Swaragini 19th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 19th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Kakasaa coming to Ragini and Swara, and shows the album of his daughter’s marriage. He tells that he brought work for them. Swara asks Ragini to take break if she needs. Ragini says no. Kakasaa tells them that his boss’s son is getting married and asks them to impress his mum to get the wedding planning work. Sumi asks them to think about the theme etc. Sujata tells Sanskar that Swara did wrong with him. Sanskar says he will get ready and asks her to go. Swara and Ragini talk to Gayatri. Swara tells that she is thinking about the fusion. Gayatri disagrees and tells that she doesn’t look like bengali. Swara says yes. She asks Ragini to take care of all the work, and gives less important things to her secretary. Ragini says she is my partner.

Gayatri stops her and

says her decision is final. Ragini suggests her that they shall get the bride and groom’s pic posted in the invitation card in marwadi attire. Swara tells that they need close up pics. Gayatri asks for Ragini’s suggestion. Ragini says they need close up pics and tells that they need to get photo shoot done. Gayatri agrees. Swara sees bride pic and is shocked to see Utara’s pic. She shows it to Ragini. Just then they see Sanskar coming there. Sanskar greets Gayatri. Ragini asks Swara not to say anything.

Gayatri introduces them to Sanskar. Sanskar says he is sure that they will do the arrangements best. Swara tells Gayatri that they can’t work and asks her to get someone else. Sanskar assures Gayatri that they will do the work. Gayatri asks them not to take her son’s marriage lightly. Ragini tells that Swara got scared as she is possessive about the marriage. Ragini tells that they will do the work. Sanskar says I know you will not refuse. Swara tells Ragini why did you agree? Ragini says it is our Utara’s marriage. She tells that Gayatri is very conservative and if she comes to know about her then she will break the alliance. She says we will not take this contract. Ragini asks what reason we will give.

Sanskar tells Gayatri that he will leave. Gayatri tells him that Sujata told her about his wife, and says if you ever unite with her then I will send your sister back to your house. Sanskar assures her that he and his ex wife are like rivers two different ends which can never meet. Swara and Ragini hear him and are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. A short episode , colrs tv ignore kasam & swaragini these days whyyy !

  2. Writters end this track soon dont separate them

  3. Pooja26

    sari duniya ki bakwass krlo ……
    mann bhar jaye toh bata dena….


    unite both d couples yr…..
    kitna alag karoge…..

  4. Deeksha

    Well today’s episode was awesome….!!!!! Loved it….!!!!!! But there is a bad news…!!!!!! Tomorrow there will be no telecast of swaragini……!!!!!!! Big Boss is going to hired from 9:30……!!!!!!!so directly swaragini will be telecasted on Friday…..!!!!!! Don’t know how will I be waiting till Friday…..!!!!!!

    1. Neera

      Omg !!!! No swaragini tomo ???????? Ll surely miss it !!!!

      1. Deeksha

        Yes dear….!!!!! Stupid colour TV wale……!!!!!

  5. Neera

    Again d same precap !! N tat lady s damn irritating !!!! She s insulting my swara…. how dare she s ? Not oly her each n everyone of them insulted swara for being a bengali n not a marwari…. but each time my swara creates a spl place in their heart… she made the haters love her…. n i heard uttara’s father in law illtreats his wife(uttara’s mil) n even then tat lady supports her hubby…. i guess swara will help tat lady n change her mind….n then swasan will unite (jus a guessing)… Am jus crying reading this update…. i donno how it will be wen i watch swara in pain !! Arre laksh where u ???? Come soon yaar…. n its time for ragini to unite swasan as swara has sacrificed almost everything for ragini !

