Swaragini 1st January 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara telling everyone that Durga Prasad is innocent and that girl is alive. The girl steps down of the palanquin and reveals her face. Everyone is shocked. Swara tells Ragini that her Rule is over. Kavita walks inside. Dadi and Ragini are shocked. Kaveri comes. Ragini asks Kaveri to tell everything what she saw that night. Kaveri is speechless. The girl Kavita says uncle didn’t murder me and it was Kaveri’s misunderstanding. She says some goons had attacked me, and left me in an injured state. She says Durga Prasad came to her help, but Kaveri took his photo and blackmailed him, even though she knew that she was alive. She says she was in coma, and when she gained consciousness she comes to know that she is in the hospital. She says I am sad to say that I am her daughter.

Sanskar comes. Swara says Sanskar…….Kavita recalls their romantic moments and rush to hug Sanskar before Swara reaches him. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar is also shocked and says Kavita…….Swara recalls Sanskar informing her about Kavita. Even Ragini recalls hearing about her from Sanskar. Swara is shocked.

Sanskar looks at her mangalsutra which she is holding in her hand. Kavita thanks Swara for uniting her with her love Sanskar. Everyone is shocked. She says we were together in college and used to love each other a lot. Kavita says I am bengali and that’s why we had decided to marry secretly. Durga Prasad says I talked to my community people about their marriage. Kaveri says then you sent goons to kill her. Kavita asks her not to lie. Durga Prasad apologizes to Sanskar. Kavita says your community people haven’t send the goons and says her own mum Kaveri sent goons to harm her. She says I slipped into coma, and my mum continues to blackmail Durga Prasad. She says she is alive because of Sanskar’s love. Swara wipes her tears. Sumi comes near Swara and holds her hand.

Just then Police comes and asks Dadi why did they call them. Dadi tells Ragini that she called Police to get durga prasad arrested. Durga Prasad dismiss the party. Laksh asks Inspector to arrest Kaveri. Kaveri says you are ruling on this house because of me and now seeing me getting arrested. Ragini says you have betrayed and framed our Durga Prasad. Sujata asks Inspector to arrest Ragini and Dadi as she is equally guilty to trap Durga Prasad. Kaveri says if I am arrested, then Ragini and Dadi should also be arrested. Inspector asks Durga Prasad if he want to file complaint against them. Dadi says why? Inspector says blackmail is a severe offense. Durga Prasad refuses to file complaint against them. Annapurna says we will solve the matter within our family. Just then Kaveri keeps knife on Ragini’s neck. Everyone is shocked.

Kaveri says if I go to jail then you will also go woth me. Laksh recalls Ragini saving him when he had fallen in the valley. Shekhar tries to go towards her, to Kaveri asks him to back off. Laksh saves Ragini and gets kaveri arrested. Ragini is surprised at his gesture. Laksh wipes her blood with the tissue. He holds her hand and bring near Dadi. Sumi tells Ragini that she hopes that her eyes are open now. She says this family have saved your life even after you have hurt them a lot.

Sumi asks Swara to come home. Kavita stops her and says she couldn’t thank her. She thanks her. Swara says I should thank you for proving my bade papa innocent and going against your mum. Kavita asks why did you do this for this family when you are a stranger to them. She says I don’t know anything about you, and says it is difficult to trust anyone. Sanskar says she is not a stranger, but my wife….Kavita is shocked and looks at Swara. Swara gets teary eyes.

Swara tells Durga Prasad that Kavita is Sanskar’s first love and she leaves the decision on Sanskar to choose her or Kavita. Sanskar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. mahi

    list of spoiler
    1 laksh completly forgets swara and move ahead in his life
    2 laksh behave good with ragini and she turns +ve
    3 kavitha proposes sanskar
    4 swara backs off from sanskar life
    5 sanskar realises his feeling for swara

  2. Hey…one doubt…in flash back Kavita dies in the laps of sanskar….but in night the same girl (in blood)in on ground….Durga Prasad seen ….how is it possible?????Is Sanskar left her dead body on that place itself….??? Or is this second time she was attacked….????…guyz please give a REPLY…..

  3. Honey

    I don’t like this Kavita’s entry. Swasan will be separated. But how easily Laksh forgave Ragini…
    Oh I forgot that this is swaragini… Anything can happen… ??

  4. Tara

    Good epi 4 raglak nd MM family. Heart breaking epi 4 swasan ?? sanskar is hugging kavita from back (i think so he is imagining her as swara) ?? how many more hugs between sanskar nd kavita ? testing our patience. I am so happy sanskar happily introduced swara as his wife. He said with pride nd happiness. Bt one more kavita sanskar hug is heart brking ?? sanskar shud not dream swara and imagine swara in kavita

  5. bhagi

    god sanky plzzzxxz choose swara plz plz yar aab aur dher math lagai ye swasan ko ek kharne ke liye plz

  6. Prtibha

    Hmmm interesting n i have read that swara will unite sanskar n kavita…but how??..n when will swara stop her Mahanta yr…in beginning i think kavita would b positive until she comes to know that sanskar loves swara n later she would b turned into vamp or will join hand to ragini or else…bTW i only want Swasan n only difficulties will make them realise their intense love,Ragini’s will melt by love of lukshya…Happy New Year Everyone

  7. Tara princess angel

    plz go away Kavita from sawsan life. I am sry guys I hate Nikita as Kavita .but today show I like sanskar say Sawra is my wife I like it .plz make sawsan I hood sone make it guy

  8. aarthi

    finally ragini’s negativity will come to an end… both raglak and swasan love story will begin….and swara and ragini will become swaragini…

  9. Sree harini

    Hello everyone.. I really found kavitha’s explanation silly.I mean how come kavitha got to know about her mother’s deeds when she was in coma all the years and if Kaveri has sent the goons to kill kavitha then why will she roam all around singing happily. She is not even worried about her daughter. I don’t know what this cvs are trying to show but varun kapoor aka sanskar was awesome today. And at the last when he introduced swara as his wife,omg he nailed it. I am happy for raglak now as they are my favourite.

    • Tara

      Swara will find out or RagLak will find and help them. Soon she will get tes doubts. Sanskar shud say how he left her in tat state? From morning to night how she was ter? How dp wnt ter night instead of morg? How she was alive d whole day aftr tis attack ?? If they find out, tey ll cum to know kaveri nd kavita are acting

      • Sree harini

        Thank-you seetothy. I think I have missed that line bit still it is silly..no logic nothing. I am just bearing this for swasan especially sanskar and also teju.

    • Shazia

      First of all appiiee new yr #Sree..
      Gud too see uhh aftr a long tym…
      Miss ur ff so much yar….when u write ur ff yar…

      U knw wat I actually wanted to kill kavita when I read kavita nd sanskar hug….nd really felt happiness when sanskar introduce d swara as wife aaahhhhh lovly seen…

  10. Varsha Darshini

    Guys Swasan and Raglak are to be united soon. Waiting for swaragini n sanlak luv stry hope there are no herdels

  11. Prtibha

    Correct Tara..its really heart-breaking to see their hug….please unite Swasan soon….ab wait nhi ho raha hai…fingers crossed

  12. Sahima(fan of abhigya)

    Precap looks amazing. Hope ka vita will be positive and unite swasan. I’m so happy about raglak being together. Hope laksh realize his love for ragini soon. I like ragini to be with laksh. Waiting eagerly for the next episode.

  13. Xyz

    I read that kavita is a cameo role she will help swasan to unite…………i hope its true…..and yar writer plz unite swasan yarrrr u waiting for months plzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

  14. U know wat i actually wantd to kill kavita wen i read dat kavsan had a good hug n felt vry sad fr swara n ya one more kavsan hug n i donno i wud comment here n wat wud i do, o god yaar i was highly angry n frustratd

  15. Ohhb iluved wen laksh saves ragini…truly there were luking lyk princess nd prince…ragini in red dress ……the most beautiful girl in the world..i hate swara the MAhaan ……her character is same lyk gopi in SNS …she always negleact her husband for the family….now she luks like traditional gal and our Ragini luks modern and beautiful

  16. Really felt happiness when sanskar introduced swara as his wife to kavita, but I don’t like kavita’s entry in swasan life .who will sanskar choose now?

  17. Lee

    Guyzzz did u see in epi when sanky hug kavita from back that tooo passionately….
    Kavita is standing in a room (pata ni kiska room) near the window n sanky hug ger from back…
    May be he thought that she is his swara … Thats why wo khudko control ni kr paya n swara samaz ke kavita ko hug kiya kyu ki use chehara ni dikha…..may be…
    Kisi ne epi ka precao dekha uame dikhaya …i hope sanky ne swara samaz ke gug kiya kavita ko….
    Guyzz plzzz jisne bhi dekha plzz clear my dout…
    Yr raglak to unite hinge but what about iur swasan…
    Writer i hate u for thisss .
    N swara mm me rahegi na ..
    Yeh swasan rocked
    loved swasan..
    love u sanky…

    • Saathvika

      Arey year sankaar hugged kavitha not swara I think so he taught that swara was near the window and he couldn’t controlled and might hug.but true was it is kavitha.or it may also be the imagination or dream by swara or kavitha

    • sindhuja

      i guess, kavitha dressed as swara…. that white shirt and sleeveless coat… so sanskar might thought her (kavitha) be swara and hugged her from behind… or it might be a dream of someone…

  18. nehasuhana

    Raging turned positive obviously kavita is the new villian whatever I want only swasan swasan rocks pls unite

  19. bhuvi

    I couldn’t watch today episode… But hope it would have Ben heart breaking episode…god I missed it.. Damn it… Desperately waiting to watch it in YouTube…. N you gys are telling san is hugging kavi in precap… How is it possible??? I decided to move on with kavi??? Wat nonsense??? Y are Dey doing tis wit us?? We want swasan romance oly not sanita… I can’t bear it… Not oly real sequence in dream sequence of show also… Plz don’t make des type of scene btw kavi n san… Romance oly mean to be swasan… Got it…n make san to realize his true love n bring her to mm back… V r dying for that moment… The magical swasan union moment… Plz plz plz I again repeat it don’t play wit our patience n emotions by giving romance btw kavi n san….

    • Jyoti

      Haha right bhuvi and seems like we are more jealous than swara it self lol but it’s true,it brokes our heart when sanky hug kavita

  20. vandana

    Oh god ek aur ladki sankaar ke peeche padi hai, sanskaar kaise manage karoge.but finally unite swasan pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee nahi tho director apko bahot bari padne vali hai
    Koi nahi dekhne vala aapka serial

  21. Anamika

    Very bad to see. What happen next. Swara again filled with tears. Sanskar is the reason for her first broken love. Again he break her heart. He can not do this. Pls ragini laksh console her. Go to hell kavitha

  22. I think before sanskar can say anything swara will go away from him and sacrifice her love again being MAHAAN AATMA..plz don’t do this..we want swasan..

