Swaragini 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 1st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the Maheshwari family celebrating holika puja. Swara waits for her family to arrive eagerly. Sumi and Shekhar come there. Swara gets glad seeing her parents and hugs them. to Maheshwari house. Annapurna and Durga Prasad welcomes them. Sumi apologizes and says that Dadi couldn’t come. Annapurna says she can understand and thanks them. Durga Prasad thanks Shekhar for coming and praises his daughters for doing so much for their family. Shekhar says they came here as his one daughter is still married in the house, and says they have no relation otherwise. Laksh recalls slapping Shekhar and folds his hands to apologize to him, but Shekhar goes past him. Laksh gets sad and feels guilty of his doings. Swara hugs Sumi and asks about Ragini. She sees Ragini standing behind them

and hugs her.

The Puja begin, Swara and Sanskar do the puja together. Sanskar asks Laksh to come and do the puja. Laksh looks at Ragini. He does puja alone. Swara asks Ragini to go and do the puja. Ragini holds the plate while Laksh is doing puja. Laksh goes back. Ragini do the puja alone. Pandit ji asks them to make preparations for holika dahan. Laksh and Ragini collide with each other. Laksh asks her to take her thread back. Ragini asks him to keep protection thread with him as it has protected him. Laksh says you have saved my life and not this thread. Kavya comes there as an old lady and takes aarti plate from Pandit ji’s hands. She gives aarti to Ragini.

Ragini, Swara, Sanskar and others are taking rounds around the holika fire. Laksh and Ragini continue to look at each other. Sanskar asks Laksh why you are standing alone and asks him to attend holika dahan. Laksh says I will come, but will stand far from our happiness as I don’t deserve to be with you all. Sanskar hugs him and asks him to come. Laksh says give me some time. He gest teary eyes and wipes his tears. Kavya/Tania sees Laksh standing far and takes out a tablet which she puts in aarti plate. She goes to Laksh and asks him to take aarti. Laksh takes aarti . Tania asks him to take it properly. Laksh feels dizzy and faints.

Ragini sees Laksh with an old lady and gets doubtful. She follows them and sees old lady taking Laksh in her car. She gets shocked to see Tania in old woman get up as she throws her wig. She shouts Laksh………..She calls Swara, but she doesn’t pick the call. Ragini takes a taxi and asks driver to follow the car. Swara sees Ragini’s missed calls. She searches for her and calls her. Ragini informs her about Laksh’s kidnapping. Swara is shocked. Tania takes Laksh to an under construction building. Ragini sees Tania’s car and asks driver to drive the car. Driver refuses. Ragini gets down the taxi and asks Swara to reach there soon. Swara informs Sanskar about Laksh. Kavya takes Laksh inside a small chamber of three walls. She ties his hands and make him sit on chair.

Ragini finds Laksh’s watch there and calls Laksh. Kavya tells Laksh that she will take revenge from him. Laksh is still not in his senses and feels drowsy. Tania/Kavya keeps the bricks and makes wall with cement and bricks. Laksh manages to stand up, removes the rope, frees his hands, and holds Kavya’s hand, but Kavya hits on his head with brick and his head starts bleeding. She makes the wall and buries Laksh inside the walls. Laksh is seen unconscious sitting.

Ragini tells Swara and Sanskar that Laksh is inside and cries. They try to break the wall. Kavya tells you people can’t save him. He has to die. She stabs Swara, but Ragini comes inbetween and gets stabbed in her stomach. Swara shouts Ragini.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    Update ke liye thanks…

    1. Hello guys. Check out the new fan fiction “Breakdown (swaragini)” by misha??

  2. Y so late. ?

  3. swaragini fan

    y cant they show ragini saving laksh herself…y does it need to involve swasan in every problm lyk smtyms they show swara solving cases alone then y cant ragini alone save her love..in this way they cud hav united raglak…this shows name is swaragini so they shud focus on both the couples…ragini cud hav savd laksh alone n we cud hav got sm raglak scences too….then y they brot swara there…..plz cvs focus on all four….m a fan of both the couples…bt feeling bad fr the partiality….

    1. Sam KK Shukla

      exxxxaccctttllyyyyyyyy yaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello everyone..I have started writing a fan fiction of this serial. It’s called “Breakdown (swaragini)” hope everyone would check it out ?

