Swaragini 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sujata tells Annapurna that Ragini left after hearing them. Annapurna says if Swara is seen in farmhouse then it will be proved that Ragini is framing Swara wrongly. She says we have to go farmhouse and see. She comes to Laksh and asks him to go to farmhouse fast. She then comes to Sujata and says Laksh didn’t ask me to come with him. They see Swara leaving in a hurry. Ragini thinks to send Swara to farmhouse to make her bad in their eyes and thinks she will be successful. She calls Swara and asks him to go to farmhouse to cheer up Laksh. Swara says I have to go to factory first as workers might be waiting. Ragini insists and asks her to do her work. Sujata might hears her. Swara thinks what to do now? She thinks she has to go to farmhouse first and can make Sanskar understand. She asks driver

to take left. Ragini asks Annapurna if Swara told her where did she go? Sujata says if she really went to farmhouse. Annapurna says then it will be her trick. Ragini asks if they are going somewhere. Annapurna and Sujata say yes and leaves.

Ragini thinks I know you are going to farmhouse. Just then Dadi, sumi and Shekhar come there and greet Annapurna. Utara comes and greets them. Ragini wonders how will they go to farmhouse now. Laksh asks Swara if she really came to make him taste sweets. Swara says yes, and asks him to taste it. Laksh likes it and says I love you and sweets. He asks when did you make it? Swara says Ragini made it and says she is sarvagun sarpann. Laksh says she has a big habit of lying? Swara says even kids do mistakes. Laksh says kids don’t try to kill anyone. Swara asks why you are talking about all that, when you said that you will give chance to Ragini.

Dadi asks Annapurna if everything is fine. Sujata says we will tell you later. She asks Parineeta and Utara to take care of home. They all leave. Ragini is also going, but Durga Prasad comes and asks where she is going? Parineeta tells him that Annapurna and Sujata have went somewhere. Durga Prasad tells her that some board members are coming and gives responsibility to Ragini and her to give them tea and snacks. Laksh gives fire crackers to the kids and says we will burn together. Swara thinks Ragini haven’t come till now and thinks to call her. Annapurna says I have a feeling that Swara is in the farm house. Swara calls Ragini and asks her to come to farmhouse saying Laksh’s mood is good. Ragini asks her not to leave until she reaches there. She hears fire crackers sound and asks Swara.

Swara says Laksh is burning crackers with workers kid. Ragini is shocked and recalls Sujata and Annapurna’s conversation. Swara takes the photo and sends it to Ragini. Ragini’s zoom the photo, and thinks there is no mark on Laksh’s neck, and thinks they want to clear Swara’s name and want to trap me. She calls Swara and asks her to leave from there. Swara couldn’t hear because of the cracker’s sound. She tells Parineeta that she has to go to Baadi and asks her to take care. Laksh burns the crackers and tells them that his best friend have come. Swara thinks Ragini didn’t come till now. Sujata and Annapurna reach there. Ragini is in the car and sends message asking Swara to leave from there, but the message couldn’t be send. Ragini fears to be exposed. Later Swara goes to bring sweets for kids. Ragini’s car stops on the way. She runs towards the farm house.

Sujata and annapurna couldn’t see Swara as she is inside. Annapurna says she can be inside. She says we can’t talk to Laksh until we have proof. Swara is bringing sweets and coming towards the door, but Ragini pulls her hand and takes her inside. She asks Swara to go and says Annapurna and Sujata came to check her. She says she don’t want anyone to know about her and asks her to leave. Laksh calls Swara and wonders where did she go? Ragini hides Swara from his view. Swara asks what you are doing? Laksh comes out and distributes the sweets. Sujata says Swara is not here. Annapurna says it means Swara is wrong this time. Ragini asks Swara not to tell Annapurna and Sujata that she went to farmhouse. Swara says she want to clarify as they are doubting her intentions. she says she is here for her. She asks are you really want to make all relations fine. Ragini turns and asks if you are doubting me? And asks her to tell everyone that she is fine now and have gained memory back. She says I have only one chance to get back to Laksh, but will lose because of you. She emotionally blackmails Swara. Swara apologizes to her. Ragini tells her that she is going to Banaras to pray for their family, and tells about the mannat. She asks Swara to come with her, and says she will talk to Laksh and Annapurna about booking their ticket. Swara says I trust you fully and asks if you will break my trust. Ragini says never and goes.

Swara slaps Ragini hard. Later Ragini is kidnapped and screams saying why you are doing this with me Swara…………

Update Credit to: MA


  1. Honey

    Episode seems OK… When will the slapping scene come.. Dying to see that… No sanskar in today’s episode 🙁 🙁 Can anyone tell me how swara finds Ragini’s truth??!!!!! I’m bit confused

    • Ridz

      It seems lakshya and swara book tickets for manali and sanskaar buys a house for swara. So lakshya nd sanskaar have a fight.. But actually all these are ragini s plan. She does these things. Swara vil get a doubt nd slap ragini

  2. pragna

    i like all the moms in this show
    sharmista – she is good,best mom..and she can understand others feelings
    AP – she was sweet,best wife and best bahu..
    sujju – she is cute..i like her expressions..when she was murmuring something but i dont like her character.

