Swaragini 19th August 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Ragini seeing blackmailer checking property papers. She looks at the side table and ties thread silently. Blackmailer comes out and falls down. Ragini runs to see his fac. She shouts asking him to stop and asks who are you. Blackmailer lifts vase to throw on Ragini. Swara comes just then and hits on his head. Blackmailer shouts and falls down unconscious. Swara asks Ragini to open the lights. Ragini switches on the lights. Swara removes mask from his face and is shocked to see Adarsh. Ragini is also shocked. Rakht Charitra plays…..

Swara says Bhaiyya. Ragini recalls all the incidents. Adarsh gets up as he gains consciousness. Ragini asks why did you do this bhaiyya? You are not only son of the family, but also ego of the family. Adarsh gets up and asks her to shut up.

He says why I shall give answer to you. Swara says we will tell everyone about your truth. Adarsh says then I will make your mum’s fear come true. Ragini says you can’t do anything. Adarsh says I can do anything and blames her for killing Parineeta. Ragini says I didn’t push her. Swara asks why you are doing this. Adarsh asks her not to question him, else he will kill chotu. He says I don’t want to give you explanation, and asks them not to tell his truth to anyone. Just then he turns and see Sujata and Annapurna standing. He gets shocked.

Annapurna asks Adarsh, what happened? Adarsh says nothing. Sujata asks why you are looking pale and asks what happened? Annapurna sees blood coming out from behind his ear and asks how did you get hurt? Sujata also worries and asks him. Adarsh says I had slipped outside. Sujata says you said that you went for meeting. Adarsh says yes, I came back and saw them at home. Swara says I came for Ragini, and asks him to give jacket as blood stain is on it. Adarsh recalls keeping papers in it. Sujata asks him to give jacket. Adarsh removes his jacket and gives to Swara. Annapurna asks Ragini, how are you? Ragini says I am fine now, called Swara as I was feeling unwell. Annapurna asks Adarsh to come and says she will apply ointment. Adarsh says okay. Swara keeps jewellery and Hooghly property papers in the lockers which Adarsh had stolen and kept in his jacket. She tells Annapurna that locker keys was found in room itself. Annapurna thanks God. Sujata says we were tensed during puja and asks Annapurna to keep it safely. Swara and Ragini look at each other.

In the kitchen, Ragini wishes she could tell the truth to Laksh. They see hidden camera. Swara says now Adarsh now that we know his truth. Ragini feels bad and thinks Laksh will be upset. Swara says Chotu is with Adarsh and we shall not tell anyone. Adarsh smirks hearing them from outside the kitchen. He comes inside and says I am Adarsh. He asks if they are planning Swaragini drama on him, and says I have eyes on you, and signs at hidden camera. He asks them to come to his room now itself. He tells them that if they thought him stupid. He says I will do favor on you, will not spy on you. He says if you do any mistake, then you have to forget your brother. Ragini says he is a small kid, how can you harm him. Adarsh says I want my so called father signatures on these papers and shows papers. Ragini says no. He asks do you love your brother or just want to remember him in memories. Swara and Ragini are shocked. Ragini takes the papers. Annapurna calls him. He asks them to take the signatures, picks his glass of milk and goes out.

Durga Prasad talks to Sanskar and tells Laksh and Adarsh that we have to sign on some papers and send him back. Adarsh smiles. Ragini tells Durga Prasad that she will get those papers. Durga Prasad says it is in study. Adarsh smiles. Ragini gets the papers from study and also keeps Adarsh paper inbetween those papers. She gives papers to Durga Prasad. Adarsh gives pen to Ragini. Ragini takes it and given pen to Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad signs on all the papers without reading. Adarsh looks evilly while Ragini is devastated. Laksh takes papers and says I will courier it. Adarsh says I will courier it with other papers. Swara comes and asks Adarsh to stop.

Adarsh brings veiled woman(many be Parineeta) home along with a baby (Chotu). He tells Annapurna that he brought that woman and baby home for their safety. Swara and Ragini look at Chotu. They try to hold him and feel current. Adarsh threatens them that if they try to get the baby then he will die. They are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. So after all its Ardash and Pranitee’s planning.

