Swaragini 18th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 18th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Swara calling Sanskar and asking if he made fake promise, and asks where is Laksh? Sanskar says he couldn’t find Laksh and gets angry on her. Ragini hears them and gets teary eyes. She says I have full faith on my sindoor and love. My hope will not break so easily. Swara looks at her, and wipes her tears. Sanskar comes back home alone. Utara gets happy and asks Sanskar where is Laksh. Sanskar is silent. Sujata says you said that you found his location. Sanskar tells everything that he got his car, and how the thief had stolen Laksh’s car. He shows Laksh’s wallet and says he got only this. He says nobody knows what happened after that, seems like.

Durga Prasad says like everything came to an end. Sanskar tells I am worried about him, don’t know where did he go?

Durga prasad asks Sanskar to continue searching him and says I have faith on you and God, both. He goes. Ragini calculates the marriage expenses, and pays to the employees. Sumi asks Swara if Ragini knows anything. Swara says yes and gets teary eyes. Sujata asks Annapurna not to lose hope. Sanskar assures her that he will bring Laksh back. Annapurna ignores him and goes. Utara tells Sanskar that Annapurna is not speaking to him since Laksh left, and is tells that she is sure that Laksh will be back.

Swara is walking on the road, recalls Sanskar telling her that he couldn’t find Laksh. Sanskar is in his car, recalls Swara asking if he has broken his promise, and then Annapurna ignoring him. He sees Swara standing on road and stops in the nick of time. Some people gather there and scold Sanskar. Swara says it is okay and says may be his mind is not proper. They start arguing. Sanskar says you was saved from your punishment. Swara says now I feel pity on your condition. Sanskar says you gives wound and then apply ointment of pity. Swara tells him that he has no intention to find Laksh, and says disgusting.

Sanskar stops her and says don’t tell again that I am more concerned to punish you than to search Laksh. Swara says she will tell again. Sanskar asks her not to come infront of him, and says that day I will punish you. Swara says you breaks promises. Sanskar says I break promises, not relations like you. They walk towards opposite direction. Sanskar sits in his car and leaves. Ragini asks Swara not to fight with Sanskar and says atleast he got Laksh’s call. She asks her to sleep. Swara says Ragini….and says I am sorry. Ragini says this world exist because of hope, and asks her to sleep.

Ragini and Swara hear Sanskar talking to Utara’s mum in law. Utara’s mum in law tells Sanskar that she will send utara back to their house, if he ever unites with his bengali wife. Sanskar assures her that he will never unite with his ex wife. Swara and Ragini are shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Mahjabeen


    |Registered Member

    Omg wat da hell is going with dat lady hw cn c said if sanskar will unite with swara c will send uttara home..i will kill her
    Nd swasan tashan ufff its killing me…just loved it..hope sanskar finds lucky soon nd waitng fr ahead

  2. Scooby


    |Registered Member

    Im watching SR aftr long gap… omg.. im dying of too many shocks… intense fight sequence btwn swasan wr awesom..
    i should say swasan are performing their best. Proving the audience that they know to fight and not to create senti drama and mahan show off.. really bravo for their performances.. wah wah waiting fot the day wr swasan will fight like tom and jerry….
    lucky enough od hide and seek drama come to ur huse soon.

  3. Neera


    |Registered Member

    Am seriously terrified seeing d precap…. wen did swara bcom his ex wife ????? I seriously donno wt punishment will sanskar give to swara…. i hope he wont bail out kavita n get married to her….. fingers crossed….. n surely swara is hiding something…..

    • louna

      please Neera no not Kavita for godness sake what is happening and why that woman hates Swara she doent know her..since i saw her i thought i saw a snake wishing deeply to strangle her

      • Neera


        |Registered Member

        Even i dont want it dear !!! But am really scared seeing sanky’s anger !! N tat lady…. she s damn irritating….. she s a lady who believes tat wtever husband does a wife has to support…. n she doesnt like n believe swara since she s a bengali n believes ragini more cauz she s a marwari…. i guess tat lady will create pblms wen swasan reunites…. well its in d hands of cvs…

  4. mahira

    Ok, at least finally a Swara / Sanskar contact, hateful, but it a begining… teary eyes and shatered heart, didn’t feal so bad since Sanskar let Swara go out of house post-divorce when she begged him to not let her
    I finish by bebelieve that lefting him like that here is better, Sanskar is too much angry for any compromise, he would be hateful toward her even she stayed after breaking his promise of seeing him dead if she has any contact with Mahishwari parivaar
    So crual to say that he will never reunite with her just like that…

  5. mahira

    Thank you so much for the rapid update, if i was waiting for the actual arabic airing i would surely be completly mad

  6. Pavi

    God… Wat basting episode like tsar bomb…n they(swasan) were addressing each other Mr n Mrs maheswari during verbel fight…it was cute n good to watch..but y he is calling her n exwife n precap…got divorced?? Precap is heartbreaking … N did yo guys noticed swara today… She is completely gt emotional defeat… She became so like der s nothing to break anything inside her…feeling bad…Her happiness was never long lived.. Well.. see.. Sanskar said he never gonna patch up with swara..then wat is he telling bout punishment?? Know ragini ll try to patch up them…but how??

