Swaragini 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sanskar fills Swara’s maang with sindoor and asks Laksh if he is convinced now. He asks him to click their photo and hangs in his room. Laksh says you are very lowered man. Sanskar says I hope this is last test for me. Durga Prasad asks them to go to their rooms. Sanskar says if he tries to trouble them, then he will expose his marriage truth. Laksh gets angry. Durga Prasad asks them to end the matter. Shekhar comes and asks Laksh, do you love Swara even now. Laksh apologizes to him and says he promises to give wifey rights to Ragini. He goes with Shekhar to bring Ragini. Swara looks at sindoor in her maang and asks Sanskar, did you know what you have done? Sanskar says we are not husband and wife, because of this sindoor and asks her to wipe it off. Swara says is this a joke? Sanskar says Laksh’s

words has affected him and says he can’t bear anything against her. He says I will do this again to shut Laksh’s mouth. Swara says I always saw my mum’s maang empty since childhood and tells about its importance. Sanskar apologizes to her as she felt bad. He says Ragini made our life difficult by bringing our marriage truth and Laksh is still very much angry. He asks her to sleep.

Laksh and Shekhar come home and see Ragini on floor. They try to wake her up. Ragini wakes up. Just then they hear Dadi shouting for help. Shekhar sees Sumi attacking Dadi and asks how dare you? ( this is Dadi and Ragini’s plan to trap Sumi). Ragini calls Swara, and acts as talking to Dadi. She asks Dadi if she is fine? Laksh asks what is happening? Dadi tells Sumi is my enemy and made my life hell. She fighted with me and pushed Ragini. She even tried to kill me. Sumi asks why I would do this. Shekhar blames Sumi and accuses Swara badly. Swara and Sanskar hear on phone. Shekhar says I will not leave you today. Dadi asks him to call Police now. Sumi is shocked. Shekhar says our name will be ruined. Dadi asks him to call Police. Dida wakes up and asks why you are making noise. Dadi asks Ragini to call Police first. Ragini talks to Swara and says did you see what Maa has done. Swara says Maa didn’t do anything. Ragini says everyone believes on me. Swara says Dadi will punish you if she comes to know about your truth. Ragini says I won’t let that happen and says she will call Police now. She says I don’t want to hurt Sumi, but you didn’t leave any option for me. Swara tells Sanskar that she will go Baadi, and asks him to bring woman organisation.

Dadi gives statement to Police. Shekhar says Laksh and me are the eye witness. Sumi looks shocked. Dida asks Shekhar not to fall in Ragini’s trap again. Laksh tells that Sumi was pressing Dadi’s neck. The Inspector arrests Sumi for trying to kill Dadi. Swara reaches there and asks him to leave her maa. She says my Maa can’t do this. She says you think that you are making me weak with this move, but you are making me more stronger. She says My maa can’t do this. Inspector says I have eye witness. Shekhar says you will proof us wrong. Swara says you are shown wrong thing. The Inspector arrests Sumi. Shekhar asks him to arrest Sumi in the morning. Dadi says what you are saying? She asks him to go inside and asks Laksh to take him in. Swara says you can’t do this. She asks Dadi not to do this. She tells Ragini that Sumi is your mum also and says we both know that Maa didn’t do anything as such. Dida cries and asks Dadi why did you do this?

Dadi asks her to go. The Police is taking Sumi with him. Dadi feels good. Sanskar comes and stops the Inspector saying you can’t arrest her. He says all the accusations are wrong. Dadi says she tried to kill me. Sanskar says it was difficult to believe you, as Sumi is trying to save her marriage. He asks him to take statement of Mahila Samiti woman. The Inspector reads the letter and says we need concrete people. Dadi says we have eye witness. Inspector says your son and son in law will say yes as per your sayings. Shekhar says we have seen with our eyes. Sanskar says whatever you have seen might not be right. Woman organisation lady says that they can’t arrest woman after evening. The Inspector leaves Sumi and goes. Sumi asks Swara, if Sanskar really filled your maang? Sanskar apologizes and says I did what was right at that right. Ragini comes and says Maa. Sanskar stops her and asks her to get lost. Ragini asks him to move from her way and says she want to talk to her mum. She tells Swara that sindoor is looking good and taunts her. Sumi asks her to get in.

