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The Episode starts with Ragini thinking how to talk to Swara. Sumi, Dadi, and Parineeta comes there. Dadi tells Parineeta to stand there and says she will call Swara. She comes to Swara and asks her to meet Parineeta who is waiting outside for her. Swara says you didn’t know what she has done, but agrees to meet her. Ragini asks her to hear her first. Sujata greets Sumi. Dadi asks Swara to go and meet Parineeta, and sort out differences. Sumi tells Ragini that they have to tell Swara today. Swara goes out and asks Parineeta to tell fast. Parineeta says it is good that you came here. She tells that she has brought gift for her sister’s godh bharayi function. Swara says she don’t need it. Parineeta says I will show you and shows the doll. She asks if it is beautiful. Swara is clueless and asks shall

I go. Parineeta congrats her and asks if she is happy to become maasi. She asks what do you think that it will be a boy or girl.

Swara asks what do you want to say? Parineeta asks her to keep the doll, and says Ragini’s baby is also fake like this doll. Swara asks what do you mean? Parineeta says you have this lifeless doll and Ragini has lifeless baby. Swara shouts bhabhi…She asks what you are saying? Parineeta says I am saying truth. She says Ragini is acting to hide your mum’s pregnancy. Swara says my mum has lost her baby. Parineeta asks if your memory will go hearing this and asks if Ragini didn’t tell you anything. Swara asks her to go and says I thought you have changed and repenting. She asks her to go. Parineeta thinks to show the truth to Swara. Ragini worries for Swara’s reaction. Ragini tries to go out and see. Sujata stops her and introduces her to guests, saying she is giving her their heir. Swara comes inside. Sujata calls her and asks where were you? Swara says I went out to see the arrangements. Dancers come to dance during the function.

Durga Prasad tells Laksh that he is happy that his family is completing. Ragini asks Swara if Parineeta told you anything. Swara says I will talk about it later and asks if you are worried. She asks Ragini to tell what she wants to say.

They make Rajni sit for the godh bharayi function. Annapurna blesses Ragini and says you didn’t know about the happiness worth, and gives her gift. Utara asks Laksh to sit with Ragini and clicks their picture. Ragini tells Laksh that she is feeling bad for playing with their emotions unwillingly. She cries and wishes that this wouldn’t have happen. Laksh says let it happen as we are doing this for your mum’s baby. Swara smiles looking at her. Dadi asks Swara, did you talk to Parineeta. Swara looks on and says I will tell you later. Sujata asks dancers to dance. The dancers starts dancing on the song Waari Jaawa…..Solah Shringar karke godh bharayi re…..Swara also dances. Sanskar dances with Swara. Sujata brings Ragini to dance. Parineeta who is among the dancers, makes Ragini slip. Everyone shouts Ragini……Swara lifts Parineeta’s ghunghat and is shocked to see her face. She is about to slap her, but Parineeta holds her hand and says not this time. Everyone see cushion tied to Ragini’s tummy. Ragini gets up and looks at everyone.

Swara asks Ragini if she was acting to be pregnant. Ragini says yes. Annapurna slaps her. Ragini looks on with teary eyes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Omg omg omg plz save ma rags…hope dat all wl understand her point of view n forgive her soon….

    N yes guyz sumi wl have miscarriage n swara wl blame herself..sanky consoles her..ragini wl also get shattered listening to dis…she den thnks to go back to MAheshwari mension for sumi ,as wenever sumi wl see rags she”ll remember her child..bt ragini gets lill scared n nervous while going to MM as all r upset with her dere..bt laksh wl support her.

    Hope erythng gets well soon.love u tejaswi /ragini??

