Swaragini 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 19th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sanskar tells about their names. Swara asks are you really mad? Did they were beating you truly? Sanskar says yes. Swara asks him to tell, why he is acting to be mad. Ragini sees a wire nearby and touches it to get electrocuted. She shouts. Everyone rush to her and asks what happened? Laksh says he will be with Sanskar and asks them to take Ragini. Ragini pretends to faint in his hands. Swara says she will call the doctor here. Doctor tells them that the shock was severe. Laksh says he used the wood to remove the wire. Doctor says you should have not touched the wire with wet hands. Swara asks Ragini, why her dupatta is wet. Dadi maa comes and asks what are you doing here? Dida taunts her and gives her a good reply.

Dadi asks what is this mad guy doing here and asks Dida about Ragini. Dida says

she won’t tell her and leaves. Sanskar asks Dadi not to call him mad. Dadi says all mad people say the same. Sanskar says it was his and Ragini’s plan, and they will not let Laksh and Swara unite. Dadi is shocked and asks why you are saying nonsence. Sanskar says he did the kidnapping and Ragini supported him. He says he made Laksh and Swara’s MMS and Ragini helped him do that. Dadi is shocked and says my Lado can’t do this. Sanskar says Ragini is my good partner. Everything is recorded in the cam, kept at the table. Dadi is shocked and couldn’t believe. Ragini tells that she tried to save the camera from falling and she put hand in water.

Swara says she was just asking and apologizes. Doctor leaves. Ragini says you can be reason for my happiness, I gave you pain. Swara says Ragini……………….Dida comes and tells Sanskar didn’t tell anything and was pulling his hairs with madness. Laksh goes to take Sanskar home. Dida sees Ragini’s wound and feels bad for her. She says I am very proud of you as you have accepted Swara and Laksh’s relationship. She says your wish will be fulfilled by God soon. I knew that you are opposite of your Dadi. She is bad, but you are so good, don’t tell your Dadi about it. Swara tries to wake up Sanskar. He wakes up and gets alert. Swara asks why you are acting to be mad? Ragini says we shall stop now as 15 mins are over.

Swara says I know, but I am trying. Sanskar holds Ragini’s hand and asks her to take him to Sujata. Laksh says we are going. Sumi says it means he is really mad. Swara apologizes. Sumi says it is good to check our doubt. Swara apologizes to Laksh. Laksh says it is okay. Sanskar sees Ragini’s hand and asks what happened? Laksh tells that her hand was electrocuted. Ragini apologizes to Swara. Swara says it is okay. Later Swara thinks why she misunderstood Sanskar. Sumi asks him not to do this stupidity again. Swara promises. Swara takes the camera and asks where is the chip. She thinks she didn’t add the micro chip/memory card. She feels bad for Ragini. Dadi comes to Ragini angrily. Ragini says I am fine. Dadi closes the door and shows the micro chip in the camera. She asks what is this? Ragini is surprised.

Ragini wears Swara’s dress, her make up, bangles, earrings etc and says Ragini is like Swara now. She says I will get Laksh through looking like Swara.

Update Credit to: MA

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