Ragini apologizes to Sumi and says she did this to get her husband’s love. She says everything is fair in love and war and I can’t be great as you. I can’t sacrifice my love and says I am fighting for the first time in life. She says I don’t know why everyone is having problem with my happiness. She acts and cries, and says this is happening because of Swara. She says Swara don’t have any proofs against me, and she can’t prove me guilty. She says your differences with Papa will widened. She says Sanskar has betrayed me and will betray Swara also. Sanskar says I decided to support truth and didn’t betray you. Ragini says when people will know about Swara living with a stranger then what will happen. She says I will be proved right and is legally Laksh’s wife. She says what will happen with Swara. Sanskar will leave her after his work. He is taking advantage of Swara and will leave her. Swara is already illegitimate and in illegitimate relationship. Sanskar holds her neck. Ragini acts as if she will die.

Ragini tears her own blouse, rubs her lipstick, opens her hairs and acts as being molested. She calls everyone for help and tells Sanskar tried to rape her when she went to kitchen to drink water.

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  1. Archies

    He didn’t say I love even today 🙁 You know in a way Ragini is right but now Swara will change she will want to keep this marriage and Sanskar will understand his true feeling for Swara not the one which he said to Swara in the tent.

  2. Sw

    I am tired of seeing Ragini always win and Swara loose….but one good thing she has done is some or the other way she has helped in bringing swasan together…Laksh is going to be tormented by guilt!!!

  3. Anitha

    Wat kind of a person is laksh..seriously I think dis is d third time laksh saying I would give Ragini all d rights as my wife……irritated to hear dis….nd seriously seeing Ragini ,hatred towards her is increasing day by day…nd todays episode is superb nly coz d way sanskar treated Ragini……swasan rocks

  4. riya

    uffff… is that ragini a human.. she is a *******. I just want to kill her… actually after seeing this I even hate that face… poor heroine… tejaswi.but hate u .. how a women can do this type of things.. even to their parents life … she is playing game with her parents.. how dare to calk swara illegitimate. . and doing illegitimate things… sanskar kill that ragini.. swara don’t forgive shekhar… he can’t trust u and sumi. he didn’t saw u as his daughter.. and always insulated u calling fatherless. . dadi u will regret for wot u did today.. shame on u.. swara don’t be kind towards ragini.. expose her truth and prove sanskar is innocent… I must say one thing sanskar u were superb… I think swara accepted sindhoor ehich sanskar put.. that was awesome….. lovely swara and sanskar… laksh don’t deserve swara.he didn’t trust her snd even called her character less.. then y he said he still loves her.. shame on u laksh

  5. Honey

    Oh God.. Again thisthis drama queen started her irritating drama.. And both dumbos (shiker & Laksh) really irritating. I wish sanskar should have killed her…

  6. dimple

    everyone want swasan now..because he s smarter than Laksh..n has trust on Swara…but once he tried to kill swara…now everyone forgive him…so Laksh also has another chance…

  7. oh god what is happening in the show.Their should be a limit for every thing they are not reaviling the truth of ragini and atleast they are not trying to reaveal her original face also they are just showing troubles only for swara.I dont think the main lead swara as they are only highliting ragini

  8. sandya

    Sanskar kill that ragini, day to day her character is becoming very bad how she can put such blame on sanskar, laksh u r dum hate u, u have to suffer with that stupid ragini, love swara and sanskar movements

  9. I am really hating this serial nw it is only a bullshit serial its wastage of time watching such type of ridiculous serial rather we shud spend time in hearing news rather dn ds bullshit drama n ragini really not drama queen bt drama witch really fed up frm ds stupid impractical serial n the writer shuld either bring twist nd expose ragini or end ds bull shit serial.

  10. fiza

    Please makers we want swalak… clear all the misunderstandings… reveal raginis truth.. and unite the true lovers swara and laksh… otherwise society will get bad influeunce by ragini and do all sort of bad things thinking they wud never be exposed like ragini -_-

  11. ABG

    Love this series so much. Writer u are good. Swara lash will come back when truth is out pls say yes to lashk, he is the real lover. Just that ragini’s innocent face is deceiving him. Sanskar sorry ya urs is pity not love. Ragini will turn to positive.. U can Mary her okay……. Love swalash.