  23. needhi

    Hi shuva ,nik,rids,neha and all others.i think sanskaar will hug kavita imagning swara i.e. how he will realize that he only loves swara.on knowing sanskaars new love , kavita will be hellbent to snatch sanskaar from swara and eventually turn into vamp just like ragini.guys what i noticed is sanskaar kept on looking swara all time.His eyes were glittering when he said she is my wife.He used ‘is’ not was, so cheer up swasan fans.one more thing , swaragini makers have shown the fastest divorce in india , no hearing, no trials ,nothing just signature was required.

    • rids

      Hello needhi. How are you ?? I dont know why but I liked todays episode a lot… see we all know swasan will unite it will tke time. But they ll miss each other nd true love will come out. Plus ragininwill turn positive so m happy

    • Neha

      Hi needhi yes you said correct this series gave us the fastest divorce and that too without any hearings and you know what I was so happy when sanskar introduced swara to kavita as his wife and did you observe he said she ‘is’ my wife not was and during this line the spark in his eyes was like telling swara that he is his and all the time he was just staring her wow what a love

  24. I think it is plan of Kaveri and Kavita….
    may be she loved sanskar for money….i hope tis tym ragini will help swara…..plz unite swara and sanskar soon cant wait……..

  25. Lee

    N ha guyzz maine suna hai ki divorce ke bad bhi couple ko ek sath rahana padata hai ek roof ke niche…. 6 months ke liye shayad (i m not sure i m not law student but dekha hai bohot serial me) to shayad swasan bhi…
    Possibility hai…
    N ha ek baat hai ki hame bihit maza ayega abhi jelousy , love nokjhok aise boht emosion dikhaye ge…
    But olzzz unit our swasan sooonnnn…
    Hiii shuva ridz shree neha nik saba diii veena diii tara.
    How r u alll….
    Yeh swasan rocked..
    N the moment when sanky said swara is my wife loved it…love u varun…
    Ur just incredibly awesum….

  26. maya

    swasan unite soon plz I m going 2 killed kavitha but wen we become distance from our love the love will increase for both lovers only a small fight can also make big love I hope swasan must unite soon and happy fr raglak and swasan must unite

  27. FRZ...

    I too agree wid mahi..
    N sweet uwa ri8… N ya in swaragini anything cn hppnd.. Lead chrcters jinske naam se ye shw h unhime se ek villain ban jata hain.. Hw silly… But hpy to c sansky introduced swara s his wife…. Swasan rockzzz

    • Jyoti

      Amee in the precap it’s seen swara telling to dp that kavita is sanky’s first love and maybe he’ll fell for her once again so she can’t force him and let all the decision on sanky….sanskar looks on…it’s seen kavita hugging sanky and then in a room sanky happily hugging kavita from behind

  28. Just love ragini and laksh.watching show only for them .They are my favourite. Make their love story interesting. I feel sad for swara.please unite swasan. Kavita just get out of the show

  29. mahi

    hi guys today episode analysis
    guys today best part was when sanskar introduce swara as his wife to kavitha guys you must admit that even if you are not swasan fan that this seen was really awesum..now first i will start with
    LAKSH today laksh scene were good altough without dialog he conveyed his feeling to audience agar lucky ne apna dimag phele use kiya hota toh ragini yeh sab nahi karti..magar mujhe lagta jaise ragini sanskar ke saath rehkar saazish karna sikh gayi ussi tarah se lucky bhi sanskar ke sath reh kar dimag use karna sikh gaya lol guys but i think lucky shld explain to ragini that what she did was wrong and the after that forgive her becoz blacking some1 face is not a small thing
    RAGINI guys i wld appreciate teju the way she potray ragini character is awesome in one moment she is evil but when laksh show concern for her she becomes old ladooo really awesum acting by teju
    SUMI i simply love her the way she guides shona and ladoo is awesum i mean when swara was confused about sanskar she helped her and now she made ragini understand that she was wrong
    DADI i would appreciate her guts that after doing so much bad she has the guts to ask why ..really that disgusting
    DP guys now he will regret most as with swara he took her signature by dhokha and now that girl only proved him innocent and invited trouble for her own love life saving him really he shld say sorry to swara at least 1000 times
    SWARA guys i seriously dont remember when was the last time she smiled or laugh heartily but in today episode she proved her acting ability as in first part she showed awesome tashan to ragini and 2nd part she cried as a wife as a lover
    and last but very imp
    SANSKAR guys i dont know but am i only one who thinks that no one could have played sanskar character better the varun kapoor he showed every emotion of sanskar whether it is of villan at first or of friend or of selfless lover or of husband he has potrayed every shade of sanskar simply in outstanding way..but now i really pity him as jab usne phele pyaar kiya toh usse nahi mila phir usne dobara pyaar kiya toh swara uske pyaar ko dokha kehti rahi ..tab usse kisine pyaar nahi kiya magar abb usse dono pyaar karti hai phir bhi usse kissi ka pyaar nahi milega really i can see every one crying but not sanskar

    • bhuvi

      Even I agree wit yo… Varun is Juz an amazing actor… He is the best for sanskar character…he showed each shade perfectly.. evil villain,good friend,great lover n worlds best husband.. V must applaud him…

    • Neha

      Hey mahi what an analysis dear seriously u explained everyone emotions so clearly and yes u r right no body else can portray sanskar’s character better than varun kapoor he is a brilliant actor even though he doesn’t have dialogues his eyes and expressions clarify everything
      Guys I don’t know why but I feel the precap of sanky hugging kavita from back is a flashback of their love life

  30. mahi

    jitne hug kavsan ke 2 episode me hogaye utne toh swasan ke 10 episod me bhi nahi huye the cvs kyu patience test kar rahe????

  31. Shwetha

    At the end it will be Swasan and Raglak,I think I am waiting for Raglak moments as well though Swasan makes a better pair together but Raglak won’t be bad ,CV’s ,already stopped watching this, now only written updates till Swasan unites…

  32. Jerry

    101% agree with mahi.. Mahi ur really a good say excellent analyst.. Luvd ua way of analysing todays epi..

    Very emotional epi.. Nd also feeling sad for sanskar..his situation is lyk an arecanut in the arecanut scissor.. Whom shud he heed to? Kavitha or swara?

    We all know tat ultimately it l be swara bt also we pity on sanskar for his situation.. This is wat the real thrilll of swaragini.. Hats off to writers nd also supporters..

  33. Rey

    wats the hell s happening n dis serial i realy felt bad for swara nd how laksh can forgave ragini soo easily ragini d’nt deserve laksh i cn’t imagine laksh with ragini nd plzzzzz writers re unite swasan dn’t play with our patience .. i feel lyk crying i cn’t take it .. its jst a serial i’m addicted to dis serial soo plzzz show some good things

    • amee

      Hey Rey i too agree wid u to reunite swasan but in raglak case i think laksh should forgive ragini coz he too did the same thng with ragini for his love which ragini did with swara for her love so he should forgive her

      • Rey

        watever happens btw raglak its k fyn bt wat abt swasan i really felt vry bad fr swara hope swasan will re unite soon … hpy nw yr amee

  34. rosy

    Give me a break you all jerk writers and directors wat you all think of urself…..?????????????
    arrey iss chipku kavita ko koi hatao…..however atleast it is cleared to kavita by our sanky that swara is not a STRANGER but his WIFE !!!!!!!! i was fearing that writers may play hide n seek with this fact even….that wenever sanky/swara will try to say about their relationship something or the othet will happen and the truth will not b revealed……

    anyways im dying t watch romance btw SwaSan………….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz show us some cute lovely romantic and true(no imagination ) scenes………..


  35. Pavithrakrishnan

    Today episode was the best…… Awesome jst loved it omg Raglak scenes were jst awesome mind blowing…. My lucky saved Ragini…. IPO thaan ya antha writer Ku paithiyam thelinjirukku plz unite our raglak dnt spoil the story again enga Raglak chemistrya yaaralayum beat Panna mudiyathu even swasan also…. Raglak the best jodiiuiiii

    • noura

      Correct pa….ippo dhaan antha director ku budhi vandhirukku…..kavitha illa…intha directorku dhaan coma thelinjurukku…inime raglak yaaralayum pirikka mudiyaadhu !! Luv raglak to d core….

      • karthi

        S dear,,,inisikku unmayavay raglaks scence super ban rompa like pannen,,, title swaragini Ana pavam ragini ponnaya villiya kanti kottuma pannitanuga….ipanavathu mathunangalaya…..

  36. rids

    Hello everybody… how are you… After a long long time. I loved todays episode. I really liked it a lot… see maheshwari problem will solve soon. Ragini might become good. Raglak will get s chsnce to start over…..

    Swaragini will unite… best part..
    And yes we ll get to see lots of swasan missing each other. .. eye talks…. eventually they ll unite. Its okay sanskaar will get a chance to forget kavitha forever nd realise even if kavitha was there swara is his true love….

    • Neha

      Hi rids how are you dear read your comment after so many days good to see you back hope swasan unite soon in today’s epi we examined so pain in both of their eyes and last but not least sanskar introducing swara as his wife was just amazing yaar Varun is an expression king dear his eyes convey his heart feelings love him a lot

      • Rids

        Hey cherry m good… Yeah I m liking the twists now. Especially with positive ragini… If bad ppl r there its okay together they ll fight. But ragini being bad was very upsetting for me. I used to hate innocent faced devil avataar of hers

  37. gowri

    I m just waiting for this moment finally ragini goes to positive and laksh fall in love with ragini….

  38. Kalika

    Swara annoys me I wish she would be selfish for once and say she refuses to leave Sanskaar
    If she won’t fight for Sanskaar then she doesn’t deserve him.

  39. I think sanskar will choose swara cuz he moved on and now loves swara. Plz kavita stay away from my swasan. Nic epi. Really happy to see that sanskar introduce swara to kavita as his wife. And raglak was awesome. I think ragini will be positive now and they will again fall for each other. Really very happy for them. But kavita is d new trouble in swasan love story. Writers plz unite my swasan. And I want some romantic moments of swasan so plz do that as soon as possible. Love swasan and raglak

  40. K.praveena

    I can’t belive this epi. My swt ragini changed into positive. And also laksh concern 4 her. Superb epi. This is i want. I waiting 4 long time 4 this moment. My lakani . Superb.

  41. K.praveena

    My humple req to scripe writer ji. Plz don’t change the story 4 raglak. Today epi is simply superb. My raglak scence aswsome.