  5. Loved the first part whr Laksh was missing Ragini and in his eyes can see the love for her…

  6. I thought cvs will mke d track interesting bt not I ws wrong afterall it’s RS show we cannot expect smthng good here..n we got saathiya 2..kuchh toh positive dikhado rotlu faces all d time srsly fed up now..I expected Swasan romance before holika dehen n got badawala BJKT..widout any intense scenes dey r this much popular..bt cvs r wasting der talent..ab trp v buri tarah se gir gayi..when RS Mata will understand SR n saathiya viewers type is different..engagement se leke mrg tk eack n every function of SwaSan mrg dey spoiled bt even after mrg dey r busy in dis jasusi..at least raglak used to have romantic intense scenes even at d time of cavity track,Swasan fake mrg n all crap drama..bt Swasan always busy solving cases lyk police..newly married couple toh lg hi nai rahe..swara hamesha sanky ke romantic mood ka kachara kr deti hai apni detective dimag ki vajah se..holi me toh ab kuchh bacha nai BJKT hi milna tha..

  7. I m living raglak emotions. I feel raglak ll b more popular than swasan. Cvs have spoiled the swasan magic

    1. Well I’m sorry to o say this but I don’t see any spark in them the way I see in Swasan.

      1. Raglak is also gd but der characters r ruined dats y we cannot get connected to der story at least wid laksh’s character bt rags always lved laksh.. First he fell in lv wid swara den pretended to be in lv wid rags den agn loved kavya n nw agn ragini..

      2. Ya swasan really has some amazing charm!!! Even one hug between swasan drives everyone crazy!!
        Maybe….It will take time for raglak to be like swasan….

    2. U know angel in this serial a one how love with only one guy that’s only ragini bcs
      Ragini – laksh
      Swara – laksh, sanskar
      Laksh – swara, kavya, ragini
      Sanskar- kavitha, swara
      Above 3 people doing love r what is this I do no…

      1. Well her 1 sided love wasn’t love infact it was obsession and bcoz of her 1 sided love she became a psyco which ruined some people’s lives.

      2. Hey gowri you call that love. that’s not love that’s insane. Lol you call that love she was a psyco back then.

      3. Ya i agree wid enemy and nafisa…back then it was not really love…….now it can be called as love….but back thwn it was obsession

      4. gowri ji others are mature enough to understand and move on in life..!

  8. i think serial name should b swara only, dis ragini is totally useless, :/

    1. Sam KK Shukla

      oh plz …. i’m sorry if u feel hurt …. but i have to tell u one thing ….. ragini is not useless … swara is unnecessarily making entries and trying to show ragini useless …… so never tell that again

      1. Well it’s not swara’s fault that she is shown only important in this show its the writers fault.

      2. Swara is always given importance and is always making entries bcos thats what the viewers want. Many viewers are addicted to swaragini due to swara’s presence so therefore the Cvs put her everywhere….no offence to anyone…even ragini’s presence is imp

    2. Exactly Sam kk shukla I hate swara the girl always interfere in others life … Y ragini always get pain because of swara….

      1. What the hell are you saying. You forgetting what did that ragini did when she became a psyco. Infact it was bcoz of that ragini swara and others suffered.

      2. guys y r u fighting???????????? actually we r nt sopposed to blame both swara n ragini….everything happened as per the writers wish……..sooo plzz stop fighting over this issue…..r u all still small babies?????????????????