  12. kirti

    Hate da precap nd y didnt sans kill dat psycho kyaaa swara atleast ab toh sans ko apna pati accept kar lo
    lagta hai ki swasan ko pta chal gya tha ki yeh rags n dadi ne milkr sumi ko vo davai di hogi isiliye toh in dono ka plan kaam kr gya or vo dadi poti haar gyi
    i still lyk swasan SWASAN ROCKS………

  13. ragini is a btch

    I hate ragini character, this is too much,swasan deserve each other,ragini is a bioch and laks a dumbass he shud.if any one who shud suffer must be laks he can he call swara character less and still have a thing for her,if he luved her den he wud not call her names and most importantly he wud trst her.DAT guy have some serious issues I mean who da hell trust his bestf instead of true love..he shud suffer..swara shud accept sanskar and lks shud suffer with ragini

  14. Amii

    Oh god.. Please.. Is Ragini ko real me utha lo.. Kya tamasha kar rkha h.. Mazak bana rkha h hr cheez ka.. Its just a limit yrr. Director.. Aakhir dikhana kya chahte Ho.. ESE characters had h Ho gayi. Or itna giraoge yrr is blo*dy shit Ragini ko.

  15. banu

    tired of ur sick drama….dragging too much….I want swara and laksh together…nt wid evil ragini…I think u ppl wil show everyone forgets ragini misdeeds and forgive her in d end…joining laksh and ragini….then next twist swara wil realize sanskar true love..bakwass story …wats d point of laksh lovng swara..wat abt tat true love…u ppl made his character very cheap by nt believng swara every tym..he knows swara very well than ragini but he ll believe ragini everytym but nt swara …dai ennaga da story..oora yamithikittu thirirenga..adhayum pakrom paru nanga engala solanum..thu..

  16. rosy

    Sanskar,, pple thnk u pity swara bt how cum i dnt knw….n laksh is a true lover bcoz he doesnt hav a brain to thnk bt hav a heart wich doesnt trust da 1 he loves…(he hates thnk he loves swara n questns her character) according to many people
    sanskar pity swara n thus he cnt even hear a word against swara….great thnkng man!!!!!!!!!!
    If laksh truly lovd swara he wudnt hav ever thought dat swara is a cheat n hav illicit affairs wid many guys…
    When swara’s video came he nevr tried to cal swara n cnfirm…
    He got influencd so easily n instantly married..he cud hav waitd…bt he didnt…
    May b dat was all rags plot bt laksh was nt strong at his heart…

  17. Wat is this?? Both swara nd ragini r lead….but swara is only shown as lead nd also positive y that injustice to ragini showing her as negavtive..its not mistake of swara or ragini its mistake is of makers ….sooo start blamimg makers nt the characters…

  18. Soma

    Hating this serial… Bullshitt.. Wastage of time seriously… Makes no sense … Writer is mad… Complete serial is crazzyyy soo unreal and ragini always wins… Enough of this ragini devi… End this torture… Never going to watch this shitt anymore.

  19. hom

    Aayaa… its too much.. yaaa…. yeh ragini ko mental hospital mein dhal dnai…
    M sooo fed up of these stupid, childish act of this… psycho..

    Baandh karo yaar yeh ragini ka drama… har din ek naya tamasha… naya … evil plan.. n these time its too much “molested…” how cheap..

  20. rosy

    N frm da point of view of sanskar he pity swara n hence is doin so many thngs to maintain her respect…respect her pt of view to make her parents close….da truth he wants to support swara cz he feels its right n nt for pity….he wants to cnvey laksh da truth n never said dat he wont let swara go to laksh…bt he was angry wen laksh blamd swara of so many bakwas deeds n alleged her….
    Human thnks n reasns n dat da most impt mistake he does in real lyf even….arrey always listen to heart even if ur beloved insults you lyk ur r a prostitue by own wl…self respect shd b burned to get love!!!!!!
    Oh Hate Such mentality….I wud rather die virgin n live alone da whole lyf if my patner says such thngs to me….

  21. krithi

    Hate u rags. Swara just don’t forgive laksh. He does not love u so truly. And I know wat ever happen u still consider rags as ur sis. And u won’t break ur sister’s marriage. And that laksh does not deserve u at all. Let rags have laksh they both deserve each other.
    And u just realise sanskar’s true love. He loved u seeing ur goodness. Although he was bad he changed when u told him. And on other hand laksh, who say he is her true love, not at all listening to u a bit. U always supported him but wat he did. Only insults you. Swara and sanskar should be together.
    Guys agree with??