  2. Nooo this cannot happen!! get over this already!

  3. aaj ki episode ektham bore hey
    adharash also become negative
    in this serial all are going through negative

  4. Mica

    thank God, there were no swasan or raglak romance, otherwise aadarsh will watch porn movie in his laptop freely 😀 😀 😀

    1. haha well said sis

    2. Who said there was no swasan romance?? Dey did all d love making.?. But probably dint hav d camera in dere room.. But if dey hd.. Den adarsh is really sick.. He actually cant invade anyones privacy!!! N if sanky gets to knw abt dis.. He is probably not going to leave dat cheapster?

      1. Mica

        no dear, there were 2 bedroom shown on his lappy, swasan’s room and raglak’s room.. hahaha
        sanskar or laksh maybe will kill those cheapster, let it be… i just wait the video and download it for sure 😀 😀 😀

    3. once ragini too placed camera in newly wedded couple swasanz room nd try to tlecast it to all family..compared to ragini adarsh is little cheap in this matter..ragini devi is the master of adarsh in these type of crimes..hahaha

      1. R u serious!!!! I agree ragini did dat but she already new dat swasan hd a fake marriage n no love kiss n u know…. ? is not going to happen.. But right now adarsh very well knows ki all r married in his house n swasan need an opportunity to romance… So u know…..
        Moreovr placing a camera in anybodys room is cheap not just a married couple.. Adarsh is cheap sick man… But m glad for tarun who finally got some role.. Actually i really liked his acting wenevr he got some dialogues?

      2. ragini wanted to expose fake marriage of swara and sanskar. No porn things ok.

      3. Moreovr at dat point.. I just lovd d way how swasan backfired raginis plan n in d end wen swara said- achcha hua poora video nhi chala kyuki pati patni ki kuch baatein duniya ke liye nhi hoti h!!!!! ? just loved it ?❤️

      4. Mica

        oh ya Lisa, i forget bout that, seem aadarsh learn from the best, but too bad, the master got trapping by her own trick. eerrrgghhhh.
        and @Blush even me love aadarsh in his villain,
        you loved swasan’s words but laksh died in jealousy hahhahah
        omg, it’s sweet memory of swasan…
        @Mona…. even if it was fake marriage, but who knows !! *wink

      5. Swarandi fans…swara is lust…all boys wanted her eagerly may b coz of her big butt.. Had u noticed it

      6. Mica

        hahahaha,,, are you so jealous to swara? she get the best gift from God that almost all of women in the earth craving on this part.
        Swara is hot/s*xy/kind heart/cute/smart/witty/brave…..and many men in SR fall for her.
        so sorry that your favorite one is boring person, that why she should become evil to get a man

  5. oh no!helly shah and siddant gupta evicted from jalak dilakla jaa

  6. another character is ruined for ragini’s redemption track..hate ragini and tejaswi

    1. Mica

      there isn’t bout ragini’s redemption.. it’s about greediness and jealousy between sibling.
      whether you like it or not, you should accept the reality that maheswarys and gadodias forgave ragini whole heart already. and her redemption was enough for them.
      they are love Ragini so much.

      1. Yashal

        You are right

      2. i didnt tell abt mm family…its really redemption track..cvs wants to show ragini mahan sooo they ruined adarsh character…first bcz of tejaswizzz quiiting drama cvs messsed the first redemption track of nagini..in past she did sooo many nasty crimes sooo to compensate with yejaswizz quitng drama cvs messed up the first redemption track of ragini..cvs made laksh negetive..nw tejaswii complaing abt her scenes in her every ivs..(she told abt her insecirity nt only in one iv in one more iv she told that matter)…as a tedemption track for tejaswii cvs ruined another character..only for ragini/tejaswii redemtion yrack they ruined 4 character first laksh then pari dadii and now adarsh…i dnt knw who wll be the prey for her nxt redemption track.swara???shomi????or dadajiii????.bcz every time its fails…now SR is out frm trp chart alsoo after tejaswii and namish stupid iv..haye cvs