    1. No miscarriage shomi will deliver premature baby boy but dadi will hide the baby everybody thinks baby is dead

      1. Oh really…..o god dis dadi is too much… Thnku so much for dis information pavithra dear?

    2. Wow feel so bad for Ragini!!! Omg the truth is finally out!!!!

  2. ho ab kya hoga swaragini ki zindhagi mem. ragini ise darne ki koy zaroorath nahi , kyoki uski sath lucky he na.aa?j ki dance scene was good.swasan and raglak were looking glorious today.
    ab ragini ki sachhai sabko samne aane bath story kya hoga.
    swara was looking so cute in that lahaga and in the dance scene.
    muje lagtha hey the director now concentrating in raglak after a longtime.

  3. Omg ragini expression at the end teju nailed it she is the real of swaragini

    1. Rags expression always fake and the same… teju is ruining tis show with she ugly boring self and stupid acting….

      1. Omg!y u will always bash rags/teju….if u hate her no problem….but ragini/teju fans will be hurt….so stop bashing….

      2. Sharnellee stop ruining our day with your rude and negative comments. I have never seen rude people like you who are so negative. STOP BASHING!!!! You can hate her but you are hurting teju fans

    2. Omg yes teja is an amazing actress love her expressions she is the expression goddess

  4. swara looking sooo beautifull nd gorgeous in dat lehenga…love u doll..dance ws superb..bt no swasan..why dis rs always prefer rona dona in her all shws..plz shw sm happiest moments..problems are comes like a train..if one goes anothrt come…..if cvs wanna to shw miscarriage den why d hell dey shw fake pregnancy dtama..bcz of dat fp ml track also get spoiled…..

  5. Today my eyes r fixed to swara…how can u manage to be so cute n beautiful…n swasan dance is so cute…love u swasan….

  6. Omg finally the big finish!!!!! The truth is out and then ????? lol

    Everyone shocked……..
    Now what, what is ragini actually got pregnant then what……
    Cause then no one would believe her..

    Awesome finally they aren’t really dragging it this week ?

    Can’t wait to see what happens next

  7. Nice episode.

  8. Ohh really? Stop kidding dear… If u think that she is ruining the show than ask her to quit… Why the hell are u defaming her.. Moreover if you think she ugly and doesn’t know anything about acting than the Director and Producer aren’t that mad to cast her in one of the lead roles… And who knows that u are taking out your frustration on Tejaswi… I wish you get a better face and brain…

  9. Who is bashing teja u pls upload ur pic. I want to see u hw much pretty u r, stuppid grl. Teja is really very pretty.

    1. well said shabana.teju is heavenly beautiful n prettiest.n ragini to be pregnant in real in swaragini.

      1. Fairy

        Akaashi reallyyy??? Is it true…i mean if it is.. Den m verrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy happppppyyyyyy???awww mera baccha ragini is gonna b pregnant.?hope so its true orelse???

    2. Akaashi are you sure that ragini is going to be pregnant?

  10. second time i feel like ragini is the mothet of swara….1 st time when ragini consoling swara when sanskar slapped swara..dat care…bt ystrdys epi her attire made her look more old..really feelng she is 10 yr elder than laksh..fatty cheeks

  11. i read a article by ABP live jz nw.it said so…

  12. omg..swara looking soooo cute and beautifull..i cant take off my eye from her.such a cutie pie hellu..love u dear love u soo much..really u r the jaan of the show..ur dance ws superb..my cutie pie hellu..all the best forjdj..guys plz support hellu in jdj..she is my cute doll…LOVE U HELLU…LOVE U SWARA..LOVE U SWASAN


  14. its pari who will kidnap sumi’s baby.she will bribe d nurse to help her in kidnapping d baby.however swaragini will discover tz n will set out to search their little brother.

  15. Unbearable to see Ragini acting, I think she acts negative roles better, she looks sick and pathetic, writers please replace her or give her a negative roles, she over dramatises

    1. u stupid how can u say like that swara acting also unbearable her mahan and detective acting just irritating plz request cvs replace swara also

  16. U ppl are really sick and pathetic who r bashing teja. U ppl doesn’t had any other work. So cunning ppl.

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