Swaragini 19th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 19th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Inspector saying that he will check the blood sample, but that doesn’t proof that Swara is innocent. He says we can’t leave Swara and have to take her back. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar recalls Ragini signing him that she didn’t get any proofs. He recalls Kavita scolding servant when her ghunghat pallu gets stuck. Inspector asks constable to arrest Swara. Sanskar says 1 min. I have proof for Swara’s innocence. Kavita asks him to stop it and says what do you want to proof. Didn’t you get tired? Let law do the work? Sanskar says I am seeing you from long, but didn’t get time to compliment you. He says you are looking beautiful in this wedding dress. Kavita says thank you Sanskar. You could have tell this after marriage. Sanskar says I am not done yet. He says you are

very particular about everything, and have scolded a man who tried to pull your dupatta. You haven’t notice that this has fallen from your dupatta. Kavita gets shocked. Sanskar removes her ghunghat and throws on floor. He takes out the chip from the woolen beads, and shows the chip saying this is having a video clip which can prove her innocence. He asks Uttara to bring laptop. Uttara brings the laptop. Video is shown. Swara says Maasi can’t get rectify her mistakes. She gets inside the washroom searching for Urvashi etc.

Durga Prasad says today is the auspicious day, today is Swara and Sanskar’s marriage. Inspector says I know that this is court matter, although we have proof now. Lawyer comes and says Ragini messaged and called me here. He tells Inspector that this proof proves that Swara is innocent and says he will do the legal formalities. Inspector says okay, and says 1 constable will be with her. Ragini says you can keep 1000 constable, but I won’t let you take Swara with you. Inspector asks Constable to arrest Kavita and Kaveri. They are taken by the Police. Everyone is happy. Ragini hugs Swara.

Sanskar tells everyone that Kavita was blaming him and said that if I don’t marry her then she will not give me video clip, but I was sure that Swara and I will unite. Laksh calls someone and says where are you? Ragini says I am here, with whom you are talking? Laksh says USA client. Ragini keeps her head on his shoulder and says everything is well now. She asks him to come. Sujata says you would have told me before, I thought you got mad. She apologizes. A woman jumps inside Maheshwari house and wears bridal dress.

Swara thanks Ragini for giving her strength to come out. They hug each other while their family is happy. Ragini says our dream is going to fulfill and we will get our love. This is the most happiest moment of our lives. Inspector comes back and says Kaveri have accepted her crime. Everyone is happy and relieved. Sanskar asks how did she trap Swara? Inspector says Kavita went inside that bakery and then went through the other door, and the mother daughter duo went inside the room. He says Kaveri had killed Urvashi and then Kavita left from the place, but Kaveri was still there. She hid in the almari with Urvashi’s body when Swara came, and then kept Urvashi’s body in the bathroom. Durga Prasad asks about Swara. Inspector says she is innocent and is free now. Ragini gets happy and tells Laksh that she is happy. She says we will do everything together now. She says today is our marriage.

Dadi says my Swara can’t do anything wrong. Ragini asks if mahurat is still on. Pandit ji says yes. Swara hugs Annapurna and Sujata. Durga Prasad blesses her. Sanskar hugs him. Durga Prasad says all the rituals will happen again. Laksh asks Ragini to take Swara inside and help her get ready. Ragini says yes and asks her to come. Swara looks at Sanskar.

Ragini asks Swara to cover her face with pallu. Swara asks her to cover as well. Later Laksh is about to fill that woman’s maang, when Ragini comes and tries to stop the marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. s

    from next 2weeks swaragini 1hr episodes till march 7th on march 7th kasam will be air on…

    is kavita again will come back or her chapter ended? is she have any connection with kavya…

  2. Lee

    Wow swasan united superb……
    Plzzzzz show some sqasan romantic n nok jhok scene….
    But feeling bad for ragini….
    bl**dy laksh..
    ragini dont worry vo tumhar pyaar deserve hi ni karta…
    Bada aya batane wala ki rag kisi ka pyaar deserve ni karti…
    Guyzzzzz plzzzz showw more n more swasan scene….
    Swasan rocked ..
    swasan forever…
    Loved swasan…

  3. Nita

    Oh God now if this happens then I will stop reading even the written updates….now if Ragini has become positive then Laksh should forgive otherwise this revenge drama will continue…. raglak n swasan should not separate now. Instead they should be together and fight outside problems

  4. bhuvi

    hey guys how are yo all…??? dey showed whole episode with close shots of whole members which irritates to see same shocking expression on their faces n hugging eachother.. n little bit the flashback of murder… that’s it… I thought they show the marriage sequence today…anyway finally Swasan get marry… that’s really happy news… I know Swasan ll stand with ragini after Laksh betrayal… n I hope ragini won’t turn negative again…lets see…

    • Daisy

      Actually even I had to say this same thing….. CLOSE SHOTS!!!!!!! I mean really! Same shots every other sec at every dialogue? Wat is this? Already story line has gone crap n now these effects n scene portrayal,!!! Bhagwan bachae sabko ?????

