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The Episode starts with Laksh asking them what he shall do to make them believe him that he is Abhimanyu. Swara says we shall wait till Nikhil is found. Laksh says his wife and daughter are suffering because of the happenings. Swara promises Ragini that she will prove that he is Laksh and that she will bring him back. Ragini asks Annapurna not to worry. Annapurna says may be he is not our Laksh. Swara says no, he is our Laksh, and asks her not to lose hope. She asks them to go and says she have to go inside in aarti’s get up. Sanskar thanks Swara for her doings and says I know you have done this for Ragini. Swara says not only for Ragini and looks at him. She says I shall go, Mishka must be waiting for me. Mishka waits for Aarti and recalls Swara questioning her. She thinks I shall talk to Aarti.

Swara is coming inside. Mishka collides with Mansi and says she is searching Aarti, but she is not here. Swara manages to come to kitchen through window. Something falls. Mansi and Mishka come there. Mansi asks what is happening here, and says you don’t know cooking naa. Swara says my husband is teaching me cooking. Mishka asks where was she? She says I came here, but you was not here. Swara says she went to store room. Mishka says she went there too. Mansi sends her to room and asks Swara to give biscuits to Mishka, and says they will not have food.

Mansi blames Swara for the stress and says how Mishka’s surgery will happen. She says my plan will be ruined. She then covers up her saying and acts to be worried. Laksh says even Swara is not wrong. Mansi asks are you taking her side. Laksh says yes. He asks did she forgot what happened 6 months back. A fb is show, Laksh leaves in his car after a fight with Sanskar. He hits someone with his car and he falls in the river. Mansi comes there and pushes him. Laksh gets injury on his birth mark. He says he will call Police. Mansi falls on him. Laksh brings her to hospital. Mansi tells Laksh that her husband came to meet them when he hit him. She says what I will tell to my daughter now. Mishka calls her and asks about her dad. Laksh is tensed.

Mansi tells Mishka that her papa is with her. Mishka asks them to come home. Mansi asks Laksh, what she will answer to her daughter and cries. She folds her hands and acts to faint. Laksh calls Doctor. Doctor checks her and tells Laksh that she went in coma. Laksh is shocked and doesn’t know what to do. Mishka comes to hospital and asks Laksh if her mamma is inside. Laksh says she is unwell. Mishka asks where is my Papa? Laksh says I am your Papa. Mishka hugs him happily. Laksh hugs her too. Fb ends.

Laksh says it was easy to convince Mishka, as she herself want to accept. He says I don’t want anything to happen to her and tells about her surgery. Laksh goes. Mansi says come soon, then only I can execute my plan.

Swara tells Mishka that Laksh is not her Papa. Mishka says he is Laksh uncle. She says Mansi and Nikhil had killed her papa Abhimanyu and even wanted to kill Laksh today. Swara is shocked. Mansi hits on Swara’s head with rod. Swara is unconscious.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Aasthu

    When is SR going off air????????????

    NEW SWARAGINI SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Swaragini is wrapping up. Sanskar and Laksh show tashan to each other for the final time. Sanskar asks Abhimanyu to leave, as Annapurna wants to see her son. Sanskar’s bitter words make Laksh speak up the truth. Laksh hugs Sanskar and cries.

    Laksh is going to admit in front of everyone that he is Laksh, not Abhimanyu. Annapurna is ill. Laksh goes to Annapurna and asks her to please get up. Annapurna hugs Laksh and cries. Laksh apologizes to her for hurting her so much. Annapurna’s illness has broken up Laksh. He tried hard to do the drama, but he tells the truth to everyone. He says he was helpless to stay as Abhimanyu with Mansi. He hugs Durga Prasad and Shekhar, and takes blessings. Laksh says he could not say truth to anyone, as it was risky for him. Ragini runs to Laksh and they hug. They both cry and have a union moment. Laksh expresses his love for Ragini. Everything got well. Laksh tells Ragini that he has to return to Mansi, but he will be back soon. Ragini cries and tells him that she will wait for him. The show will end on a happy note with an exciting dramatic ending. Viewers will be seeing more RagLak moments before the end. Keep reading.