    1. Neera dear that Gayarti is all but a woman more into a snake who are you to talk like this to Swara and make conditions on Sanskaar…and what made me furious Sujata now Swara is no good…
      Really she has no shame at all
      i hate to wait till friday really with that precap over and over that made me angry

      1. Neera

        Suju’s character is not consistent…. one time she supports swara… n other time badmouthing about her…. in d whole MM oly DP is same n RP no neèd to say…. he doesnt even speak anything….lets hopr for the best dear….. n enjoy d track….. fully swasan…. n my sanskar <3

  6. i want to strangle Sujjata now Swara is no good???really???swara is the only one who made you come back yo your house after u wanted the ten crores remember…swara is the one who tried to kill herself to make ur son free of guilt…it was swara who solved all your problems…and yet u talked to Gayarti about her really u have no shamed at all
    Gayarti that bungali is the one who defended ur Uttara from Rajed and Swara is the one who saved Maheshwari Family over and over you snake
    today episode got on my nerves i want to travel to India to kill them both
    im really angry at sanskaar now Uttara is important just te tell you u should never acceoy alliances with conditions

    1. Neera

      U r rite louna !!!!! But swara chose ragini over sanskar….. d same way sanskar is thinking…. he s choosing his sis over his wife cauz he s angry at swara for leaving him !!

    2. Yo are absolutely rite… Even I hated sujatha today…now I confirmed.. She never accepted swara from her heart… Everyone in mm is such a selfish ppl… In starting suj supported knowing ragini’s true colour.. After truth revealed about ragini then also she don’t want to accept her as her bahu and then ap n suji accused swara as characterless… N she is ready to accept kavitha whole heartedly though she is Bengali.. N in memory loss track also she behaved harshly with swara..haaan swara too behaved wrong with sanskar tat time.swara dunno anything bout her past 1 year life incidences.. But suji knows rite..n now again she is blaming swara… She consider swara as only daughter in law not daughter…

      1. Manjula20

        Pooja I think it is Swasan’s plan
        I read it somewhere that Swara is hiddenly supporting Sanskar so he didn’t blamed Swara in front of Sujata today and did you noticed it Sanskar called Swara to landline at the first time after leap. He can also call to her mobile. Aur abhi tak koi aisa scenes nahi aya Swasan ka jiss mein donon ek lonely place mein jagada karte hain. I think they are doing this for showing someone. Aur Sanskar ki promises ko hum jante hi hai Swara ke liye voh vadha kya apni dill bhi thod sakta hoon

      2. more than right Pooja swara is the reason she is back home and why she talked about Swara why not Anapurna she is blaming Sanskaar and she is the one to blame and talking to Gayartiii overr too much

      3. swasan acting???all this acting???really???but when they was in the street nobody was there i dont think so

    3. Mica

      Lounaaa.. where you from ? 😀

      1. Hi Mica
        im Lebanese

  7. Tat aunty is acting……as some how she wants to make her son marriage wid utthra…she might hav kidnapped laksh….i think swasan together open her mystery….,,but bechari utthra…always her marriage preparation LL start but marriage wont happnen and always her mrrge create leads to swasan seperation

  8. Scooby

    This toooooooooooooo9ooooooooooooo muchhhhh……… i think so evry1 in this serial have forgot that they hv no brains… stupid crews.. and i cnt bear swasan and rags drama and hell maheswaris thy need to b happy thy wont bother abt othrs hapines.. for thm swara is just life line.. playing with her.. here swasan omg i dont knw wr thy r frm.. like aliens

    1. i agree cant bare swasan drama but like their tashantho reason is illogical but ragu is not doing any drama okkkkkkk o just give me a break her husband is missing from 6 months whom she love the most so ragini would behave like this only because she respects her husband love him .unlike others

      1. Mica

        haaa Kee.. ragini love her husband, supporting her husband even in wrong thing…unlike Swara, who will angry to her husband if her husband doing wrong thing, love should change someone to be a good person, showing the right path.

      2. Mica

        My swara forgave Ragini to tried to kill her
        but She slapped Ragini for accussed her husband about 10 crores and broken their relation.

        Ragini may can kill someone to get Laksh
        Swara tried to kill herself to defense her husband, but won’t harm other’s life .