      3. I srsly dnt understand y always sme people blame swara..I think kisi insaan ka achha nature hona dusaro ke baare me sochana galat hai??usne hamesha rags ke liye achha hi socha..even wen d truth is revealed usne hi lksh ko request kiya to give rags second chance..n rags sorry to say this bt at the time of kavita trk she knew sanky swara is nt happy wid kavita sanky engagement n she knew ki swara ki kya haalat hai bt she ws busy in romancing lksh..n ek chance nai chhoda swara ko bolneka she said swara ‘dukh toh hoga ye dusri baar hai’ I mean srsly koi dushman ke saath v aisa nai karega..1st time bhi usne hi swara ko shaadi se dur rakha aur dusri baar bhi wahi reason bani..usse kavita ke liye bura laga bt apni behen pr ek baar bhi daya nai aayi..I knw rags abhi positive hai aur mujhe toh wo vamp thi tb bhi pasand thi aur aaj v hai bt iska matalb ye nai swara ko blame kiya jaye..bt rags ke positive hone se jitna loss sanky ke character ko hua hai utna kisi character ko nai hua..uska screenspace itna jyaada reduce hua hai like in other RS shows..swara fans bashing rags bcz of her neg shade n she easily get out of all her mistakes..itne chance milne ke baad v she continued wid her neg thinking..bt swara wo toh kbhi neg nai thi fir y people hates her..is sb drame se loss toh Swasan ke chemistry ko bhi horaha hai..which cvs nt realising..n lksh suddenly realised his lv fr rags is it a game??thoda slow realisation krvate mkng rags a strong girl ye sb rags lksh ke liye pehle bhi kr chuki she lved him madly..bt achanak uska pyaar ab bahar aaya bohot hi ajeeb hai ye..lksh is d most confusing impulsive character ever seen..Dey cud hv balanced raglak lv stry along wid cute Swasan moments..bt no dey wan high voltage drama nly..it cud gd lv stry bt no cvs ruined wid crap drama..

      4. Hey gowri aunty what’s up.
        You hating swara it’s ok but blaming her for something she didn’t do its weird and I totally disagree with you.

      5. Hey aashta I don’t want to fight but some raglak fans always bash swara and blames her for something that she didn’t do. The way they support ragini this is how I’m always going to support swara or Swasan.

      6. I think u shud see the Oct Nov Dec track again ..gowri ji

    3. Mind u r word nafisa don’t be chilly I was said that that’s my point OK and nifisa I m not a aunty u r aunty kkk mind it… Sry to say this … U r hurting a peoples heart .. They only do in swaras fan … I don’t hurt swara I like ragini… That’s it

      1. Hey so you got offended bcoz I called you aunty. OK I’m sorry for calling you that. you said your point of view and I said mine, but sorry to say this your point of view sucks becoz it doesn’t make any sense. You say bcoz of swara that ragini is going through pain. But the thing is that it’s the other way round bcoz of ragini people suffered. Once again I appologis for calling you aunty.

      2. And one more thing us Swasan fans don’t hurt people’s heart the way raglak or ragini’s fans does. We never called ragini ugly, fat, short or can’t act the way ragini’s and raglak fans did and does to swara.

    4. Angel ..i dnt care abt swara.it really hurts seeing our fav actress in neg role…so they were upset..nd d writers were nt giving importance to ragini ..dwy were giving more importance to swara itslf….nd bdw…Raglak more adorable dan swasan bcz swara luks lyk younger sis of sanskaar..seriously hw can dey pair dem if dey could pair ragsan atleast kk nd und radz…raglak is unique who d hell is swasan to bcme like dem …raglak is no 1 jodi..nd seriously swasan will take tym to bcm like raglak…really i cant see swasan as bst couple

      1. Kiran..Sorry if my words hurts you..raglak is gd Jodi bt swasan is best..if u wan any proof just open colors fb page n compare likes of Swasan post n other post everything will get clear to u..ppl lv dem so much..if u r using dis words to Swasan no wonder y u think ragalak is unique dats a joke..rags lv ws madness n Obsession before..full of selfishness..N lksh’s lv dnt hv words to say first he lved swara hd trust issues.. Den pretended to lv rags used her..den lved kavya n suddenly realised lv fr rags..koi khel hai kya?? N u say it’s unique..u r saying writers nt giving imp to rags frm start stry is moving around rags first her Obsession den her neg character her kaands planning.. den she turned into positive usse imp diya hai..sanky ke character ko isse bohot jyada loss hua hai..nt like before.. His screenspace hs been reduced..plz it’s a request dnt use dis type of words..u said brother n sister makers r nt mad dat dey continued wid dis pair jo itna popular hai..raglak lv stry se connect na hona reason is lksh he is so impulsive n dats my opinion.. Otherwise I too like dem..

