Swaragini 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar tells about their names. Swara asks are you really mad? Did they were beating you truly? Sanskar says yes. Swara asks him to tell, why he is acting to be mad. Ragini sees a wire nearby and touches it to get electrocuted. She shouts. Everyone rush to her and asks what happened? Laksh says he will be with Sanskar and asks them to take Ragini. Ragini pretends to faint in his hands. Swara says she will call the doctor here. Doctor tells them that the shock was severe. Laksh says he used the wood to remove the wire. Doctor says you should have not touched the wire with wet hands. Swara asks Ragini, why her dupatta is wet. Dadi maa comes and asks what are you doing here? Dida taunts her and gives her a good reply.

Dadi asks what is this mad guy doing here and asks Dida about Ragini. Dida says

she won’t tell her and leaves. Sanskar asks Dadi not to call him mad. Dadi says all mad people say the same. Sanskar says it was his and Ragini’s plan, and they will not let Laksh and Swara unite. Dadi is shocked and asks why you are saying nonsence. Sanskar says he did the kidnapping and Ragini supported him. He says he made Laksh and Swara’s MMS and Ragini helped him do that. Dadi is shocked and says my Lado can’t do this. Sanskar says Ragini is my good partner. Everything is recorded in the cam, kept at the table. Dadi is shocked and couldn’t believe. Ragini tells that she tried to save the camera from falling and she put hand in water.

Swara says she was just asking and apologizes. Doctor leaves. Ragini says you can be reason for my happiness, I gave you pain. Swara says Ragini……………….Dida comes and tells Sanskar didn’t tell anything and was pulling his hairs with madness. Laksh goes to take Sanskar home. Dida sees Ragini’s wound and feels bad for her. She says I am very proud of you as you have accepted Swara and Laksh’s relationship. She says your wish will be fulfilled by God soon. I knew that you are opposite of your Dadi. She is bad, but you are so good, don’t tell your Dadi about it. Swara tries to wake up Sanskar. He wakes up and gets alert. Swara asks why you are acting to be mad? Ragini says we shall stop now as 15 mins are over.

Swara says I know, but I am trying. Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand and asks her to take him to Sujata. Laksh says we are going. Sumi says it means he is really mad. Swara apologizes. Sumi says it is good to check our doubt. Swara apologizes to Laksh. Laksh says it is okay. Sanskar sees Ragini’s hand and asks what happened? Laksh tells that her hand was electrocuted. Ragini apologizes to Swara. Swara says it is okay. Later Swara thinks why she misunderstood Sanskar. Sumi asks him not to do this stupidity again. Swara promises. Swara takes the camera and asks where is the chip. She thinks she didn’t add the micro chip/memory card. She feels bad for Ragini. Dadi comes to Ragini angrily. Ragini says I am fine. Dadi closes the door and shows the micro chip in the camera. She asks what is this? Ragini is surprised.

Ragini wears Swara’s dress, her make up, bangles, earrings etc and says Ragini is like Swara now. She says I will get Laksh through looking like Swara.

Update Credit to: MA


  1. ?pradishma?

    Rags stop it na I kno u r really nice and innocent don’t be manipulated by sanskaar and dadi….

  2. ahenkhena

    Rags u r irritating me now. Stop being mad n foolish. Plzzzx for gods sake plzzzzzzz we beg of u stop this time pass

  3. Shera

    Ragini,Laksh should like the real u instead u r trying impress him by becuming sum1 else…i want swalak but 2 be honest u r pretty as what u r so dont get turned 2 negative role.

  4. ?pradishma?

    Precap is really irritating rags its too much and u also kno laksh will never love u so y r u doing these cheap things I kno u r sweet innocent but pls understand

  5. sakshi

    Today ragini bcm selfsh
    ragini u r a gud guy plssssssss dont do lk ths plssss
    Ragini i luv u bt i dnt acpt u r charctr
    Plsss ragu chg u r self
    Sanskar s gud pair t u
    Ragu u r actng
    Lk u r dadi ma u r dadi ma s scha retatng

  6. Ahana

    Ragini I hate U
    tum swara to kiya swara jasi v nahi ban sakti ho.. bcoz swara is so cute, innocent & apne se pahele dusro k bare main souchte hai… bt ragini u r so selfish, saif upne bare main souch rahe ho…. Sarf swara jaisa dress pahenne se tum swara nahi bun jaoge…..
    laksh love only swara….. ye tum jitna jaldi samjho gi, tumhare liye achha hoga..tum ye sab krk kavi v laksh & swara ko alag nahi kr paogi..