  22. anonymous

    I have started hating this serial coz of Ragini… how can she do this to her mother? She s selfish & I really hate hr… hate laksh & shekar too… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  23. riya

    y u all always saying sanskar is bad at first and now changed.. I don’t think like that because he does that type of things to take revenge… because he loved his girl very much and can’t bear her loss.. he is a human na.. that mind made him to do so.. when swara clears his misunderstanding he stopped supporting ragini.. is there any fault in sanskars behaviour . I don’t think so. because even ragini tries to make bad with the help of mohini.sanskar helped her… when mohini tries to kill her then also he helped her.. he is a very nice guy.. then someone said laksh is a true lover and sanskar did all this because of pity… haha. I don’t know y u all think like that.. will any true lover didn’t trust his girl… will he insults her infront of everyone.. atleast give her a chance to clear the misunderstanding. . no rather he believed that psycho ragini.. and married her.. and says still he loves her.. very bad..And sanskar he is the man who knows wot is true love…. the pain of losing some one.thats y he first helped ragini.. then after knowing the fact that swara and laksh loves each other. . he tried to change ragini.. but she shouldn’t. then he helped swara to get laksh. but laksh deserves that psycho ragini.. after that he asked swara did she want to go to laksh and all.. but she always says that she only want to unite her parents. and don’t want laksh from ragini. after all these sanskar started to love her. . his respect to swara.. liking to swara turned to love… so frnds I don’t think sanskar is pity.. mmmm anyway I loved swasan pair… they are wonderful

    • Kat

      I agree with Riya!!!!! As Sanskaar knew what true love means he understood Swara. Sanskaar realised his mistake the day Swara asked him “don’t u know how painful it is to get seperated from the person u luv”. And I think Sanskaar is not at fault for falling in love with Swara. And also he repeatedly asked from her whether she wants to go back to Laksh & her answer was no. So I think Swasan derserve each other. Laksh is a stupid dumbass and he should be wrecked with guilt when truth comes out. That idiot deserves it. Even I’m also a big fan of Swalak but how can he really question Swara’s character if he really loved her? May be he loved her but did not trust nor respected her enough to giver her a chance to explain her herself.

  24. How long one can stand lies…… Maheshwari parivar will definitely face more disasters as Annapoornaji refused to listen to Durgaprasadji on the day of marriage, when their son Laksh took the decision of marrying Ragini in rage and haste….Laksh didn’t like Ragini right from the beginning ….so naturally it would be difficult for him to have relation with her…. when Ragini won’t get what she wants ,she will play all dirty games to win ,which will make the family go through more mishaps….Adarsh already having relationship with a girl…. This all happens when parents make their sons marry girls , which are not of their preferences. …at least now better such people understand that wives with heavy Sarees and jewellery can’t satisfy boys who are modern ….

  25. rosy

    I dnt undrstand 1 thng dat why laksh nd shekhar doesnt hav dat originality of their own,,they never showd dat de hav da rit to express their beliefs n de never think practicaly…de are very far from da concept of ‘analysis’…
    De are lyk spineless pple…
    I pity their lyf wich is controlld by oders….
    LOVE SWARA N SANSKAR SOOOO MUCH…AWAITING SANSKAR’S CONFESSION…Swara dear plz undrstnd his feelings….he doesnt pity u bt loves u for ur goodness n selflessness…swara dnt go back to laksh as den there wud b no difference between u nd rags

  26. Baisali

    No one will forgive rags once the truth is out. Ab tak toh usne bahut bura kiya par aaj toh hadh hi paar kar diya usne. Rape is such a serious issue aur rags ne rape ka bhi mazaak bana diya aur woh bhi pure maheshwari family ke saamne. Kitna geeregi yeh. I guess she has become a psycho in love isliye swasan ko raastey se hataane ke liye she’s doing all these tamasha. I think expose hone ke baad jab sab usko hate karenge tab woh paagal ho jaayegi and she’ll be put in mental asylum. I wish aisa hi ho. And, each and every person will repent for not trusting swasan, especially that shekhar and lakshya. I don’t know dadi ka reaction kya hoga. She’s another villain in sumi and swara’s life. Uss buriya me aur ragini me koi fark nhi. That dadi too will repent very badly.

  27. mahi

    I ht u rag mai chati hu ki ragni ka sach sb k samne aaye aur swara sanskar ka praposal accpt kare aur laksh swara k liye tadpe ….. i want to see swasan winning and ragni loosing

  28. ADELE( Anu)

    I m getting sick of watching ragini win everyday!???
    N laksh……u proved that u r not a MAN!!! U r coward who doesn’t have any guts to face n accept the truth n guess wat! My heart is filling wid lotz n lotz of hatred for u!!????
    N after watching this episode, m against swalak! I had to say this…… Itz high tym now n I juz donn want to see laksh wid swara!!!! Never!!!?!