        Ragini supported Laksh to do bad thing (smuggling, accusing Sanskar, doing Shradd) ,
        Swara angry to Sanskar when she knew Sanskar try to kill Laksh, ask Sanskar searching him as redemption.

        about her departure, you know so well how vulnerable Ragini about Laksh, she ever crossed limit (attempt suicide, tried to kill someone).
        How can Swara leave her alone ?
        For us, swasan fans, it’s better to let Ragini alone, to let her suffering alone, let Swasan together and do ramance…
        but Swara think about her sister more..
        she know she is doing wrong by leaving her husbandand she admitted it, ready to get punishment.
        (sorry to blabbering much, i saw you always comparing their love in this last few episode)..
        i love the way you praising your Ragini, but please don’t compare their love, don’t even comparing Sanskar love to Swara and Ragini love to Laksh…
        they have their own way to show love..
        Ragini with her love which can harm other, disrespect other life, supporting in wrong thing..
        Swasan which full of selfless, helping others. supporting in right thing, punishment in wrong thing…
        sorry if hurt you,, ty

      3. more than right dear Mica
        u said yourself in your story
        Swara love is unconditionel it makes her free…free in her decisions…she knows when to say No and when to say Yes…yes to her sister cz she is in deeply need of her…yes to support Ragini cz she is the elder sister…yes to be near her cz she might hurt herself…No to angry Sanskaar whom he can choose to kill his brother…No to angry Sanskaar who stopped beeing a good person….No to Sanskaar whom love can do wrong…
        Ragini has a love who makes her slave…Slave to a bad Laksh without trying nothing to stop him….Yes to acting and lying only to be near Laksh
        Love should be mature making us good and better person….
        In all circumstances Swara had benn selfish chosing her husband instead of Ragini would make her selfish also thinking about her happiness…so my poor Swara
        As for Maheshwari Family they are selfish people and to say more in tomorrow episode they will be asking Swara and Ragini to say they are not Maheshwary….swara and ragini are the one who saved you all from Kavia…Swara and a part include ragini are the one who brought you all your money back…Swara is the one who unites you over and over…ungrateful family
        Swara is the one who made your Sanskar Sujata a better person so instead of talking about her should you at least talk Annapurna for stoo talking to your son and she is the reason her son is not around…
        U dont deserve as a family unconditionel Love of Ragini neither all the Love thr big Love of Swara

    2. Mica

      calm Navi calm… you turn out to be vamp 😀 😀
      maheswary is maheswary, easy to forgive and easy to forget.. in swaragini case
      they are easy to forgive Ragini and easy to forget Swara ..it’s Swara fate, destiny and luck to fall in love to maheswary …..what to say 😀

  9. Silent_writer

    Clap clap for the producer she tweet that their will b twist but we r only seeing crap what happened to them i cant watch this that’s not fair with swara

  10. Vyshu10

    loving swasan tashan

  11. Sanaiya sagar

    Why colours tv ignore swaragini

  12. gayatri u r a cheapppppppp

  13. Please show Diwali celebration n karvachuth between lead couples instead showing boring ssk n satiya why can’t show between raglak n swasan was waiting for it but these CVS again separated the lead pair

  14. love u swasan

  15. hay u missed to write starting part lol ??
    episode started when ragu was cring looking at laksh picture and remembering those moments with him omg cvs showed anglagade scene and some more best scenes and that bg added a beautiful touch .–jithni bathei karne thumse tasvir see ———– raglak scenes par bg after long long time they gave

  16. am in illusion or really this scene happened plz any one clearl my doubt because in the update it was not mentioned plz plz clearl my doubt

  17. ab tho lagtha hai ke hamaien laksh sirf photos or flash back scene may he dhekaingai shayadh cvs real mai dhekanaie ke koyi iradha nahi hai shayadh

  18. cvs hamaie baksh dho aur ragini ko laksh dho

  19. Manjula20

    Guyzz good news it rumoured that Swasan will unite soon and Lucky will be back

    And sabse bada news yeh hai ki Swaragini ka naya promo aane wala hai

    I am just desiring that it is gonna true

  20. All cast THANK u for making us miserable…sujata .I thought u r good u r now bad…..u always hated Swara….u always liked rajeni. ….u forgive her….ur so lucky to have someone like Swara…..(I hate all of u)…u insulted our princess a lot…
    WRITERS…PRODUCERS…..I think ur ignoring Swara…her feelings…she doesn’t have an even role

  21. Manjula20

    Yeh bhi kaha jata hai ki Laksh ek nayi look mein vaapas aayenge

    Ab sabki make over hua hai toh Lucky ka bhi banta hai haina?????