  42. Ks

    Awesome episode
    raglak scenes wow..
    admitted teju ur beautiful than other actress..
    dnt separate swasannnn???

  43. Sweety

    Ofoo what is this new drama again, pls show some romans love also
    Always u wil be keepny some problems in seriol we r gettng irretation alwaya som new prblms problms problems.and also make ragini character good make their pair also unite soon

  44. Deepu

    This is the new year dhamaka..
    only happens in SR…
    because i like so Ever fast moving soap withstory line…
    love raglak and swasan…
    great fan of tejuuu?

  45. angel

    Hy guys….sansksr is in tensed at the ironynof situation….kavita will ask swara to get her married to sanskar and she will agree while sanskaf wil be shattered as he loves swara.now there are two situations
    1:if kavitanis posiyive then she will realise that sanskar’s happiness lies in swara and she will unite them.
    2:if she is negative then of crse she will be exposed and swasan will unite…..

  46. isha

    Mujhe bohot dar lag raha hain kahi yeh kavita swasan ko alag na kar de.Writers plz reunite swasan

    • amee

      Actually sofia tu is not updating ny ff coz of holidays it will be updated on or after 4th jan
      Nd happy new year

  47. Mishti

    Today my heart broke twice once when Swara’s mangalsutra dropped from her hands and 2nd time at the precap
    But at the best part of the episode was when Sanskar introduced Swara as his wife

  48. nimmi

    i thnk nw raglak wl b 2gthr and rag bcm gud….
    nw kavita vl tak ngtve roll to sprt swasan
    bt i lvd thz episode

  49. Ya di u r right but sanskar is more poor than swara..sandwich between swara and kavita..both r his love, one past and other one present..

  50. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss anyone of read any upcoming story of swaragini and let all of us knw…. If I knw to findni will b saying….. cnt wait until Monday ?????????? plsssss writer we beg u to unite SwaSan plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ????????

  51. Riya

    Swaragini Lakshya falls in love with Ragini, Ragini turn positive Upcoming Episode

    Friday, January 01 2016

    Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) turns sweet seeing Lakshya’s (Namish Taneja) love side for her in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Lakshya recalls the moments when Kaveri tries to hurt Ragini.

    Lakshya blames himself for Ragini’s bad behaviour and decide to get his sweet Ragini back.

    Lakshya startsto change for Ragini and talk to her sweetly.

    Ragini loves Lakshya alot but Lakshya’s deed changed her soft to hard.

    Lakshya turns soft for Ragini changing her

    On seeing changed in Lakshya, Ragini also turns softer for him.

    Lakshya develops love feeling for Ragini which changes Ragini negative to positive.

  52. Plz don’t cll them kavsan bcz it is only used for couple and for them who has some relation between them.. Nd sanky nd kavita had relation in past but not now.. And at present only swasan and only kavita and sanskar..guys i m sry i dnt want to hurt u but I think so..

  53. Neha

    Hi every one, so much of comments and that so early it seems all were dieing for today’s epi even me today’s epi was just amazing yeah that kavita was irritating by hugging sanskar but swasan eye locks and their conversation through heart and sanskar staring swara and finally his last dialogue was awesome Aww I felt bad for swara as how she was going to sanskar with so much relief as if dieing to say that she solved each matter just for him and in the meantime how that kavita ran and hugged him and hearing her name how she was heart broken can’t see them like this and yeah today raglak scenes were good hope ragini changes and together swaragini solve kavita matter

  54. meena

    Plz unite swasan fast don’t seperate them plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………………………………………………………….

  55. Preethi

    2day is d best scene of raglak.I feel bad for swasan.but sanskar shud marry kavita as she is his 1st and true lovend also he went against his family nly bcoz of her nd took revenge for her death.dwn where is dat love gone now? if same happens wid swara wud he do d same thing?

  56. meena

    Preethi plz don’t say irrelevant things this can’t happen swasan can never be separate sorry if I hurt u

    • Preethi

      No I was a big fan fan of swasan. But if kavitas role is negative den I wudnt worrry.bt if she is positive den I like swakav pair

  57. Nazmina

    Omg are you joking just when swara could get Sanskar back the misterous ex has to come back to create drama, when are swasan going to be happy

  58. Tejas

    Hey guys acorrding to latest spoilers
    Laksh will change ragini to positive
    Laksh will fall in love with ragini
    Kavita will try to separate swasan
    Ragini will try to unite swasan

    Please hope that these spoilers are true????????????? Please read this and post your comments about this

  59. minnu

    i hate this show…how can laksh forgive ragini so easily…it is impossible…i want swalak…swalak for ever…laksh..u are awesome…

    • Jerry

      No yaar.. Laksh dint forgave rags but its jst the humanity which he has shown for rags. Wen laksh ws hanging in tree aftr tat accident rags was der to save him similarly ts jst the humanity which made him to save her.

      Laksh wl soon forgive rags becoz t ws only becoz of him rags turnd into villian nd soon becoz of him nd his kindness she shall turn in to positive. Waiting for raglak union.
      Swasan are the best..

  60. nik

    Wowwww….dis episode was a really good one . I found it as 1 of d best episodes of swaragini. Dying 2 wch d next one cnt wt till monday. Happy fr raglak n mm fmly bt sad fr SWASAN . Anyways now d show has bcm interesting. Guys I missed d precp can any1 tl me what exactly hpnd , specially d bk hug which is mentioned in our cmnts bt its not there in d updt. Plzzzz….do tk me.

  61. nik

    I didn’t saw d precp sanskar hgng kavita from bk bt I think swara ll see dis n there ll b sm more mmnts similar 2 dis which ll mk swara 2 think dat sanskar still lvs kavita not hr. Poor swara…

    • Nik actually it was shown that swara was saying that the decision is up to sanskar now n in between it was shown that kavita hugging sanskar n the 2scene was sanskar coming from behind n hugging kavita

    • bhuvi

      Nik…type “swaragini – 1st January -promo” in Google… Yo ll get that video…san wearing red t shirt n hugging kav ….

  62. rids

    Hello everybody how r u guys nik shuva jhanvi neha needhi leena bhuvi cherry jerry riya madhu pritnimi pooja mishti natasha and sl my dearest swaragini fans…. happpyyynew year to all of uuu..

  63. ani

    Wow…i loved todays episode ..hope ragini soon turn into positive and help swara to get her love back from kavita. I cant wait till monday i am very exicted to see the next episode …❤swasan forever ❤

  64. rosy

    Plz plz dont seperate SwaSan..and wat was that in precap…sanskar back hugging kavita…not possible sanskar dont cheat on swara….Sanky
    dont even try to imagine swara in kavita….

  65. Again new track kavita and sanskar first love….swara devi phir mahan ban gayi kavita ko wapas laakar….ye seriel k log jahan enquiry karni chahiye wahan nai karte jahan nai chahiye wahan karte…laksh to ek number ka stupid hai marne deta ragini ko….waiting for monday

  66. Pls unite swasan iam requesting dont seperate them ilikeswasan and rag lak want to unite plzzzzzz I like to see swaragwant to love each other make them swasan unique plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  67. Jhanvi

    Ragini pstv means ..teju will not leave…
    Plzzzz unite swasan soon yar……too much dragging for swasan union.

  68. Hi every1..
    I was almost crying when he hugged kavita. N when he said swara is my wife.. I loved it..
    Bt I n swara are really deeply hurt
    Bt only 2day n 2morrow we hav to suffer then ffs will be accepted.

    • yamuna

      Oh my gosh! I heard that CVs were planning to make kavita’s entry to bring swasan closer, but laksh will plan something nd act like he loves her so ragini will melt. Since ragini will soon be turning positive, they decide to keep kavita and make her negative

  69. pav

    woww its very nice to listen that there will bee raglak union nd very bad for swara tooo it was her 2nd lovee it gives more pain than before nd kavita should understand that sanky is moved on nd shd sacrifice her love for her loved one as swara did with laksh

  70. mahi

    guys i hope that all of you have listen to the song of DJ WAALE BABU well i have change the lyrics its from audience side
    cv walle babu swasan ka love track chala do
    cv walle babu swasan ka love track chala do
    tv teri (swaragini) ki sarkar baana do
    trp me no1. baana do
    vaise toh hoon audiance me
    hamesha keliye tujhe no1 banado

    aisa baby kaam kar do
    trp chart tere naam kaara do
    koi villan mar entry
    toh kaan pe uske chaar laga doon
    jee bhar ke kar le romanace [swasan]
    chaimpenge shower me
    audience kar legi handle
    bethi hai jo power me
    cv wallle babu swasan ka love track chalado
    guys it is just for fun no offence to any one

  71. Rey

    i too cryed alot dr my mom told me 2 stop watchng dis bcoz i’m taking dis personally bt hw could i stop watchng dis serial i ws already addicted to swasan…

    • amee

      Hey rey i want to ask u one question plzz dont laugh on my question
      YOU R GIRL OR A GUY?????
      Your name reminds me of D3’s rey i thought u r a guy bt u said u cry by watching swasan seperated so now i m confused coz no guy will cry for only a serial so plzzz ans me

      • Rey

        haha … 1st i want to say dr bcoz u told me to dn’t laugh bt i used to laugh fr 10sec so sry amee nd my ful name revathi nd i agree with u bcoz guys always dn’t used to cry jst bcoz of serial ….

  72. liya

    uff why all these stuffs always happens with swara!!!
    cant even guess what ll be the choice of sanskar but he made me soo glad by telling that swara is his wife

  73. simpi

    i crying bcz kavita is back.i miss swsan.please dont saparate swsan. ngale seriak khan sabo bad dim.asamese….

  74. liya

    Ragini’s positive attitude

    Lakshya now realizes his mistake and behave properly and softly with Ragini.Ragini is shocked to see Lakshya’s changed behavior and starts to melt.But the episode will later revel that it was all Lakshya plan to get over Ragini.Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    i really didnt understand what they meant above….
    is this laksh’s plan against ragini?

  75. bhuvi

    Guys…I don’t know its true or not…I read swara sacrifice her love for kavi… Ragini instigate kavi to get marry to sansk…ragini want to hurt swara n swasan to separate… Wen kavi propose for marriage to san he don’t have any option except accepting the proposal… This ll make swara to hurt more… But later san reveals he still loves swara n don’t want to marry kavi….
    laksh to become very soft to ragini n both slowly fall in love with each other… But it later reveals that its laksh plan to get over ragini….

    • Wait what does it mean that it’s laksh’s plan to get over ragini from his mind and heart of to get rid of ragini from home I really don’t understand yaar what is it trying to say??