  2. Aasthu


    Laksh and Sanskar scares Mansi……..

  3. Aasthu

    Loved Swara’s detective mode…….I wonder what Mansi’s plan is….I hope she will not hurt Mishka……..When is the drowned Nikhil going to come up????????

  4. Aasthu

    Oh so the little girl knows that Laksh is not her dad….but uncle……I wonder if she has been acting to save him…………I hope Swara will be fine soon……….Wished to see little more Ragini scenes…..but never mind…..Swara’s dialogue to Sanskar was nyc………….


    thanks for update hasan mam… runing to read

    1. Mica

      Mahira didiiiii… don’t run..
      huh! i search article how to measured TRP in India as yesterday TRP of Swaragini shocked me to the core..
      as i smelt something fishy in yesterday TRP, did there was a political issue ?
      as per my analysis, the TRP can’t be soo low
      Swaragini is based fandom viewers nowadays, last week episode had equal scene for both fandoms, an interesting one, swasan with their new attire or Raglak’s emotional scene…
      moreover almost all fandom who want to save SR tried their best to watched it (Swasan fans who take a break as they don’t want to see Swasan separation, start to watch it, or Raglakian who take a break as they disappointed to biased track, start to watch it also)

      so, HOW IT CAN BE DECREASED (comparing to previous TRP)…
      sorry to have a suspiciousness toward yesterday trp and color TV as they just promised us based on TRP only…

      well, talking about trp, i ever think that may India will count all of viewers in India as their entertainment world is biggest one in this universe comparing to my country when trp counted based on 5 big cities only as potential customers..
      but hmmm.. seems it same…

      1. MAHIRA

        Like you, i really don’t believe that just at the end TRP decrease like that, I mean, at least it should be same to same as before, and better because it’s at the end… Raglakians are offered a nice RAGLAK track as the whole story is about Laksh at the end, Swasanian will not desert because whatever happens, we are just happy with a small moment between our beloved ones… pfff…

    2. Mica

      haa.. see,… it’s just unbelievable isn’t it ?
      poor my Swaraginian family….they just fooling us

  6. episode was nice same river was shown n laksh pl return to ragini soon

  7. episode was nice same river was shown n laksh pl return to ragini soon bt why r they finishng epi b4 5 min frm yestrday

  8. amazing precap
    go and check out the spoilers
    raglak to be united
    swara is hit on the head where is sanskar where is our hero
    mansi and nikhil killed abhimanyu my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Super..Nice..Hope must take Swaragini 2..

  10. MAHIRA

    WHAT THEEE!!! SWARAAAA…. my poor Swara… i already cry reading the written update and ufff so Laksh is really in danger both his and little girl he wants to protect absolutely… see that Raglakians, he’s not bad… just helpless… can’t waitwathcing… and my poor Swara, where are you Sanskar ???

    1. Raina

      even i’m searching for sanskar only. and mahira, plz don’t tell MY SWARA. what if sanskar gets jealous and he will just kill me with his look

      1. MAHIRA

        jealous of me??? naa… it’s Swara who should be jealous not him :p
        i have aa theory about Swara’s repetitive head commotions… she’s too smart, all bad guys in that show want to take off some neurones 😀

  11. Epii was superb loved it vvvvvery much!

  12. Adishu

    ohoo my poor swara n that devil mansi… she hit her on her head… aww it would be paining….
    n guys one last time please tell me is this news really hundred percent correct that SR is going off air…. or there are still any chance… please one last time tell me…. n please don’t lie….
    coming back to episode… wow u know what was humour in today’s episode… it was that today my father also said that this serial is not going to end soon…. he was also not able to believe the fact….