    OK……I agree he doesn’t know the truth n so he was against swara…….but even after the truth being in front of him he doesn’t wanna accept only??!!!!

    N y can’t anybody see the changes yaar?????? At first ragini was a very innocent sanskari type girl who cud never imagine to look up into the eyes of elders…….who wud always keep her eyes down n respect everyone however bad he or she was………..n now the type of language she is using against swara n in the next episode the act she is gonna do……..can’t anybody recognize this???? All r dumbossss over here!!!!!! EVERYONE!!!

    Swara is also a stupid! Coz she is letting ragini win!

    Sanskar…….coz he is supporting swara!

    Shekhar toh doesn’t have brains only! A brainless creature!!!!

    Ragini is……..a b*****y foolish mokey who is never satisfied wid wat she getz n is always into making other’s lives hellll!!!!!!! Pshyco!!

    N sumi!!! Wat on earth did she get on her head that she went to live wid that brainless creature!!! She cud even have stayed in her house n saved her marriage…………….

    Lyk srslyyyyyy!!!!!!!! My one of the favourite serial is now……..!!!
    Wat to say! All I want is that those shekhar n ragini shud be sentenced to death!!!!!!!!!?????????????

  29. ADELE( Anu)

    I really feel lyk crying for my sweet shona!!! Srslyy……….true love always has to go through hardships……

    N plzzzzz I want swasan to win……. ANYHOW!!!

  30. Archies

    I think Sanskar was in love with Swara when they pretended to get married remember the Janmastami special where Swara will say that mom and dad are coming to take her and she will go, he was shown sitting through the whole night watching Swara sleep and he say mareliye achi bano and that you will not go today i’ll plan something and then we will see. When will that dumbo understand his feeling (not the drunken stage)? Does anyone feel that Swara has accepted the filling of sindoor as marriage, the way she ran when the sindoor fell and the way they both go restless thinking about it. And Ragini is right in her own way, she always accepted what was given to her and now she was to make her fate but the poor thing doesnot understand that love cannot be snatched the guy who didn’t like her from the beginning and kept on using her for his benefit was not Sanskar, its Laksh.

    • Archies

      hi the recent update is

      Colors Swaragini is gearing up for high voltage drama where Swara (Helly Shah) get to know the true love of Sanskar (Varun Kapoor).

      Sanskar who confess his love towards Swara in drunken state will fall asleep in Maheshwari house only. Taking this as chance Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash) will claim Sanskar tried to rape her which will be a big blow for Maheshwari family.

      But Swara who very well know about Ragini’s plan stands with Sanskar and says being married till now he did not touch her without her permission then how come he can try to molest another girl?

      Though this makes doubt on “Swasan” relation at the same time they thinks to give benefit of doubt on Swara’s words.

      Also ,

      Ragini who says to everyone that Sanskar tried to molest her will be happy to know that no one will trust Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar. Other-side Lakshya (Namish Taneja) feels he is doing wrong with Ragini and finally express his desire to take the marriage a step ahead. Where listening to this Ragini will be very happy.

      Twist in tale is when everything is ready for the consummation Lakshya hears Swara shouting and feels she is in danger and got to help there where Sanskar gets the evidence against Ragini.

  31. swara is such a big dumbo ………….ragini ca cover her every move in jst a second and she is always left with blo*dy emotions for her evil sister

  32. Tarannum

    Want to kill this b*t*h ragini……
    Get tired seeeing this track….
    Pls end this track sas soon as possible

  33. OH MY GOD!!!! Is this serious….was Laksh in true love with Swara…..I think it was fake…if he can’t even trust her…..how can he love her???? First even I was with swalak…..but no….now I want SWASAN….enough….heights……..

  34. maha

    Only hatred for Ragini . She is soooo cheap. Such a cheapster!!! Serial makers are dragging it too much. Now Ragini’s truth should be revealed. Then Laksh will feel guilty of not supporting Swara. SwaLak WAS good but now SwaSan.

  35. Joydeepa

    Oh! Tumhara sapna to pura ho gaya ub tum kya chati ho kamsakam when u r staying happily than apne sister swara ko bhi happily rahana do ab to tumhe laksh mil gaya to apne positive role me a jao please and feeling bad for swara guys and how u r feeling 4 swara guys?

