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The Episode starts with Annapurna asking Swara to tie mauli to everyone. Sujata asks Utara to serve the good and taunts Ragini, says she don’t want to see her face. Swara stops Ragini and asks her not to be upset as Annapurna brought this mauli for her, even though she is upset with her. Annapurna hears her. Ragini is hopeful. Adarsh is leaving for office and sees Parineeta waiting outside the house.

Ragini asks Swara about her opinion on Parineeta, and asks can we forgive her. Swara says no, we can’t forgive her and asks her not to be pressurize by her. Ragini says I want to tell you something. Annapurna and Sujata hear her and are angry. Adarsh asks how dare you to come here. Parineeta says I am your wife and bahu of this house and reminds him of his duty. Adarsh says I am doing my duty

by keeping evil people away from here. He asks her to get out.

Ragini sees Annapurna standing and says maa. Annapurna asks her not to call her maa, and says you want to bring that Parineeta back home who tried to ruin my home. Swara tries to interfere. Annapurna says you have thrown Parineeta naa, now I will throw her out also. Parineeta asks why he is double standard, and says even Ragini lied to all of you. Adarsh says whatever Ragini did is to save her mum and baby and asks her to get lost. Annapurna holds Ragini’s hand. Ragini cries and asks Annapurna not to throw her out. Durga Prasad, Laksh and Sanskar reach home. Durga Prasad and Laksh ask what you are doing. Sujata says she will not stay here. Laksh is shocked. Durga Prasad asks what happened?

Annapurna says Ragini wants to bring Parineeta back, and then betray us together. Sujata says she is snake under the sleeve. Durga Prasad says I am still alive to take decisions of house and family. He asks Ragini, if Annapurna is saying truth. Sujata says I am saying truth. Durga Prasad asks Ragini, do you really want me to forgive Parineeta. Ragini cries and looks on. Durga Prasad says when we can forgive Laksh and Ragini, then why can’t Parineeta. He says whatever Ragini have done, Laksh was equally responsible. He says even I feel that Parineeta should get a chance. He asks Annapurna to think about Adarsh and says he has a life ahead. Adarsh comes and says no, Papa….Durga Prasad says you have stopped me from talking for first time. Adarsh says I have decided, if that woman returns home then I will leave the house. He asks Durga Prasad to decide, if he want son or daughter in law. Ragini gets shocked and recalls Parineeta blackmailing her with video.

Later Annapurna and Durga Prasad see the house decorated. Laksh, Sujata, Ram and others wish them happy marriage anniversary. Durga Prasad gets greeting card from his children wishing them best. He thanks everyone. Annapurna asks Swara why you have done this. Swara says I haven’t done this. Sujata says Sanskar and Laksh must have done this. Annapurna says then…Laksh says you can’t guess. Annapurna thanks him. Laksh says you should thank Ragini as she has done the arrangements. Annapurna is surprised. Swara says Ragini is not here as you people don’t like to see her, she has done all the arrangements. Sanskar says she asked us not to tell you all. Ram feels bad. Durga Prasad says it is good that she left…and asks him to throw cake. Ram asks him to forgive Ragini, when he can forgave Laksh and Sanskar. Durga Prasad says they are own sons and says we can’t justify with strangers. He asks Swara to throw cake, else he will throw it. He picks the cake and goes out to throw it.

Parineeta’s mum comes to Maheshwari house, where is she? She says if anything happens to her then I will not leave anyone.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Has durgaprasad gone mad

  2. Hi swaragini fans im a silent reader & this is my 1st comment.. 2day episode was quiet boring but ragini’s acting was superb.. I love ragini ??

    1. Hi Ann ☺️

  3. Lila

    I can’t DP is saying this. I thought he would be understanding.?

  4. Haripriyacivil

    No he is trying to make ap realize

  5. What the hell is this
    Dp ko kya hoga
    I cant understand anything and what about the video hooooo
    pls anybody tell me what is going on

  6. I think swaragini CV have gone mad. Why don’t they come out with a track which gives equal importance to all 4 leads. Please make Ragini character strong..please nyways love u teja..ur my favorite..watching swaragini only for u..any of the raglak fan please tweet for Ragini career track yaar.I want to see strong ,independent ,bold Ragini but in positive shade. In fact a career track for both sisters is needed.