  7. varshu

    why is annapurna not talking to sanskaar ? it’s more of laksh’s mistake than sanskaar’s.And I feel swara is overreacting with sanskaar.she is doing sister’s duty well but as a wife she is doing nothing

    • louna

      Anapurna is good at crying only and blaming…lets recap isnt she the one who brought Laksh to live with Adarsh???snt she the one who let him belueve Sanskaar is not good as well as Swara
      and blaming him she should be the one yo blame not Sanskaar she didnt even tried to convince Swara to stay or reconciliate them

    • rosy

      I completely agree with you I don’t get why ap is ignoring him it’s not his fault that her son left its his own fault always taking the wrong path and blaming swara n sanskar but i hate swara right now n always hated ragini she dosent care for her sister

  8. nehasuhana

    I hate sanskar firstly he left swara then swara shout on him on the shock of sanskar words and now he tells that she ended relations what the he’ll and precap how can he said that swara ex wife disgusting not only she he is also responsible for the situation faced now and swara done all this for his family for his happiness but he neglect it

    • Manjula20


      |Registered Member

      But he begged in front of Swara did you forgot it. Now everyone is blaming Sanskar none r wid him neither Swara nor his family and how can she support Ragini who have everyone to wipe her tears She have to be wid Sanskar at least they have to respect their wedding vows Donon ko ek doosre ke saath kabhi nahin chodna chahiye tha and who was that lady to advise Sanskar to leave Swara😡😡😡

  9. louna

    wait a little minute here
    the talkings between sanskaar and swara i could manage to buy both angry and worries sanskaar words come from deep pain of love
    But who is Uttara mother in law to dictate to sanskaar what to do i swear to god will shop her alive what does she has to do

  10. Anamika

    Swaras behaviour is strange. I cant accept the way she talk to sanskar. firstly ragini sanskar then laksh then adarsh parineetha now swara turns in the red line. Anyway wait for the swasan and raglak re union…..

  11. louna

    sanskaar words touch deeply as for swara but couldnt belueve uttara mother in law and how Sanskaar relieves her why for godness sake

  12. anonymous

    No raglak again………again d same flash back glimpse of laksh….chalo ….all raglakians……read ff’s and feel contend……

    • Joy

      Exactly. There are many shows coming at the same time as swaRAGINI that are much more better. If you want to watch pls watch them. No use watching swaRAGINI as raglak as a pair seemed to have disappeared

  13. Ria

    Swasan fight was awesome. Rag’s is gorgeous in red anarkali as free from all responsibility of daughter in law she trust her love which shows positive attitude of her towards love.rag’s understood if her love is true she will get it in future. Swara is absolutely right where sanskar react negatively & thinks about the punishment instead of his family.

  14. Ashlyn


    |Registered Member

    Thanks for d updates. Swasan ka tashan dekh kar maza aa gaya. Uttara ki saas toh mujhe dadi ki bhen lagti. Dhayan returns. Vo kon hoti h swasan ki personal life me interfere karne vale. Kash uttara ki shadi na ho uske bete se. Ye ap ki problem kya h sanskar. If she had ever pointed out d mistakes of her own 2 sons rather than others than we don’t have 2 c dis day. She is gud for nothing except crying.

  15. Silent_writer


    |Registered Member

    What was the story n what are u making every characters changed anupurna n sanskar now uttara mil how can he say he will never b in relation with swara seriously they are making worst track huh hope ragini hope dnt vanish

  16. louna

    i think we will get episodes where everything is possible who knows maybe we get Kavita again or sahil or even Rajed

  17. Mica


    |Registered Member

    Thank you H Hasan mam for fast update.. love it..
    Oh Gooooooddddd!!!! HeVa!!! you nailed it!
    Sanskar with his immense pain eyes,.. Swara with her stubbornness yet painful …
    Bhahahaha… really they are both soo equal…
    Sanskar urge to give her punishment, Swara urge to get his punishment..
    that’s why ….
    Sanskar urge to find Laksh in any cost, Swara demanded Sanskar to find Laksh in any cost.`
    Swara know to ignite fire on man’s ego…. even Sanskar didn’t waste a chance to touch her
    aahhh this silly couple, you are killing me….
    precap? hmmm… we will talk later 😀 😀

  18. chanu

    im sooo angry with ap..!!
    She nly knw 2 do like dis & I lv u dp..

    swasan scene is awsome.. im hurt.. 🙁

    I want kill dat women. Y she is asking her 2 break relation with swara..

