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The Episode starts with Dadi telling Parineeta and Adarsh that she has broken Swaragini’s bond and asks them to fulfill the promise made to her. Parineeta says she don’t remember any deal or promise. Dadi says it was decided that 40 percent of the share will be given to Ragini and Laksh, once they apologize to me. Parineeta and Adarsh refuse to agree. Dadi threatens to ruin them. Parineeta says if we agree, then everyone will come slowly. Dadi says when I can ruin my own son, then I can ruin you too. She laughs and says you are new in this game and asks them to respect her experience. She asks where is house papers. Adarsh and Parineeta are shocked. Adarsh calls lawyer and asks where is papers. Lawyer says he gave POA papers to Parvati Gadodia. Adarsh is shocked. He agrees to give 40 percent to

Ragini and Laksh. Dadi says it is good that you understood, and asks Parineeta to drop her till door. Parineeta is furious and asks Adarsh, why did you agree? Adarsh asks her to relax and says sometimes we have to go back to jump higher. I just said yes, haven’t given them share. Shekhar calls Ram Prasad and tells that Sujata and Utara went early morning, and asks him to come back soon. Sumi tells Shekhar that Ayush, their son have high fever. She asks him to call Dr. Ghosh. Shekhar says okay and goes running. Dadi sees him going and smirks.

Ragini, Swara and Sanskar come to the Police station calling Inspector. They see Laksh tied and beaten badly. Ragini cries badly calling his name. Swara is shocked too and questions Sanskar. Sanskar is equally shocked. Laksh gains consciousness hearing Ragini’s cries……Ragini recalls what Sanskar had said, that Inspector will not touch Laksh or file any case against him. She turns to Sanskar and asks so this is your doing. She asks him to see Laksh’s condition. Laksh regains consciousness and sees them. Ragini says you wanted to give him wounds and taught him this. She asks why did you do this, answer me. Swara says Ragini. Ragini pushes her and asks her not to interfere between them. She asks Sanskar, why did you do this? Swara says Inspector have to answer us, and goes to call him. Ragini asks Sanskar to answer her, but he is silent. Ragini asks him repeatedly to answer. Swara comes back and says Inspector is coming. Constable opens rope and frees Laksh’s hands. Laksh falls down. Ragini says he is wounded. Constable asks him not to teach him.

Inspector comes and asks Sanskar to sit and have tea. Sanskar says I asked you to keep Laksh for a night, and said not to touch him. Inspector says I have done whatever you told me. He says even chargesheet will be filed for smuggling. Then Laksh will be in jail for six months. Sanskar is shocked and asks he is lying. Swara questions him. Inspector says Sanskar is doing this for you, as he loves you a lot. He asks who are you? Ragini says I am Laksh’s wife. Inspector says sorry Sanskar, he says if you would have told you then I would not have told truth. Inspector apologizes to Ragini and says Sanskar is responsible for this. Sanskar tells Ragini that Adarsh must have given him money. Inspector says yes, I got the money, but you are also getting 10 crores from Adarsh. They are shocked. Sanskar asks Inspector not to lie. Inspector says I have all the proofs of what I said. He shows the video, in which Sanskar asking him to lock Laksh and says he need money which is giving to him by adarsh. Doctor checks Ayush and tells that his bed is wet. He asks them to admit him in hospital else he will die. Sumi and Shekhar leave in a hurry, without locking the door properly. Dadi asks Doctor what happened. Doctor tells about Ayush’s condition. Sanskar and Swara tell Ragini that Inspector is lying. Ragini is shell shocked.

Inspector asks Ragini to bring 5 lakhs rupees before 12 noon else he will file chargesheet in court. Ragini says I will bring money. Sanskar asks Ragini to listen and says he is lying and trapping. Ragini says I will not listen to you, never.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. this dadi i hate her she is separating raglak and swasan

  2. RAGLAK KO TO AADAT HI HO GAYI HAI GALAT KAAM KARNE KI ;SWASAN ROCKSSSSS rag knows laksh had done wrong then also ….UTTER CRAP…..she didn’t believe her sis?Always swara suffers coz of her AND NOW JUST IGNORE MY COMMENT IF U R A RAG FAN COZ U ALSO KNOW THAT SHE IS DOING WRONG! if someone will say me to stop bashing then they shud learn to ignore but the truth won’t change ,plus I havnt said anything about Tejaswi ;I respect her as a actor but everyone has their own opinion!comment cannot always be positive! SO JUST LEARN TO IGNORE IF U DISAGREEbut according me rag is wrong and my thinking won’t change with ur defending…..