  5. Ani

    Y this Laksh is dng like this… If he wanted oly revenge frm her then y did he get intimate with her.. It’s too bad…

  6. Varsha Darshini

    Feeling very bad as Laksh has betrayed my favorite Ragini pls yaar show some good scenes. We are fed up of Ex-Lovers

  7. bhuvi

    n guys… do yo remember sandy comment abt bride swapping in last min… I guess that was rite… cv thought to do same but after they changed their plot by swapping ragini instead of kavya not Swara… coz dey know we won’t watch if they separate Swasan..I know they get separate again after marriage… but after all they married…am happy for that…

  8. Arzoo

    bl**dy laksh what he thinks about himself
    That must be sadist and should torture him
    Get a nice guy for ragini
    Laksh raginiko deserve nahi kartha

  9. speculator

    Happy for swasan;and Ragini deserves this betrayal ? never ever punished for her deeds even after crossing the limits;gud going laksh;

  10. kavya

    I think Ragini should change her nature…she should stop loving and believing that bl**dy laksh. He is of no use. Doesn’t give respect to ragini’s love. Dp should kick him out of the house after his drama.

  11. jo

    aaj swasan ka hug se jaada hame swaragini hugs mile and … laksh what he is doing??? next week wedding and raglak dama….

    • arshi

      If laksh’s concern for ragini were really true,then i would have been the happiest person… But everything he’s doing seems so fake!!!!!ragini truely loved him & still does…though her way was not right but still lucky could have given atleast one chance 2 her when he’s seeing that she has already changed after he started being nice to her!!!this shows his immaturity…good 2 see that now swasan together will solve raglak problems…atleast they wont be seperated!!!though i think marriage won’t happen & even if it happens,like an ideal sister, swara will go back to baadi with ragini as they promised each other that from now on,they’ll do everything together…but i dont get it wats the point of showing it for 1 hr!!!!anyway its trp is not going 2 increase that much coz no dyaan bhut naagin kidnapping track is going on…neither duplicate track…nor murder sequence…& now a days i dont know wats wrong with people!!!! They love such unrealistic shows!!!! Naagi its om…coz frpm the beginning the concept is this & its within itz concept…but in some shows wbich started off as family show has now brought so many supernatural tracks that if they show something normal now it seems to be abnormal…

  12. anu

    Laksh is gng to marry another,she is lake xgf to take revenge on ragini,the new entry is roop durgapal,(sanchi character in balika vadhu)

  13. Felt very bad for ragini, she looks good in positive, really laksh doesn’t deserve ragini, Cvs should bring a new hero for ragini .

  14. yar jab lucky ke saath dhoka hoa tha is ka pyar china tha tab phir kya ragini laksh pyar deserve karti hai aur sanskar jis ne ye sab shuru kia use toh kisene kuch nahi kaha

  15. yar jab lucky ke saath dhoka hoa tha is ka pyar china tha tab phir kya ragini laksh pyar deserve karti hai aur sanskar jis ne ye sab shuru kia use toh kisene kuch nahi kaha
    this is unfair yar

    • natasha

      galti karne ke baad sudhrne ka sab ko chance milta hai jo laksh ne nhi use kiya….thats the main reason and also laksh ka pyar un dono ki wajah se nhi uske trust na karne ki vajah se toota tha bt in last few epi. sanskar ka trust swara par ek pal ke liye bhi kam nhi huya…

    • Sree harini

      Agree with you arav but see everyone deserves a second chance in their life and if suppose a person really realizes and feels badand guilt for his/her mistake, then they must get a chance to correct themselves. The same is the case with sanskar and ragini.sanskar did everything for his love, kavitha but when swara asked him that whether hos kavitha will be happing seeing him in this shade then he realised what is love and so he corrected himself. Ragini became blind in love same as sanskar but she used different ways. I don’t say that she must me forgiven for what she did but atleast this is not the way of punishing a girl.ragini wanted to consummate her marriage because of the insecurity but laksh did it to take revenge.
      It’s just my opinion. Sorry if I hurt anyone.

  16. ruby

    @arav, I do agree wid you . ragini deserves it.sanskar idiot use to sabkuch mil gaya..what ever is happening wid lakhs because of stupid sanskar.pyar koi mazak nehi hei.jo lakhs k sath hua bohot bura hua.stupid idiot sanskar he always likes snatch others happiness. selfish he sanskar

  17. Eva

    Yeh hii jai ish duniya ka niyam..jeisi karni waisi bharni…..Ragini snatched Laksh from Swara…and now..she is even facing the same situation….that day when it was swalak’s wedding Ragini married Laksh by damaging Swara’s reputation in front of everyone..and now…she is paying for that…she is in the same state where swara was sometime before BECAUSE OF HER…..but yes…thank u Ragini…if u would had let Laksh marry Swara then Swasan wouldn’t be possible…

  18. Swasan worn my heart. They broke my episodic analysis.And Ragini was awesome and beautiful in her lehenga.I don’t like this Laksh….please please please make a new entry for Ragini. Especially Karan Tacker and l want this new entry belongs to MM because I want Swaragini together for ever.I also want to see Lakshya’s jealously when he meet Ragini with an another person. Please please please don’t unite Raglak,I don’t like their bonding…… Please make an entry for Karan…..in fact that ff was superb they will look awesome together…… Please bring a new entry for Ragini…..

  19. Angel

    Nice epi bt too slow..y u r showing faces of all fmly members..after one dialogue..its too irritating..
    Either epi is fst as bullet train..like sangeet dance..date seq..all gd scene u show in one epi..or it is too slow..n dat nly drama..drama..