    • ?pradishma?

      They r cousins and sanskaar hate laksh he thinks some how he was also responsible what happened years back….

  7. annah(anu)

    I hate rags!! How can she act so stupid? She thinks she will get laksh through swara’s appearance……… Hehehehe……feel sorry for her

  8. annah(anu)

    Hey prads….see so many of them have bcum ur frnz……now those ppl can’t hurt u anymore!! Yippee….m feeling happy for u dear?????

  9. Rajkumari Irina

    m really worried 4 2day epi.swara n othrs thnk dat sanskaar was really mad they dnt still but the prove of full record was nw in dadima hand wht will do nw…oh God !! if ragini gave dat video chip to sanskaar it will be impossible to get back dat prove easily swalaksh plzz do somethng…n ragini u r so selfish dnt u knw still u will get hurt more if u continue diz stupidity thng again!! she’s really crazy ….hw can she thnk laksh will love her when she do as swara dress huh so funny but interstng to watch coz tge selfish couple will be caught soon dnt worry dat tyme both were btr to go to hell so boring!! I knw sanskaar and ragini fall each other they dnt realise still the way they do n helping sharng each othrr n tody epi. also ragini save sanskaar by putng her hand on electrc wire..wht a courage!!! n i told u laksh will never ever change his mind men is men…he told to his mom b4 dat if he will marry…he will marry to swara only!! dat was his promise love it swalaksh !! Indian serial are always complicated datz y m tire to watch! m really worried about video record of sanskaar truth colrs datz the only way to prove everythng!!

  10. Dreamer ?

    Thanks for the update MA ? OMG the precap though ? Oh Ragini why are you doing this ? Appearance is not the only thing that determines who you are…it’s what on the inside that really matters ? I really hope Ragini realises her mistake soon and unites Swalak, the famous OTP ? This negative shade idea doesn’t suit Ragini at all ? Eagerly waiting to see the sweet ole’ Ragini back in action again ?

    – Dreamer ?

  11. annah(anu)

    Hii varshini….m anu….there were sum (….) Some wanna spoil this page by taking their names…..u vil cum to know soon?

  12. annah(anu)

    N prads…do u think I can ever forget u….u n athu r my sisters whom I vil remember all my life!!!!

    • ?pradishma?

      Yup we trio r sis and nobody can break us by those cheap tricks….. nor by anything else…..

  13. #SaRa

    sanskar is nt mad bt ragini z mad does sge really think she vl get laksh by jst dressing up lyk swara?

  14. varshini

    OK let’s forget that anu.hope for the best n don’t spoil ur mood n sorry for asking the qstn

  15. varshini

    no anu I complete my twelfth grade n confused for my higher studies n I am happy I got 1087 mark in 12th board exam n sorry for self appreciation I want to share this guys

  16. varshini

    I think you guys r going to sleep. Thanks for your company guys.I m happy to contact with you all.n good n8 for aditi, pradhi,anu,another varshini n all commenter frns. ☺☺☺I m going to sleep now.

  17. Sanah

    f**k me! As if I hate you raging. Hate the new twist.swara is so kind and what does she get in return. This makes me f**king want to cry?????????????

  18. Yes raginii s mad she iz so stupid likd her dadi ….can anyone knows what will happen next in epis….swara is so cute with laks h and we wNt swaralaksh moments….plz…swaealaksh reunite fast nacant wait and i cant watch episods bco its ramzan anyhow i read updatez….hi prads how are you and what zbout your studies…..swakak is 1st bst couple on colors love you …..

    • Helena hayat

      The won’t reunite swaragini and Laksh so quick I promise you there will be some twists, which is quiet bombarded ??????

