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The Episode starts with Sanskar seeing blood falling on Swara’s hand and takes her to a side, thus dropping ring on the floor. Laksh asks them not to worry and climbs up on the stairs to take out the dead bat from above the chandelier. Sujata says it is very inauspicious thing and faints. Ragini goes to bring water. Urvashi tells that it is a big inauspicious thing to find dead bat and its blood falling on bride’s clothes. Ragini asks Swara, how you will get engaged now? Shekhar says we will get the engagement done tomorrow. Annapurna says engagement will happen today itself. Dadi says we have to do Shuddi karan. Sujata says she is saying right, and says don’t know whose bad evil have fallen on Sanskar and Swara. Annapurna takes Swara inside. Durga Prasad takes Sanskar. Later Swara and Sanskar

comes down after having shuddi karan. Laksh cheers them up and says it happens in big cities. He asks them to smile and takes their photo. Ragini looks on. Urvashi tells Dadi that her jiji wants to convey something. Ragini asks what do you mean? Dadi asks Urvashi to calm down. Laksh asks Ragini to stand with him and takes her from there. Parineeta gives the ring box to Sanskar. Sanskar says ring is not here.

Parineeta says I kept ring in the box and search for it. Annapurna says it must be fallen again. Urvashi says she isn’t happy. Sujata asks who? Urvashi says she is talking about Ragini’s mum. Sujata says she is dead naa. Urvashi says her jiji didn’t get moksh and her soul is roaming here and there. Shekhar asks what you are saying? Urvashi says I told it to Dadi, and says it is jiji’s sign. Swara and Sanskar looks on. Shekhar says why Janki will be unhappy with Swara’s engagement. Urvashi says Janki will tell her later. Ragini asks how?

Urvashi tells that Janki’s photo had fallen in her room, and says it is all her sign. She says Janki doesn’t want Swara to go to the house, where Ragini is staying. Shekhar asks her to stop it and says she is making an issue out of nothing. Sujata says may be she is right. Sanskar says that bat might had been stuck on chandelier. Sujata asks where is that ring then? Urvashi says her sister is not at peace. Ragini doesn’t believe her and says if her mum isn’t at peace, then she would have inform her in dreams. Shekhar says stop it. Annapurna says we shall do the engagement tomorrow. Swara says no and says Sanskar has accepted me from his heart today. Sanskar says engagement will happen today.

Annapurna says but ring…..Sanskar says I will make her wear ring anyhow. He comes to the inhouse temple and says he can’t see tears in Swara’s eyes. He takes the mauli thread from there. He comes back and shows the ring made from mauli thread. Sujata says Mauli’s ring. Swara says ring doesn’t matter, and what matters to me is that Sanskar is making me wear it. Sanskar is about to make her wear it, but Laksh stops him. Sanskar asks what happened. Laksh starts taking video and asks him to make swara wears mauli ring. Sanskar makes her wear it. Swara says it is more precious to me than diamond or gold ring, and hugs him.

Laksh tells Ragini, if she felt something about her mum before. Ragini says don’t know, why this had happened? Laksh says I forgot to do one important work and says I have forgotten to take your pic. Ragini says we will take photo together. Laksh says selfie. They take the photo. Laksh tells her that insurance paper is still here. He says he can click on the photo, but can’t sign. He asks her to sign on the papers as her name is also written with him being his wife and boss. Ragini looks on.

Swara asks Sumi, if Urvashi was there before they come there. Sumi tells yes, and says Urvashi came and wiped her hands. Swara doubts on Ragini and thinks history is repeating itself. Sumi asks her not to worry and says she will get the dress dry cleaned. Laksh tells Ragini that he will talk to the agent. Ragini asks why did you say that I am owner of the house? Laksh says yes you are. Ragini says it looks like you are taunting me, and asks him to show where to sign. Laksh shows the papers and calls her malkin. Ragini says I will sign. Laksh says I will talk to agent. Ragini looks at him and gets his thump impression printed on the papers. Laksh is shocked. Ragini laughs and says it is his punishment. She asks him not to call her malkin again and goes. Laksh tears the papers angrily and throws it in air.

Swara and Sanskar are flying kites. A woman says something dangerous is going to happen with you. A lady is seen attacking Swara with manja/thread of the kite, and covers her face and neck with manja.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hey who is tat lady with a different witch look they show in promo…. is it kavitha ?? She is not kavitha. She s some new entry laksh s taking her help… m very sure…

  2. hey guys…i am back back with a super happy mood bcoz i got a superb news for all of u…i am super happy n i hope which link i will provide now it will make all of u excited n happy…
    so guys u know what ragini will do suicide but swara will be blamed for dat…but the happy thing is ragini will play a ghost dram by d help of our swasan to bring out laksh’s truth infront of whole family….so guys get ready to see our swara n ragini into swaragini again….

    so here z d link…njoy

    1. Hi neha, what about laksh truth.i mean faking love towards ragini or trying to get swara back???whats the truth.plz clear it.

      1. he is just faking his love towards ragini to get back his property n to take revenge from ragini as she insulted his dad try to harm his whole family

  3. this link is not going guyz i dont know y..

  4. tvshowscoops.blogspot.com

  5. iss site mein jake check karo u will get update

  6. Major twist is soon expected to take place in Colors’ show Swaragini amid all the romanticism between Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor).

    It is seen that Swara and Sanskar are busy spending romantic time together.

    On the other hand Lakshya (Namish Taneja) has made Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) believe that he loves her.

    Lakshya will soon be seen seizing the opportunity of taking revenge over Ragini.

    Laskhya will make property papers and take Ragini’s signature during an romantic moments.

    Ragini will sign the papers without reading them and later will be utterly shocked to know the reality
    Heartbroken and betrayed Ragini will commit suicide while Swara will get blamed by Urvashi and Dadi for it.
    Apparently ghost drama will soon follow Swaragini where Ragini who is alive will do ghost drama with Swara and Sanskar’s help to bring out Lakshy’s truth.

  7. In today’s episode swara ll kiss sanskar on his cheeks n SWASAN picnic date ll b shown.

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