      3. Mica

        woow Pavani, you know everything behind the scene.
        somehow, i think you wanna say that tejaswi has full power to run rules over swaragini team..hat off to teju

    2. I too hate swarandi coz of her my Ragini charecter turned negative…. Ragini charecter shows Indian girl…if parents Bring the boy nd had engagement.. She accepted him as her husband… Nd loved him only… She never fall for other… Bot swarandi loved laskh now Sanskar…sahil also after him..
      Sahil said rite….don’t know whom swara will chose coz he knew swarandi 😉

      1. Mica

        seriously ? you blamed a girl for being loved by men ?
        your opinion such same as you blamed a girl being raped instead the rapist ckckckck
        if you are a girl, , shame on you !!!

      2. how ugly is your thought nisha..u and sneha will come under a same group..shame on a girls like you..chiiiii..ugly nasty ppls

      3. Hey seethal whom do you call nasty ha…you thought I was wrong…but there are many who don’t like her ok….nisha is correct and what you told same group …so listen we are in same group…we don’t like her and there are many reasons for that but you’ll not understand coz you only see swara’s goodness (which is not) not her fault so need to call us nasty ppl

  7. who told it s ragini redemption track???

  8. Last day was 1year of Swasan and also Swasan 1st fake marriage anniversary .Though it was fake it was an awesome jounrey. i know i am late but still happy anniversary of our magical swasan

  9. Oh! So its Adarsh and Pari’s plan!!!! ?? Hate them!!!?? Don’t know why Adarsh became negative!!? Mad CV’s!!? I really hope that SwaRagini exposes Adarsh and Pari soon and rescue their Chotu. I really want Swara and Ragini to tell everything to Sanskar and Laksh respectively as soon as possible. But I don’t know how will they tell them bcoz Adarsh is spying them with hidden cameras!!!?? I really missed my SwaSan’s scenes.??

  10. Shrinjal

    How Adarsh knew Parreinta is dead. I know she isn’t but SwaRagini n Adarsh thinks she is dead…someone told him or what?

  11. ohhh my cutie pie swara/helly u r sooo beautifull..love u soo much.how smartly swara taken back that jacket from adarsh..she is soo smart and intelligent not a duffer like ragini..she looks soo cute in straighten hair but looks more younger..love you swara and my cutie pie helly

  12. ohhh my cutie pie swara/helly u r sooo beautifull..love u soo much.how smartly swara taken back that jacket from adarsh..she is soo smart and intelligent not a duffer like ragini..she looks soo cute in straighten hair but looks more younger..love you swara and my cutie pie helly….ystrday was swasanzz first anniversry of der fake marriage..happy annvrsy my lovely couple swasan..i am really late but still wishng..

    1. well i dn think ragini z duffer.it was her who tied thread n adarsh fell.otherwise he wud have gone n his face cud nt be revealed.nor swara cud get chance to hit him.

  13. hate adarsh and pari

  14. Ragini u r so beautiful……. Wan some romantic track in rag n laksh ??? Plizzzzzzzz

  15. who is elder one in swaragini..looks like ragini is elder..and whts swaragini’s age difference 4 or 5 ????
    i liked swara she looking soo cute and innocent and also liked laksh..plz anyone tell the real name of laksh and swara..they can make a good cute couple

    1. Mica

      yups, ragini/tejaswi 3 years elder than swara/helly shah.
      laksh–> namish taneja

  16. Oh hello sriya how can you tell ragini duffer who told you she is duffer she is not at all that but I think you are b’coz you’re a swasan fan now go to hell and don’t you dare to call her that. I love my ragini very much coz she’s farrrrrrrrr…….. better than that helly belly jelly ok love ragini/tejaswi??

    1. Mica

      sneha…stay u limit.. you can reply that sriya, but seriously, Sriya just bashing ragini, not Teju
      and here you bashing Helly ?? it’s rude Dud!

      1. Mica y u like swarandi…do u wanna become swarandi…..charecter… She is illegitimate child of shekar nd sharmista.. mother like daughter

      2. Mica

        for me illegimate child but have angel heart is better than characterless girl who love to being killer just to get a MAN.. uh nooo dear, how cheap!!!!!