      • But I heard that Swara will sacrifice her love for Kabila and will go away and Kavita will think that sanskar still loves her but then she will realize that sanskar has feelings for swara so she will help swara and sanskar get back together so that seems interesting

  76. nehasuhana

    Writers pls unite swasan plsssssssssssssssssss.swasan are the only reason for watching swaragini pls kavita go back AND GO away from swasan don’t seperate swasan

  77. @liya
    Hiiiiii my sherliya!!!!!!! Where were u huh ???!!! How r u btw?!! Uk wat…! V all miss u lyk hell..!! Keep cmg here often sweetie….after I saw ur cmt…I went to old pages n found our party pg… actually last party.. sru’s bday+farewell party remember?? Goddd it was insane!! N after sometime v changed our venue to kyy…..


    I miss our old a lot yr……everything is changed here…. ??

    • liya

      heyyyy haiiiii hellooooo prads [email protected]

      so sorry dr
      nd yaa dr
      missing our old days,our bonding, our naughtiness,our true frndship..,.,,,
      nd when i came here today,i felt sad dr coz all r unknown for me.THANK GOD u came sweeto.
      where is anu dr?
      is she commenting here?
      seriously asking u dr………
      can v bring that old days back?

    • rids

      Hello liya andminnie… where were u guys ??? Missed u guys so much.. I still remember u were the ones that used to comment here all the time when I started comments. ..

      • rids

        U guys said you would stop seeing this serial if swalak doesnt happen soon… it was during that time… but yeah later u ppl stopped commenting…

      • liya

        haii rids
        oh i never though its u,who was guest…
        glad to meet u
        hihi yaa yr .i was mad for uniting swalak nd when i realised that it wont happen,i stopped commenting too 😉
        BUT now iam gr8 fan of swasan
        so i returned again

      • rids

        Yeah even I started liking swasan… first I was neutral…. plus after a long time friday s episode was my favorite. Because it was one of those episodes that gave me hope that everything vil be alright soon. .

  78. Hi guys
    Whatsup how are you all? Hi all my talking baddies how are you guys? Sorry for the late comments it’s just that I’m very busy. Infact I’ll be busy for few days so if I don’t comment guys don’t mind. So take care guys and yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks baby.?

    • neha

      hey shuva how are you? good to see you commenting hope your work get completed soon and yes swasan rocks today this site is flooded with comments I think everyone is desperately waiting for Monday these cvs know everything about their viewers especially about swasan fans that’s why they are always able to hooked us up can’t wait till Monday as now whats gonna happen how our swasan going to cope up with this situation yesterday’s epi was so heart touching

    • Hi shuva ya I was missing your comments
      I was so disappointed with the precap gosh.. Felt like killing that kavita ..when she hugged sanskar n sanskar back hugging her?

    • Hey
      I am a silent reader n so far I have read all ffs but if you is not allowing it where can we find their continuation. Plz do tell???

  79. Hey nik 2day toh evn i got surprisd wen i opnd dis page at about 2:30 pm yaar it was lyk a big shock to me
    Firstly i thought dat i m daydreaming or it is an error but den i came to know dat its true dat these >200 comments

  80. nik

    Rlx guys, actually u know what if de ll show dat all of a sudden laksh strtd living ragini viewers ll not accept it n ll dfntly qstion. So its wrtrs planing n plotting firstly de ll show dat laksh is doing all dis 2 get cantroll over ragini n slowly d track ll show dat laksh has really strtd lving ragini n viewers r cntinously rqstng 2 mk ragini positv so widout introducing dis trk it won’t b possible fr wrtrs 2 show ragini trning positv.

  81. bhuvi

    Bembi n Nik… If you read all the comments yo ll know how much everyone is desperately waiting for swasan union… But des sr makers not bother bout viewers… After kavitha entry… There is two marriage preparation in mm.. One for sanskar n kavitha n 2 nd one is swara with lucky.. Am not sure its true or not…god… Y are making it so complicated…

    • wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      no way
      stop this love triangle………..
      first it was lucky swara and sansakar and
      now kavita sanskar and swara
      toooooooooooooo bad

      • amee

        Wellwisher frst it was
        Swara laksh & ragini
        Laksh swara & sanskar
        Nd now
        Kavita sanskar & swara
        I think frm strting of this serial only this is happening the name should not be swaragini it should be
        swara in love triangle

    • xoxo

      I dont think this is true. What will happen to Ragini? As much as I love Swasan now I’m developing one for Raglak too..

  82. Noooooooo swalak is not at all possible if it happens i wud lyk to set dis b****y production house on fire or a bomb blast ovr there n dat to fr sure

  83. Hi mahi ur song is juz a hit n also i was laughing while reading it hahahahaha
    Cvs plzzzzzzzz unite swasan fr god sake as we d swasan fans r dieing to watch dem

    • bhuvi

      Praying god for that shud b rumour… I don’t care if raglak love phase start or not… If they got some other partner also I least bother… I Juz want swasan shud always love eachother… Nothing else…hope they ll unite them before or on valentine’s day itself…

  84. Guyz for swaragini latest info u can type “swaragini apni club” n d info given there r mostly correct (approximately 90%).

  85. Shubhi

    For all SWASAN FANS..I have a good news…i read in the newspaper that Nikita Sharma who is playing the role of Sanskar’s ex will b playing a cameo role..which means she won’t stay in the show for long….this clearly proves that Sanskar nd Kavita won’t unite?

  86. percybeth

    nikitas entry is a good thing as it means no more raginis drama , starting of swasans love story and nore swasan scenes

  87. samanvitha murty

    Please unite swasan
    and why are the ff not available is there any problem with the website
    why are they not accepting ff’s
    plzzzzzz i want ff’s

  88. Laiba Khan

    Don’t know wht will happen next Really curious for the next episode I don’t want swasan to break I only want to see them together nd I think u all plzz makers is Kavita ke part ko jldi se finish karo……….plzzzz

  89. Rudra Anand Singh

    whose Idea is to show Ragini as Antagonist ?

    I want to say that person please go to hell..
    lv u Ragini.

  90. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    Hi swasan fans,there is a good news for u..I don’t knw whether it is a dream sequence or not I saw some pictures in fan fiction page of fb, that shows sanskar is about fill swara’s forehead with sindoor and she hold her mangalsoothra in her hand..They r infront of Krishna raddha temple. I think it their In house temple.Someone shared this photos in fb..Saba’s fiction lover page meim….if u want to confirm plz chk it

    • siya

      Thanq…is that new sequence??? ‘coz same scene is Der in previous episode… In that san fills swara forehead with sindoor infront of house temple n infornt of whole family… In that san wearin blue t shirt swara wearing pink salwar… Is that same one…or new one???

      • sethulakshmy (sethooty)

        Its new one..yaar on previous scenes they r in note dress..but in this picturs swara is in yellow anarkali salwsr suit and she holding sindoor box in her hand…and also mangalsoothra..

    • siya

      Omg Omg… Thanq thanq thanq so much… Yo made my day…seethooty…so so happy n excited to watch that scene …

    • siya

      Omg Omg … Thanq Thanq thanq so so much…am so so so happy n excited to watch that scene… Dunno how many days or weeks or months v have to wait for that…???

    • siya

      Omg Omg … Thanq Thanq thanq so so much…seethooty….am so so so happy n excited to watch that scene… Dunno how many days or weeks or months v have to wait for that…???

    • muskaan

      hey sethooty!!!! Dis was shown in todays sbb and sbs segment…where swara said that she was thinking about this…i mean sanskar utting sindoor n alll…..!!!!1
      And even sanskar said that he tried asking swara as to what he should do but she didn’t gave any direct answers and told to decide according to the situation…..soo if sanskar does according to situation he will chose kavita… 🙁 🙁

  91. sethulakshmy (sethooty)

    And one more thing it will be shown on sas bahu or suspense at 2.26 pm today..I don’t know which channel..

    • neha

      on india TV sethooty I too saw the pictures don’t know whether it is correct or not but by watching it I am dancing with happiness hope it comes out to be true yaar swasan gonna to be unite its best

  92. BAD NEWS FOR ALL ‪#‎SWASAN‬ FANS: Guys I don’t think we will get to see the Romance of our favourite Jodi No.1 #SwaSan anywere soon or may be we might not get to see it at all. What I always feared for is what the CREATIVES have decided to do. Now here is what the Creatives r going to show us. They will show that this whole thing is been planned by LAKSH to get back SWARA in his life. Laksh must have followed Ragini when she went to meet the women in Vail n he must have seen KAVITA along with her and come to know that the lady in Vail is Kavitas Mom. Later he must have gone n faced both Kavita n her Mother. Then Kavita must have told Laksh that she was not dead but was pretending to be dead as she wanted Money n she must have also told him that she never loved SANSKAR but his MONEY and when Sanskar decided to give away all his wealth only to get married to her then Kavita n her Mother made a plan to TRAP Durga Prasad n blackmail him. So when Laksh comes to know about all this Laksh Hatches a superb plan with Kavita n her Mom “As Laksh is very well aware about the tension going on between SWARA n SANSKAR” Laksh also knows that SWARA is in search of the women in Vail so he gives money to KAVITA n her MOM to participate in his plan to get back the love of his life SWARA. He is also aware about the Selfless charactors of our JodiNo1 #SwaSan #SwaSan how innocent n DAANVEER both of OUR LOVEBIRDS #SWASAN are. He also takes advantage of RAGINIS stupid nature he knows she has planned to expose DP on the New Year eve so he plans in such a way that Swara reaches Kavita n she comes to the party with her then his father DP is proved innocent. Then he also plannes along with KAVITA to trap SANSKAR as he has already told SWARA about his love for K he knows that Swara will not become a KAABAB may HADDI btw SANKY n Kavita as Swara is a TAAYAG KI MURAT. Now his next Plann is to EMOTIONALY trap RAGANI as she is Emotional fool already n LAKSH has already started working on his plan by saving RAGANI at the NY party.
    NOW WHAT MADE ME THINK THIS IS THE UPCOMING EPISODE IN WHICH KAVITA IS HAVING LOT OF MONEY WITH HER WHICH SHE TELLS SANSKAR IS HER FIXED DEPOSIT MATURITY MONEY BUT IT’S NOT TRUE. BUT WHAT WE NEED TO THINK IS THAT AT THIS TIME WHO WILL GIVE KAVITA SO MUCH OF MONEY OF WHAT USE IS SHE FOR ANYONE accept LAKSH who has many reasons to use her to fulfill his motive. Now what LAKSH will do is use KAVITA to make SANSKAR and SWARA go away from each other. Then he will start his next game of being good to RAGANI and looking at his positivity n unconditional love for her RAGANI will start getting POSITIVE n good towards all also SWARA will see that LAKSH is behaving good with RAGANI and looking at all this she will be very happy and become LAKSH friend once again. Then slowly also RAGANI will feel that as it’s because of her that SWARA lost SANSKAR so also RAGANI will get aside and play the most important role of getting SWARA and LAKSH United. So Guys saw what the blo*dy BASTURD Creatives of ‪#‎Swaragani‬ the stupid show have decided. And we are FOOLS especially the #SWASAN ‪#‎SANSKAR‬ and ‪#‎SWARA‬ Fans will get Fooled by the Creatives once again. Guys DON’T Get fooled by them we will show them our powered.. . . . . .guys dnt shout at me somewhere in a fb page I saw this comment I dnt knw whether it’s true or not