    1. could you translate what u just said plz

  22. Manjula20

    Mujhse iss colors walon par gussa aata hai God ab 2 days wait karna padega
    Devanshi Udaan n Shakti jaisi serialon ki promo hamesha dikhate rahte hain
    SR n Kasam ki koi promo nahi
    Voh bigboss kal telecast karne ki kya zaroorat thi Nonsense
    Bas chahti hoon ki new promo ki baat sach ho


  24. Mica

    thank you H Hasan mam for update.. you are the best..
    hmmm for Ragini fans, this scene start with Ragini’s missing feeling to Laksh, it worth to watch i think…
    in this episode…
    -Oh Gosh another racist creature born to defame my Swara, but my Swara can defeat them and make her own place in everyone heart,,, so, be ready Aunty !
    -Oh Gosh, my Sanskar! once you arrived, your eyes fixed on your lady love only yet can’t waste time to taunt her to waking up her ego 😀 * i can hear his heart shouted “Yay i see her! i see her!”
    Oh Gosh you both, i almost yelled “Oii. Behave! behave! it’s Uttara Sasural! Stop your nonsense fight! huh! shameless fellow!” aaarrgghhh, they made me blushing with their stupidity.
    but what to say, Sanskar seems enjoy a lot to see angry face from his cute wife…. 😀

    Ragini thought about the duty of being Bhabhi and Bahu of MM, Swara thought about their happiness first, different way to showing love. proud of you both!
    but i love the way Swara think, a step ahead…..
    Sujatha is Sujatha…….
    sanskar can’t bear bad words about his wife 😀 😀 , he is the one who have right to hurt his lady love.. huh! possessive husband 😀

    1. Neera

      Indeed he s ! They both love eachother n cant be living without each other for long…. but its really painful to see my swasan hurting eachother mica…. n yeah coming to tat lady gayatri i know very well tat she gonna realise her mistake n my swara will rock once again….

      1. Swasan are really great…look at them in a blink of eye they may loose all the control and go hug each other
        Sanskaar is looking to Swara as if she is magnet…anger and hate are nothing but a great love in pain…even he said All the best arent these the words of Swara
        And for godness sake Laksh be back…mahwshwary family will forget how you look like ull need an Id to proove yourself????
        As for Sujhata oh my God ungrateful person really Annapurna as well As for sanskar father havent heard him all i can see is his teeth really in 400 episode????

      2. Mica

        yeeaahh, even for me.. but what to say, we should watch them try to hurt each other., that why i tried my best to cheer myself by searching the nice part of them 😀
        Louna.. so we are foreigner here 😀

      3. yes Mica??
        u are from where???

    2. Mica

      Lounaaa.. i’m from Indonesia dear!

  25. Sanskar jitni bhi nafrat dikha de Swara k liye pr dil h k manta nahi sanskar Babu JB sujata ne Swara k against bola to sanskar k expressions hi badal gy the ??
    Or yr jb se ye serial shuru hua h bangoli marvadi bangoli marvadi ki bakvad sunti aa rahi hu m humesha swara ko iss liye galat maana jata h kyuki vo bangoli h pr unhe itni sii baat samajh ni aati ki jitni vo bangoli h utni h marvadi bhi agar bangoli logo se itni hi problem h to kolkata chod k chle jaao kis ne kaha yaha aa k rahne ko supid idiot bevkuf aunty
    Ek to vese hi uspe kl sa gussa aaya hua h maan krta h TV m ghuss k doo thpad laga k AAU usse ??
    Yr laksh ko le aau yr plzz
    I think ye laksh ki entry karva chuth vale din krenge jb ye serial m celebrate krenge yr jo bhi ho pr plzz laksh jo jldi lee aau laksh aayega to swasan ka aur jayada tashan dekhne ko milega but mujhe lgta h k swara ko pata h k laksy kah h or usse kidnappers blackmail kr rahe h tabhi vo sanskar k saath bina baat k ladi jaa rahi h pr wajaha jo bhi ho sanskar ko aass dekh k bhut maja aa raha h ??