      3. Nisha you’re absolutely correct

      4. Mica

        no wonder that you both prefer to support killer

    2. helly shah my love__{lovely}

      just shut up sneha.i dont know whats the problem of ragini/tejaswini fans..they just need a chance to bash helly.sriya just bashed ragini not tejaswini u r the one who assumed that she called tejaswii as a duffer.really u sick ppl why u ppl back of helly..and haa her name is helly..helly shah..got it..dont dare to say anything against my doll hellu…helly is sooo cute and beautifull

      nd haaa some raglak fan bashed helly in colors page bcz dey posted swasan pic..and our colors give reply to that idiot..colors channel supported helly by retweeted it..these much of insanes are ragini fans???in every post related to SR ithey bash helly..eventhoush it is related to varun namish or tejaswi or anything related to SR they bash helly..now i m happy that colors channel takes stand for my doll helly..i dont wanna to write this but really burst my temper bcz of seeing again a bashng cmmnt against helly…they really bash her in each and every post..recently she posted a video with tejaswii..bashers again started to bash her…chiiiiiiii cultureless ppl..

      why these types of doing this..if they dont like helly just ignore her..they claim that they hate helly but cant ignore her cant ignore her posts..why???that tooo irresristable is my doll????insane tejaswi fans(some ppl nt eveyone)…if u love ur tejaswi then praise her dont come to helly…
      and for ur kind infoo there r many ppl who loves helly unconditionally..the proofs are
      315k+ followers in insta
      130k+ liked in fb..we r always withu hellu….stay away bashersū

  17. Hey mica it’s stay in your limits not stay U limit so first please learn how to write and one more thing I will tell helly that coz she is that and it’s the truth you accept or not I dont care hate helly jelly love ragini/teju and I will bash helly coz she deserve this…. I mean have you ever seen her face when she laughs yuckk….when she acts oversmart?……I wish I get the opportunity to slap her and hug teju??

    1. stay in your limit sneha.hwlly is soo cute and beautifull.if you are a true yejaswi fan then instead of bashing my hellu try to praise ir tejaswi.helly is best ever.she is the most cute girl in whole SR

      1. srry its helly and tejaswi

    2. Mica

      omg, just slip 1 word and it’s bothered u ? oh ty so much for correction then..
      you hate helly ? it’s your problem.. i just comparing your statement with sriya statement since you mention her .
      oh sorry dear, for me she is so s*xy and pretty, her big butt, her big bo*b, even many women tried to have it by silicon surgery.
      she act over smart ?? ty soo very much for the compliment, i know, we know she is smarter than others (you know who *wink), that why you so upset..
      at least,.. congrat for your hatred toward helly, let’s it eat your brain…

      1. Mica

        btw, for me, bashing the real person is rude ! whether is tejaswi or helly …
        just it..

    3. shame on you sneha.bcz of a fans like you teja getting bashed..dont call urself as a teja’s fans because its a big shame on teju.both teju and hellu are beautifull actress.they even share a beautifull bond in offscreen.cute and bubbly helly and beautifull teju..they both r beauties.just ahut ur mouth

      1. Lol really sneha r u serious den m very happy coz bashers like u only help in increasing helly’s fandom!! there r many people who became helly fan coz of these type of bashes only (even me )her insta n twiter page r full of bashes when i saw it i thought that helly will take a action against it but to my surprise she just ignored it! She even requested her fans not to bash her co-acters ….she is so young but mature she has a golden heart AND THE TRUTH IS THAT NO MATTER HOW MUCH U R JEALOUS OF HER PERFECTION U JUST CAN’T IGNORE HER INNER N OUTER BEAUTY THATS WHY U NEED TO BASH

      2. Hey ridhi I want to tell you one thing that you’re stupid to thing that helly is perfect coz she is just not…..And I’m not jealous of her coz I am not foolish….and you know why coz helly is not at all beautiful…And she is not having golden heart……And she is also not having outer beauty…. I donno about inner but I think it’s also the same like outer beauty…WORST.. AND YOU ARE TELLING EVERYONE TO IGNORE ME COZ YOU CAN’T IGNORE THAT HELLY/SWARA’S FOOLISHNESS AND HER DIRTY FACE SO IGNORE ME…And it’s good only to ignore me coz I’ll not stop bashing I have told many times that I hateeeeeeeeeeeee helly only hate her…And yes I’m serious

  18. pavani and sneha plz stop bashing teju n helly.praise ua favorites n RESPECT others.