    1. Sammykapoor

      if trp crosses 2 then colors tv give chance to this show ..so please watch this on tv ..this week trp also considers

  13. I want laksh and ragini romantic scenes

  14. Hope raglak unite soon

  15. Raina

    i missed half of the episode because my dad changed the channel to news. i don’t know whats in this stupid news…urgh. waiting for it to be updated on the voot soon. as for the episode, thank god i atleast watched swasan scene. if my dad would have changed the channel before that itself, i would be so much angry.
    swaragini is now going very interesting, i really don’t like it wrapping up like this. it deserves to be extended for few months.
    to cvs: listen carefully, yaar i cannot live without my swasan. i love so much, like soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. plz don’t end the show. i beg u plz

  16. Whatever pls unite swasan… they are da main characters nah?

  17. MAHIRA

    Mica… my little sister… your cute Nikhil turns to be more evil than what it seemed !!

    1. Mica

      huhuhuhu..whatever didi…..i just need him to be alive

      1. Raina

        i’m angry with ur nikhil. he hold swara’s hands so tightly and was threatening to push her. poor swara

      2. MAHIRA

        I’m angry with him too… it’s all because of him if Swara is beaten on her head… i want a real punch from Sanskar’s hand on his cute face… *and if i disapear search me in Swaragini river, Mica promised to push me there if i harm her villain Nikhil* 😀

    2. Mica

      uugghhhh,, both of you… aawww seem my Nikhil saved, rite ? YAY!
      whatever… i will dance…..

      1. MAHIRA

        Cvs are listening to your prayers so saving him *taking raina appart to have plan to save poor fooled by his cuteness Mica*
        —-ha ha completely mad Mahira 😀

  18. Hi guys what’s up how are you guys? All I want to say is that swasan forever swasan rocks.

  19. Adishu

    ahhh I will kill CVS if they didn’t gave proper swasan scene before it ends…

  20. Mahjabeen

    Ahh whr is sanskar??mansi devil hit swara on her head..c herself killed her husband…wah
    Pls unite swasan soon …

  21. Mica

    thank you H hasan mam for update….

    my Swasan…
    weell the history repeat, ….
    Sanskar made a statement about Swara’s fasting for Ragini during Karwachouth, it was a way to know swara’s secret feeling for him.
    the same happen now, Sanskar made a statement about Swara’s effort for Ragini, it was a way to know his place in Swara’s life….aaawwww smart Sanskar…
    by Swara’s answer, it will lead him to next move…ahem ahem….

    love the DIL-MIL Swaragini and Anandpura….

    There are many reasons which Laksh so helpless
    1. His guilty feeling being a killer.
    2.His guilty feeling to killed a child’s dream
    3.His responsibility feeling toward a child’s happiness.
    4.His humanity feeling for Miskha’s health conditions.
    5. His awesome plan, he makes a plan that after miskha gets surgery, he will back to his Ragini and family, he needs to do this to save someone live and repentance.
    6.His trust to Ragini and family, that His Ragini and family are good people and they will support him, even will do the same if only they are in Laksh’s position.
    I bet Ragini will proud of him too as now nomore obsessed Ragini or selfish Ragini.

    That way somehow he sent message to Ragini and his family, the way his behavior at MM, the way he appeared in front of Ragini (in this case he kinda want to tell Ragini that he needs her trust more than his family) or when he made a fist before put her hand on Ragini.

    my Swara cute as always…

    1. Raina

      i did’nt think in this way. sanskar is really smart and u r more smart than him

      1. Mica

        waaa.. it’s Swara influence babe!!! ssstttt.. don’t say that ,Sanskar will kill you with his look..

    2. Raina

      i’m not saying lie na. its true, sanskar just makes me mad and waiting for sunday, their magical performance. gosh i’m fainting.