    • Sree harini

      Had just watched the episode in online. Really disgusting.one wil say a dialog and they show everyone’s faces.totally agree with you

  20. Right now laksh is doing good with ragini…..its all karma that happening with ragini….sanskar n ragini r the negative people who started n separated swalak.. now they want their respective loves…think about laksh perspective…. everyone forced to laksh to accept ragini…. no one bother abt laksh feeling….this kind of people changed a cool dude lucky into lasksh maneshwarii ….coming track may ragini realize the pain wht lasksh had suffered n loss…

  21. alisha

    Well u cant forgive in real life sorry ragini got what she deserved. I like her but u can’t force someone to love u.

  22. khushi

    Ragini ke sath ab sai hua, jo log use favour kar rhe hai wo jara ye bataye ki real lyf me agr koi kisi ke parents ka itna insult karegi to wo maaf kar payenge at least mai to nai karungi, good laksh

    • preeto

      dear, maine abhi ek article pada jiske acording is sb drame me pehle shikher laksh ko slap krega fir in return laksh shikher pr bhi hath uthayega… Mana ragini glt h vo punishment deserve bhi krti h pr laksh ko uski family member ko hurt krne ka koi hak ni bnta. Specially ragini ke parents ko jo uske bhi parents saman hain. Iske liye swaragini ko laksh ko maf ni krna chahiye

    • Sree harini

      Hello everyone. Had missed yesterday’s episode but I think it’s not that worthy to watch. I don’t know what is the problem with the writers of this show..I mean showing all silly and illogical things. Firstly, laksh broke his engagement with ragini as he felt that she is not the correct person and then started loving swara. It was fine till there but ragini turned bad because of the pain given by laksh and stoop so low that she started drugging her own sister which will never happen in real. Then sanskar entered with a motive and his sequence was bit good because there was some genunity in his revenge. Everything was becoming okay but don’t know how swara fell for Lakshya and for what reason I mean she always said that she hates him as he betrayed her sister. Then ragini totally turned into evil while sanskar turned positive. If seriously laksh loved swara, he wouldn’t have trusted the video but he did..so silly. Then swara entered the MANISON by fake marriage with sanskar..God! The girl who always said that she values the relationships, herself made it joke. Then we got to see come crap in it like sanskar kidnapping hos own brother, ragini kidnapping her mother and so on. When everything became fine, swara refused to stay with sanskar because she didn’t love him and forced laksh to accept ragini. Does it make any sense? Again ragini started her drama and this time she tried to show her own sister charecterless!! I don’t know how did I watch that. Then ragini got kidnapped and laksh tried to potray swara as kidnapper but why? Only God knows. After the kodnaping drama, ragini turned positive but this time, her dadi didnt let it. Even she was crying when dp handed her the keys but only the writers know why ragini turned so cruel and insulted her family for a baseless reason. From here the original nonsense started. Sanskar started ignoring swara and he himself said that he involved in a process of getting rid of ragini but CVS never let is know what was his plan. Only swara’s mind worked and she finlaly brought kavitha to the MANISON. Kaveri arrested her own daughter..buy why? And didn’t sanskar know that Kaveri was kavitha’s mother..inspire of being in a relationship with her, he never saw her mother..hilarious. And ha..didn’t sanskar burnt the dead body of kavitha I mean no one will leave their loved ones on the road in that state.. Later everything was okay and swasan became one. Now gain laksh’s drama started. He acted sweetly to ragini and she slowly started melting to him but only God knows why always she kept taunting swara! Then ghost drama started and kavitha revealed her real face. The most hilarious sequence till date is maasi’s murder. I mean first they showed that kavitha herself killed maasi buy later it is revealed that Kaveri killed. Sanskar nd ragini who had done PhD in crime, didn’t even had minium brain of thinking about the situation. I don’t know how kavitha didn’t get captured in the CCTV when entering the room and making arrangements to trap kavitha. I mean swara got recorded in the camera..even inside the hotel room..BTW will any hotel have camera inside the rooms? Again crap. Swara herself found the way to escape and reached the manison. Sanskar showed the proof the police but I don’t know how kavitha was able to record the entire sequence from different angles!! That too in close up!! And now lakshya’s girl friend. First of all, he loved swara then married ragini and accepted her as wife and now girlfriend. I mean when did he get time to love another girl in between..
      Only writers know what they are writing and what are the logics behind this crap. Sorry for this lenghty comment friends but today, volcano inside my brain erupted.
      Inspite of knowing that this show is crap, I am just watching it for varun kapoor and tejaswi who are blessed with skills in acting.

      • Vins

        Totally agreed with u… The serial is completely crap… only difference between u and I is I already stopped watching it.. but u r still continuing…. seriously after I stopped the serial I felt so much relaxed… I’m staying in peace…. I’m not even reading written updates regularly… happy

      • Needhi

        Hi sree ,I totally agree with u but what to do with my stupid heart ,which is hellbent to watch varun kapoor.i can assure u if they r going to show crappiest track ever , then also i will stay with it because of varun kapoor.i know its not sane but i really like him.

      • Sree harini

        Hey vins, but I can’t keep my heart strong not to watch it just because of varun and tejaswi.
        Same here needhi. I will just watch the worst episode even if varun and teja occupy the screen…and finally swathi..it’s good seeing you here even.