  26. Mahjabeen

    Tdy no epi of swaragini for bigboss..y thy just do dis type of things…nd sujata how esily c forget swaras goodness her sacrifices..c forget how swara ws fighting bd supporting her when sanskar ws angry on sujju fr agreeing to take 10 cr rupees frm aadarsh..c forgot dat bcoz of swara only c is living peacefully in mm..how selfish c is..one time supporting swara nd other time badmouthing her
    Second thing again one villian came to defame my swara but no need c will also b defeated infront of swara..
    Nd c swara now also thnkng of her family nd uttara..c always care fr others..c is selfless..
    Nd tdy c looking so simple nd loking tooo pretyy
    Nd sanskar i just loved it dat now also u cnt listen nething against ur swara..how mch u try to hate her but ur love fr her is increasing day by day…love u swasan

    Thanks H.hasan mam fr da updates

  27. I m so disappointed with prsnt story tht I cud not xprs it in words.Aage ki story uttara ki nanad aayegi aur sanskar ki usse shadi and swara and sanskaar permanently alag.

  28. Yaaaa…..I agree with all swara fans everything swara did sanskar was just sleeping on his bed and using his mobile……… sanskar did nothing for his love no pain faced by him………what the HELL ur r talking as sanskar is bad…….in past when swara slapped ragini and told her that get out of the house bcz of which on that day kidnap happened……on that day sanskar didn’t told that it’s bcz of swara ragini was kidnapped…..he just supported her in return she even suspected that Sanskar did her kidnap…..was was ???then also sanskar was wrong……. ragini did the worst of the worst thing with swara then also sanskar was the only one who supported her……and now she has chosen ragini over sanskar…….and according to u sanskar should sit and cry and begggggg swara not to leave him……… sanskars anger is correct……if she can choose her sister over sanskar then sanskar can also choose his sister over swara……..and if sanskar argue with swara by remembering past things swara would be left with nothing…….rather than asking sanskar to lover her again………and if u like swara say good about her no problem but don’t say my sanskar is bad……

    1. during kavita track sanskar in front of all refused swara , hurt her and didn’t he threaten swara to not unite the families over his life 2 ?if he hadn’t threatened swara that time than none of it wud have happened! his ego had overpowered his love. was his love this weak?m not saying that it is entirely sanskar’s fault but it isn’t just swara’s fault 2 !BOTH SWASAN R RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ; SO OPEN UR EYES! u r saying that swara chose ragini over sanskar but when ragz blamed sanky for laksh’s condition in jail , didn’t swara supported sanskar then ?if swara wud have chosen sanskar over ragini then ? even then ragini fans wud have bashed her like u ; isn’t it ? even ragini wud have misunderstood her again !SHE had TO CHOOSE ANY one OF THEM , EITHER ragini OR sanskar ………………. JUST REMEMBER – ANY one HAD TO BE CHOOSED ! had to be ??

      1. Manjula20

        How can you tell this She has to support Sanskar coz none is with him now. Ragini have everyone to wipe her tears but Sanskar has none to hold his hands at least Swara had to respect their wedding vows

        R u the same Mona who wrote the ff of lion and lioness????

      2. Mica

        Manjulaa dear! sometime, support isn’t about expressing love or should choose them over other, Swara chosen Ragini, but it doesn’t mean that she loves Ragini more than Sanskar, it’s about priority, Swara know their characteristic, she FULLY TRUST Sanskar won’t crossing limit, but didn’t sure about this fragile emotional Ragini. that’s why she left him.