      2. Yeah but why the hell are ragini lovers bashing swara. It’s not her fault that ragini became negative and a psyco. Swara was always positive but some ragini fans bashed her for something that she didn’t do. It’s not her fault that she’s always is shown important. Swara and sanskar they don’t look like brothers and sisters infact they look good together. Love their chemistry and their bonding. You say that raglak is unique and who is Swasan to become like them, Well that’s your point of view. To me Swasan is more unique then raglak and they have more spark in them then raglak. And 1 more thing raglak ain’t no 1 jodi infact they never were. Well mabe in the future they will but for me Swasan is always no 1 jodi. Sorry to hurt you but I’m just saying my opinion the way you did with yours yours. And I will always defend Swasan or swara the way you raglak and ragini fans do.

  9. Hi there Anjum What’s up how are you??

    1. Hi there nafisa,
      I’m all good thanks what about you??

  10. swaragini fan

    yeah and swara never did bad wid rag. Rag ruined all’s life i dont want to hurt rag fans but requests to not hurt others

  11. I m was said I hate swara but not helly..

  12. ragini shud save swara bcz these bashers of ragini will atleast keep quiet…but they will nt keep quute still dey ill bash our ragini

    1. Yeah some ragini lovers blo*dy bash swara even though she’s positive. I don’t know what issues they have with her.

    2. Ragini saving Swara instead of Laksh is to complete the redemption track of Ragini. Previously Ragini tried to kill Swara twice and now the makers think that now Ragini saving Swara will even out the previous wrong deeds of Ragini
      So guys, Swasan did not interfere in this scenario because they are being given importance than Ragini but because they want to show that Ragini is now wholly positive. so you see again the story revolves around Ragini

  13. No videos available related to swaragini available in YouTube. all the full episode links are showing private .

    1. Vist desitvbox.com and watch all swaragini episodes in HD

      1. Thanks zap. I like to download older episodes. Please suggest me software to download?

    2. Download voot app.. U will get to watch all swaragini videos..

  14. Please someone tell me where can i download swaragini old videos (last year may month)?

  15. guys please read the episodic analysis logic and swaragini an analysis . . both posted around 31 n 1st and I am sure this bashing will stop… it’s a request..

    1. Hey stoneheart is it the one that says why can’t we accept ragini?? The date showed Marc 25 2016. If yes then yeah I did. And I also left a comment there.

      1. no it’s was on 31 near swaragini chand ka dusara chehra question .. NW it’s near 20-30 pages enemy ji

      2. Thanks stoneheart ji?

  16. hahahaha really kavya should apply for work in any construction sight sach me vo ithni kam samay me ek dewaar bana sakthi hai tho buildings ke liye sirf ek ya ded mahina lagengi usko………builder ban jao meri maa serial ko chod do jab se ye track shuru huva hai tab se tho show me sirf unrealistic things hi ho raha hai……yar swasan ko bhi thoda time dijiye na……i want swasan cute moments

  17. Todays SBS seg..raglak punar vivah..without any drama..everyone is happyyy..incl mm n gadodiyas..n guyzz mrg is completed widout any drama..believe nai ho raha aisa kaise ho skta hai..bcz sr koi shadi puja itni seedhi tarah se nai hoti..bt hope ab koi drama na ho..bt thoda jldi hogaya..lksh bohot fast hai..chhodo ab kya..achha hai..ab 4 couples ko thoda romantic track do..kahi bhejo ghumne..toh saare fans happy rahenge..

    1. Hi there angel. Thanks for the news. So now that raglak will get married we may get to see some Swasan romantic moments along with raglak. I think this is why the writers didn’t show that much of Swasan romantic moments because they probably wanted to unite raglak first then show some Swasan and raglak romantic moments together at the same time. I’m a bit releived now that the kavya aunty’s drama will be over soon . I was so bored with the current track and I really hope that with the upcoming track they show some happy moments. Anyways take care angel ?

      1. Hii..Anjum..I 2 hope dat ki ab koi drama na ho..charo happy rahe..aur hum fans bhi chain ki saans le..thak gaye..ab..
        Swasan,Raglak fans sb happy.. Bt m sure writer se ye happiness bardasht nai hogi..bt at least fr some days we shud get cute scenes.. Itna drama jhelna ke baad itna toh banta hai..☺

      2. Yes exactly. I just hope that the writers don’t bring some next boring track on the way. Hope they show some Swasan good moments along with raglaks so that we all are happy.

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