      • ash

        Shall I give you solution. Quit this serial bluntly. Dont see further. Your mind is absolutely like bottom of the sea. You know 3 months back . My mind also like yours. Stupid sanskar, idiot ragini, nonsense swara everybody occupy my mind. I dont know what to do. Bluntly I quit this serial. Now my mind is calm and peaceful. My mind never ask me to watch this serial again. Yesterday I read swaragini news. I am really happy to read. Whatever laksh did I like it. Because I hate ragini that much. In this serial I like only laksh character. Mainly I hate sanskar and ragini. Now I hate swara too. No problem, I already quit. Then why should I worry about characters and story. Ok sree harini (are you tamil) if you follow my idea, it will help you a lot. Because I am swaragini watcher from very 1st episode. I am not sad to quit this show. Buy

      • Sree harini

        No ash I belong to Hyderabad( Telugu) well I respect your pov but quitting the serial is something which I cannot do because of tejaswi and varun.

  23. unknown

    laksh to slap shekar in swaragini.
    after kavita arrested, thereafter swara and sanskar will be shown getting married to each other. the two will be extremely happy. however, trouble will be for ragini as she will be ditched at the altar by lakshya. he will slap her with kavya and marries her. he reject ragini openly infront of total family gadodia and maheshwari family members and guests.
    ragini will be heartbroken and seeing this her father shekar will give a tight slap to lakshya. a real shocking incident will follow when the young man also give him a slap in return and remaind him of his daughter’s misdeeds.
    this will spoil the entire mood of everyone and swara and ragini will be utterly distraught. will swara rush to ragini’s rescue during this incident? the buzz is ragini will attempt sucide post this and again life will become hell for swara and sanskar.

  24. unknown

    sbas tdy segmnt ragini commiting sucide.. hanging on fan… but someone(shekar) comes there i think… guys i saw toi article kavya aka roopal who play laksh wife now in serial she is also a singer for reel and real.. she will play a singer and actress in the show.. and she said her character is some what gray shade..

  25. God.. M happy that swasan is united … But don’t know whether Raglak will unite or some new opposite actors will come .. Awaiting for the next episode but don’t drag the sequence as u did it for yesterday’s episode
    .. Pls .. Pls .. Pls

  26. Joya

    Guys dis whole mess has been cerated by swaragini’s beainless writes.
    Inko khud pata nahi hai ki wo kar kya rahe hai… humne puri serial nahi dekhi hai par mom k chakkar me Kai episodes dekhe hai….

    Dp-jo pehle kisi ki feelings ki kadar nahi karta tha.uska ego hi uske liye sab kuch tha…uske liye kisi bhi had tak ja sakta..jaise ki rahini k dadaji ka muh kala karna and all….now he is very good person…usne bhi aaj tak kai galat kaam kiye par kabhi usko saja nahi mili..

    Ap-yeh sanskaron ko bada manti hai..jab ragini ka sach saamne aaya to yeh uska chehra bhi nahi dekhna chahti thi.swara par ragini ke kidnapping ka iljam laga to yeh swara ko jail bhejna chahti thi..par usko saare bachhon ki kartuton par usko ittusa bhi afasos nahi hai…sanskar ne revange lene k liye kitne had geer gaya.aadarsh ne extra marital affair,laksh ne ragini ka 2 bar istamal kiya,yaha tak ki ragini se shaadi todne k liye shekhar sumi ka vedio banaya then ragini ka kidnappe aur murder karne ki koshish,uttara ka laksh k crime me sath dena…par usko apne bachchon se koi shikayat nahi..

    Dadi-humne dekha nahi hai par suna hai ki isne sumi ko kai bar marne ki koshish ki hai aur baad me ragini ko tune galat kiya and all speech dene wali bhi yahi….

    Shekhar-yr yeh tab kaha tha jab uski ma ragini ko galat rasta dikha rahi thi…matlb usne rokne ki koshish tak nahi hai..

    Sanskar-inhone to kya kya kiya hai yeh hum kya bataye…par inhe bhi apne kiye ki koi saja nahi mili…ab yeh sudhar gaye hai..

    Swara-best detective…inhe apne pyar ka ehsaas khud kabhi nahi hota…inki pyar ki apni definition hai jo kai baar badal jati hai.jab sanskar ne kaha ki wo usse pyar karta hai to unse dhoka diya yeh inka kehna tha….inhe sirf proofs par yakin hai..ragini k kidnappe k wakt ragini chill chilla kar keh rahi thi ki wo sanskar nahi tha..par fir bhi yeh police samne gahri soch baad kuch nahi bataya aur fir ragini se jakar kahegi k me tumhare sath sirf sanskar k liye hu….omg….Fir har baar pehle pyar pehla pyar karti rahengi par yeh bhool jayengi ki inka bhi pehla pyar koi aur tha…sanskar tumhe kavita ka touch achchhe se pata hoga..band karo kavita puran sanskar…yeh inka kehna hai par yeh apne pehle pyar se kafi achchhe se majak mast kar sakti hai(deewali wale scene). Yeh sanskar ko apnana nahi chahti thi pad yeh chahti thi ki laksh ragini ko apnaye..most confusing character of swaragini.

    Laksh-Yeh apni ma se kehte hai ki ragini kabhi nahi sudhar sakti..are tum to sudhar gaye na itne sare crime kar ke..yeh bhi ragini se kisi mamle me kam nahi hai….inhone badla lene Me koi kasar nahi chhodi…

    Ragini-yeh ek aisi ladki thi jisne kisi ko sir uthakar dekha tak nahi par inhe gundon se bhade par kaise kaam karvate hai yeh pata hai….