  3. I feel very bad for sanskar. why sanskar get scolded by ragini I know its truly hurt her but I don’t feel any emotions in her crying because sanskar emotions only affect me even without any dialogues such an good actor and swara who is so expressible through her face is really very good

  4. cvs always ruin the character of ragini..its good that she stood with her husband..but

    one side she said she belive swara blindly and she knw that swasan never go any wrong paths and she also said that..but nw why she blvs that police inspctr???

    she clearly knw that any one can misuse videos and do any tricks in it..bcz she alrdy did it in hervpast..but tdy why she blvs that vdo???

    she knw sanskar never do any wrong deeds till he with swara..and she blvs that stupidity said by poloce..sge blvs that sanky take 10crs frm adarsh????

    soo many illogical things..but not portrated good..plot was not strong..here again cvs spoiling raglak side…

    and bad track..good bye swaragini

  5. ragini thinks that everyone are like her..that is every one is wrong.everyone can cheat..she changes her colour rasily.the ragini belivs swasan blindly now doubting them..waah waah ragini..u well knw how much parish can stoop low..bcz once u were doing this..but now sge cant recognise anything she belives that poloce..she is really dumb

    and plz put less makeup during crying scenes..itz weird to see..changing earings doesnt look natural.

  6. Ragini made me cry…such an awesome acting by teja???love u so much?????

  7. swasan always rockz

  8. ragu u rocked today but feeling bad for ragu n laksh. how much ragini love laksh this is the thing that make me a crazy raglak fan. love u teju n nami. varun is also good. nice episode

  9. Fairy

    hmmmmm!!!!!!plz everybody clap for cvs….
    love u cvs a lotzzz…
    thnku sooooo very much for ruining ragz charecter more n more……
    m litterely laughng readng dis crap story..
    always swasan r r8 n raglak wl do wrong thing..(swasan dans plz dont take me wrong)
    den swara wl cry n always support ragini…bt ragini dnt believe her..
    n den all tym sufferer sanky…bechara hamesha fass jata h(he always get trapped btween dese 2 sisters hahahaha)
    okay no worries…
    u wl always rock cvsss
    keep it up…
    i cnt hate u cvs coz u hve gven me my tejas(rags) n for dat i’ll always love u… 😉
    loved her actng as usual…
    swasan r always awesome…
    feelng bad for lucky..
    well lets see wts nxt to come…

    n rashmi sharma i loved ur movie pink!!!truelly awesome movie..loved it..thnx for makng such moviess…grl power rockss!!!!!

  10. ragini you are amazing
    u are a fabulous actress
    please change the track soon.
    my lovely couple raglak is just awesome.

  11. alle alle my sweetypie teja.love you bahaut sara baby:)
    its always a blessing to watch u 🙂
    sanskaar looks sooo cute.please producers give some good cloths to swara,she looks so dull.
    i like her earlier dressing.
    story is getting boring and boring day by day.
    i am only likeing swasan now a days.
    love u swaragini.

  12. The only one who affect me is swasan , ragini knows that anyone can make this video like she did in the past , swara will slap her and she will slap swara back !!!!! one side she said swasan don’t do wrong’s things and noww blaame theem

  13. This is too much yar already they r facing so many problems in this time they have to face these problems with unity.But this serial writers showing nonsense this is not at all fair. We know good people have to bare so many difficulties but not this much yar.we know in serial they are writing imaginary drama but I don’t know imaginary things are this much scary.iam very disappointed with recent track.If they are showing serial like this Swaragini fans will stop to see this much nonsense.Bcoz of this track there is no TRP for Swaragini.Plsssss change this track we can’t bare this track anymore.