      3. U r ri8 mica ?and manjula who said sanskar had no one? He 2 had his whole family!

    2. Mica

      Ragini kidnapped because of Swara ? oh god…. what kind of theory it is….someone forget that Ragini did a big mess first that triggered Laksh to kidnap her..
      Swara didn’t trust Sanskar in ragini kidnap case, but then Swara got punishment back as Sanskar distrusted her, she should get his trust back by solve his family problem….
      who is say that sanskar was wrong those time ?
      when Ragini did the worst thing to Swara, Sanskar supported her as his redemption dear!,
      wish you didn’t forget that…
      about this track, the best thing is Sanskar ready to GIVE punishment, Swara ready to ACCEPT punishment. mean…. the giver think that he is right, the receiver think that she is wrong, then why Sanskar following Swara to do wrong thing (choose sister ) ? 😀 😀
      i don’t know the hindi part, but i think most of commentator here blaming Sujatha, not Sanskar…
      which one here demand Sanskar should cry and beg Swara not to leave him ?
      i think NO ONE here did that.. hmmm

    3. Mica

      sorry, some Swasan fans here mostly just try to defense Swara, not badmouthing Sanskar,,
      since few solo Sanskar fans blaming Swara only (including you, 🙂 )
      we love Swasan as couple, so rite or wrong, they are our swasan, not just Swara or Sanskar..

  29. I have just read that a new entry will happen…PRATAP HAD A…as Swara best friend……I really don’t know if I am happy or sad….

    1. is that true ? I m happy then *only if he didn’t turn into a neg! LIKE SAHIL hoping him to help swara *-)

      1. Mica

        haa.. Mona, he is Swara childhood friend, outspoken, hilarious person, seem he isn’t negative role, he is only friend ,but somehow it will create a rift between our Swasan.. in jealousy world… aahhh i want to see our Swasan nhokjhok!
        the tom and jerry.. ahem ahem…

      2. Neera

        I jus read somewhere tat laksh’s phone will be found in tat guy’s bag n he may be behind his kidnapping ! But its not sure

      3. a new character…let us get rid of Uttara mother in law at first…that snake…
        and what is with swSan separation they will forget they are married to begin with?????

  30. cheers for swasan love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. There will be a new entry as rag pair to make laksh jealous

    1. No he will be swara’s friend dear,

  32. Sanky how handsome u r yaar love u so much???it is never that much easy for him to forgot swara . I’m sure Ragini will patch up swasan but swara must give some attention and support to sanky it’s so mean yaar I know her sister is imp for her but what about her hubby see him how sad and broken he is??yet so hottie and cutie???????

    1. Mica

      Swara support her husband in different way ! she always thinking a step a head than us..
      for example :Ragini think about their mm family for accept the contract, but Swara refuse it
      (most of people will blame Swara if they didn’t know the reason), but the fact, Swara think about their happiness first.
      Swara chosen Ragini, because Swara FULLY TRUST Sanskar won’t crossing limit, but your Ragini so fragile about Laksh, (remember, your Ragini tried suicide because laksh marry other woman) .between Gadodias, it just Swara for Ragini.

      1. U r right mica,but swara can directy support him na why should she instigate him to do so. If she wanys to go with ragini she can tell that and go na there is no need to blame and pour harsh words on my poor cutie sanky there is no need to hurt him like this so sad.i hope swasan will reunite and this is swra’s turn to do slme rlmantic move towards sanky .cause first sankyloved her but she didnt then swara loved him but he refused then ML track came and sanky did try everything to win swara’s love back and he did succeded and now its swara’s turn to win his love back she must fight with his hate to bring his love and sanky will never make this so tuff or hard for swara as swara done before swsan is that pure love kind.in case of raglak always laksh will do something stupid and rags will do anything and everything to get him back there is no twist and turns and all always rags had to fight for him poor couple cvs should give some piorities yaar .meon kuch nahi pata yeh kya show hai kabhi kabhi achi hai lekin aksar iritating ho jati hai!they have sjcha fantastic cast like varun ,helly,tejaswi and namish but they r nt using them efficiently but anyways varun aka sanskaar is cute and hot

  33. I TOTALLY AGREE with u mica…Swara is always ahead….even sanskar doesn’t realize that…..this is pathetic

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