    Aarshi are nagin show ka to concept hai.suspense,thrill,romance…sab kuch…no dragging…

    Yeh swaragini bhi realistic show nahi hai..konase hotel k room k andar camera hota hai.wo yeh dikhata hai ki swara k haton par khoon hai (footage me dikhaya tha swara room k andar aate hai us table ke yaha khadi hai) par yeh nahi dikhata ki jab swara andar aayi to us room me koi nahi tha..Swara jab kavita ko pehli baar ghar lekar aayi thi dp ko bachane k liye tab kavita ko yeh nahi pata tha ki yeh sanskar ki family hai…matlb kaisa pyar tha kavita aur sanskar ki kavita ko yeh tak nahi pata tha ki sanskar kaha rehta hai ya yaha tak sanskar ne uske uske gharwalon ki ek pic bhi nahi dikhayi????? Yeh to kuch bhi nahi hai..jab raginu un sab ko blackmail kar rahi thi tab bhi unhone ragini k crime confession ki cd use nahi ki.kitne sanskar hai…

    Laksh ne swara par shaadi k din tak yakin kiya tha..bus ek bar nahi kar paya to usko uska pyar nahi mila qki usne swara pe yakin nahi kiya…par swara ne do bar sanskar ka bharosa toda par fir bhi usko uska pyar mila….jab kavita par hamala huaa aur kavita ki ma ne us halat me kavita aur dp ki pics li tab sanskar kaha tha…..

    In serial me kuch achchha hai to tejswi ki acting… Mean usne ek aisa character play kiya hai jo ek child ki tarah masum hai..agar uska khilona koi chhin le to wo ji jan lagatha hai use pane k liye..chhahe wo usko ho ya na ho…bachche masum hote hai jaise koi mitti k bartan wala us pot ko jaisa aakar dena chahta hai wo waisa ban jata hai..laksh Ne uska istmal kiya,sanskar usko manipulate kiya….

    Guys hum ragini ko support nahi kar rahe hai bus tejaswi ki acting ki daad de rahe hai……

    • Sree harini

      What a charecter analysis yaar. In this show, elders don’t have any brain at all. All the time, either swara thinks or ragini and some times sanskar that’s it. And I accept that tejaswi is a good actress..the serial got popular when she became negative. At some point, everyone hated seeing her face even. Hats off to her for brilliant acting. But from the first episode, swara was given more importance than ragini.

    • Vini

      Yea.that is like Joya,analysed in detail, good yaar,actually this comment wasnt displayed that day n that is y I asked.And yea,I am a big fan if Tejaswi.With the current plot hope she will get some more to perform..had ruined her character Ragini, though they turned her positive I didn’t feel it is convincing enough..many more scenes should have been added in between ,I feel so

  27. Joya

    Sorry guys for lengthy comment…buy plz dnt get upset bcz of writers stupidity….. And dnt forget dis is a fiction…

  28. Vins

    I support laksh now… but this revenge track shouldn’t b extended for months… The track should make laksh realise his love for rags which is somewhere in the corner of his heart… also this should make rags to realise her sins and should feel and regret for it… I won’t support his consummation for revenge… This is toooooo worst… I hope laksh ex girlfriend is not again a vamp… I wish she just came to act as his wife…This time rags should earn his love by winning his heart truly without any wicked plans…then raglak will become the lead and cute pair onscreen…. u guys agree?

  29. Needhi

    I felt like swaragini crew members celebrated belated hug day in this episode.i.know ragini stooped very low but she was never characterless , her love or obsession was confined to laksh only but laksh deeds ,totally prove him to be a characterless.I feel like rashmi sharma has taken this quote very seriously that “NOTHING IS PERMANENT ,EXCEPT CHANGE”.Swaragini members have taken up the meaning of quote in another way that love is not a permanent feeling , rather keeps on changing with every passing single day.I seriously dont understand how swara got arrested and released on the basis of a video , that too in a murder case.As far as ,I know court doesnot give much consideration to videos and electrical evidences becuse they can be highly edited.One good news for GUINESS BOOK OF RECORD , swaragini serial has shown the fastest court case in the whole world.

    • Joya

      Needhi I completely agree wid u….they made joke of low…swara jail se bhagi.chahe wo innocent ho jail se bhagna crime hai aur court saja deta hi hai……and most imp court ka decision aane k baad aive hi koi proof dekh kar kisi ko chhoda nahi jata……case reopen karna and all procedure follow karna padta hai……jo sanskar aur ragini ko puri duniya chhan lene k baad bhi nahi samj aaya wo swara ne jail k andar pata laga liye…

      • Sree harini

        Lol needhi..I am literally laughing like a mad person. Oh God! Every word of yours is correct. I don’t how can someone eaisly forget one person and start relationship with other. In this aspect I love swasan’s love story cause something realistic has happened like it took time for both of them to move on…arey yaar this is serial and everything will happen in serial.

    • nik

      Ya very true d fastest court cash bt aren’t u happy ???? Atleast we don’t hv to tolerate one more drag n for me d jail track was really irritating having only swasan tears n helplessness .N I m glad dat finally swasan r married after the storm of hurdles. current shooting track is showing swara in baadi wid ragini bt it doesn’t mean dat swasan r agn separated. Swara went wid ragini to support her n sanskar understand swaras situation coz he too want to support ragini coz she was d one who helped him to gt swara out of jail. So chill swasan fans its not d distance between swasan but d distance between baadi n MM which only needs a bike /car to cover it n I wish I could give plane to sanskar so dat he can do too n fro from MM to baadi n vice versa but dats not possible na.