  14. Well..Hello everyone!! Am neither a regular commentor here nor a raglak-swasan fan!! But after seeing todays episode…Would like to my Pov!

    Well Just put in yourself and imagine someone torturing ur parents…The mental and emotional phase that laksh is going through…Maybe coz dat was d oly last option left for him!

    Its not dat laksh chose that path frm d very beginning…He tried solving the money issue by good means…Finally mayb it was d oly option for him coz noone wer kind enuf to help him!!
    Waise bhi bholne ke liye bahut kuch bol sakte hai hum log..agar waisi situatn aayi tho patha nahi Truth-lie…Right-Wrong aisa kuch sochenge hum log!!
    Kehne ke liye tho bade bade shabdh bol dete hum iss page par…par kya samay aane par hum follow karte hai???
    Swara aur sanskar…They are absolutely good ppl mayb…Cvs humko un dono ko aise dikaate shaayad…lekin sanskar ko aise police ke havaale karna is an unnatural thing!
    That was not needed actually!!

    Aur issme ragini ki galti hi kya hain…Just put yourself in her position and see…Laksh dilse bhura nahi hai…Aur sabse pehle tho husband aatha hai…Wats wrng wd ragini supporting laksh??? Isse ragini ki character galat kaise ho gayi yaar??

    Swasan ke fans ko ragini achi nahi lagti..ye teek hai…par thoda practically sochte…tho laksh unki place par aur ragini unki place par sahi hain!
    Swara aur sanskar bhi sahi hai…lekin sanskar ko itna bada step bina swara ya ragini se pooche lena galat baat hai!! Koyi apne bhai ko aisa police havaale kaise karsakte! Waise bhi laksh ko tho patha bhi nahi wo diamonds hai!!

    And I am damn sure…if by chance sanskar was in lakshs place and swara dint support sanskar…the same fans wuld have opposed her complaining koyi apne husband ko kaise support nahi de sakte jab unko sabse jyaada jaroorat hain unki wife ki! Am sure!!

    Just coz raglak are in that place…truth-lie…right and wrng ye sab yaad aa raha hai kya sabko??

    I know most of u wuld not agree wd me..coz swasan fans jyaada hai yaha…lekin i clearly metion it again am neither swasan nor raglak fan… Just that i find theres nothing wrng in ragini supporting laksh…afterall unko zindagi hai laksh…and it is not that laksh was going to continue doing such things…wo bahut acha hai…parents ke liye kuch bhi karsaktd hai!
    Ayr ha 5lakhs kama hone ke baad…am sure he wuld have stopped dat!! So ragini was ryt this time!

    Kindly ignore if u dont agree wd me!

    1. Very well said sis…..RagLak r correct from their terms……even swasan…no point in blaming either of them cuz situations made dem like that…..lovedy teju a lot in today’s episode….RagLak rocks

    2. Sumeeta

      but she act like brainless.in past she had done the same things with.she knew that video frogery is so easy nd anyone can do it.so what does she learn from her past deed.she do not learn anything.har time to bolte rahte hain humhe swasan pe swara se pura bhorosa hain.ab kaha gaya wo bhaorosa.usne ekbar bhi swasan k baat sunnk koshish nahi ki.har wakt swara ko hi kiu situation ko samaj k react karna parte hain.
      but ye track laya gaya kiuki bhenchara viewers ko forced lagta hain.mujhe bhi lgta hain kabhi kabhi.
      swara humesha ragini ko benifit of doubt dete hain.but ragini kabhi bhi swara ko nahi

    3. Mica

      don’t be sure Shreta! i’m Swasan fan, but i damn sure to myself will scold Swara if she support Sanskar to do wrong thing. 😀 😀