  19. Oh hello helly shah my love or whatever I will not shut up coz i hate helly do you get that I hate helly and swara both and you are characterless and who says that she is beautiful I think she is the worst looking person in whole SR. And don’t you dare to say me characterless and I will bash her I’ll never stop what you will do haaa and another thing I don’t get that how do you like her….I mean she is not beautiful her face is the worst thing I ever saw…I have one suggestion that people should see helly’s face if they want to die and again I want to say I will bash helly I will never stop love teju????

    1. Mica

      Sneha…you are characterless !!!!! you are characterless !!! hurray i dare to say that, YAY!!!!!

      1. Mica,jus ignore her…. baby!

      2. Mica

        hehehe heltej, ty dear

      3. And mica I know that….no need to tell me….And thanks for the compliment..I loved that…And congrats that you dare to say that

      4. Shame for us lol….this is ur.fab dialogue I guess…. Excuse me.. But I m not.. Coz telling what I feel is not shameful for me..swara-randi I hate her… Her acting sucks me….. Yuk…her dance also…hope she eliminates soon

      5. Hey nisha don’t take tension she will get eliminated soon…..who will see her BAKWAS dance they will throw her out….And nice name Swara-randi…..I think it’s superb

    2. its really waste of time to reply to a brainlews girl like you sneha.you dont have any class to stood with helly or tejaswi and you bashing helly..a worm like you cant affect hellu..she always ignore a brainless people like you.soo you just waste your time in bashing helly.you say you love tejaswii na..i think you more obsessed with helly thats why you cant ignore her.these much of helly effected you that you cant ignore her..hehe..grow up girl.
      helly is the most beautifull and no need to prove it you.who knws how you look like..i bet helly is 100 times more prettier and beautifull than a ugly minded ppl like you..if ur mind is these much ugly then what abt ur face???hahahaha

      1. Mica

        yups.. you are so rite Sheetal…
        Sneha dedicated her life just for helly, give importance to helly.. hat off helly.. (Y)

      2. Seethal First of all dont laugh otherwise your teeth will come out and if you want to lose then please bet…I know I am very beautiful and 100000 times more beautiful than her and you don’t worry about my face it’s prettier than yours and about ugly minded people then I don’t care whatever you say

      3. And mica if anyone will tell me to die or give importance to helly then I’ll die coz I don’t like to give impotance to such a girl

      4. Hey sneha dr if u will die rather than giving importance to jelly then u must die coz u r already paying so much heed to her that’s why u can’t ignore her even if u hate her !!!OR MAYBE SHE IS MORE THAN UR LIFE TO U ???helly is a pretty doll love u princess

      5. Sorry printing error not jelly I meant helly

      6. See you are yourself typing jelly instead of helly and I will die but after bashing helly

      7. Hey it was only a printing mistake IT WASNT HER FAULT TO WRITE JELLY

      8. Hey monica I didn’t said you na then better keep your mouth shut…..I think you are becoming Secretary of Gulshara…everytime commenting from her side….congrats for your new job

      9. I will not shut up do whatever u can bhigi billi

  20. Good for you that you dare!!! Congrats….And if you are so happy then go to he*l

  21. And one more thing upset ho meri jutti coz I hate helly I hate helly I hate helly and I also dare to say that

  22. And sanyukta it’s good that you’re having shame on me because I don’t have shame!!! And I am very happy coz of that

    1. u r really sick babe

      1. Gr8 attitude but put ur eco aside n stop bashing dr .helly is the best AND I DARE TO SAY THIS ……u r not d queen of the world nor will u decide who is beautiful n who is not .MY HELLU IS THE BEST N SO IS SWSRA

      2. Ya I know I have attitude and you know I am the queen….any problem??? YOUR HELLU IS THE WORST AND SO IS SWARA

    2. Hey what’s your blo*dy problem, why are you being mean and rude. Why don’t you just take a chill pill and chill and relax , trust me it will do you good. And helly is not ugly your mouth is, full of bulshits coming out which are fowl.