  30. Divya

    I am glad that there is some hope that Ragini’s character will be punished for her crimes finally. Ideally her place is in the prison just like Kavitha. I could not understand how Ragini and Kavitha are any different… infact Kavitha is an outsider, but Ragini tried killing her sister, mother. And shameless enough to talk good things, doesn’t even sound real from her mouth.
    Sekhar deserved this slap long back.. cannot bring up a child well, cannot stand up against his nasty mother, can’t understand what kind of a guy he is. Hats off to Laksh for doing that(if the promos are right), I always wondered how he can forgive Ragini for what she did to his parents, who did not deserve this at all. I was hoping Durga Prasad speaks up against Ragini for black mailing him, but in vain.
    Swara please don’t support your sister, it will be sending wrong messages to everyone watching the serial.. that you can get away with any crime however big it is.
    Ragini’s acts are unpardonable and the worst part is she still thinks she is right and she did for her love. If Ragini gets Laksh, it is an insult to LOVE.
    Writers please bear in mind that people are influenced by such acts.

    • Vins

      Good one divya…. u r absolutely right…. she has to realise that she didn’t do mistakes but only sins very big sins…. which r punishable for must… laksh is punishing her.. that’s gud… my only wish is she has to win his heart truly now… and swara should support her in that way… but not to compel laksh to love to marry etc she shouldn’t over react and intefere on this and she should let her to decide what ever she wants to do.. If it’s good she could offer her help…

    • Hi divya
      I totally agree with you but I don’t agree with laksh slapping shekar. You know what how come this ragini didn’t end up in jail after all the bad deeds she’ve done. And why is it always the innocent one’s has to go to jail like swara. Swara haven’t committed any crime and she ended up in jail twice and that ragini did so much and not once she went to jail infact she got away with it. I know what Laksh did with ragini was wrong you know sleeping with her but what goes around comes around, she had it coming to her and maybe this is her punishment.

      • Divya

        Hi, I am a Swasan fan too, their characters and their love has grown and lived through a lot of ups and downs, which is why I think they deserve each other. Ragini’s is more an obsession and she either needs to be in prison or mental asylum.

  31. Sanaiya sagar

    Finally this jiju-saali or jith-bhabhi ka mission complete .jab sanskar ka entry huya tha tab laga tha.sanskar he hai ragini ka hero.feeling good seeing they are super bonding again.you all agree with me or not

  32. swathi

    ragini going to attempt suicide…poor ragini feeling very bad…if she had realised her mistake then y cant lakshya give her a chance…i know wat ragini did was wrong..but what he is doing is also wrong….if her family can see that she has changed then y he is doing all this to her.. the one who loved him is ragini but every bad things r happening with her…i am watching this show coz of tejaswi….

  33. sana

    Guys please watch swaragini next weeks fully……….colours have promoted our serial……we need to increase the trp by watching this 1 hour special episodes.so please everyone watch it on tv and increase the trp…..otherwise we may loose our show 🙁

  34. nik

    Hiiiiii…..guyzzz m happy dat finally swaragini r bk but sad too coz m sure dat now sisters bonding ll rule over d show n swasan scenes ll evaporate from d show.

    • bhuvi

      s dear…am also happy for Swasanmarriage… but still am upset coz I know theyll focus on swaragini rather than Swasan cute scenes… n I don’t think we ll get to see romance of Swasan everyday..I hope they ll show their cute romantic scene for once a week week atleast… after all they’re married…dunno…Wat tis cv is upto… I read somewhere that ragini suicide attempt will affect Swasan marriage life…I guess shekar ask Swara break all relationship btw maheshwari including sanskar… not again this divorce drama…

  35. maya

    Hui guys I m vvvvvvvv happy fr swasan and how 2 fb of swaragini means login can any one give link plzzzzzzzzz if u can

  36. Guyz pls thnk frm laksh side also….first he agree to marry ragini by d force of dp..he afraid dat if he disobey dp he will throw out mm just wt hppnd as sanskar..dats why he unwillingly agree for d sake property..bt when he spended time with swara he fall in lv with her..falling is a just natural thng yaar…den he take courage nd brkn mrrg..bt he again agree to marry ragini for her bro sake nd circumstancs forced him espcly dadi..he wr really helpless…bt he cant tolerate it anymore nd cant betray his heart so he confessed his feeling..nd he badly repent hs mstake of hurtng ragini by beating hmslf in tmple..den he ready to go away frm his lv whn he gt 2 knw dat his lv hate him nd he startd to live a new life..den dat pschyco ragini make frndshp with him nd unite his lv with hm..he ws vry hppy dat he got his lv nd his frnd also frgv him so he ws no guilt…he blindly belv hs frnd who try to break his mrrg with hs lv…in d mrrg day d circumstances made hm to marry dat pschyco ragini…he thought dat bcs of hm his frnd life gonna to spoil…d guilt nd anger nd family reputatn insid hm make hw to marry rag…bcz he nevr wantd 2 marry a grl like rag neither he cant forgot his lv nd he cant move on his life..bt he again brokn to knw hs bro married to hs lv nd dey live infrnt of hm whch made hm more hurt…he fully shatterd whn he got to knw dat hs frnd betrayed him d frnd who he blindly belv nd marry her to save her life…den he wantd his lv back bt he let her go whn he knw dat she move on with his bro..bt dis rag didnt let hm leave peaceful she cm back by memry loss drama to destroy hs lvs(swara) reputatn he gt angry nd wanna to kill hr…nd again she cm back nd torture hm nd hs family even she try to his mother face nd black mail hs father nd make dem as servent…he cursd hmslf 4 dng lik dat…den everythng fine nd all started 2 frgv her bt he cant bcs he saw dat his family hs lv sufferd a lot infrnt of hm just bcs of rag..den he wanna to take revenge ..maana ki uska tarika galat hey bt rag also want dis na to get intimate with luky..bt slapping shekar is wrong ..