    4. Yes u r ri8 2!but truth is that CRIME will be CRIME. …..no one does it for fun every criminal have a reason to do crime but they r considered wrong so laksh is also!AUR AGAR AISA SOCHKAR SAB LOG GALAT KAAM KARNE LAG JAYENGE then there will be crime everywhere then why shud people choose right path everyone can do wrong Na after all? Coming to ragini- Supporting someone even after knowing he is wrong is not something one will be proud of!JUST C THE LATEST IV IN IT RAG SAYS:swara Hume 5 lakh rupiye dedo pls swara uske baad him tumhaare aur sanskar ki jindagi se humesha ke liye chale jayenge!(swara pls give me 5 lakh rupees pls swara after that I will go from ur and sanskar’s life forever)So that means for money she is ready to leave her sister swara always helped her even when she was wrong swara even talked even rudely with ragz but ragini takes her for granted always harass her! FEELING SO BAD FOR SWARA

      1. Correction:even when she was wrong swara never even talked rudely with her!

    5. Oh my god!! Calm down dats okay! I mentioned it there itz just my point of view! Am noways gonna fight over raglak or swasan here coz im not a fan of anyone…Waise bhi agar hum fan kisika banna hi hain tho hamari Indian army jo hai unka bano..Iaf ka bano…u ppl consider each and every comment so seriously and minutely!!

      Look crime is a crime everyone knows that…And as someone said above each and every have their reasons but reason laksh has is diff!!

      Kashmir mein attacks hua tha…maasoom soldiers wer matryed..pak terrorists wee criminals too but they dint have a reason,they just wanted to spread negativity and violence!
      Yaha pe laksh aisa kuch nahi kar raha tha…sirf panch lakh kama hone thak inthezaar kar raha tha uske baad wo chote ue kaam!

      Aur ha mein support nahi kar raha hu kisiko…just wanna say everyone have their reasons and not all can be ideal like swara aur sanskar jaise cvs dikaate!

      I jus wanna quote an example…I have seen cases wer children or even youngsters get frightened to show their exam results to parents and they manipulate them!!
      Aise me jab parents ko patha chalta tho kya parents bacho ko direct teacher ke paas le jaake complaint karte??? Nahi na aur thareeke doondthe usse sahi aur galat mein faraq samjaane ka!! Sanskar bhi laksh ke baare mein annapurna se kehsakte the…Maa ki baat shaayad maanta!

      Sanskar ne aisa kuch nahi kiya…he directly handovered laksh yo police!!! Waise bhi sanskar bahut hi matured hai… tho police ko kaise blindly believe kiya???

    6. And one morething….SANSKAR koyi galat kaam nahi karta kya???
      USSNE POLICE KO 2 LAKH DIYA THA…laksh ko police statn mein sade rakhne ke liye!! Wajah jo bhi ho aap logon ki theory ke dhauraan Sanskar bhi galat hain right?? Coz he bribed police???
      Agar sanskar yaha pe ryt hain tho samjo Ragini bhi sahi hai!

      Anyways nomore arguing further!! Those who agree with my comments Thanks people 🙂 And those who dobt itz okay just overlook them 🙂

  15. You definitely right about raglak that conditions force them to do that but sanskaar is also right as he thought with the help of laksh police catch Taskeri ones and also laksh will be safe there as outside only fight start b/w laksh and goons.
    Rag in not fully but right at there path of supporting laksh but she have to trust sanskaar as from the beginning swara and sanskaar with raglak and support them she is not in condition to understand situation as she disturb but she should at least trust swasan

  16. But once my teacher told ….
    Ki ager koi vykati achcha hai tou voh. achcha isiliye nahi hai ki usne kabhi koi galat kaam nahi Kiya But voh achcha hai kyuki use galat kerne ka mauka.mila per usne galat nahi kiya…but raglak get situation and they did wrong thing then how.is they correct but swa San are not choose situation to become wrong or right they always right

    1. Yes u r ri8 raglak cud choose ri8 path also but…..

  17. Feeling bad for raglak….but feeling more bad for swasan..i think nobody will believe sanskar….except swara….yayyy swara is enough to sanskar for support…..n hope adarsh pari n dadi will get their punishment by raglak after knowing truth