  7. boring epi, but, please tell me what is ragini affraid of today ragini killed it, lov u my baby

  8. i dont undertand this cvs pregnency without consummation of raglak have they gone mad
    last time when they consummated that pari gave her that abortion pills right offffff ill kill them for shure if they show pregnency track without consumation

  9. annapura acting so much she dadi sujata wants to abort the child they are the reason for raginis condition then how can blame ragini i like swara but now she is double side why she is silent why this sanskar is silent he know that his mother is reason for parineethas condition she used so many bad words against parineetha now with ragini then how will they got a child some one want to say to that sujata to shut her mouth why this swara and sanskar silent iam irritated by both this people

    1. Mica

      if they react, you call them maahan, plus curse cvs .but when they are kept silent, you hated it…hahaha.
      parineetha condition was anandpura &sujata’s fault ? are u sure ? they love all 3 bahu, but jealousy feeling trapped parineetha.

      1. Right Said Mica

  10. guys aplogo ne dekha dp ne kaha hum sanskar ur laksh ko galti par muf kar sakte hea kiuki o humare bete hea lekin bahu toh parai hea une maf nehi karsakte..so ap and suju will understand..nice way dp very smartly tumne apni bath rakhi sahed ye swara ka idea ho..I wish ragini ke sath ab sab good behave karega..but any one tell me ragini kisliye pari se dar raha hea…

  11. Hey guys can anyone tell me why ragini is affraiding of parineeta??? Plz plz plz tell me bcz i missed last 3-4 epis..plz tell me…

    1. Because parineeta has sent ragini some video (which is not shown) so she is blackmailing ragini through those videos

  12. l hate ragini soooooo much

  13. mahan devi ragini sucks..

    i wish trp of this week go tooo low..
    some stupid jealous freaks says that trp getting low bcz they dnt get scenes..what a ovèrconfidence..me and my frnfs alrdy sttpd watchng sr..

    i think this week sr trp will be 5 and they r the nbr one show.bcz some dumbs have overconfidence haa .i pretty sure their overconfidence wld broke to pieces..dumb heads unprofessional immature stupids..nd crap show

    1. totally agree with you…

  14. Durga Prasad is doing this so that Annapurna and Sujata can realize their mistakes and forgive Ragini, in the pre cap they had the same cake.

  15. Oh and the video is of Ragini doing something bad in order to save her family.

  16. Amrutha

    I am very excited to know what is in that video.laksl is looking very handsome. And also looking gorgeous in the green saree in previous episode.love u raglak,love u swaragini .

  17. Mica

    i love the way Durga Prasad handle his family.
    c,mon Adarsh, forgive parineetha please, you ever cheat her, i know it’s a past,

  18. In the video ragini pushes parineeta from bridge like she pushed swara and teja herself said this in a segment

    1. But in today’s episode it is shown parineeta falls in the river when ragini tries to snatch the phone from parineeta. That means video has something else. So basically I guess she aborted her baby because in some spoiler it is shown as lakshya after coming to know ragini hiding some blackmail calls(which should be by bhabi) he calls ragini as cheater.

  19. Ohhhh my cutyypiii ragini u nailed it. Lve u raglak.

  20. arohi malhothra

    arey yaar har serial mein eisa kyun hota hai ki ek insan too much goodness se bare hote hain.spclly heroine.aur uss character ko aur good karne ke liye baki saare character kisi na kisi tharah galath ban jatha hai.in tz serial its swara’s character.to show her good every char has got grey touch at some point of time.frst dadi,tn shekar,ragini,sanskar,laksh,sujatha,ram,ap,dp,parineeta.almost all the char.n all ppl will hurt heroine in one or the othr way bt tat heroine will nt hurt ny1.she will be sachai ki murthi n sarva gun sampan..tat really irritates.wen tat happns we start hating even positive char.i like ragini’s char after she turned positive.she is the real char we get to see in society.she depends on others wen necessary,she does unintentional mistakes,she lies for good.nt lyk swara’s char never lies,never does mistake,even b4 sm1 does wrong she comes to knw.tat doesnt really happen.too much of sweet is not good for health n too much of goodness is not worth watching.