      1. Foul not fowl

      2. After reading your name I got to know that you are ugly coz u are helly’s fan and my mouth is not ugly yours and helly’s face is….

    3. Hey SNEHA DR, u don’t need to tell that u r shameless coz it is visible after reading ur comment

      1. Oh its good that you read my comment and understand coz I thought that I have to tell you but you are not that foolish as I thought…You read my comment and understood

  23. Aasthu

    It’s sickening!!!!!!! Can’t they stop all this stupid drama?????and give both the couples some time together?????? and the so called swaragini fans stop bashing Helly and Teju……it’s really hard to believe that u really are swaragini fans……..

  24. Ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyy goshhhhhh!!!!!!!!! HELLY U R SO AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL I really don’t have words to describe ur perfection …..how r u so amazing???I got to know about SR 1 month ago n in 1 month I saw all episodes and off screen interviews segments n spoilers IVs etc ACTUALLY-One month ago I was changing channels suddenly my eyes fell on a serial going on colours (of course it was SR) n firstly I saw a beautiful girl it was u helly????after that I searched on Google about u and SR U R SO PRETTY LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U LOVE U I mean I really wonder how can someone be so so so so so much beautiful Love u helly from the core of my heart…. not only ur outer beauty but ur talent politeness ignorance to bashers n stole my heart YAAR U R BEST????????? princess of the heaven

    1. Hi Gulshara m also a die heart hellu n swasan fan I really love helly now I only wish I was a boy(just kidding hehehe)I mean she is my girl crush I liked other actresses also but m a crazy fan of only her

    2. H m also a die heart hellu n swasan fan I really like helly now I only wish I was a boy(just kidding hehehe)I mean she is my girl crush I liked other actresses also but m a crazy fan of only her

      1. Sorry for duplicates


      3. You all think she is beautiful….hehe..Nice joke

      4. U just shut up sneha no one asked for ur opinion HELLY IS VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL N THWT IS THE TRUTH EXCEPT IT

      5. N now u don’t laugh dr or ur teeth will come out

      6. Hey gulshara my teeth is not like yours so it will not come out and I will give my opinion…will not ask someone’s permission or wait to get…I’ll just say that swara and helly both are the same….& that is WORST

      7. And don’t worry I’ll handle my teeth…..YOU COPY CAT…I think you’ll copy this also coz you don’t have mind so that you can say something….And I’ll not shut up

  25. helly is beautiful with golden heart and sneha i think u know the meaning of golden heart

    1. Ya I know and better than you….

      1. But she is not having that

  26. BASHING BASHING BASHING that’s all u know .U know what if this bashing didn’t stopped Na den SR will end due to low trp .U must have 1000 complains bout SR tracks ,one man show or whatever but u wud at least have 1 reason to watch SR.Some watch SR for their fav celeb n others for any other reason n if u ever get time Na then pls pop it some other serial’s written update at T.U like-Ishqbaaz ,vishkanya,kasam or shakti .They have 100+ and even 200+ POSITIVE COMMENTS n look at our swaragini page whenever we get even 30+ comments that is also coz of bashes have some shame people for gods sake its a humble request that stop bashing n save our SR

    1. How will we beat d fans of other shows ? UNITY IS NEEDED FOR THATthere are bashes all in twitter n insta about SR actors I cannot stop bashing their so atleast stop it in T.U.some r jealous of ragini’s beauty n say she is fake n applies lots of makeup then whats ur prob? every actress applies makeup n teja is beautiful even without makeup and some r jealous of swara’s goodness n say she is Mahan….. those people pls tell me one thing that now do u want swara also to bcome a villan in rags life? n if she will bcome then u will again bash her…END .this feeling of insecurity n jealousy,,,,AND SOME EVEN SAY “U WILL BASH MY FAV ACTOR SO I WILL BASH URS.”what’s that guyz?pls stop all this….I PERSNOLLY LIKE SWARA OR HELLY MORE THAN RAGINI OR TEJU but that dosent mean that teju is not beautiful she is a pretty actress and coming to couples love ur fav but also respect other’s choice.How wud u feel if someone will bash ur fav couple? similarly they also feel bad so pls don’t hurt anyone’s feelings SORRY IF U THINK THIS WAS A LECTURE N I BORED U