  18. Hate this serial… How can dadi be sooo selfish! And adarsh, he is an animal. I mean who will do that to their own brother!!! Chi!! I hate it.. Ragini’s acting was nice today!! Guys i read in a spoiler that ragini and swara will slap each other bcoz when rags asks for money swara does not give(if she has only she will give na!!) but ragini believes adarsh and that police inspector that sanskar has 10 crores and not giving money for helping laksh!!!
    Seriously i dnt know wat happened to cvs!! They have gone mad!! If they dnt have any ideas then y dnt they jus stop writing such stupid sequences!!
    Its good to see ragini and swara supporting their respective hubbys( it was the only nice thing yesterday) i dnt blame them both r correct in supporting their husbands… But i wish that ragini understands that it is the plan of dadi, pari and adarsh!!!
    Wish that they change the story line

  19. Mica

    aahh, ty so much for H Hasan mam for this update, luv you!
    waaa,,,,,, Ragini ! you nailed it! your angry and sad expression was awesome,
    but huh! how dare you to push my cutie Swara!
    sanskar! you are too cute! your guilty, confuse, angry expression, awesome Dud!
    Swara! omg, you are soo cute in your simplicity !
    Laksh! uft! you more s**y!

    Ragini behavior in police station was justified, just tried to put in Ragini’s shoes once..
    every wife will be angry if she saw her husband in horrible state, moreover she trusted Sanskar’s promise last nite, but the fact just kinda nightmare for her.
    about video, she upset already about Sanskar’s broken promise, everything came to them so sudden.. it’s difficult to digest about rite or wrong, true or fake.
    we can blame Ragini to supported laksh once Laksh’s wrong deed revealed, since somehow, Ragini’s support made him to met his boss again and finally got caught by police.

    Sanskar, even we can’t blame Sanskar to being responsible as elder to protect his lil brother! don’t say bring laksh to jail wasn’t necessary as he said that it was the safe place for Laksh (we should consider that Laksh engaged to MAFIA’s world).
    moreover Laksh, himself too adamant to stop (did you all remember that Laksh ever said “whoever stop him, he will break the relationship between them”
    Sanskar , himself is a victim too, his guilty feeling deeper than anything, we should know that guilty feeling killed us the most than hatred feeling.

    and Poor Swara, she should stand between them, she should support her husband from the accusation and his guilty feeling, in the other hand she should bear Raglak hatred and should convinced them that it is a trap…
    Swara!!!!You go Gals!

    1. Mica

      aahh, in 2nd Paragraph, the add ” but, we can’t blame Ragini in those horrible situation

      1. Heltej

        Haha…. I think both went to second honeymoon! Or will be doing servant’s job… To earn money! ???

    2. Heltej

      Oh god… Mica i was waiting for you comment…. I think i became “MICAholics”…. They will be highly misunderstanding swasan…i dont think so it will be Swasan vs raglak moreover it will be” misunderstanding track”. Both of them are correct! Teju nailed today’s episode! I have only one doubt… Where is Rp… I have seen him during when dp was admitted in hospital!

      1. Mica

        even me !! waiting your comment 😛 😛
        micaholics ? don’t be ! you will vomit everyday 😀 😀
        haa.. yups you are superb Dear! “the misunderstanding track”..
        they both rite and this is become big dilemma for us , weewww..
        somehow i so grateful to CVS that laksh just become diamond smuggler instead of drug courier. since if it was drug, i couldn’t tolerate him,
        Rp ? hmmmm….don’t ask me… i’m not Sujata mom …

  20. Mica

    and my dear CVS !!! omg…. i dunno what to say… i love this plot !
    you gave us many options to learn about lives…
    but somehow it just kinda ignite fire to wardom between fandom..
    Did you ever think why during Ragini became -ve and fake marriage of Swasan, the TRP of SR in high position ? it’s because Ragini was funny villain..it was so interesting to watch when the hero/heroine won over the villain sometime.
    just compare with this today -ve plot.. you just let the villain win all the time, made us frustrated and less interest to watch….

  21. Swaragini heading has no meaning. Story writer always kept swara in the top level but not ragini….

  22. Swaragini heading lost its meaning….writer always kept swara in the top level…but not ragini

  23. why don’t the call the anti corruption on the inspector.He has just confessed to taking bribery. It would have been solved in 2 mins.

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