Swaragini 19th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Swaragini 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara asking Annapurna to give keys to Parineeta. Annapurna recalls Swara telling them about Parineeta’s insecurity and taking out solution. Sujata says it is not wise to give keys to Parineeta. However Annapurna agrees. fb ends. Adarsh asks what you are doing? It is a big responsibility. Annapurna tells Parineeta that it is a big responsibility and their prestige and respect is attached with the keys. She says I hope you will not lose our truth. She says one more thing, if we feel that you have misused keys in any way, then I will take back the keys. Parineeta takes the keys and goes. Sanskar asks Swara if she is fine? Parineeta thinks Annapurna is innocent, and she has done this so that they don’t get betrayed by Ragini and Swara. She says they can’t do anything now as

power is in my hands. Adarsh asks Parineeta to keep keys safely and says it is a big responsibility. Parineeta says now you don’t need to go to Jamshedpur. Adarsh says I am going. He says you have changed your mum’s sayings and says power will spoil your brain. Parineeta says I am just taking care of my position. Adarsh says you are spoiling things because of ego. Parineeta says you can’t understand my pain and says it is my turn now. I will show Swara and Ragini, how it feels to be treated badly.

Utara talks on phone and tells Swara that she needs to go somewhere. Utara’s friends come home and tells Swara that they will be meeting Utara after many days. They asks about Ragini’s health and asks if she is fine now? Swara thinks why Utara is lying. Utara comes and goes with her friends.

Dadi talks to mukherji and says they need a tenant for their house. Mukherji says he knows a family and will make her meet them. Sumi gets vomiting sensation and goes. Dadi wonders where did she go? Utara thanks her friends for supporting her. She calls her boyfriend and says I miss you so much. She says I will make your day special. Parineeta tells Swara and Ragini that she is going to her friend’s goad bharayi rasam and asks them to make food. She asks Ragini to bring vegetables. Ragini asks for money. Parineeta gives her money to buy veggies. Annapurna and Sujata comes there. Sujata asks Parineeta, where is she going? Parineeta says she is going out and assigned the work to Ragini and Swara. She gets a call and goes. Sujata tells Annapurna that Parineeta have changed and showing attitude. She asks her to talk to Adarsh fast. Annapurna says no, and says she will not talk to Adarsh.

Annapurna says we will solve the matter and Sujata to come as they are getting late for temple. They leave. Ragini tells Swara that she will bring vegetable and goes. Dadi asks Sumi, if she is fine? Sumi says I am fine. Dadi says I will make kada for you. Sumi says no, and says I will be fine after rest. Dadi asks her to rest. Parineeta tells Annapurna that all work is done because of her good planning. Ragini says yes. Sujata asks her to come down on earth and not to fly high else hawk will take her. Annapurna asks Sujata to calm down. Sujata asks Parineeta if she is so good at planning then she should become CM or something.

Sanskar tells Swara that he is not interested in her excuse. Swara says I want to tell you and asks him to come to room. Sanskar asks her to leave his hand, and gets slap on her face mistakenly. Everyone is shocked. Sanskar says sorry to Swara. Ragini asks what did you do Sanskar? Sujata scolds Sanskar and talks about her values. Sanskar says I didn’t raise my hands on her. Parineeta smiles. Sujata and Ragini ask Swara to come with her. Sanskar asks Swara, do you think I can slap you. Swara says no. Durga Prasad comes and says I heard that you have slapped Swara. Swara says he is angry at me. Sujata asks why? Sanskar says she has lost the bangles which I gave during Ghangaur day. Swara says I haven’t lost it. Parineeta asks how can she be so careless. Sujata asks did you lose both diamond bangles. Parineeta says Sanskar’s anger is justified. Annapurna says Sanskar haven’t slapped Swara intentionally and says Swara is not careless.

Annapurna asks Parineeta not to provoke them against other family members for her advantage. Sanskar tries to talk to Swara, but she closes the door and says she needs to be alone for sometime. Ragini fights with laksh for Sanskar’s misbehavior towards her sister. Laksh looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks fr fast update hasan….I want raglak date along wit swasan….

  2. spr…precap awesome…waiting for next episode

  3. looks like shomi is pregent? is it correct? is she pregnet? both swasan are hurt.. raglak are fighting for respective siblings……

    1. How can shomi be pregnant?? She’s old and has really old daughters

      1. U can get pregnant @ any age..

      2. No dear in 98% cases . A woman cant get pregnant after age of 40.

  4. ohhhh my poor sanky wt have u done man…… nd now u have to convince ur princess nd am really damn excited for upcoming swasan scence omg……

  5. Omg I couldn’t see tears in swara’s eyes when sanskar slapped her but she is cute I wanted to see how sanskar convinces her

  6. Wah parineeta wah kya baat hai you turned out to be so evil ugh damn u why r u creating problems between raglak and swasan what’s ur problem why are you trying to be ragini number 2 now even raglak are fighting and so are swasan what if this happened with u and aadarsh would u like it? No right than why are u being such a b**** ughhh

    1. well ragini was also once a psycho b*t*h so what is the probs eith pari being one

      1. seriously… whatever ragini has done evryone is following that… right???
        yaa… actually when Swara will become ragini no. 3… then also wat problems u ll have afterall she is mahan and what not…

  7. sema episode……….Laksh will unite swasan n I’m eager for the romantic scene of swasan…………………

  8. why they are not showing proper swasan scene….. all scenes are editing…….. or else cut the scenes in middle…. cvs please show proper swasan and raglak scenes.. dont edit them.. directly showed there argument. when sanskar confronted swara ? why you people didnt showed?