    • srry for d mistakes…ragini did a lot of mistakes…she drugged her own sister try to kill her sister twice nd also try to spoil her reputation,kidnapped her mother,broke d mrrg of swalak,threatend her sisster,torture her inlaws,try to blacken her mother in laws face,make her inlaws as her servant,blackmail her father in law…der r so many list of her crime nd she also tell dat swara snatched her lv frm her nd swara waana to destroy her life…wt rubbish…..she did many crime with d help of dadi bt atlast she left her…..dat pschyco dis so many crimes nd she didnt get any punishment nd d main thing she didnt ask forgiveness from anyone except swara….so she desrve dis…nw she got to knw d pain swara felt when her own sis betray her nd broken her marriage….
      nd laksh wanna to take revenge nd also wanna to save his family dats why he did like dat…she also wanna to get intimate with him nd she yried a lot for it…so for lucky dis is d only way to get her trust dats why he did..nd ofcourse he defenitely get dis ideas bcz he lived with ragini naa….haa its true rags changed bt i cant forget d sins she do like laksh cant forget her betrayal…she really deserve dis…i hate ragini frm d core of my heart i felt vomit on her face….

      bt one thng i thnk wrong…dat laksh slapped shekar….he wanna to take revenge frm ragini na den why he slept shekar…too bad luckyy……

      by writing dis i only wanna to show my hatredness towards ragini not tejaswi…i like tejaswi bt not more dan ma cute helly….dey r really well acting…….

      • Hi piya
        You also forgot the bit when that ragini blamed sanskar for trying to molest her. I mean who would play with their self-respect. I found that bit discusting.

    • Yeah piya what you have mentioned is all true what ever is Laksh doing is all because of that ragini. If she wouldn’t have insulted Laksh parents then he wouldn’t have betrayed her that way. I know ragini is turning positive now but with me it will take time to start liking her the way I used to like her before and I know it’s just a drama but this is how I feel.

  37. First

    Laksha will stoop more low …..he has named all the property by his and kavya’so name and will order all the maheshwaris to get out of the house. …

  38. laksh is doing good…..on swalak marriage ragini had done cheap drama…video drug nonsense etc…n fake tears..fooled laksh…to save from ragini suicide drama laksh married… good if history repeats again….she has to suffer this pain of loosing love….wht ragini parents were doing in the baadi when their modern ragini tourchering maheshwari family…no one came to their resuce except swara from their family…now shekhar slapping laksh…now its ragini turn to suffer pain

  39. manvi

    oh guys ….meri ragini ke sath itna bura hua phir bhi usse hi bura bol rahe ho that’s great mujhe ragini bas do jagah acchi nahi lagi jab usne ap or swara ke sath bura kiya because yeh dono usse saccha pyar karte the meine kabhi bhi sarmistha ke akhon me ragini ke liye saccha wala pyar nhi dekha h jitna ap ke akhon me dekha h I think ap is real definition of mother .jab rags buri thi usse nafart kiya or usse hmesa sahi rashte pe lane ki koshish ki so ……

    guys jinhe lagta h ki laksh shahi h mein god se pray karti huki woh bhi ek baar ragini ke jagah soch kar dekhe

    chalo ragini ke jagah soch kar dekhte h …..manlo apne first time kise ladke se pyar kiya (real love) baad me uss ladke sath apki sadhi fix ho gayi …..aap bahot traditional or modern type girl ho yeh yaha koi importance nhi rakhta h ….right ….agar aap indian ho toh aap jise dilse apna husband maan liye …..I think o apki life ban jata h …..baad me kise problem ke chalte o aap ke ghar aa jata h apki problem solve karne …..aapne aaj tak yeh nahi jana maa ka pyar kya hota h or aapne aapne step mother se milane ke liye apni pyar bhi dau pe laga diya sabko yeh yaad h ragini ne apni step mother ko kidnapp kiya but yeh yaad nhi h ki ussne aapne papa se milane ke liye kya kuch nahi kiya ……..

    god kaise usse apni maa ka hakh diya jisse uske pyar karte the uski maa ko nhi …….ussne bachpan me apni maa kho di but nhi sab usse tabhi galat kahte h or aaj bhi galat samjhte h really disgusting …..sab bol rahe ki laksh swara se pyar karta tha yeh natural h kise se pyar karna ….but yeh baat I think rags ke liye bhi laagu hoti h …..has agar ragini sirf sacrifice karti toh sayad yeh log usse thoda sab hamdardi rakh late …..right guys Quki uske paas dil tohdi na hai woh toh doll sab usse use karte h chahe laksh ho ya koi or ………..

    or has ek baat or woh ladka apko chod apki behan se pyar karne lage …toh sagas aap log bolo ge ki haa mein usse sacrifice kar doungi behan ke liya …..but agar aisa toh sayad bolne ke liye word na ho ….quki har audience filed ke bhar yahoo kahta h ki mein iss bol pe six lagta but samajh me unhi ko aata h jo filed me hote.. h …..

    • arohi

      do u really think that wat ragini did was right??
      dont tell me that she did all this for her love because if she had really loved him then her happiness will be on laksh happiness.
      that is in true love that person wil want other person to live happily……
      thatis not the case of ragini.she always hurt him eventhough she says he is her love
      HATE RAGINI though i love teju.