  3. Surabhi verma

    This serial has become a crap now …ragini’s luck always favours her nd swara is always d culprit…till when dis serial be like dis…. dont dey have a bettr story… i have actually stopped watching dis stupidity….such negativity always… hate it now….

    • Ridz

      No link ?? Anyway the briefing is. Ragini books a ticket for swara nd lakshya to manali … And sanskaar thinks lakshya is done this. Nd lakshya gets to know tat sanskaar s gifting swara a house. So they end up fighting. Swara comes to know that all these misunderstanding is because of ragini. She thinks about turn of events nd realises ragini did this. So she slaps …

  4. Neha

    Its good I didn’t watched today’s epi no sanskar no swasan how boring but by reading the update I feel like swara is taking sanskar for granted I think the writers have made him the only one who has to understand and do compromises or sacrifices

    • Hi neha,
      Today there wasn’t any swasan Moment and all it showed was ragini’s gandi evil twisted plans. Felt like killing her even more.

  5. nik

    I m msng swara’s dida , l know that she has left the show. The way she spks I just lv it n hr bngli is as sweet as rsogula. If she would hv bn prsnt she can mk swara realize hr lv much earlier.

  6. So sujata and annapurna don’t see swara in the farm house. It’s all because of that psyco. I can’t wait till when swara slaps ragini in front of the whole family. So when does the blast situation starts.

  7. Neha

    I just want to see ragini getting worse punishments for her deeds teju is such cute and this ragini I hate her I don’t know when everyone will understand her cunning nature and of course SWASAN ROCKS

  8. nik

    Hi Shuva, u know what we should nt cmpltly believe on the online sources regrdng the show coz smtms they goes wrong. They only gvs a Lil hint,n the details r mostly not crct.They rather confuse us.

  9. un

    getting bore…..
    i dnt want to watch faces of swara and ragini again and again….
    plz show more scenes of sanskar….

    • Yeh nick,
      You’re right and i’m sure the ragini’s kidnapping situation will last long, how boring. But I’m happy that she gets kidnaped because I want to see her suffer. But the thing is that do you think she will turn possitive after the kidnapping drama is over? If she does it’s good but if she doesn’t then she
      can go to hell.

      • Neha

        Thats why I have stopped watching this show yeah I read the updates and when I read there is smthing interesting then I watch otherwise just go to hell

  10. Ridz

    Kidnapper is sanskaar s sister know. Apparently ragini tries to kill sanskaar. His sister comes to know so she is taking revenge…

    • sonu

      Serves her right (i mean ragini) She should be starved for some days. She doesn’t realize her mistakes at all. Her personality is so twisted. Awwww man wen will get to see some super sparks flying between sanskaar and swara? I really want swara to confess her love for sanskaar in front of the whole house and esp laksh (not because i hate laksh, more because i want him to stop dreaming of getting swara back, leave swasan alone n move on in his life) Honestly some lady love of Laksh should be introduced. No matter how much selfish he is but he isn’t evil like Ragini n he do deserves some better.

  11. jo

    waiting for today episode swasan scene.. where he tells him dont go away from him and without her he cant live… swara went to badi dadi confronts her about swasan and laksh relationship then swara comes to know that ragini is doing all this… comes home ap sujju questions her swara confronts ragini and slaps her… mean while sujju shows swasan tickets but sanskaar says these are something behind this… confronts with laksh laksh sees sanskaar buying house for her.. gets angry and they both fight… but swara slaps ragini episode will air monday i think… waiting for today swasan moments…

  12. Saba

    No words to describe about today’s episode, just totally waste of my time, specially during exams, writing and reading ff is much better than watching real show

  13. Saba

    I don’t understand ragini’s character? Hows she become so funny and witch, even swara’s love and trust isn’t able to melt her heart!

  14. anu

    swaragini: lakshya to beat sanskaar; swara to slap ragini…
    gear up readers for an update from the sets of color’s show swaragini.
    and this time we are here to give the details of a masaleder action sequence.
    oh yes, in the coming days we will witness both the brother and the sister dup getting into fights.
    a source shared “ragini, who has been planning against swara, will try to put swara in the bad books of both sanskaar and lakshya’s. on one hand, sanskaar will doubt swara and laksh’s intentions. when he will find out that his wife and brother have booked a hotel in manali for a holiday.
    on the other hand, lakshya will get to know that sanskaar is planning to buy a home for swara. angered with the news lakshya will beat sanskaar.
    upon witnessing such intese situation, swara will realize that it was ragini’s plan to create misunderstandings between three of them. hence, the lady will stop her sister.
    ouch, seems that all the sisterly affection has bid goodbye from swara’s heart.
    but, this is not the end of the drama, ladies and gentlemen.
    lakshya will remained swara ‘that he once said that he would prove ragini at her fault with in six months. and once the truth is out, he will ask swara to come back to his life’..
    so much drama is coming to your way viewers.!!
    we have dropped a message to tejaswi to learn her reaction about the shooting, but the lady remained busy..
    to watch the sequence to keep an eye on the lady.., and to get some more updates, keep an eye on the space..

