that prabha said to me that I had slept with boys something… which was really bad as u r also a girl and u must be knowing that how a girl feels when anyone points finger on her character…. so I lost it and….. but Thank u….

  70. sruthi

    Wasapp anu n pradi….how r u feeling now anu. U said u r not feeling well. I asked u yesterday but u r offline…

    • annah(anu)

      Sorry dear…..yesterday my net pack finished!! Yep I was not well……had fever of 100°C …..now m OK….thankuuu sooo much for asking vidya! ??

  71. gracy

    hey everyone. dun blame only ragini. put urself in her situatn. understand her PAIN. understand her love. its swara n laksh who used her to reach their own love. hope evrythng goes wel. 🙂

    • shabbu

      If we think in her situation, first thought we get is tat laksh loves swara!!!! N one more thing is if ragini find laksh loving someone who is not worth it, at tat time she can fight to win her love back but now she is doing with her own sister that too swara who have always supported her to give her best thing!!

      My intention is not to hurt u!! N this is my point of view!!!

      • ?Pradishma?

        I agree with shabbu and swalak didn’t used ragini to reach thier love….. thier love is true and if ragini truly loved laksh she would have been happy laksh and her sisters happiness….

  72. To riya( lavender dp)…..,
    I hope there will be no confusion between us……. U hv y in your name i dont….i know u are not fake…….anyways welcome

  73. sruthi

    I like ishveer very much…

    Enaku ishveer romba pidikum…

    Enaku – i
    Romba -very much
    Pidikum – like

    I m a fan of kyy n match n swaragini
    Naan matsh swaragini kyy oda fan…

    Naan – i
    Oda – of

    Ippo – now
    Appo – that time or then
    Aparam – after

    If u want to ask anything , ask

    Yeadavadu kekanum na kelunga

    Yeadavadu – anything
    Kekanum -want to ask
    kelunga – ask to me

    Hope u all enjoyed the class… gud nit. Tc

  74. sruthi

    Sure anu…i ll teach tomorow… i ll come at 11 am in swaragini …

    And pinky ( sara) why u r leaving …

    Hi elsa queen… how r u ? I think u remember me….

  75. sruthi

    Guys only 27 comments for 500 . After that we ll go to 2 nd update of swaragini. Fast …making a round of 500

  76. sruthi

    Ya i understand riya… u r asking how r u or r u fine. Right? .

    Naan swakuyam riya…neenga?

  77. sruthi

    Bye queen…

    Bye everyone. C u tomorow…
    I wish manan n deveel dream for pradi
    Anuraj rosid dream for anu…..

    Bye bye. Gud night

    • ?Pradishma?

      Thank u so much sru…. hope I will see their dreams and sweet ISHVEER dreams ….to u… c u tc… ???

  78. sruthi

    Ya ya sara. I understood ur pain.. where i commented 6 th. I forgot… if u clap with u tired hands only air ll come no sound..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.