  93. Hey guys in today’s SBS segment they showed swara asking sanskar to fill her maang she was having her mangalsutra in one hand and sindoor in other she said sanskar that is mangalsutra per sirf tumhara naam likha h sanskar was about to fill her maang but kavita that idiot kabaab me haddi came and hugged sanskar… Sanskar was looking at swara

    • neha

      yeah cherry I too watched the same but there in sbb one more thing was added VO over was saying that after dp proved innocent ragini has ordered the servants to do household chores and will be giving liberty to mm members and all family members were doing preparations of sanky’s and kavita’s engagement and then they showed kavita wanted to hug sanskar(he was wearing pink blazer) and he stopped her from hugging himself
      after watching this I felt like crying and hitting this kavita vo bahut chipak rahi h sanskar se aur swara ke samne in house temple me bhi hug karti h when he was about to put sindoor in swara’s foreline and also pushed swara away I don’t know whats happening its only making me hyper

  94. N yeah they were standing near Radha krishana mandir at home helly told that this time she is having the fear of losing sanskar… Helly said to varun 5-6 bhi ajaengi isko tab bhi chalegi Lol?

  95. siya

    Ys… Jolly…v Juz go n kill them..n I read sumone s comment Der mm ppl start preparation for engagement btwn san n kavi… How could they forget swara so easily…?? How disloyal ppl dey are…how much she did for them?? Chi… Its getting into my nerves…

  96. arch

    metro masti.com
    swaragini: kavita to have hidden agenda for proposing to sanskaar.
    swara (helly shah) successfully defused ragini’s (tejaswi prakash wayangankar) bomb of blackmailing durga prasad for kavita’s death as swara has got back kavitha in maheshwari family in swaragini.
    however swara will be getting trapped in her own trap as kavita is sanskar’s (varun kapoor) ex girlfriend.
    after the truth revelation, kavita will try to rekindle sanskar’s love for her.
    sanskar will be torn between swara and kavita as he now loves swara.
    swara will feel helpless and will decide to sacrifice her love for sanskar.
    kavita will be determined to marry sanskar and will leave no stone unturned to get wedding knot tied with sanskar.
    ‘on the other hand ragini will support swara and will make swara fight for her love’.
    “soon swara and ragini will find out that kavita has some dark secrets and a hidden agenda for wanting to marry sanskar.”
    let’s see if swara and ragini can expose kavita.

    • Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

      Oh really. It means swara and ragini will become again swaragini. Oh happy to know this. But will swasan unite or not??? I don’t think the makers r going to unite them soon. Maybe after some leap only swasan will unite.

  97. yukti

    Yar i think san shud chus kavitha aur swara in sab se dur chali gayi thode din bad swara comes back with her best frnd jo maheshwaris ka beta hai jo swara se bahut pyar karta hai

  98. l want to say something if you all don’t mind
    where is the sanskaar’s bomb blast wala scene which was supposed to show in diwali wala episode

  99. arch

    guys this is the news according to today’s segment in sbs,sbb,sbas. (its promo shoot)..
    as i think its promo shoot but it may aired in episode or not i dont know.. i think its only new promo of swaragini.

    omg! kavita stops sanskar filling swara’s maang in swaragini:
    the upcoming episodes of swaragini will show that swara is scared losing sanskar after kavita’s re entry in his life.
    sanskar also feels love for swara after kavita’s entry.
    both sanskar and swara do not want to go away from each other.
    swara tells sanskar to make their relationship strong and ask him to fill sindoor in her maang.
    sanskar is about to fill sindoor in swara’s maang but kavita interrupt them.
    kavita tries to keep sanskaar away from swara.
    kavita hugs sanskar infront of swara and stops him filling sindoor in swara’s maang. and hugs sanskaar and both swara and sanskaar are shocked with kavita move..
    both swara and sanskaar are helpless doing anything against kavita.
    sanskar is in dilema and asks swara about this to 2 to 3 times but swara does not give him straight reply. as now sanskar loves swara and feels for her and he does not feel for kavita. he loves his wife swara more now and once he loves kavita but now he love his wife alot.. and he is in dilema to what to do..
    swara tells sanskaar that he will have to take decision about with whom he wants to stay between kavita and swara. she tells him take decision according and think about situations.
    now what will sanskaar do whom he will choose..
    this is again one ‘agnipariksha’ for swara for her love and husband.
    stay tuned further exciting episodes..

  100. ani

    Thanks arch for the good news.. i hope that swasan to unite soon as possible bcoz cant see kavita with sanskaar .??.and exicted to see swaragini again ? ..❤swasan forever❤

  101. siya

    Juz 23 hrs n 30 mins left for tomorrow episode… Eagerly waiting for tomo episode… Juz to see king of expressing emotions (sanskar) after swara leaving mm house…

  102. swara

    Swara (Helly Shah) successfully defused Ragini’s (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) bomb of blackmailing Durga Prasad for Kavita’s death as Swara has got back Kavita in Maheshwari family inSwaragini.However Swara will be getting trapped in her own trap as Kavita is Sanskar’s (Varun Kapoor) ex girlfriend.After the truth revelation, Kavita will try to rekindle Sanskar’s love for her.Sanskar will be torn between Swara and Kavita as he now loves Swara.Swara will feel helpless and will decide to sacrifice her love for Sanskar.Kavita will be determined to marry Sanskar and will leave no stone unturned to get wedding knot tied with Sanskar.On the other hand Ragini will support Swara and will make Swara fight for her love.Soon Swara and Ragini will find out that Kavita has some dark secrets and a hidden agenda for wantingto marry Sanskar.Let’s see if Swara and Ragini can expose.

  103. Shwetha

    Now Kavita will pose problems for Swasan and their love will be strengthened ,Ragini will turn positive and Raglak track will start but still u won’t unite our Swasan and wont giv swasan scenes ,u will drag and drag and by the time u will think about uniting them, makers,u guys will most probably be killed by Swasan fans…

  104. pooja

    Kavitha Neeye mm house vitu odiporiya… Illa Nanga vanthu una kalutha pudichi veliya thallava… Get out from mm n our swasan life…

    • Tara

      Kavita ipothaiku po mata. Etho negative motive oda than vanthurka. Sanskar ah unmaiya la ava luv panala. Forum potu irundhuchu ?

      • Rey

        plzzz andha kavitha va maheswari house vitu veliya poga slunga already nama swasan scene kaga rmba naal wait paniyachu ipo marubadiyum indha kavitha track epo mudiyumo andava … ipo than 12.20 aguthu epo 9.30 agum nu iruku…

  105. Sanky cant marry kavi coz once he said to sujata dat he cant marry any girl as he luvs swara n dis is his final decision.
    Guyz fr dis u can check episodes of october n dat too after 13 october. it is wen sujata asks him to marry any other girl of their tribe.

    • bhuvi

      Haaan… Bembi… But He gave another promis also that he n swara won’t be together… N 2 nd promise he won’t give swara place to anyone.. Which means he won’t marry anyone else…

  106. superman

    The upcoming episode will show that Kavita has entered between Swara and Sanskar.
    Kavita has intentions to get Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) back in her life and wants to marry him.
    Swara fumes seeing growing closeness amid Kavita and Sanskar.
    Sanskar also starts feeling that he still likes Swara and does not want to marry Kavita.Swa-skar reunite
    Kavita tries to create misunderstanding between Swara and Sanskar.
    Swara now asks Sanskar to choose among her and Kavita.
    Kavita stops Sanskar to apply vermilion on Swara’s hairline.
    Sanskar finally decides that he can’t marry Kavita because he loves Swara.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  107. Aditi Singh

    hey guys I m new here…siya I agree with u….I wed also accompany u to kill the writers…..I m a big SWASAN fan n can’t tolerate that kavita too…….hey cheery your previous ff was very nice……i have never commented because i m a silent reader…..and all you guys are amazing…… can I join all of u…….

    • neha

      hey adithi most welcome dear to this page and to SWASAN gang also and yeah kavita getting on my nerves hope swasan unite soon atleast give some intense romantic scenes of swasan so that it gives us patience of handling kavita

  108. neha

    guys aaj to record todu comments h yaar this shows how impatiently everyone is waiting for Monday and that too of swasan scenes truely time is moving very slow it seems like we are waiting from don’t know how many days yaar plz Monday zaldi aajao

  109. Riya

    Swaragini: Kavita stops Sanskaar filling Swara’s maang Upcoming Episode

    Sunday, January 03 2016

    Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) and Swara (Helly Shah) wish to stay together in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Swara is scared losing Sanskaar after Kavita’s re entry in his life.

    Sanskaar also feels love for Swara after Kavita’s entry.

    Both Swara and Sanskaar do not want o go away from each other.

    Swara tells Sanskaar to make their relationship strong and ask him to fill sindoor in her maang.

    Sanskaar is about to fill sindoor in Swara’s maang but Kavita interrupt them.

    Kavita (Nikita Sharma) tries to keep Sanskaar away from Swara

    Kavita hugs Sankaar in front of Swara and stops him filling sindoor in Swara’s maang.

    Both Swara and Sankaar are helpless doing anything against Swara.

    Swara tells Sankaar that he will have take decision about with whom he wants to stay between Kavita and Swara.

  110. rids

    Hello my dears hw r u guys .. shuva needhi neha nik bhuvi scarlet krutika bembhi riya siya minnie liya aditi ani cherry swara ragini adele jhanvi saranya and all my dearest swaragini fans…

  111. Aditi Singh

    thanks neha……i also hope that writers will give some romantic moments of swasan…..such as swara being jealous and sanskar enjoying it…….hope that SWASAN will unite soon….and kavita will leave them soon…….and I also hope that we will complete 500 or more comments before tomorrow’s episode…… i am happy that we will get to read the ff tomorrow……

  112. amee

    If i was in swara’s place i would kied kavita once more nd this tym make sure tht she never return again

  113. Tara

    Wow 380+ cmnts nd tat too maximum only abt swaragini.. i think so it’s a record. Many othr WU contain normal chats but here max only about swaragini. Woww. Proud to be a swaraginian. V hav got addicted to this serial. It became like real life incident happening b4 us

      • Tara

        Yes dear.. I agree ☺☺☺☺☺ that too v r all swasan fans..so strictly no sorry or tanq btwn frnz ????

