Swaragini 1st December 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Swara and Simar walking on the road. Sanskar loses control on his car’s brakes. Swara’s feet gets stuck because of Paatali. Sanskar shouts asking Swara to move. Swara asks Simar to move as the car is speeding towards them. Paatali thinks she can’t let Simar die as she has to make idol for me. She stops Sanskar’s car just before he hits Swara and Simar. Swara manages to get her feet out from there and tells Sanskar why he was driving fast. Sanskar says he lost control on brakes. Swara asks why did you call me here? Paatali makes Sanskar forget everything and then appears infront of them as Devika. She tells that she is going home.

Simar stops Swara and asks her to stay outside the house else family will think her wrong. Swara agrees. Sanskar tells Durga Prasad

that Swara is innocent. Durga Prasad says Swara is freed because of us. Ragini says she can’t be saved when Swara is around. They hear some noise coming from store room. Ragini says may be Swara or Simar might be compromising with the proofs. Simar calls Swara and tells her that she got something. Sanskar tells that Police have arrested Swara. Simar tells Swara that there are marks of foot prints as the person has step on the aata/grain. Sujata and all are coming towards there. Swara asks Simar to get out from there. Annapurna tells that they will get Swara arrested. They open the door and find Simar.

Annapurna tells Simar that police can arrest her for supporting Swara. Durga Prasad says he has given chance to Swara to prove her innocence. He says may be truth is something else and says we can’t punish innocent people. He asks Simar to tell. Simar asks them to come inside and says she wants to show them something. She tells about the Aata on the floor and the foot prints of the person. Sujata says you might have made it. Ragini recalls and says she is saying right. Swara syas that marks are behind the outside door. They see marks and wig in the trash bin. Sujata says she might have kept it. Sanskar asks her to look carefully. Simar says there is Aata stuck on it. She asks did you see Aata on Swara’s hairs. Sanskar says I think we should inform Police.

Inspector comes and says as the foot prints is of man. We have to take foot prints of all men in the house. They come there and see the marks gone. Simar says I have closed the window. Devika says I have opened the window. Inspector says it is a proof that Swara didn’t attack Ragini. Sujata says Swara didn’t do this. Simar tells Sujata and Ragini that Swara was insulted because of them. Durga Prasad apologizes to Simar for not been able to take good care of her being his guest. Simar asks him not to apologize. Durga Prasad apologize to Swara and asks for forgiveness. Swara says you was helpless because of circumstances. Devika says lets go Simar. Simar greets them and leaves.

Swara recalls about Ragini’s words that someone had sprinkled medicine on her face and that makes her doubt on her. She then hears some foot steps and sees Sanskar secretly going somewhere with a packet in his hand. She follows him. Sanskar puts out red blanket out from there and burns the blanket shocking Swara. Swara thinks why did Sanskar burn this blanket. She thinks if Laksh is right and if Sanskar is behind Ragini’s kidnapping.

Swara thinks to find out about the kidnapping truth and questions Sanskar. She asks him to tell truth and asks if he went on Kali Baadi road on that day. Sanskar looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Ragini ki acting mast h usa oscar award milna chahiya super block buster

    pls yr swasan ko mila do pls

  2. swaragini: swara has bid doubt on sanskar being ragini’s kidnapper.
    the mystery around ragini’s kidnapping is still going on in swaragini where sanskaar is now being suspected of being the culprit.
    in the latest episode of the show it is seen that swara ‘s name finally gets cleared as the police comes to know that the culprit is a man. dp apolizes to swara for having a doubt on her.
    however, swara is still puzzled about the identity of the kidnapper and is determined to find the culprit.
    the mystery become even more intense as sanskaar starts acting suspeciously and swara has doubt on him.
    sanskaar burns the red blanket which was worn by the kidnapper and seeing this, swara doubts on sanskaar for kidnapping ragini.
    in the upcoming episodes of the show , swara will directly confront sanskaar. whether he has done the crime or not. let’s wait and see how sanskaar defends himself.

  3. No no plzzz…not sanskar..i swear..i will not watch this serial…plzz dont seperate swasan

  4. its utara the main culprit…..I saw this in SBS segment today

  5. Hiiii Shuva, Saba n all other, actually I hv a good news that though swara is doubting on sanskar he is not the kdnpr, actually the kdnpr is utara only . Swara inqrd n brought the truth out n utara got nice slaps frm AP for doing this. N laksh was seen supporting utara . Utara cnfsd it n said that she only did this n no one else was involved in it. But swara has a doubt that utara cnt do it alone n sm one else is also involved in it. N it was shown today in SBS sgmnt. Well that’s a rlvng news fr us .

  6. Hiii Shuva , kirti n Saba n all others , I hva good news though swara is boudting on sanskar , he is not the kdnpr swara inqrd n brought the truth out that utara did all this n utara cnfsd all this n said that she has dn this alone n no one else was invlvd in it bt swara has a doubt that utara can not do this alone n sm one else was also invlvd in this kdnpng.

    1. Hi nik
      How are you? Thanks for the good news, I’m so happy. Finally everyone will know who is the main culprit behind ragin’s kidnapping. And yeh I’m also sure that it will be lasksh behind the kidnapping situation.

  7. N u all know what, I think laksh is the other scnd prsn actually it would b more crct to say that he is the mstrmnd bhnd all this n utara is svng hr brthr. N now Swara will hlbnt to find the scnd prsn behnd the kdnpng. And I think that it will b interesting to watch swara exposing laksh, what do u think guys??????

  8. N sorry by mistake I hv posted the sm cmnts fr two tms.

  9. I can say that laksh is the mstrmnd or secnd prsn coz we all know abt the molly in kdnpr hnd, laksh instigating swara agnst sanskar n the chemical usd by the kdnpr was the sm which was usd by sanskar on swara ,these all indicate that in this kdnpng lakshs motive was to seprt swara n sanskar.

  10. N about swasan , when simar told sanskar ki ” beech m to aayegi hi na aapse itna pyar Jo krti h” n swara didn’t denied that so rlx guys we don’t hv to worry abt swasan . swasan rocks n swasan forever.

    1. You are right

  11. Ya ashi, u r absolutely rt.

    1. ya thanks for full detail…..it will be interesting that how swara finds about laksh
      swasan forever

  12. Hi nik
    How are you? Missed your comments yar where were you. Happy that you’re back. And thank you, thank you, thank you for the good news. I’m so happy that everyone gets to know the real culprit behind ragin’s kidnapping. And I also think that the 2nd person will be lasksh.

  13. And Yeh
    Swasan forever
    Swasan rocks.?

  14. And yeh nik
    Again I want to thank you for making my day happy because I was fuming yesterday because of the current track.

    1. And yeh
      Swasan rocks.?

  15. Surabhi verma

    I just saw dis written updates today..as i wasnt watchnv dis serial…nd surprisingly it hasnt moved further ny longer dat we cant make out whats gng in d serial… its just waste of time…nd d writer doesnt have ny story …i have stopped watchng it from last month … d way dey end up insulting swara nd alwys d luck favours ragini … bakwas dis is… such a worse serial ….NO STORY LINE….NO POSITIVITY…ND GIVING A BAD SCENARIO TO THE SOCIETY … dis serial shud end now…dat will really be a good part…

  16. Surabhi verma

    I just saw dis written updates today..as i wasnt watchnv dis serial…nd surprisingly it hasnt moved further ny longer dat we cant make out whats gng in d serial… bakwas dis is… such a worse serial ….NO STORY LINE….NO POSITIVITY…ND GIVING A BAD SCENARIO TO THE SOCIETY … dis serial shud end now…dat will really be a good part…

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