  19. annah(anu)

    Hii varshini…….no need of sorry dear. ….its OK……n m in 9th…..sorry I think I read a wrong comment…..can I call u di???

  20. ?pradishma?

    Good morning guys….. ???

    My school was cancelled todae so I thought of cmg here anu r u there now??

  21. ?pradishma?

    And our comments also good without any fight today v have more than 100 comments…. ?

  22. Kat

    Hey guyz, do u hv any idea how Swara is gonna prove Laksh’s innocence????? If the chip is with dadi, they’re so not gonna get it back!!! What will happen to Swalak??????? ???????

    • Swara

      Yes yes friend, just woke up and happy today it’s peaceful to read here. No fights nd so a nice morning.
      Wat are u doing krithy

    • Swara

      I don’t watch nauc yaar.??
      But I do watch mere angne main.
      And wowwww, I love shivam.
      Yesterday was cute between shivam and riy.

      Hmmm.awesome na.but hate sarla.

  23. Krithy

    My evergreen favorite, aarya and arshi.
    Nibir was about to create impact but then, now serial is about to end . ??

    • Swara

      Ha krithy for me too it’s aarya and arshi.woww we watched similar dailys. Also do u think what will happen after this

  24. Krithy

    Way to think yaar.our writers are experts in making our thoughts wrong, hehehehee. Should wait and watch.
    I have stopped watching Yhm after leap news.
    Just watching MAM , NAUC and SWARAGINI.
    SNS I am reading in some other site yaar.

    • Swara

      Yep yaar. U r rite.writers cud do anything. Me too stopped watching YHM, just reading updates. Sns too just reading.watching swaragini and mere angne main. I loveeeee shivaaaaammmm ????

      • Krithy

        Hahahaaaa, chill down baby. U love shivam lotttt it seems. Hey it’s bad.up all get laksh itself swara. ????

      • Nishi

        If u both want to talk about shivam go there to mere anngans pg not on swaragini this is not right place….

  25. Krithy

    Enuf of ur love for shivam swara. Hehehehehee.
    Have some love for laksh too.
    My favorite laksh.ippeee

  26. Swara

    Woww. I too like decorating my room and I have lots of butterflies in my room krithy. Ur likes

    • Krithy

      Nice to hear, my likes….
      I like shivam like u..hehehe.
      I like butterflies but my room have more stars.

  27. yamini

    ragini , why are u dressing like swara.. u urself are beautiful and need not dress like someone else. Dont worry , wish u get ur soulmate and he realises ur love for u.. fingers crossed.. carry on ragini..love u

    • ?pradishma?

      Sry but laksh will marry swara only he said not some1 else I read it on some where for rags there will be mishkat verma kabir of nauc…

    • ?pradishma?

      Look if u mean it to me then u or highly mistaken cuz its not wrote by me can’t u see fake one don’t have dp and I have….. don’t don’t blame me….

      • Gehna

        If that person is fake and using ur name, y u replied as.. yamini I thought u are saying about rags.

        Y u replied. I think even fake id is purposely created by real people to get attention

  28. annah(anu)

    By the way……..God is really gr8! He created sum ppl who r soooo NYC that v feel lyk remembering throughout our lives……n sum ppl who r soooo irritating that v feel lyk they shud have never been born……

  29. Gehna

    yes gehna, by the way u too be bold and answer boldly radhika if someone interrupts or replies u unnecessarily then

    • ?pradishma?

      Hey gehna the same thing is happening with as well today also one cheap came and used my name but he didn’t have a dp….

      • Gehna

        oh, thanks may be the above comment saying ” ragini s not modern and so she deserves cheap boy ” is also by fake Nshi i think, because it was such a weird comment

  30. ?pradishma?

    Hi anu…. look na there r so many fake users jus now nishi’s and gehna’s name was used…

  31. Radhika

    Gehna maybe some people create fake I’d themselves to show off. As u said real people itself creating fake I’d just to get attention yaar

  32. varshini

    I m very shocked to see ragini’s love.she loves laksh and even ready to give her life and touch the wire.poor ragini pls understand.swalak is best

    • Nishi

      Fakers is not showing popularity , they themselves type as fakers to get popular..if u read above comment u can see that..faker id is created by the same real person

  33. varshini

    pls don’t fight guys.we can’t say anything without knowing the truth.all r my frns n forget it guys

    • ?pradishma?