      • Sree harini

        Please don’t bash manvi..it is her opinion. Initially, I was also with ragini because I too had personality like her and it is really difficult for any girl to digest two heart break and the fact that her love loves her own sister but these CVS made her charecter bad. I thought that they will turn ragini positive after exposing the truth but they didn’t..instead they totally ruined her charecter and now it’s time for laksh..so I would better suggest to watch this serial for entertain as every charecter here is unique..
        Where will we find a cute and trusty lover like sanskar, a beauty with detective mind and selfless girl like swara, a selfish guy who always played with other emotions like lucky and a big pycho like ragini…I am unable to scold ragini because tejaswii lived in it but when it comes to ragini..only CVS know why they ruined her charecter…
        Even in this serial, from the first episode traditional families were taunted indirectly showing that only elders will take decisions sometimes cruel even and all others will follow while in modern families have a carefree atmosphere. This concept hurted me alot. And when ragini , being a traditional girl turned into negative, I started hating CVS…anyways this is just a ficton and so I have stopped bothering about it. Instead I am enjoying now.

  40. Hey manvi wt r u saying i didnt get it fully….i wanna to ask u smthng..r u live happily by marrying a person cheatngly who doesnt lv u whle he lvs ur sis????? If it is in my case i m nt marry hm by cheating bcz i knw i wl nt live peacefully with hm by dng dis cheap thngs nd i m not dat behengi type like ragini…..nd one more thng sumi show real lv to dat nagini nt fake like nagini shws to others….hate ragini frm d core of my heart…

  41. swathi

    i agree with u piya wat ragini did was wrong but if she is guilty for her doings if she had realised her mistake den one should forgive her…if others can see that she has changed den y cant laksh see that..so many times ap told to him that she has changed but still he is playing with her feelings..he has taken for granted…he forgot to respect his elders,others feelings..sry if i hurted you i just shared my thoughts…being a fan of raglak i cant digest these sort of things…

  42. Wow nice episode today enjoyed swasan very happy for u guys u rocked but feeling bad for ragini . Ragini is lovely in positive action.

  43. Sreeja

    Guys i am new here.i thought to xpress my ideas.i think ragini will be pregnant and kavya the new bahu will prove her self not adarsh bahu and laksh will be made out. Soon rags pregnancy will reach mm.rags will tell that she doesnt need lakshs child. Swara will tell to rags that she will adopt the child .later slowly rag and laksh will come close when laksh comes across the reality that kavya only wants his property

  44. Guys can anyone tell me y the ffs are not being upload .. The ffs have really become my addiction and from afternoon no new episode has been updated.. Is there a holiday like it was in the starting of the new year .. Pls reply if someone knows.. Plz ..

  45. Let us wait guys v can see many swasan scenes nw too lyk secret meeting secret romance soo dnt expect thm to unit soon orelse v ll miss such romantic scenes

  46. bhuvi

    hey…guys…I read in spoilers that Laksh kavya n kavitha join together n take revenge from ragini n Swasan…so I feel…. if mausi is really dead then kaveri can’t get out of jail.. so villain list ll lose two ppl ( kaveri
    n mausi).. but still they can make partnership with adarsh’s ex gal friend.. after all its EX’S REVENGE story…

  47. ghatiya …. serial …

    Bakwas story…,

    Waste actors

    waste swasan …

    waste raglak ….

    waste family …,

    go to hell swaragini ….

    Go to hell colorstv …..,

    waste serial they are giving …

    1hour special …. episodes




    Ragini tries to commit suicide. Swara, Sumi and Shekhar get shocked seeing her dead. She hangs herself from the ceiling. Shekhar and other take her down. Swara couldn’t stop crying and shows concern for her sister. Ragini left a suicide note. Meanwhile at other side, Annapurna gets angry at Laksh and his new bride. She says Sanskar and Swara couldn’t unite even after marriage, all because of him. Everyone get angry at Laksh for his betrayal. It is yet to be seen if Ragini will die or not, but may be she will come back to life again because of Swara, and will join hands with her to make Laksh realize his mistake. Ragini couldn’t bear Laksh’s biggest betrayal after accepting her as his wife. Ragini’s breath have stopped and it is a challenge for Swara to bring her back to life.


    Swara and Sanskaar are away and supporting each other. They both meet by hiding from family at night. Sanskaar lessens Swara’s pain. They are meeting secretly after marriage, because of ongoing problems at home. Swara says I know Kavya has some other motives to marry Laksh, which I will find out. Laksh and his wife Kavya have problems on their wedding night. Ragini is the reason for their arguments. Kavya says I can’t bear all this, Ragini is still in your heart. Laksh gets restless thinking about Ragini’s welfare, after knowing about Ragini’s suicide attempt. Kavya will become problem for Laksh’s family. Sanskaar will come to save his family.

  49. sana

    True fans of swaragini……please listen
    Please watch swaragini on Tv in these 2 weeks….1 hour episodes are gonna be telecasted as u all know……please to keep up our show we need to increase the Trp….so for that I am requesting….please guys try ur max to watch swaragini on tv…thnku 🙂

  50. Hi guys, I’m new here and I’m a silent reader. I’ve been reading all your comments and now I thought I join you guys well if it’s OK with you all. Any ways I’m a fan of Swasan, love their chemistry and their bonding. And yeah Swasan forever Swasan rocks.?

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