  9. omg sumi maaa bnne wali hai…!!!

  10. sujatha scences are really helarious to watch./ full funny mode like her very much……

  11. Precap is good.good job ap..?u do well to wrn pari.ragini f8s 4 hr sister ….it wll be really good 2 see.*by the way ..?what hppns2 sumi…do we get good nws 4m sumi be4 swaragini???

  12. Kirti….writer of sanjog se bani sangini……..hey kirti i m still waiting for next part yar…..

  13. ooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkk now soon we will see swasan suhaagraat where sanskar will bring back bangles and will gift her a locket and they will dance romantically and sanskar will hug her from behind and will move back her hair and lean to kiss her neck.she will shy and run away.he will pick her in his arms and take her to bed.then they will consummate and a slight morning romance will be seen too….all this will be in a romantic set up on terrace arranged by laksh….

    woooooooooooooooooooowwwwww waiting eagerly………

    and why do i feel that sumi is gonna be PREGNANT?????????

  14. Sam KK Shukla

    What the hell yar …. The director is making ragini a puppet in the show …… She just has one or two bits … That too about swara only …… And now the worst part is taht ragini is fighting with laksh for swasan and laksh will be arranging for swasan’s romance ……. Shame on all of them !!

  15. Nice!!!this family drama is ok…but my god i cant imagine how a girl would feel if she gets slapped by her husband!!!though mistakenly!!!& that to a hubby like SANSKAR!!!!

  16. Precap nice…. swaragini…. stand for aech othr…

  17. The story is only focussing on swasa. Dont keep raglak aside yr.

    It was so hurtful yr swara so saddddd….sanskar so sadd….

    Oh Ragini is looking so pretty.. So very pretty amd she look like an innocent kitten..her eyes like always flipping.. Love that part when parineeta was asking them to work while talking on phone..

    Laksh tu chupa mat reh yr.. Tu to show ka pehla hero tha..jaan tha… You and swara are still my fav couple afterall the first impression is the last impression. Hahahaha…. I am back to swaragini after long……

  18. Want raglak scenes

  19. I missed some episodes guys. Reading previous episodes will take so much time. Could you Plz tell me if parineeta took the bangles..

    1. A few goons surrounded swara.. So in order to save herself.. Swara gave me d bangles

  20. Sanskar galati seh swara peh haat utaya saab usko dat rahi hain usne maffi bi manga phir bhi saab uspe chila rahi hain meh baad main tv pain dekoongi laksh aur ragini ko apni,apna bai behen kaliye larte hu eh i likr swasan more than raglak doesnt laksh have any feeling left for swara @ all

  21. Sanskar slapped swara by mistakenly bt dis Pari..ab kuchh jyada hogaya..sujju ne kya sunaya usse love u sujju..swaras reaction wowww lved it as expected tabhi toh Swasan romance milega..omg Swasan romamtic date…??cant wait..??
    Shomi ka naya drama kya h..shomi pregnant?aree cvs shomi ka naani banne ka time aaya ab mummy kaha bana rahe ho phirse…n ye dadi pagal ho jayegi aisa kuchh hua toh..?
    Bt Jo bhi ho..Swasan romance aanewala hai..aaj ka SBB,SBS, seg..ws super..Swasan chemistry is superb.. Beyond perfection.. Anvayi nai best Jodi award mila..really dey r Amazing..??

  22. why does the writers are only focusing on swara

  23. Please writers concentrate on ragini tooo.

  24. Good news for swasan fans
    Maine sbs mein dekha ki pure gharwalone swasan ke liye acha sa decoration terrace pe kiya hai

  25. Swaragini Fan

    O god I dont know wht to do be happy or sad. Ragini is supporting Swara lovely after along time.Swasan fight bad very bad but raglak alsooo achha hai ki rag sis k liye lad rai hai bcoz she cares for her but dont overreact rag warna laksh door na ho jaaye.Plzzz its a humble request writers swasan raglak mei kuch bada prob na ho.Mil of swaragini ne bhout achha kiya pari ko sunaake.Happy moments will soon be coming back.Guys I have a doubt wht about tanya she is not in jail na so she will back or not?????? Plz if anyone knows anything about it then plzzz tell me.

    1. Police arrest Tanya wen she stabs ragini.. So shez in jail now

  26. I m sry to say swasan fan raglak get married and they get romance since that time swasan also get romance since but this time only swasan get the sence but not raglak why not they give raglak sence also they also the lead in the serial and raglak also a in swaragini so pls give
    Atleat 5min per day to raglak sences pls…

  27. Yeah agree q raglak ko alag rakhte ho aur laksh to kch bolta hii nhi hai usko bhi dlg do aur plzz raglak ko bhii scene do plzz writers hamesha swasan swasan kbhi toh raglak raglak bhi hona chia

  28. monday & tuesday , both day episode was balanced …there is no any special swasan scene not even swara scene …both have same screen space …now only new segment are for swasan but there are new segment for raglak too ………why always to blame swara & swasan???I am swasan fan & I liked only last part……waiting for upcoming episode…

  29. yaar, concentrate on couples , we don’t want kitchen politics…

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