  27. sneha baby pls send ur pic with a post or ha without make up i want to see a face of narrow mind people oh sorry and thank u cause ur comment make me lough hahaha

    1. Welcome welcome….I’m happy…. after knowing that you laughed coz of my comment

      1. And if you want to see the face of narrow minded people the plz see the mirror

      2. The not then

  28. Nice episode but they are draginig it too much anyways love you soooo much varun helly namish and teju

  29. What is dis?u all always blame CVS for bad tracks ….is there any track that u guys like ?in every track u feel it is boring or they r draggini …EVEN AFTER U KNOW THIS A SHOW CANT RUN WITHOUT TWISTS so pls if u don’t like stop watching no need to bash

  30. Sneha learn manners seems like ur parents didn’t taught u anything AND HER NAME IS HELLY NOT JELLY BELLY if u will call helly jelly or belly than ur tejaswi is son of lalu Prasad (NETA OF BIHAR) LOL LOL LOL???

    1. My parents taught me everything and this also that if you dont like someone just say that don’t keep in heart….ya i know her name is jelly no need to tell me and if you want to call teju that then call I don’t care coz TERE BOLNE SE TEJU WAISI NAHI HOGI AND YA I KNOW YOU’LL COPY THIS COZ YOUR PARENTS ALSO DIDN’T TAUGHT YOU ANYTHING, DIDN’T SEND YOU SCHOOL THAT’S WHy YOU KNOW ONLY COPYING I THINK YOU DO THIS IN YOUR EXAMS TOO

      1. Then maybe ur parents r also like u DUMBO



    2. For me she is swa- Randi.
      . Does this sound cool.. Mica thinks she is smart but she is a fool… Acting foolish… U worship swara…. I will not….

      1. u think she is foolish this comment will suit gud on urself only cheap girl n u r nishandi now dosent that sound cool

      2. no one asked u to worship swara she does not need affection of cheap people like u F**K U

      3. n for me u r nish-ass

      4. No roopal we don’t think we are sure that she is foolish and TU HOGI CHEAP HUM NAHI

      5. And monica you are saying wrong that she does not need affection,….truth is that SHE DOES NOT DESERVE OUR AFFECTION…..UNDERSTAND….THIS TYPE OF GIRLS DON’T DESERVE THE AFFECTION OF US…..AND FOR ME YOU’RE MONICA+CAT=MONICAT ????

      6. That’s what m saying dear she does not deserve affection of u gavaar people n she is getting what she deserves n that is affection of her fans n well wishers not bashers like u

  31. Sorry I didn’t wanted to bash anyone but I cud not bear so much bashes against HELLY

    1. But u said it right dr now whenever some tej fan will bash hellu by calling her name will also call tej some of LALU PRASAD(as his name is also tejaswi Prasad)

  32. Sneha u will not stop bashing Na .U KUTTI ,KAMINI, DAUGHTER OF A b*t*h, RODESIDE BHIKARI wanna hear more insult?? if u will bash jelly more then I will bash u ARSE, blo*dy HELL,DAMN SHIT

    1. Not jelly it is helly

      1. Hey gadhi see yourself in mirror calling me that….Sali B**tard…And ya dont go to my family ok if you will go then listen you are also the daughter of a cultureless women….And I know more slangs than you so better shut your mouth.SALI ,KAMINI And you’re calling me roadside bhikhari then see yourself in mirror and ya you are worst than bhikhari also

      2. I m better than u ass

      3. N dr it isn’t a big deal my mom is a modern women so she doesn’t follow culture anyways

  33. O my god ……..varun 7 days left for your birthday.♥♥♥♥ ♥i love you so much♥♥♥♥♥:~》

  34. plz don’t fight like kids. These r all acting only y don’t u understand that. Everyone in the world is beautiful. rag and swa both r beautiful. Plz don’t bash anyone.