  22. Aksharaa

    Come on trp is on other side come and see here how many dans r fr SR so pls dont end this..when that crap SSK ix running from 1BC how could SR just end come on i wanna see my sanky. I miss him badly.sanskaar pls dont go….*breakdown*
    If they r gonna end this then take another serial with d same crew or dont end this. Ok if u r gonna end then ill create magic on swasan and ragsan love in my ff what to do i can satisfy myself by doing that.but lls we req dony end this..


  23. Shanaya16

    So…guyz….u need you all…i just made an page of our handsome hunk NAMISH TANEJA aka Laksh of swaragini on INSTAGRAM….
    USER NAME IS namishtaneja_big_fc
    So girls n boys this is the time to show how much you love him….plz plz go on insstragram n follow me…to get his lastesst updates…

  24. MAHIRA

    Yesterday episode was FINALLY the response of our questions, what the hell did happen 6 months ago… lot of questions are here yet, the man Laksh hits with his car seems disappointed, like if he has been beaten, or may be it was Nikhil himself, faking the accident… no idea…
    I think Laksh is wrapped in a big guilty feeling about the broken family, and more over about the little Mishka who is ill and waiting for big surgery… i can just imagine the 6 months where he was taking care of her alone helpless (Mansi faking being in coma untill she wakes up -fakely-)… this guilty feeling makes him take such big like breaking all ties with his family, in fact in 1 month he’ll go to police and get arrested, so letting his family 6 months ago or now is same to same… whaterver happens means separations with those he love the most, may be thinking that he’s dead is better for them than being arrested for long time (he killed someone by accident)
    So I think Ragini’s forgiveness isn’t so simply given… he isn’t living happily forgetting them… he’s suffering alone there when every one is having each other to care for him…
    I just loved his accusation toward Swara about her marriage… half pleading his cause to prove he’s not Laksh (every couple has his problems)…. half blaming her for his brother’s suffering… and WHY NO ONE TOLD HIM HOW THE HELL DO YOU KNOW THIS COUPLE PROBLEMS IF YOU’RE NOT LAKSH?”
    I loved much more how Sanskar comes to be at her side at that moment, ready to jump on him if he says any bad thing about her :p
    Long time passed before Sanskar takes his time to thank Swara, not accusing her being “mahan”… accepting her help and teasing her saying that it’s about Ragini, just everytime they are patching up together, it starts with this explanation to push her saying that he’s more important ^^
    Precap is very very interesting, waiting for today’s episode… just hope nothing happens to Swara as she’s not in baadi when Laksh come to see his mother (in videos on net)… so again she’ll be alone in danger when everything is being better… Sanskar… please save your princess… Laksh, please slap your bi**** fake wife !!!
    A happilly ever end… Laksh and Ragini adopt little Mishka and Swara be pregnant from her Sanskar and Maheshwari/Gadodias families will celebrate all that *dreamy eyes*

    1. Raina

      gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!! wish ur dreams come true.
      not only a slap. this mansi deserves some more punishment.
      not only pregnancy of swara, i want the show to take leap of 10 months, when the baby will be born. they should give the baby to his/her grandparents and tell them to take care of him/her for some time and it will be so nice, within that time they plan for their second baby in a more romantic place than terrace *innocent me*

      1. MAHIRA

        I loved their terrace me… really blushing at their place that everyone knows exactly what will happen when they’ll go their… uffff… it was wonderland setted in a so simple place but the fact that it was on their house’s top, means that’re the main couple of the house… those who will rule the house after elders… shameless Sanskar created the shameless fan club :p
        But yes, really a leap of time 10 months later, baby’s welcome home ceremony, everyone happy and little Mishka given the reponsability of her little sister/brother (probably sister) so Swaragini never ends… the story continue…
        Why not imagine, Adarsh out of jail, asking forgiveness and returning home and Ayush a bit older happily playing around them
        PS: no forgiveness for dadi ma or Pareenita…. no return back !!! PLEASE!

    2. Raina

      we all are seeing too many dreams. hope this cvs doesn’t spoil it

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