    • sindhuja

      i just listed some of my favorites (not in order). give me the link once you make it. I love to see your work 🙂 sorry if i bored you with it.
      1. naan aval illai azhagilum kunathilum naan aval illai from mass enkira maasilamani
      2. minnal oru kodi enthan uyir thedi vanthathey from VIP (prabhu deva and simran)
      3. engey enathu kavithai from kandu konden kandu konden
      4. thangamey unna thaan thedi vandhen from naanum rowdy thaan
      5. imaye imaye from raja rani
      6. nee paartha vizhigal from 3
      7. vizhiyile en vizhiyile kanavugal kalainthathu yen from vellithirai
      8. kaadhal vanthum sollamal from saravana
      9. poongatrile un swasathai thaniyaga thedi parthen from uyire
      10. enakena yerkanavey piranthaval ivalo from parthen rasithen
      11. ivan yaro from minnale

      • Tara

        Sureee rey nd sindhuja. I ll surely make VM in max of songs. I ll try tnd post it in 2day’s WU. Thank you sooo much 4 d suggestions. I was blank to choose songs. Now I ll download clips accordingly. Thanks a lottt ??

  114. Thanks rids n siya…
    Really fed of all these kavita always finding a chance to hug sanskar all the times whenever she gets even swara wouldnt hv hugged him too many time like that till now.

  115. needhi

    Hi rids,i am fine.
    Guys dont worry in the end its going to be swasan only but it will take time.The makers can run this kavita drama as long as they want but only on two conditions 1. Kavita should not touch sanskaar in any way ,should maintain atleast 50m distance from him 2. Loads of swasan cute and romantic scenes should be shown regularly.I dont want kavita to be negative.I want sanskaar to choose swara out of love not because of kavitas negative character.I just can not tolerate any kavita sanskaar scene.I think laksh will try to fool ragini but in mean time he will fall for her, making raglak togethet at the end.I support makers in raglaks case as it would be too dumb to show that lsksh falling in love with ragini so easily after what sins she has committed.
    Swasan forever♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Tara

      This is exactly in my mind too. Always she is hugging, holding, touching him. It’s irritatinggggggggg nd annoying a lot. negative chars make show interesting. So let kavita b. But swasan moments shud b shown. Thn only v can survive ?

    • siya

      Needhi.. I completely agree with you… Kavitha never ever try to go near san… N san shud choose swa out of his love not because kavi is negative…n atleast one swasan scene s required per day… That too till valentine day… After that they shud b one…

  116. richu

    I am also a silent reader of this. But eagerly waiting for tmrw episode. And union of swasan coz they are made for each other

  117. soumya

    Hello guys…. M commenting here first tym….i really luved this episode very much….specially when sanskar said…she is not stranger…she has a deep connection with this house….she is my wife….really his eyes were glittering… I loved his expressions….also knowing kavita is in negative role gave me a sigh of relief…. Now i want swara to suffer a little…after all she did wrong things with sanskar…. But at last swasan must unite….because swasan rocks….

    • Tara

      Welcome yaar. Yeah that was d bestttt scene of tis epi. His face was glowing. He introduced her as his wife with so much of happiness, pleasure, love nd with full rights. SwaSanForever. Ya swara should suffer but should not change mind feeling pity for kavita nd shud not think separating them is a sin. I was seeing swasan epis in SwaSan scenes FB pg. Swara shouting at sanskar for fighting with laksh supporting her, scolding him for proposing her in drunken state, badmouthing his love, scolding for laksh’s kidnap, stopped him from wiping her tears, scolded him from bring her to meet and acpt laksh’s proposal, doubt on him for kidnapping… seeing all this scenes I feel like swara need to suffer a little nd thn get sanskar ?

      • soumya

        Yess tara u r ryt….she did bad….bt these writers generally drag d track to the extent of irritation… It should end before the month….after that swasan must unite…they can show kavita negative… She can act as a good vamp…she may create trouble for swasan…but swasan can fight with that even after standing united….n as far as comments concerned…i wish we cross 500 today…n prove swaragini is better than others…yo swaragnians…go..

      • Tara

        Soumya we crossed 500. Yahooo.. see our madness for swasan raglak.. ? ya let her b vamp, jodi breaker. Swasan shud toghr stand against her. For sometime let she fight for her love like she fought for her parents, ragini.

  118. xoxo

    I just cant wait any longer for the all the episodes of the upcoming week! Why cant Swaragini come all 7 days!!!

  119. Aditi Singh

    thanks Tara and rids……
    are u guys sure about the engagement of kavita n sanskar…..
    hope we will get season soon…..

  120. Vanessa

    Hi i am vanessa frm Nigeria,i am actually a silent reader…i enjoy all your fan fiction nd also ur comment…so hope am welcomed here as an African

  121. Aditi Singh

    hey Tara, siya, rids, JYOTI, cheery are u guys active now……see we are going to complete 500 comments……it seems that this serial will make us mad……we SWASAN fans are becoming mad….n see this chipku kavita aunty hamesha chipakti rahte hai……koi use ja kar kaho ki ja kar uncle se chipke aur sanskar se dur rahe……..

  122. Hi guys , my name is riya m a silent reader of all the swaragini ffs and the updates , especially comments of the swaraginian fans.. M also a die hard fan of swasan and this kavita crap has boiled my blood.. I hope they get together soon ..

  123. zareen

    I’m really happy to know that I’m not only one who become tensed about serial
    my sister always used to say I’m crazy but now I can tell her I’m not only one there are also many like me

    • zareen

      thanks yaar my sis & bro r shocked by ur reply
      when I used to speak about serial they used to stop me by saying mad

  124. May I know y the ffs are not being posted .. I read that due to holidays they r not being posted.. Can somebody make it clear??

  125. Aditi Singh

    hey guys are u all gone….
    plz tell…..
    and ada u r absolutely correct we shud give her 100000 slaps to kavita….
    how dare she hug sanskar…..
    see when sanskar was going to forgive swara then she entered…..
    guys do u know before sanskar entry in the serial I don’t like the name sanskar much I think that it is old fashion but now the name sanskar is like a big thing to praise someone……

  126. jenny

    even in fan fiction i don’t like sanskar with ragini only swasan.How can we able to tolerate this chjpku.

    • Aditi Singh

      yes yar….
      dar lagta hai khai sanskar (varun) ke looks kabhi maar na dale….
      he is too cute,handsome, sweet,and I m not getting words to praise him…

    • PNGfan98

      Very true. Laksh saved Ragini when she clearly doesn’t deserve it. Swara better get what she worked hard for and rightfully deserves.

  127. You r absolutely ryt jyoti n aditi we r more jealous than swara.Gosh I really hate that kavita seems since she was in comma waiting to recover n get glued to sanskar like fevicol.

  128. Aditi Singh

    guys only 14more comments to complete 500….
    are u excited…..
    I think we will complete700 to800 till tomorrow’s episode..
    proud to be a SWASAN fan…….

  129. Reaally guyss..I really feel laughy..soomuch madness for swara sanskar…even Im a mad of them.. Even they make us to feel for them ….really love them …Hope swasan unite soon

    • Jyoti

      Haha yeah ruhi and I’ve never been mad for a onscreen jodi before…it’s making me crazy lol..don’t know why

  130. Aditi Singh

    congratulations everyone …..
    SWARAGANIANS congrats we completed 500…
    this proves how much we r mad for it,how much we love it…

  131. Aditi Singh

    it seems most of u have gone……
    so gud night everyone….
    gud night JYOTI…..
    I m feeling sleepy so I m going to sleep but if I will awake I will check it for sure…….
    so gud night to all have a sweet dreams……
    buy we will meet tomorrow…..

  132. Aditi Singh

    special thanks to u JYOTI u not made me feel alone today and that’s the reason I write so much on the first day….

    • Jyoti

      it’s really a pleasure and i’m also new u know.. Here from just a week or two…yeah but really feel gud that someone is going to sleep with a smile because of me..and one more thing we are swasanians so NO SORRY NO THANK YOU ?

  133. rids

    Hello people good morning. ….. welcome to all the new ones.

    And miss riya from when did you become new . . I saw that u r saying m a new comer in prev page. U hv commented before.. so u r not new… :p

    :p vanessa u r most welcome here as a swaragini fan… we dont bias by caste creed religion nd nationality dear…. :* :*

  134. dolly

    They have said that from 4 th january fan fiction can be updated. But still they are not accepting the fan fiction
    I can’t wait more now .

  135. neha

    hey a very good morning to every one wow 500+comments superb guys we proved that we are crazy fans of swaragini and especially swasans its a humble request if anyone from cvs is reading this plz feel the craze for swasan and give their scenes for which we r longing
    hey needhi I read ur conditions for kavita’s entry i’ll go with you she can be in the show but she has to stay away from sanky only swara has that right and now a dear welcome to all the new ones adithi,cutie green,jyoti,vanessa ,..welcome dears
    hi rids,needhi,shuva,nik,cherry,lee and all swaraginians and swasan gang members guys 2016 ka first Monday I hope all of you had a bright beginning

    • needhi

      Hi neha
      Goodmorning dear, This serial is driving me crazy day by day .i was just thinking what i will do when it will end.i never felt this much for any serial.it seems as the things r not happening in reel rather its all real.a single expression on sanskaars face oozes out 100 emotions of mine.i really dont know when i started it taking it so personally.

  136. siya

    Guys…v swasanians are really crazy… Crossed 500…can’t believe it… had done it…swasan rocks… Swasan forever… Swasan is the best…

  137. PNGfan98

    FINALLY! I was waiting for ages to see Ragini’s truth be revealed. I still think they should have let Ragini and Dadi be arrested. They don’t deserve anything less. Laksh… *sigh* he better not start falling for Ragini because that devil doesn’t belong with the Maheshwari’s. And Swara please don’t start feeling sorry for her. She needs to be admitted to a mental health facility.

  138. rids

    All of us are obsessed with the serial… mostly because we watched it from first episode….i used to take it so emotionally that I was not able to study when ragini was creating wrong news about swara. Drugs and all that… later I decided to stop watching but good news came as ragini s truth was revealed. When second time they made ragini evil I coukd not tolerate I used to feel like going inside the tv nd kill tat ragini. So I stopped watching….. now friday s episode has givenme hope that within few weeks swasan vil happen .. so m happiieee….