  36. Anuradha

    What d hell….cant watch this crap….evry time ths ragini wins..its high time that makers reveals ragini’s evil side….

  37. Anuradha

    Swasan looks cute….jst wsh that swara accepts sankar’s love which will be a tight slap on laksh’s face….

    • Archies

      Didn’t you see the reaction of that sindoor on Swara. She has already accepted but the question here is when will that dumbo Sanskar relise that his over protectiveness and over caring is nothing but his love for Swara. He says I Love You in a drunken state but has not relised his feelings….. And now with Swara trying to clear his name they might get even more close.. (Hope!!!) Waiting to see him confess his love without the influence of alcohol. Loved the expression of Laksh and Sujatha. Laksh himself pulled the last straw of Swalak by getting them married even though Sanskar said it doesn’t have value they both are restless so maybe they will get married with full rituals.

  38. tarun

    yr mujhe nhi lagta ki ragini .ka truth abhi itni zaldi reveal hoga sabke samne..bcoz show ki trp bhut increase jo ho gyi hi wth this track..nd show agn nd agn in evry episodes makers show some new twists nd turns related wth this track… .lets see wht will happen next??

  39. Aashi

    Laksh and shekhar are such big fools….i hate evil ragini……hate hate hate…..and i just love swasan..swara abhi bhi us devil rag ko sis maanthi he….thats why i am little angry with shona.,..

  40. sona

    I think swara accepted sanskar..thats y she said..sindoor pavitra hota hai..jub man chahe lagaya or jub man chahe hathaya nahi jata.

  41. Naz

    Pervert n psycho ragini!!!! Hate that witch to the core. Writers….give swara some brains nah….to defeat that b*t*h rags…… Laksh n rags make a perfect couple….in hell!!!!!!

  42. kirti

    Seema frm where u heard abt swara’s death plz tell me da source……….
    Guyz yeh sans ab swara ko apni biwi kyun nhi maanta iski problm kya hai ab???????

  43. kirti

    Hey guyz muje lagta hai ki rags lak shekhar or dadi in cjaaro ko kisi na kisi mental asylum ki sakht zaroorat hai
    Aur swasan ko kisi bohot hi romantic place pr choddna chaahiye taki unka pyaar ek doosre k liye increase ho jaye

  44. jayati

    Shut up u guys..wots ur prb wid d show..de y r far more talentd direc tors nd story makers who creatd diz track..nd its difrnt frm d same old luby duby scenes..nd am thoroughly enjoyng d twist nd turns of dis show,vry excited to knw wat unexpected hapens nxt..nd i love beautiful ragini..nd i biliv everything is fair in lov nd war..i hope swara nd sanskar gets together nd laksh falls for ragini..evry1 wil b hapy..

    • ADELE( Anu)

      Wat did we say???? Did we say that the show is bad??!!!! No na…….then y r u unnecessarily speaking lyk this bout us??? Its a comment section n all have eaqual tyt to comment anything……whether gud or bad!!! So plz stop saying lyk this!

      N yes, everything is fair in love n war, but making other’s lives hell n then winning is not fair!!!

    • ?minnie?

      Sry to say jayati but u are completely wrong v all have equal rights to comment about this serial here tu gave us all rights to comment bout a particular serial whether its negative or postive its our choice and so v are here, yes few ppl say bad bout this serial n its track but let’s just ignore that crap cuz few ppl have habit of doing that n will continue doing that few days back I explained not to compare this serial with uttaran n amrit manthan but still u can see here the same…. all I wanna say is that each ppl have their own pov which even v want to change but v can’t so let them be n enjoy this show…….hope u understand….. sry if I hurt u..

  45. Yaaa…..swasan luk nice together………ragini bachegi toh nhi ……..aur laksh ka jo hona h woh ho.. ……i don’t care at all……..unite sheksumi n let d luv bloom in b/w swara n sanskaar……….

  46. AN

    hate ragini … plz stop this track its very irrtating to see swara’s emotional drama and ragini’s cheap acts … i want that ♥swara and laksh♥ come back together and laksh realizes his mistake ….

  47. dhanu

    Hi mennei sis we missed u so much. I don’t think averyting right in love and war. In real like we love someone but that person and another person love each Other we should be happy na. Because the person we love he is happy. This is my opinion. I don’t think rags is right she is sinner and also criminal.

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