    1. Yah Ragini did unitensional mistakes..try to kill her own sister 2 times…kidnapped her…show her characterless in front of family… Blackmail his fatherin law..and try to black mother in law face….
      Try to sepearate her sister from her husband….
      These are small mistakes

    2. Mica

      omg, ragini is the real character of society, poor society that’s full criminals…

  21. i loved the way laksh came running n stood with ragini wen ap was taking her out.his expression was awesome.too good..love u raglak..temish rocks

  22. I think swara character also got somewhat negative touch in ml track….
    Who all r saying heroine will always get hurted…blablabla…ithink they got ml…here our swara is not sitting quietly….she is fighting with others in correct way…n her character is inspiration to all…if u agree or not but it is true…love swasan

  23. Criz

    what type of video did rasgini see

  24. Funny criminal Ragini turning mahan.. actually looks hilarious. A person who can plot, scheme and get the worst criminal ideas has suddenly turned mahan..
    I was so glad Annapoorna was throwing her out… why did DP stop it..
    People’s memories are so short lived… Cant imagine the kind of things Ragini has done and still she in the house.. It was good to watch the treatment she was getting the last few days.. She deserved this much before.

    That was about Ragini…

    Coming to Teju… I think she carries negative roles really well and her acting talent is well potrayed there.. I think she looks little funny and weird acting good roles.. Negative roles suit her better.. She

  25. If my guess is not wrong DP is behaving against Ragini to change Annapurna’s mind….
    Teju rocks always????

  26. I guess DP tell all this deliberately to make AP and others understand…but this parineeta now seriously she is damn irritating

  27. arohi malhothra

    guys y au over reacting?tat was my POINT OF VIEW.i dint bash ny1.i spoke generally abt all serials.dn knw y in tz swaragini page no 1 has right to keep their pov.if sm1 comments smthng n if it has a little negative point on ua fav char u ppl make it a big issue.y do u take it too seriously yaar?y dnt u look it lyk sm1’s pov?y dnt u give us our space?take it easy yaar..if sm1’s coments has negative point n if its within a limit plz ignore it.tat way u can reduce fghts.n SR i’ve clearly mentioned “after ragini turning positive”.fo tat u dnt ave to bring past.i dn think i’ve written smthng offensive.
    comeon yaar broaden ua thinking.

  28. Heyyy arohi just chillyar. This page is most bashing pageyar. They cnt here anything against their faveriets. U knw what reading their comments is more enjoyable than swaragini show. Sometms we can get headache also reading their comments.

  29. mahan ragini is soo irritating.such a behenjii coward dumbo girl.i dont like a coward behenjii girl like ragini..she only know qrong paths..she can plot crimes very well but can’t choose right path..stupid dumbo..brainless waste girl..ragini only know to doing crimes how to kill and defame others..bit now turns to be a dumb mahan

    this cvs always ruin the track to give redemption raginis chrctr or tejaswini..i really hate tejaswini like ragini she also immature and unprofessional dumboo..stopped watching sr bcz of ragini mahan or easily say redemption track for tejaswini..tejaswini knows how to black mail othrs by giving quiting drama and stupid interviews nd using fans..stupid unprofessional dumbo..

  30. by adding extra i to ua name u cnt change ua identity pavanii.if im nt wrong ua d same pavani who bashed teju fo sanaya irani ryt??!!frm ua coments it seems lyk tat to me.if yes tn i’ve no coments cz ppl lyk u cn never change.if no tn il say “try to think positive”.nyways TEJASSWI rocks.she is the BEST.

  31. new spoiler
    laksh n ragini’s relation in danger.rags will be harassed by a mysterious caller bt she will nt tell this to laksh.later laksh will enter the room wearing black gown n rags will be scared.irked by tz laksh wll ask wts wrong bt rags wll remain silent.there wll b huge fght btwn d couple n laksh wll walk out callin rags as cheater.will ragini be able to save her relation

  32. Sanaya Irani koi serial ka heroin nai malnutritioned poor girl lagthi he uski shakal tho sada hua he beauty nam ki cheez hi nai he usme

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