  139. needhi

    Guys even i want to say something.earlier i did not watched swaragini.i only started it watching after varun kapoors entry.my mother was swalak fan .she always took lakshs side .i always argued with her.my father told me its just a serial why r u taking it so personal that u have started arguing with your mother just for a fictional character sanskaar but i could n’t stop myself from loving.when he proposed swara in drunken state i was giving fly kiss to him .my mother said why r u so happy he is not proposing u.

    • Neha

      Oh needhi so funny yaar but its true I don’t know what charm does varun has he has simply made us crazy and u know what I love his eyes the most they are so expressive and like you dear I also started watching swaragini after sanky’s entry and I just love him even I was very happy when he proposed swara in drunken state I don’t know why but I am dieing with his charm well I can say how can one be so cute he has no right to make us crazy ??

  140. siya

    If they don’t unite swasan that means they r givin wrong msg to audience… That s v can do any wrong deeds to get our love…n finally v get love by our lloved one( raglak case)…. If v do good deeds to all even to our enemy then we won’t get our love (swasan case)….. .

  141. prachi

    Hey guys im prachi and im a big fan of swasaannnn waiting for todays episode its good to see so many fans just like me !! I hope im welcome in your group… Can sme1 tell me when r the ffs going to b updated?

  142. Guys I have one problem if I culd help me out .. If any1 has added a new comment I donot get that .. I have to refresh the page to see if someone has added a new comment

  143. prachi

    The upcoming episode will show that Kavita has entered between Swara and Sanskar.
    Kavita has intentions to get Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) back in her life and wants to marry him.
    Swara fumes seeing growing closeness amid Kavita and Sanskar.
    Sanskar also starts feeling that he still likes Swara and does not want to marry Kavita.Swa-skar reunite
    Kavita tries to create misunderstanding between Swara and Sanskar.
    Swara now asks Sanskar to choose among her and Kavita.
    Kavita stops Sanskar to apply vermilion on Swara’s hairline.
    Sanskar finally decides that he can’t marry Kavita because he loves Swara.

  144. dolly

    Can’t wait anymore for fan fiction
    How much time they will take. Half day has gone already . there morning is not yet start…

  145. Niti

    yar guys..where is the ffs ?? does any ff writer has tried to post ?..plz tell us what’s the problem..still how long we hv to wait ?

  146. Niti

    btw guys..its 566 comments on this page..it seems like almost everyone is mad for swasan..n y not..i am also one of them..love u swasan ( actually i love sanky;-) the most)..keep rocking swasanians..hv a nice n rocking day

  147. jo

    indian television ka level kitna gir sakta hai iska bahot acha example h swaragini……
    serial bananewale jitne fool hote hai utne hi dekhne wale bhi….
    bcz f my frnd i watched repeate telecast of Friday’s episode……..
    i liked d sanskar’s character for second bt now he irritated me alot…….
    jis kavita k liye wo badala lene par utar aaya,jis se itna pyar karne ka daava karta tha sanskar us kavita ko jinda dekh kar usko itni si bhi khushi nahi huyi…..
    did sanskar really love kavita….
    i think sanskar’s love is fake for kavita……
    ri8 now he love swara and kavita his past….but usko kavita dekh kar khushi bhi nahi huyi…usko kitni taklife sehni padi par usko kuch bhu nahi……
    laksh ne bhi kavita ko kabhi nahi dekha tha???
    photo bhi nahi???????
    jo log kavita ko slap karne ki baat kar rahe hai unke upar to itni hasi aa rahi hai ki mera pure saal ka hasi ka tank full ho gaya…..jis kismat ne swara aur sanskar ko milaya usine hi kavita ko sanskar se alag kiya wo bhi uske bina kisi galti ke….bewajah usko sanskar se alag rehne ki saja mili hai….
    ab yeh serial wale kavita ko negative banayenge swara ko mahan dikhane k liye aur yeh sabit karenge ki yeh nautaki swara hi sanskar k layak hai……..
    truely Specking sanskar kavita k layak nahi hai….kavita sanskar se kahi jyada achchha partner deserve karati hai..kavita bhi good girl hai…wo bhi kisi k sath galat hote nahi dekh sakti.unko to pata bhi nahi tha jisko wo bachane aayi hai wo sanskar k bade papa hai.par ab yeh us swara ko mahan banane k liye kuch bhi karenge…….

  148. siya

    Guys I have a doubt…ds idiots of Sr makers reads our comment???if so then y are dey very much interest to make crap like kavi n san engagement…y are they pulling swasan union so much…

  149. harshita

    i m a die hard swasan fan…sanskar(varun) is so cute.. Handsome charming.,but sadly he is married…helly nd varun wud hav made a great real life couple as they make in reel life

  150. Dont wrry guys.. they will drag and atlast they wil unite swasan… bt im too eagerly waiting for their reunion…. hope it happens fast..

  151. needhi

    Hi jo, the way sanskaar hugged kavita shows his happiness.5 year is more than enough to forget someone that too a college love.he was loyal to kavita but circumstances forced him to love swara.he was hellbent to take revenge because he thought that they killed a decent girl.one more thing if kavita loves sanskaar so much then the sanskaar introduced swara as wife with a smile , then she should uave guessed that something ie there between swara and sanskaar.kavita should ask sanskaar that he still loves her.if i woukd have been in kavitas place i would have asked sanskaar if he didnot loved swara why the hell he married her?? I saw some videos of coming episode its very clear that he is not happy with kavita .he didnot gave a single smile.being a lover kavita should know sanskers feeling through his eyes only.

    • harshita

      i agree wid u…sanskar came back to take revenge..but it was becoz of swara’s gudness that he left his revenge behind..so its clear that sanskar is more affectd by swara than by kavita..

    • siya

      S needh… Yo r rite… Its not a crime to fall in love for 2 nd time after death of his first love… N three of them is right in der place… San still has a soft corner towards kavitha but now he completely fall in love with swara… His each n every cells are fallen for swara… Now He can tell kavitha that he loves swara n not her.. But no… he can’t hurt kavitha.. He himself getting hurt separating himself from swara… Now kavitha must realize sans happiness lies oly swara not her… N make them united…

  152. Hiiii…. needhi, Tara, siya,rids n all I think d ff’s ll b from 2morrow. N I hv wachd d new promo n its clr from dat kavitas role is ngtv n nd after did ragini ll trn possitv. And finally we ll b able 2 watch swaragini sisters bk agn. N now sanskar is in sm situation in which swara was n now he ll realize what swara went through when she was in dat situation .

    • Tara

      Sss niti.. Swaragini wil become one. SwaSan separated. RagLak united. MU start btwn shekar shomi. Ohh goddd ?

  153. I think all are busy… so we have to wait guys.. we have been waiting paitiently for past 4 days… so cant we wait till eve.. sorry guys if i have insulted or irritad ur emotions… by saying this..

  154. Rey

    hy wow…. we reached 607 cmts its seems everyone s gng mad fr swasan… SWASAN ROCKSSSS nd guys plzzzz upload ff cn’t wait anymore … plzz upload swasan ffs missing alot drs

  155. Hiiiii….Hasan see d cmnts under yr updt. 2day u must b really happy dat u r writing d updt of dis show n yr updt is flooded aid cmnts.

  156. Tara

    Guyz see sharadtripathi tweet.. swasan fans have to wait till Feb 14
    Swaragini story writer Tweet :-

    @sayed_shabnam ok done !!14th feb tak mean comments bhi mat karo firr !!
    Haan mazaak masi chaalu rakho. I like that 🙂

  157. sree

    I saw a video of sbs , of swaragini upcoming episode…its really heart breaking….when sanskar abt yo fill maang of swara….that bl****y kavitha came and hugged him…..

  158. sree

    Hey…guys..i cant wait anymore…where r the ff?…..saba where is your ff?its too good….plsssssssssssssssssss upload the next part

  159. Hiiiii….Tara, dat mns we hv 2 wt till 14 Feb. Actually I was knowing dat de ll drag SWASAN union till 14 Feb n I had cnmtd also on dis PJ.

    • siya

      S… Nik… Even I knew it… N commented… Anyway I ready to wait for 1 n half months… That would be most most most most most amazing episod in so far swaragini episodes..n would be treat for swasanians…

  160. Tara

    We have to tolerate 1 month

    Swaragini story writer’s tweet :

    @sayed_shabnam ok done !!14th feb tak mean comments bhi mat karo firr !!
    Haan mazaak masi chaalu rakho. I like that 🙂

  161. Guys..new location videos have come…….again Kavsan Scenes 🙁
    And one more thing a new lady has also entered……in badi they have shown the shooting scenes

  162. Ya Tara n siya we ll hv 2 wt for 1 n half months we don’t hv anyodr option. OK dn 14 Feb ll b party tm for all swasanians .

  163. OMG !!!!! Now mdr n daughter both ll hv sm situation ( sautan). Now how ll de support each odr. It is ironical but I think now ragini ll support dm. Hey I was just thinking dat may b d new lady is dida coz d actress playing dida had left d show .

  164. OK…….BT I really miss dida she was very cute n funny. N when she used 2 talk it seems lyk rasogullas r falling from hr mouth. Don’t know when de ll bring hr bk in d show. Itne sare characters introduce kiye ja rhe h sabki alag alag story dikhayenge , dfntly he trk bht lambaaaa….draaagggg……hone wala h.

  165. Bt one thing is sure everyone r scolding Kavitha a lot bt becozbof kavitha our swasan fans started to love swasan even mre and our expectation and hyper gets high if everything happens so quick thn nthng wud b interested its soo nice to wait fa our fav pair soo its gud guys just wait and love every minute scene if expected scene happened instantly thn v can’t njy let Kavitha do mre tantrum and let swara giv many back punches wid many mre romantic scenes

    • In this one, Sanskaar is trying to tell Kavita that he has moved on and loves Swara now. But Kavita is not ready to listen and says how is that possible and that you only love me and runs away from there and Sanskaar goes behind her to stop.
      Next scene is Kavita is holding SwaSan’s broken frame and is asking Sanskaar whether she should throw that away. And Sanskaar says “Kavita” in kind of angry way. And Kavita is like acha baba, don’t worry i won’t. I know how much you care for your stuff. Another scene is Kavita is asking Sanskaar to try his Sherwani (for the engagement i believe) and Sanskaar is like yes but has really stressed expression. He is talking to himself and saying “No, Kavita I won’t be able to tell you this truth because you won’t be able to handle it. Even though you are strong, you are still not that strong to accept the truth. Aur meri wajah se tumhe zara za bhi dard ho yeh main kabhi bardhaast nahi kar paunga”.