    • Saba

      Thanks anu for update! Really too much drama! But not a matter if swasan will unite, we swasan fans tolerate these all drama for swasan!!

    • sonu

      Anu u gave a very intriguing details of the upcoming drama but there is a small mistake u made, Sanskaar doesn’t doubt Swara (he will never ever doubt someone he trust more thn himself), wen he gets to know about the tickets of Manali of laksh and swara, he thinks that Laksh is breaking his promise to Swara about remaining frds and trying to take advantage of Swara’s trust on him. So he get super angry and holds his collar. (as shown in sbab)
      N another thingy, that day swara promised laksh that she will not force him to accept Ragini if Ragini turns out to b a liar BUT She also made it VERY VERY CLEAR, that she will NEVER return to his life, as NOW IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!

  15. priya

    Extending this ragini drama too much….plzz come with something….
    And making swara character stupid….
    But let see tomorrow episode….hope to see good….

  16. Shreya

    Ragini i request u plz stop dis nonsense… whn wl u realz ur mstakes..?? plz wrtes shw smthng gud… & dnt mke ragni so ngtive..nw i startd hting dis shw and evn mre dan ragni! bt lve u tejaswi…u r cute and actng s perfct!! no wrds to say abt ur perfmance!!

    • sonu

      it’s not because of the drama being bakwas but because of dragging. Diwali kab ki khatam ho gaye, par abhi tak swaragini me Diwali is going on. I would suggest that writers stop dragging the show too much. It is only going to become boring.

  17. s

    in olv they showed thatwhile cctv footage of rags kidnappig swara is checking ap taunts her because nothing to do on diwali festival if anything happens bad will occurs.. so what is happings ragini is missing….. but sanskaar comes and stops taunting her.. dp also supports sanskaar and as usual sasnskaar helps swara as he has trust on her…… they both will findout ragini i think…

  18. anu

    in swaragini director clearly showing dad hsewives can believe what they seen they does not think deeply about d matter i think its not rit so make them think it is better go with practical i think ladies are not that much fool in nowadays

  19. navya

    ap and sujju trusting ragini not swara. they are thinking swara is lieing… they both are totally trapped in ragini lies… and i think swara doesnot revealed her memory back but she said all this done by ragini… but these two trusting ragini… but yesterday segmnt ap told swara tell ragini truth and jagada hogaya she went from there…. swara tell them to that she got her memory back…..

  20. Lee

    Guyzzzz swara ti banaras jaane wali hai na to swasan scene kb hoga n bomb blast wo kb hona ……. N aj swasan scene hoge kyaaaaa????? Oh agar ni ….tooooo
    writer plzzz stop dragging this serial…. Yr.
    N drag karna hai to har epi swasan scene hone…..
    N hate that jb swara kahti ki sans use samaz lega agar wo late gai to bhi …..
    Swara u r taking our sans for granted… .
    Swasan rockssss…. .
    Love u san

  21. Lee

    Guyzzzz swara ti banaras jaane wali hai na to swasan scene kb hoga n bomb blast wo kb hoga ……. N aj swasan scene hoge kyaaaaa????? agar ni ….tooooo
    writer plzzz stop dragging this serial…. Yr.
    N drag karna hai to har epi swasan scene hone. Chahiye 2 -3….
    N hate that line jb swara kahti ki sans use samaz lega agar wo late g.ai to bhi …..
    Swara u r taking our sans for granted… .bevkufff ladaki
    Swasan rockssss….
    Love u san

  22. sonu

    U know I was all excited and happy when I heard that there will b a bomb blast in sanskaar’s car. I thought Sanskaar will hurt himself n will b admitted to hospital. N wen he will struggling between life and death Swara will realize how much she cares for him n the divorce will b cancelled 🙁
    But now i know nothing will happen to him n Swara will remain aso blivious of her feelings as ever!! Damn :O :O Come on writers u really need to spice things up rather than only showing that wicked, psycho, twisted Ragini’s cunning plans and how Swara is blindly trusting Ragini without even trying to see her true intentions :O :O :O :O

  23. rosy

    I feel lyk vomiting on rags face…..such cool ly she lies n directors stop showing dat rags luck is always favourable to her….balance da evil wid goodness otherwise u wl b out of Trp…nw u r in 9th u wl go down to 19th if u dont stop showing all those bullsh*t planning n plotting n making swara such a goodhearted dat she forgets dat she hav a brain….

    Dont make truth n goodness such helpless…

    Plz show sum positivity….

  24. nik

    It is known that swara has strtd flng fr sanskar bt when sanskar expresses his emotns then how can she react like a dmb, not gvng any exprsn rather she feels awkwrd n MVS away.

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