  19. mahira

    what kind of saasumaa Uthraa is going to have, threatning to throwing her future bahu out if her bhaiya patch up with his wife? threatning of breaking a mariage if an other one isn’t broken?!!!? WHAT THE!
    And miss Uthra, aapki babhi was about to die saving you!!!! how can you accept that!

  20. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Thnk u H.Hasan Mam..
    Waaaa!!! both r sooo stubborn… no one less then each other … Their painful intense eyes .. uhhhhhh !!! but loving it..
    ohhooo !!! new villain !!! CVs why is soo necessary to bring a villain in d track..?? huhhh !!! may b it’s necessary..
    Sanskar u promiseed u’ll never unite with Swara rit? yeahh yeahah !!! lets see. time will show us.. but u were supposed to no to say this..
    ☆Swara left u for her Ragini ,, n r going to leave her for Uttra..waaah(equality ki dukaan,,)
    choosing siblings=choosing siblings(actually family)
    killing fans= killing Fans..
    Have a good day to all.
    . G/M..

    • louna

      kakali dear how can we manage without a new vamp in the track with that sasomum will have all india interferimg with swaragini show and by the way i hate her alreadyy so so muchhh

  21. shivanya

    laksh ua baccha z waiting fo u.come fast.she really loves u lyk hell.. cvs plz dn ignore raglak.u’ve ignored tm enf since 1 n a hlf year.nw nt nymore.tr z a huge fandom fo raglak.dn frgt tat

  22. Navya

    We are w8ng for sawsan and raglak track hope so is bar kuch acha or alag show ho rha ha its seem interesting 😃

  23. shalini

    Oh god what an episode yr😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Full on swasan😍😍😍
    Sanskar ka ye avtar dekh k aab seriously mujhe bhi thoda thoda daar lg raha h😮😮😮
    Or uss aunty ko ti m jaan se maar dalungi 😬😬😬😬😠😠😠😠😠
    Uski himat kese hui ye kahane ki agar sanky or swara ek ho gye to vo uttra se rishta tod denge bhudhi khusat vo badi h pr swasan ko bhi alag krne ki baat krega uska saar phod dungi m😈😈😈😡😡😡😡
    Well episode to super duper amazing tha chahe vi swasan ki phn convo ho ya road p unka encounter 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘
    Lv u sanskar yr 😘😘😘😘
    Haa swara p gussa jrur hu m pr i lv her tooo 😘😘😘
    Bs aasa hi tashan dikgate raho swasan ka yr bhut maja aa raha h
    Or plzz laksh ka kuch to ata pata bata doo yr or Raglak ki bhi story dekho 😙😙😙
    Haar serial m hero heroine k puch bahale nfrat hoti h phir pyar BT swasa ka love to hate to love superb h😘😘😘😘😘😍😍
    Lv swasan😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  24. akshu

    I think tat auty is faking her identity to get her son married to rich masheswari family I think she might have kidnapped laksh…..

    • Mica


      |Registered Member

      and she heard about Swara smartness and her detective nature, so, she tried to get a rid of her… :d 😀 :D, oh God,,,,,

  25. Pooja

    Awww… Too awesome to watch heated conversation… Especially addressing Mr n Mrs maheswari for each other rather than sanskar n swara…precap dekh kr mujhe daar lag rah h…now want to watch jeolous track between them…new opp-leads for both swa n san…It will be more interesting to watch…

  26. Ranasharma

    Thank u H Hasan…l loved this track until yesterday…..I hate it now because the mess reached sanskar&swara………Uttar who saved u from ur late husband……Sandbar…u.forgot how Swara begged u not to divorce her……I don’t know what to say……everything is illogical???Swara why planning Uttar wedding since her mother in law doesn’t like u (what a reasonable reason =Bengali=) why staying in the same place with sanskar aiming to insult u I think it is turning into a disaster.

  27. Aksharaa

    Sanky is right.if ragini her sisy is imp for swara more than her handsome hubby then absolutely uttara his sisy will be imp for snky more than his cute wife. Both r fighting for her sisys happiness. Ragini beauty will interfere and patch up swasan waiting for that to happen.

  28. R.n.

    Oh no so sad
    Ye swara ko sanskar kabhi dikhta kyu nahi hai … Jab dekho dusro ki padi rahti hai …
    Sala mud kharab ho jata hai …
    Sala director v kya bakwas scene diya hai …
    Sanskar jo swara ke bina jee nahi sakta tha uske under itni nafrat bhar di hai aur ye swara…ye to kabhi bechare pe bharosa karti hi nahi …ekdam bakwas..
    Fir bhi ummeed karte hain ki swasan jaldi ek ho jaye inke bich me koi teesra na aye
    Both are so cute each other …

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