      What’s ur problem fake….. who r u to kill me mind ur tongue or else it will not take me long to complain to tu

  34. ?pradishma?

    Both of u need u update ur dp soon as they will use ur name too….. pls update it aditi and di

    • ?pradishma?

      Oh u got bored v don’t care m not bore with her and u stop using my name loser until now I haven’t abused u so better back off ….

  35. shabbu

    Does ppl don’t have any other work rather than using others names…

    So disgusting… They are ashamed to use their own names… Tats y using others names

  36. Shera

    Hey fake.dont u dare 2 use my frnd’s [email protected] pradishma.v know that she wont comment badly like u bcoz v r true frnds.better get lost nd stop misusing prads name.

    • ?pradishma?

      Thanks liya….. ?and right v r true frnds…. athu and anu should have also been here yaar missing them especially athu she comes once only and anu is busy now a days due to assignments

    • Shera

      Not only prads,plz stop misusing athu,annah nd my name…do comments with ur good name plz.

      • ?pradishma?

        YA cuz of them athu had to delete her gravatar account and she doesn’t comment much also…..

  37. hi aditi plz post yr comment in hindi. i think marathi is vry boring n bad language. dont use dis language again.yalk ….

  38. Dreamer ?

    I request the ones using the ID of another to stop doing so…it’s really not a nice thing to do ? Imagine the amount of pain one would feel when another is using her/his ID to comment something that he/she never wished to comment at all ? It’s really not a easy thing to withstand cyber bullying…? So please don’t comment under the name of another and misuse their IDs ? Let’s strive to keep this site as user-friendly as possible ? I only posted this comment with good intentions and did not wish to hurt anyone in the process ? If anyone found this comment hurtful or offensive…please do forgive me ??

    – Dreamer ?

    • ?pradishma?

      Thats so sweet of u dreamer ??….. m seeing u from some days u r really positive……

    • ßæřæ

      very good dreamer keep it up.. I always fight with people who keep abusing others on Telly Updates today I dint come here because I wanted to see who will come forward to support pradishma & others. pradishma sorry for not supporting you this time.

  39. i watch piya rangrej, jodha akbar, tere saher mein. i love to watch these serials. sum day watch it u will also like these.

  40. Hey sneha kaha ho yaar lagta hai uss pradishma ko laga ki main main nAhi hu buddhu ko pata hi nahi chala ye toh main hi hu

    • ?pradishma?

      Stop it u blo*dy loser….. I didn’t wanted to use it u were not stopping only crossing all of ur limits….. back off

  41. shabbu

    Excuse me fakers… I really don’t know Wat u get by doing this…

    But just imagine if anyone do this with ur sisters or some other person who are close to you.. Don’t u feel tat u r doing wrong..

    U may say u don’t have sisters and u may think no one will know who are u but don’t forget that almighty is watching u ..

    The thing which u r doing here with someone’s emotions may be played back to you with your close ones

    • Visma

      You are rite year, but if my sister keeps interrupting others comments and use slangs about parents,I will give her a tight slap and now TU TEAM did that.

  42. ?pradishma?


    • ?pradishma?

      No yaar telly update team doesn’t want me here to comment so m going bye forever…. miss u

    • ?pradishma?

      M not running I will never run away if I will stay here they will trouble u all also and I don’t want that if tu only doesn’t want me here they said it indirectly but hurted and insulted a lot on my home and favorite pg and this was my last msg don’t think me wrong that m running away I will read update and comment on dtb at least there any1 will not hurt or insult me jus for asking a questions…… bye tc miss u….

    • Nishi

      It was her last msg dear she left from here forever…… she said to tell u bye miss u and tc….. n make new frnds….n also update ur dp…

    • ?pradishma?

      U blo*dy loser fake don’t u have any self respect f**king u and u shameless parents who gave birth to u fake using other s name u b*t*h fake….

    • ?pradishma?

      Cuz they r jealous of our bond our frndship our love…… but these fellows will never achieve what they want

    • ?pradishma?