      Looks like Sanskaar is going ahead with the engagement helplessly. He is not able to say anything to Kavita

  166. siya

    There is a video in YouTube… In that san s telling kavi something… After hear that she tels him that” he can’tcan’t do this to her… He can’t move on his life… She loves him so much n no one is ther for her expect him now”.. After saying this she runs away n sanskar shouts kavitha… I think this dream sequence… After that kavitha says “she is here oly n asking him try sherwani which she bought for him n leave his room… Then sanskar says himself that” Ican’t say truth to kavitha… She may strong girl but she can’t bear this… N she won’t get anypain. Because of me…”

  167. I want to slap kavita hard. Hw can she hug him and woh bhi when he was putting sindoor in swara’s maang. If she truly loves him then she should be happy in sanskar’s happiness. Wht was the need to bring kavita in the show??? Eagerly waiting for 14th Feb. Swasan forever.

  168. ani

    CANT wait till night.. iam very excited to watch today’s episode.? n❤ swasan forever ❤

  169. arch

    tr spoiler;
    sanskar was about to fill swara’s maang , and kavita happens to come there. sanskaar stops seeing kavita she runs to him and hugs him. there will be love triangle in the show. swara’s love will be tested again. kavita does not have anyone in her life.she loves sanskaar. its not swara’s mistake as she is sanskar’s wife. sanskar loves swara and has soft corner for his ex gf too. he is in dilemma and tries to talk to swara. swara and sanskaar get away again. swara was hoping to give her marriage a chance and was trying to tell him that she loves him a lot, but kavita’s entry changes everything. kavta can go to any extent to get sanskaar.

  170. arch

    in olv its his dream he comes out of dream when kavita calls him and the photo frame in her hand.. what she doing with it? and after she talks about sherwani he tells ok yes to her and she went. he tells him self that he cant say her that he is moved on and he is worried for her. he cant see kavita in pain so wat about swara? he think she can bear any pain.. as she is mahan? if he does the engagement out of helplessness means no dif between laksh and sanskaar.. he dont want to break her heart but he see swara pain? he can see swara begging and crying but cant kavita…. cvs please end this torture and clear what sanskar wants? if he goes with marige/engagement preparations and he is not teing anything to kavita its ruin his character…

  171. Hi guys Im sona IM also biggggggggggggg fan of swasannnnn u r right arch I can’t see swara pain…sanky what r u doing yaarjao plz kavita ko batado u still love swara plz unite swasan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  172. rids

    Hey guys I have a question for u… who used to wat dill mill gayye serial… ??? Tat new lady in baadi is dr.kirti of dill mill gayye…. know ???

  173. i think cv’s had taken considerate of swasan fans. There is no proper scence of swasan, i thought we will get it now, but noo our cv’s have ruined and created another love triangle.I am done with this crap untill they unite swasan i am not going to watch it

  174. liya

    Swara (Helly Shah) forces Sanskar to choose one between Kavita andSwara, Sanskar choose Swara in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode will show that Kavita has entered between Swara and Sanskar.Kavita has intentions to get Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) back in her life and wants to marry him.Swara fumes seeing growing closeness amid Kavita and Sanskar.Sanskar also starts feelingthat he still likes Swara and does not want to marry Kavita.

    Swa-skar reunite

    kavita tries to create misunderstanding between Swara and Sanskar.Swara now asks Sanskar to choose among her and Kavita.Kavita stops Sanskar to apply vermilion on Swara’s hairline.Sanskar finally decides that he can’t marry Kavitabecause he loves Swara.Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

    • rids

      Yes knw. Tat lady is dr . Kirti. I used to love her in tat… this lady looks like her. I think its her…. but she s negative here…

    • liya

      a video frm sbs is given above but i think u all have seen that.
      i dnt knw anything abt sbb
      as rids told there is a new charater entering the show na

  175. liya

    when it is already revealed that sankar has decided to choose swara over kavita,why r they bringing new charaters.it was good if they r positive towards swasan

  176. Mishti

    What is happening..few minutes before I saw some ff posted and nw its removed..Mr.Admin..have u lost your mind..Please let your readers post there stories..At least they are far better than the current freaking track going on..

      • rids

        Yes jyoti. I used to lik her s lot… dont knw hw she vil be in this. I want her to be positive. ..

      • rids

        Wen we were college going that is of ur age … there used to be this serial called DILL MILL GAYYE… tat had 6 doctors nd 2senior doctors… dr. Keerti was senior doctir in tat serial… her real name is sonia singh…

      • rids

        I used to love every character in tat serial. But in this she is negative I think…. myname in thus rids is also from main character riddhima of tat same serial… guys did u notice…

      • liya

        oh thnx rids
        its my ambition to become a doctor so i could have watched that if it was a running show 🙁
        from ur words i got to know that u r elder than me too 🙂
        that’s gr8.riddhima is a nice name nd more nice is rids

  177. DW Focus
    OMG!!! Sanskaar-Kavita’s Engagement Preparations In Swaragini.
    Latest Spicy Buzz3 hours ago

    Looks like we are about to get another Psycho-Obsessive lover on the block.

    If sources are to be believed Colors show Swaragini produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms is all set to see Kavita turn possessive and obsessive regarding the man she loved aka Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) and wanting to get him at any cost.

    Kavita’s entry has put the entire Swara-Sanskaar situation in a pickle and the fact that the newly married couple has filed for Divorce; courtesy: Ragini will only be making matters worse. Swara has given the responsibility of taking the most important decision of her life to Sanskar and has promised to respect his decision no matter what.

    But what is Sanskaar’s decision? Kavita or Swara – Who will he choose? Looks like we have to wait and watch.

    Meanwhile if sources are to be believed Kavita who was separated from Sanskaar on the day they planned to get married now decides to pick up from where they left. She prepares for her engagement with Sanskaar which interestingly makes Sanskaar angry. Sanskaar scolds Kavita for taking this step without asking him especially when she knows that he and Swara are married.

    How will this new turn of events affect the lives of Swara, Sanskaar and Kavita?

  178. This is really too much. They always brings a sautan when a love story is about to start. Like this bullsh it’s kavita in my swasan love story. Mausi in sumi and shekher’s love story. Don’t kno Hw many sautan will they bring. Bt there was really no need to bring kavita. Just dragging. And sanskar is a crazy. He loves swara then y not he telling kavita???he is giving pain to swara. Plz writes don’t drag more plz unite my swasan. SWASAN FOREVER

  179. liya

    Swaragini: Sanskaar-Kavita’s engagement, Ragini’s mausi entry Upcoming Episode

    Monday, January 04 2016

    Kavita (Nikita Sharma) turns psycho lover of Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) wants to get engaged with him in Swaragini

    The upcoming episode of Swaragini will show that Kavita has turned psycho for Sanskaar and wants to get him at any cost.

    Kavita remembers as she gets separated from Sanskaar on their engagement and she decides to get engage with Sanskaar.

    Kavita prepares for her engagement with Sanskaar which makes Sanskaar angry.

    Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) and Swara’s (Helly Shah) musi entry

    Sanskaar scolds Kavita for taking this step without asking him as she knows that he and Swara are still married.

    Apart from this, a new enter drama is going enter in Swara and Ragini’s life where their mausi enters in the scene.

    Mausi accuses Sharmistha for Janki’s death.

    Ragini tries to make her understand but she does not listem to her.

    • liya

      yup amee.its my strong ambition to become a doctor.
      iam studying nd m still to give my boards.what abt u?
      few months be4,i used to come hr daily nd did chat on most of the pgs.that time i were the youngest of all

  180. rids

    Hey liya good to know u want to become a doctor. I hv completed my MBBS.. yeah I think m elder to everyone here…. u can watch it. It comes in you tube. Intially its very good… till 400 episodes… there r 721 episodes. .. later again its interesting towards end..

  181. rids

    I too started crying wen swara was crying nd tellin please to dp… holding his hand.. . Nd this kavitha is such a chipkali.. .

  182. rosy

    New promo shows swara confronting a situation where kavita n sanky are hugging each other….
    Plz dont take viewers for granted…

  183. rids

    Read this

    The New Year has started with a bang on the show. We saw how Swara (Helly Shah) exposed Ragini’s schemes (Tejaswi Prakash) and rescued the Maheshwari household. However she now has competition from Kavita (Nikita Sharma) who is Sanskaar’s ( Varun Kapoor) girlfriend. She wants to reunite with him and get married. Swara will leave the decision to him as she is his first love. The family will start preparing for Sanskaar’s and Kavitas engagement ceremony. Ragini will help the family in the preparations.

    There is good news as Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will start feeling for her and decide to give their relationship a second chance. Viewers who are wondering how Ragini will suddenly turn positive here is some speculation floating around. In coming weeks it will be shown that she will know that her Daadi (Alka Kaushal) was behind her mother’s death. This will break her heart and Lakshya will be seen consoling her. This will bring them closer.

    In the coming episodes we will see many emotional moments between Swara and Sanskaar. He will be shown in a lot of turmoil. Kavita will try her best to keep Swara away from him. Will Ragini help SwaSan unite this time round? Fans of Lakshya and Ragini might just see some romance between the two….so it is time to rejoice!

  184. sindhuja

    There will be a revelation that will leave Ragini shattered.

    The New Year has started with a bang on the show. We saw how Swara (Helly Shah) exposed Ragini’s schemes (Tejaswi Prakash) and rescued the Maheshwari household. However she now has competition from Kavita (Nikita Sharma) who is Sanskaar’s ( Varun Kapoor) girlfriend. She wants to reunite with him and get married. Swara will leave the decision to him as she is his first love. The family will start preparing for Sanskaar’s and Kavitas engagement ceremony. Ragini will help the family in the preparations.

    There is good news as Lakshya (Namish Taneja) will start feeling for her and decide to give their relationship a second chance. Viewers who are wondering how Ragini will suddenly turn positive here is some speculation floating around. In coming weeks it will be shown that she will know that her Daadi (Alka Kaushal) was behind her mother’s death. This will break her heart and Lakshya will be seen consoling her. This will bring them closer.

    In the coming episodes we will see many emotional moments between Swara and Sanskaar. He will be shown in a lot of turmoil. Kavita will try her best to keep Swara away from him. Will Ragini help SwaSan unite this time round? Fans of Lakshya and Ragini might just see some romance between the two….so it is time to rejoice!

    • Jyoti

      Hey aditi..it’ll difficult for us to chat easily now as our comments are not posted immediately…yesterday was different because tu was on holidays..

  185. rids

    The moderation time also is increased…. hello everybody good morning. ..
    Shuva dear where r u. No comments from long….