Swaragini 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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Dida shouts thief seeing Laksh. Everyone gather out including Shekhar and Dadima. Shekhar says there is no thief here and goes back. Daadima yells at Dida and asks her to correct her vision. Dida also yells at her and goes in. Ragini hugs Laksh in a worry. He asks her to go. She says she will not leave him alone, else he may be caught. He says he will not and asks her to go. Daadima comes to Ragini’s room and sees her sleeping wearing bedsheet. It is Swara instead. Daadima comes near her and asks what happened to her. Shekhar comes and says he did not find any theif. Daadima says what if thief has come, so he should stay with Ragini while she checks downstairs. Shekhar sees Swara’s slipper and suspects.

Sumi comes back to Swara’s room and locks window. She sees Swara

not moving, so removes bedsheet and is shocked to see pillows instead of Swara. Shekhar also removes bedsheet and sees Swara. Swara asks him not to tell shout, else Ragini will also be in problem with her. He asks where is Ragini. Sumi opens cupboard and is shocked to see Ragini and Laksh in cupboard. She asks what are they doing. Dadaji downstairs asks neighbours to check everyone’s house. Neighbour says they should start from their house. Swara tells Shekhar about Laksh coming to meet Ragini and tells she sent Ragini to meet Laksh. He says that means Dida saw Laksh and thought he is thief.

Swara says she does not know where they are now and he should give one chance to Laksh as he is changing. Shekhar says she was against Laksh before, but now she is taking his side. Swara asks how can he deny Ragini’s love. Laksh on the other side asks Sumi to take care of Ragini and says he will leave now. Ragini asks him not to go out, else people will catch him.

Daadima and Dida start their fight. Daadaji says they should search everyone’s house.

Swara says Shekhar with his upbringing,Ragini has considered Laksh as her husband and loves him now and it is very difficult to forget first love and he knows it better. She requests him not to repeat the mistake which he made 20 years as his daughter is suffering because of it, requests not to punish Ragini and let her unite with Laksh. Shekhar silently listens to her.

Sumi asks Ragini not to lose hope, they will find a solution to this problem. Swara tells Shekhar she did not break out till today thinking about mom, but today she wants to cry and is tired of acting brave. She wants her baba/dad to cosole her and wipe her tears. Will he wipe her tears. She hugs him and he recriprocates. Ragini on the other side hugs Sumi and says because of her her family is suffering. Shekhar consoles Swara and Sumi consoles Ragini. Laksh asks Sumi to let him out. She says she knows what to do. She calls Shekhar and says Ragini and Laksh are with her. He says Swara is with her. She tells her plan and asks him to bring Swara here. He says it is very risky. She says till when he would be afraid, he did not take her side 20 years ago, at least now he should. She looks at Laksh, then asks Shekhar to believe her.

Swara wears Ragini’s dress and Swara ragin’s. Laksh says she is looking like Swara, but it is odd. Swara on the other side says she is not looking odd as she and Ragini are.. stops and says let us go.

Daadima tells Dida she does not like nonveg smell, else she would have checked her house. Dida says she will search her house herself. Dida goes home and asks Sumi to open door. Sumi opens door. Dida asks why she locked door. Sumi says for Swara’s safety. Dida sees Ragini’s back and asks why Swara is sitting like this. Sumi says she is afraid. Phone bell rings and she goes out. Sumi locks door and says if mom would have seen Ragini, she would have created problem. They go out and and meet Swara and Shekhar. Laksh says he came to say sorry to Ragini, but did not know this problem would occur. Sumi says first we should solve it. Shekhar says she is right and asks Laksh to go back to his home.

Dida sees shadow and says it is thief. Dadima comes and says she is not thief. dida says she knows something is wrong. Ragini feels embarrassed in Swara’s revealing western outift. Laksh gives his jacket. Shekhar brings rope. Laksh asks if he will hang him. Swara says he brought it to ascend you via waterpipe. Shekhar ties pipe. Laksh says it is very dangerous. Ragini says he is right. Swara asks if he is afraid of heights. Laksh asks her to stop, takes brick and says he will divert everyone’s mind. He throws brick down. Dida says brick came from upstairs and come towards balcony calling theif. Shekhar and his party get tensed.

Precap: Shekhar and his family hide in storeroom. Chawl people walk towards store room searching for thief.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Mashallah!!!! Ragini is looking so pretttyyy!!!!!!! Modern dress suits her very nicely:-)
    She loves laksh a lot 🙂 🙂 hope they both marry!!!
    Swara didn’t look so good in churidar ,she looks cute in modern dress!
    The show is getting really very intresting!!!
    Love you guys 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Keep it up !

  2. Lovely episode!! Ragini was looking so adorable:-) 🙂

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