  35. can i know for what reason gulshara and monica are calling tejasswi as son of lalu prasad?? while she is DAUGHTER of great singer and musician Prakash Wayangankar.her name is Tejasswi prakash wayangankar.
    wen u defend ua fav,make sure tat u dnt hurt others.else wat will be the difference between u and her!!right??

  36. Monica u can use slang for sneha for helly… She matters that much.. Wat Sneha said is less u father f**ker Monica…now I agree m shameless Monica and all who call me shame less

  37. Monica can f**k anyone for helly sake… M not that die hard fan of anyone to use slang words for others parents and upbringings.. But Monica ducked can.. Randi fan also is a randi…

    1. Correct nisha

    2. I will say that to u too .u piss , bullshit , shitty , whore , a*sh*le ….wanna hear more???N I WILL QUESTION UR UPBRINGING TOO u r only ditching ur parent’s name by bashing someone who is a whole lot better than u due to jealousy of her perfection….

      1. She’s not at all perfect…if you think that you’re a foolish and don’t use slangs otherwise I will not stop myself from using that and after that you’ll get to know….So better you keep shut

      2. I know more slang than u Monica…suck sanskar dick nd lick hellys pu**y…this is what u want 24/7… Don’t f**k my brain…u question my upbringing ans is middle finger…

      3. oh really then say whatever u want u want who stopped u don’t wait n I m not afraid of a bhigi billi like u

      4. if I am monicat then u r keha N I KNOW U DO NOT KNOW THAT MEAN SO KEEP WONDERING

      5. N I didn’t said anything to u here I said it to nisha so don’t poke ur nose in between KEHA OR BHIGI BILLI just stay out of it

  38. shena and nisha…u guys shut ur mouths….u guys r spoiling entire tu page of sr….u dont have right to bash helly..if u r a real fan of teju then praise her..and dont dare to bash helly be in ur limits dont cross it..dont know y u people r jealous of helly…even teju love helly but u guys r bashing her and saying that u love teju..huh….fedup with this…and mica dr just ignore them…that shameless people never change

    1. Oh my name is SNEHA not shena…you chinni and I will cross my limits what will you do ha….And swara is not beautiful so we have no reason to get jealous and I have right or not you’ll not decide….And I told before that I’m shameless no need to tell 100 times and thanks for the compliment

      1. Sneha… Monica nd mica Knows one sentence u shameless girls… Characterless girls..as if they r holy angels…their randi actor belly helly too…
        By the way, u r from? Since swara-randi fans named us together wanted to know….

    2. Wat does real fan mean….nd why wud I be jealous of helly….I know her as swaragini overacting actor nly..to be honest….u r very filmy….

    3. Who is this chinnu pinnu again….

      1. uffff….these idiots will never change

  39. those who r bashing each other please just look at u.how kiddish ua behaviour is??just look at the words ua using??its a public site.can u please stop using such cheap words..!!helly and teju are beautiful n amazing girls.they have a life of their own n are happy in it.they dont even give a damn to ppl lyk u.if helly fans bash teju,helly will nt come n thank u for doing so n vice versa.they are best of friends.n they will always be.ua comments r showing wat kind of culture u have.ua losing ua respect n nothing else.if u like teju RESPECT or IGNORE helly n vice versa…plz get some sense into uaself. HELLY AND TEJU R THE BEST N BASHERS R THE WORST.

    1. Ya really these tej fans A.K.A helly bashers r idiots they don’t have any thing to do other than bashing my cutie (ONLY THOSE WHO R BASHING MY HELLU )n I will say this to helly fans too just love helly n ignore tejaswi

      1. Coz I didn’t bash tejaswi just answered those stupid hellu bashers

      2. Oye monica we r idiot you are basterd…………..

      3. Oh gr8 Monica didn’t took us name n u understood that only u can be a idiot lol lol lol???

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