      Yes I have…… but whats the use if they want to hurt us its better v go from here and make our group some where else and safe…..

  43. Gehna

    Some people challenged john that Tu team will never come. But glad that finally TU TEAM, made this site a readable one with their warning in shashthri sisters, 20thjune2015 page.
    Thanks thanks and thanks a Lott TU TEAM.
    Was fed up of interruptions and now happy.

  44. John

    Thanks a lot TU.
    Do u know how happy I am after ur messages.
    I used to read here and few days back I just came to comments to say please don’t use slangs to oradishma as she is just eighth standard girl,considering as child.but she abused badly and even then I thought she mistook me for some fake john which I came to know later.I cleared it,she too apologized.after I left again she started abusing me as dirty all.I felt much hurted even more when she made fun that Tu team will never come for me.
    Now truly obliged of ur response for ur warning.
    My whole hearted thanks.

  45. Swaroop

    Thank u.
    Thank u
    Thank u
    Thaaanksssss lotttt tellyupdates.
    Just peaceful to enter this site now.
    Ur warning in SS page nailed perfectly.
    We support u team

  46. Swaroop

    thank tellyupdates for ur warning.feeling good to enter here. People created hungama here more than the shows telecasted and ur warning nailed it.

  47. ?? Annah?(anu)

    Guyz I think that tu team was fake….coz all d msges of tu team have been deleted!! U can go n check in ss page frnzz……..all msges of tu team has been deleted by tu team itself!

  48. ?pradishma?

    Hi annu jus look how that fake tuteam was exposed by real…… it was amazing yaar v were proved innocent

    • ?pradishma?

      Same here and the people who thought that they were real and taking there advantage of fake team against us but they supported us only….

  49. ?pradishma?

    And the people over who were happy na cuz tu team warned us n all it was fake it was some one among u all to trouble us the real came and deleted all the fake msgs given in there name….. and john u r no one to tell me what to comment and gehna u r also no one to say me I have shame or not both of u be in ur limits…..

    • ?pradishma?

      The real team came and gave a tight slap to fake one and also who were happy by the warning it was a tight slap msg….. and helped us by deleting that useless comments

  50. well so much have happened here I wanna say one thing that not to misuse others id or name. some said not to use slang words.I agree with that because this is a public site but I also agree that no one is allowed to misuse others id or name,to abuse others.

    I just wanna post my opinion if it hurts anyone I am very sorry & you the fake people who has a full time job to misuse others id to abuse others,stop all your cheap things turn to be good person & try to use your work your mind on good things earn some good deeds else its up to u

    Mark my words God is watching all these you have to face him one day so think once if you want to face him with good deeds or bunch of bad deeds then do whatever you want.

    once again sorry if my words hurts anyone.




  52. ?? Annah?(anu)

    Thnx everyone…..for supporting….. N hii Aditi…I also have a friend called Aditi…..

  53. Shera

    Is anu free [email protected]

    • ?pradishma?

      Hi, Nope yaar I didn’t saw but everyone says its remake or copied I find it annoying as in They always compare kyy with bof which I don’t like do u like it??

    • ?pradishma?

      And now they r going to convince amms and she will ask manik to take care of her isn’t great news….

  54. varshini

    I hear smtng.lmh gives 100million to Nepal.such a kind hearted person.anyways happy birthday lmh

  55. annah? (anu)

    AND……. A SIX HUNDRED 600!!!!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!! 600 completed?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????☺????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✋????????✋?☝????✋✊???????⌚⌚????????????????????????????????????????????.


  56. rags u r so disgusting yaar…pls change ur character its not suits u….u look gud in dat indian dress u r nt looking gud in swaras dress…its only suits my swara she is so cute…lv u swara…nd hope swaragini will unite soon nd i want sisters bonding back…lv swaragini nd i want swalak to be together…i thnk there are so many twists are going to be happen..any way waiting for swaragini unite….LV U SWARA….ummah

  57. Arrey nothing much i have to concentrate on my studies and tomorrow is a very important event in my school in which i have to tale part it seems a lot to me so i need to have focus on it

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